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    [Military] Catching wolves

    Location: Entrance to Civic Safety & Defense Academy Date: 16 February, 29 AO When it happened, it caught him off guard and it almost felt like his mind was hit with a sledgehammer. He halted his advance for a moment to compose his thoughts and form a response. For a second he contemplated if he had been struck with a sudden instance of insanity. Perhaps he had been poisoned, or perhaps drugged? It took him a few moment before he managed to identify the voice that had intruded his mind. “Get out of my head.” He spoke while focusing his thoughts on the words. He could feel his fingers shake slightly and it took concentration to calm his nerves. He reached into his coat, bringing up a cigarette and quickly lit it. For what felt like an eternity he stood there, smoking his cigarette. Silence ensued and he was able to regain the privacy of his own thoughts. It did not take long until he was able to spot his partner that had apparently reached their meeting point before him. It was with firm steps he approached her with a cold expression painted across his face. He did not greet her but instead he pierced her with his gaze in silence. He had many questions about her and what just had happened, but there was only one thing he wanted to convey to her at that moment. “You will never do that again without permission, understand?” The question was rhetorical. He waited for her response before he turned away and again reached for his communication device and just like before, he placed it against his ear. Call started. Sam, I have arrived at the Civic Safety & Defense Academy. But I need some information. Sure, Marcus. But are you alright? You sound… different. I’m fine. [...] Do we have a known address for this Roger Fuller fella’? Let me check the database, one moment... [...] Yes, we do have a known address to one Roger Fuller. Can you do me a favor and send what you have to my number? Sure, but just for the record, I don’t like this, Marcus. What you talking about, darling? I’m having the time of my life. [...] Call ended. - Encrypted data package received - He turned back towards his partner to inquire if the asset from operations had arrived. Noticing that his cigarette had burned out, he reached for another and was quick to put the bud against his lips with a deep inhale. He could still hear a bit of ringing in his ears from the traumatic experienced of having his mind probed. It would take some time to get used to stuff like that. But now at least he understood how his partner had been able to be accepted into FIST service. He contemplated his words to those had decided to leave out the part that his partner was a frickin’ physic when he was informed about her. “I have a lead.” He informed the group. “Roger Fuller, aka “Little Raj”, according to our Intel it seems that it was his men that ate the bullet. We need more information about what happened if we are to stand any chance to prevent additional causalities.” He paused and took another deep inhale of smoke. “Unless you have a better idea, I suggest we start there.” His attention was shifted towards their new addition to the investigation to make proper introductions. He would welcome any help he could get.
  2. Confidential Incident report #567: Fatal shooting of local police undercover officer [REDACTED] and several individuals with ties to organized crime in Last Chance in what is suspected is a exchange of illegal substances or materials gone wrong. While the specifics still hasn’t been uncovered and confirmed, the probable cause of the incident has been theorized as the uncovering of the true identity of the undercover officer [REDACTED]. Information regarding the pending investigation of the organized criminal organization known as the “Fuller Family” is been difficult to attain and the corporation from the local police regarding has been reserved to put it mildly. The decision was made to observe the development before a decision regarding possible intervention from FIST would be determined. However with reports of rising tension from within the Last Chance local police department and intercepted transcripts from our own communications suggesting potential retaliation from the Fuller Family, captain Alexander Hawk has advised intervention from FIST in order to prevent further incidents. Intervention from FIST has been authorized. Assignment: Investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident, uncover and if possible detain the responsible parties involved. Investigate and root out possible vulnerabilities of confidentiality within the Last Change police department. Due to the risk of a possible leak within the local police department, sensitive details regarding the investigation is to be handled with a strict confidential manner and is not to be shared outside of encrypted FIST communication. End of report. Confidential Location: Market District, Last Chance Date: 16 February, 29 AO Today is a windy day walking the streets of the walled city, I can’t wait to be done with this place. However if nothing else, I have to admit that the walls are impressive. They’re tall enough to keep to keep the inhabitants sheltered from the outside world. However what will you do if the evil comes from within? When I look at these people, living in their bubbles, completely unaware of the wolves walking quietly alongside them. Sometimes I envy their blissful ignorance. The ironic part is that the masses lack the constitution to handle the real truth. Indoctrinated from birth by mega corporations into a society with this kind of compulsive obsessive need for excessive consumerism. They become nothing more than sheep, cattle for the grand corporate machine. Beep, beep!! It takes a few moments until Marcus notices the vibration from the telecommunications device in his pocket. Before answering, he flicks his cigarette and then stomps on it, brushing the tobacco long the concrete ground. Reaching into his pocket, he then proceeds to flip open the device to then place it against his left ear. Call started. "Go for Marcus." "Hi Marcus, it’s Sam. Just checking in." "Hi Sam, how are you doing?" "I’m doing well." "That’s good to hear." "Yeah." [...] "I did some research regarding the unidentified victims from the shootings." "Got anything to go on?" "Actually I did, the Intel suggest that they were working under a guy called Roger Fuller, aka “Little Raj”." "I hope that isn’t one of those ironic names that actually mean the opposite." "I’d suggest you start there, Marcus. Just be careful." "Roger that." "Oh, I almost forgot." [...] "I just got word that an asset from the operations division has been assigned to assist with the investigation." [...] "You are to rendezvous at the Civic Safety & Defense Academy." "Heading there now." "I’ll check in later. Don’t do anything reckless." "Wouldn’t dream of it." Call ended. @danzilla3 @Unicorgi
  3. Moon Owl

    Terrenus military sign ups

    Yeah I'm at work currently however I plan to get it started tonight. If you're still in I can tag you in the thread. I just want to confirm some things with the previous thread. (the incident we will investigate)
  4. Moon Owl

    Terrenus military chatter v.2

    Alright, that's cool. Thanks for the context regarding the jurisdiction of the FIST and the military in general. @Unicorgi @danzilla3 Let me know if anyone (or both) of you would be interested in initiating a investigation of the Miss Blonde incident.
  5. Moon Owl

    Military Base #34

    I’m what people would call cynic, I won't deny the fact. Sometimes I almost feel like I have the gift to see into the future, for everyday I witness the same death in the name of the greater good. It’s all connected and around and around like a merry go round it goes, birth and decay playing a game of cat and mouse and everyday we make it worse. If I were a religious man I would pray for my soul. And they keep telling us that the nightmare will end but it never does. I just keep wondering who will left standing after the world has been burned down to ashes, but I guess all that one can do if that prolong our borrowed time and delay our fated Ragnarok. In the end in order to effectively hunt down evil, you will have no choice but to invite the devil inside. Ironic, isn’t it? Marcus’s attention shifted as he was greeted by a fairly short individual. Even before the girl had introduced herself, he knew who she was. To him it was clear from the moment that he noticed her approach at the corner of his eye. He flicked his cigarette and agreed to the handshake. “Bingo.” He replied shortly to her question about his identity. “I’ve already been informed of your arrival, however for the sake for social etiquette we should exchange the proper formalities in order to establish an emotional connection which will lay the foundation of the success of our future collaboration.” He paused. “What is your name?” He asked. @Unicorgi
  6. Moon Owl

    Terrenus military chatter v.2

    I'm sorry, I usually don't like to follow HUB threads due to the potential of a lot of unrelated posts so it would be great if you can tag me in whatever post you make while interacting with me. I'll post in the hub thread in a bit. That does sound interesting, would there be any particular reason for the military to get involved in the incident or would it just be general investigation to uncover and expose a possible threat to the national security?
  7. Moon Owl

    Terrenus military chatter v.2

    Still looking for a first assignment for Marcus Reinsten, @supernal if you have any idea of any military plot that you want to push forward and would fit a newly accepted FIST agent please let me know. Otherwise I guess I will post a interest check in the water cooler later tonight or tomorrow. If someone has some idea as well for Marcus (military related) then I'm all ears! Thanks in advance.
  8. Moon Owl

    Terrenus military chatter v.2

    Thanks, I was looking at possible first assignments and found this particular one interesting: Hell's Gate Class C: After a quarantine has been declared in a sector of the city, military operatives, in particular FIST, continue the investigation. Which side are you on? Now I have to say that my knowledge of the quarantine and the specifics of the current situation regarding it, however with Marcus just joined/drafted into the FIST organization this would not be totally unrealistic. However if anyone has a brief recap of the situation or can provide a reference where I can learn a bit more about the situation that would be highly appreciated. Also if anyone would want to join me for this quest that would be great, I will post here first since I'd prefer to do this one with other military personnel rather than with a civilian character. Let me know if you're interested. For this one I'd prefer to just make it a 1v1 or perhaps three people at tops. If you're interested, here's a link to a brief profile (more will be added as he progresses) of Marcus. Thanks for your time!
  9. Moon Owl

    Terrenus military sign ups

    I made a short character profile, allow me introduce Marcus Reinstein. It's not much, but it's something. And sometimes, less is more.
  10. Moon Owl

    Reinstein, Marcus

    Confidential F.I.S.T Candidate report: Reinstein, Marcus Date of Birth: [REDACTED] Birthplace: [REACTED] Physical attributes: Displayed excellent physical strength and conditioning during thorough testing of power and endurance. Fully recovered from knee injury from [REDACTED] incident that occurred 10 years ago. Candidate considered psychically healthy and fit for active duty. Mental evaluation: Demonstrated exceptional resolve and tactical reasoning to complex situations and conditions. When confronted and intentionally provoked with [REDACTED] incident, candidate showed a signs of exceeding hostility. Interview concluded with the Candidate forced to be restrained and the interviewer was relived and sent to the medical center with a fractured nasal cavity. Candidate exhibit potential exploitable trauma and may become violent if pressed with [REDACTED] incident, caution advised. End of report. Confidential
  11. Moon Owl

    Terrenus military sign ups

    Well if that's the case I can whip up some basic information for reference, no probs! F.I.S.T caught my eye, if they are open for recruits?
  12. Moon Owl

    Terrenus military sign ups

    If possible, I would prefer him to be drafted into the communications division if that's alright. Is a character sheet required to get started? I was thinking I would to get a feeling about his personality before I provide a full backstory.
  13. Moon Owl

    Terrenus military sign ups

    I think this would be a good start for me to again try to get into roleplaying again, if you'd have me I'd like to join as Marcus Reinstein. Is there any HUB thread or similar that can be used to introduce him into the military? If not it would be awesome to have some kind of HUB thread being a military compound of some sorts. Cheers.
  14. To all who it may concern and those that I have written with, as you all most likely have noticed I kinda vanished for a little bit. I am back now however when I first started off writing here I decided that I would need to moderate my roleplaying in order to be able to sustain.

    I want to continue to roleplay because I really like it but in order to do so I need to cut back a lot. To a point that I will only roleplay as one character in one thread at the time. Not exactly sure how that will turn out but it will mean that I will have to step away from the Dermonts. 

    If we have been writing in the past, I thank you for reading this and I value your understanding. We can still write in the future, however it will be under different conditions. 

    1. jaistlyn


      Welcome back! That is understandable. Will you be resuming the Furthest Point thread with Cedric? It’s alright with me either way, it’s just easier to manage if we know whether to account for Cedric or not. Thanks!

    2. vielle


      welcome back!! ❤️ just lemme know how you want our threads together to go on, whether to continue them or end them for the time being 😊 i can do the necessary things to wrap them up nicely; don't you worry! just lemme know if we're continuing them or not 🙏

    3. Moon Owl

      Moon Owl


      For the time being I will not be using any of the Dermont characters I have. If you want I can make one post in our ongoing threads if it would help to conclude them. 


      I will not be using Cedric anytime soon but with the amount of people you have on he quest i think you will be fine. While I really like the idea it's just too big for me to be able to keep up wih all the posts. 

  15. This is a note to everyone I write with, I'm going to try out for a new band in two weeks and because of that I have a lot to material practice so that will most likely affect my posting speed over the few next weeks, I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

    Thanks for your understanding. 

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      I'm a rock/metal drummer!

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      wicked 👀 I play piano and a tiny bit of bass and drums! Anyway, good luck with your tryouts and get back over here soon 😊

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      Play well, fren.