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  1. This is a note to everyone I write with, I'm going to try out for a new band in two weeks and because of that I have a lot to material practice so that will most likely affect my posting speed over the few next weeks, I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

    Thanks for your understanding. 

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    2. Moon Owl

      Moon Owl

      I'm a rock/metal drummer!

    3. vielle


      wicked 👀 I play piano and a tiny bit of bass and drums! Anyway, good luck with your tryouts and get back over here soon 😊

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      Play well, fren. 

  2. Moon Owl

    Spare a dime ooc

    @supernal Just to get some context, what would Tristan's official orders be? Also would it be alright if I'll have a NPC sergeant and a team to be assigned for the task, and Tristan would be a part of that group (1 Sergeant + 5 Privates). Would be a little weird for them to send a new private alone on his first mission.
  3. Moon Owl

    A scout in the Terrenus military [open again]

    I would like him to pursue a military career in the Terrenus military, so I'll be there for the long haul for Tristan.
  4. Moon Owl

    A scout in the Terrenus military [open again]

    Thanks for the answers! I understand better now. Then perhaps it would be fitting to have this as the first assignment for Tristan Dermont. For background purposes we could say that his mother was a citizen before she moved to Ursa Madeum and thus granting him a civilian status, allowing him to join the military. I guess he would start of as a private. Reporting for duty!
  5. Moon Owl

    MOBS lobby v3

    No preference really, if you want to create the setting then go nuts!
  6. Moon Owl

    A scout in the Terrenus military [open again]

    I would be interested in such an opportunity, I have been thinking of perhaps having a member of House Dermont join the Terrenus military. However I do have some questions regarding the organization of the Terrenus military, if that is alright. It would seem that Ursa Madeum is not part of the Kingdom of Terrenus, however would it be possible for someone to have double citizenship in order to be able to be allowed to join the military? Some of the members moved from Ursa Madeum so we could work around it if needed, however if possible I would have one of the Béchardieu of House Dermont join up. Is the Terrenus military a professional organization or are they working under conscription? From reading about them they feels like a professional army but I just want to confirm. Many thanks in advance!
  7. Moon Owl

    Taen and Ursa Madeum AMA

    Is there any documentation about the wildlife in Ursa Madeum? I looked around but I didn't manage to find anything? If there isn't any, is it possible for me to submit some lore articles for review?
  8. Moon Owl

    MOBS lobby v3

    Well this didn't turn out quite as I wanted...
  9. Moon Owl

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    --- It wasn’t long until the caravan was attacked, and Cedric and the others in his party quickly formed a defense line in the sector. However it seemed like they had been spared for the moment, but it would be reckless to assume that the enemy wasn’t just waiting for an opportunity to strike at them should they become inattentive for even just a brief moment. The other individuals that had decided or perhaps rather been assigned to the bottom right sector seemed fairly competent at least, well perhaps all but that reporter. Well if nothing else at least he was there to document their vicious deaths at the hands of the beasts that were attacking them. “Wait-” Cedric urged the man who seemingly had decided to rush to the aid of those being attacked at the other wagon that seemed to have come under assault by some kind of insectoid creatures, however he was not able to sway the man from departing from their sector. It was with a heavy sigh that he turned back to the remaining individuals. “We need to establish a line of defense and stay vigilant for any movements in the shadows, for all we know there might be plenty more out there just waiting.” Cedric spoke with determination in his voice and he hoped that his words would help ensure that the remaining people would not also follow in his example and abandon their posts. They had been assigned to protect their sector, if the enemy would be able to get past their defenses the whole convoy would have its flank exposed. He signaled for Ezekiel, Zacharias and Issac to secure a perimeter around the wagon and to position themselves with the intent to protect both Selena and Soryn while they began to cast some kind of sorcery. Well perhaps the reporter wasn’t totally useless after all, Cedric thought to himself. While the others seemed to depend upon magic energy in order to protect themselves or cause destruction, Cedric and his brothers in arms relied upon cold and tempered steel to do the job. He hoped that would be enough to stop whatever was to come.
  10. Moon Owl

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Thread: Claiming the Furthest Point Rolling D12 for 1st round
  11. Moon Owl

    The Owl and the beckoning Moon

    Description: Following the banishment of House Dermont from the Royal Court by the decree of King Damien, those who had decided to remain in Ursa Madeum did so had been forced to endure many hardships with the majority of their assets confiscated. However after the Tyrant-King was dethroned and killed by the forces of Taen, the eldest remaining of the Échelot linage, Arnau decided to gather the rest of the Dermonts in Ursa Madeum to discuss the future of the House. Summary: During their meeting, Arnau revealed that he had petitioned the new rulers of Ursa Madeum to lift the banishment of House Dermont and in turn give them back all of the assets that had been unjustly taken from them. While this proclamation was met with certain objections and concerns, the rest of the Dermonts accepted his claim to lead the House back to their former standing. It seemed that at least for the moment, House Dermont would again stand united together as Arnau received word that their request had been granted and the House had been granted back their Noble status officially. After the meeting a sudden visit from Evienne Goldcourt Dali presented an interesting opportunity for collaboration, something that could surely benefit House Dermont and serve to aid them in the reclaiming of their former influence and finances. But the opportunity could come with a certain risk. For making deals out of desperation can prove to be dangerous.
  12. Moon Owl

    House Dermont

    _+_Great Legacy of House Dermont_+_ The Owl and the Beckoning Moon (Finished)
  13. Thank you for the Like.

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    2. King


      It will be replacing one of the current minor houses that never got off the ground.

    3. Moon Owl

      Moon Owl

      Look forward in dealing with you. From the rumors I've heard perhaps collaboration between your organization in the underworld and the Corinthian Vex Crows would be possible? 

      We should discuss this further.   

    4. King


      Rumors, huh? I like rumors.

      Send me a PM and we'll talk.

  14. Moon Owl

    Moths to the Flame :: A Story of Coth

    --- Had finished their preparations, Cedric approached Brianna and Odille while the elf seemed busy unpacking belongings from her mount. He heard her modest singing and it reminded him of his home and the family that he had left behind. “You know, my son is a Bard.” The man let on, but it was with a certain sadness in his voice that he spoke of the subject. “I’m sure you would get along well.” He commented with a weighted smile, referring to Odille’s singing but his attention was quickly shifted by the sound of hooves gradually becoming louder as they approached their camp. He wasn’t the only one who had noticed the sound, Zacharias and Ezekiel quickly joined at his side to greet the party. Cedric glanced over his shoulder towards Odille and Brianna while they walked up towards the road. “Fetch your mother and make sure to keep yourself behind us.” He instructed before he would then turn his attention back towards the road. In the distance he was able to spot several riders with torches drawing nearer for every passing moment. It seemed like the mounted party had noticed them as well as they began to slow down their advance. Cedric placed his hand gently upon the hilt of his blade as the two groups moved into conversation distance. “Evening to you, fellow travelers.” Cedric spoke with a respectful tone with his cousin and Zacharias at closely at his back. However it gave him further concern when the party ignored his greeting and instead proceeded to inspect the party, both them and his wife, daughter and Odille further down behind them. “Can we help you lot?” He spoke again, now with much more density in his tone of voice, drawing the group attention towards him. His gaze remained steady at the man situated at front of the band. It was with a subtle brush of his thumb towards the hilt of his blade that Cedric eased the his tension towards the situation at hand. With their intentions still unclear, his attention along with the grip of his blade remained watchful towards them. “We’re looking for a horse thief. Have you run across anyone suspicious on this road recently?” The man revealed and demanded information as their gazes clashed. It was something under other circumstances would give him some relief, however his thoughts were quickly diverted towards the elf that they had come across. While it was possible that their meeting were simply a coincidence, however if she was somehow related to these men and their chase after this supposed horse thief that could escalate the situation before them rapidly. For the moment it was possible that the men had not been able to spot the elf, however he felt like it was only a matter of time before they would. "Can't say that I have." Cedric replied in a nonchalant fashion, trying to feign indifference to their questioning as best he could. However his senses remained alert to their every move and as sharp as the blade that at least for now had been allowed to remain in the well finely decorated sheath hanging on from his belt. "What about you guys, have you seen anyone suspicious?" He asked with a sarcastic tongue and proceeded to glance over towards Ezekiel and Zacharias. They both shrugged and shook their heads in response to his question. His gaze returned with a defiant constitution towards the group that had approached. It seemed like at least for the moment, their investigation had reached a stalemate.
  15. Moon Owl

    The Owl and the beckoning Moon

    - Arnau spend the remainder of the afternoon in the company of Lady Goldcourt and his sister, indulging in idle chatter about various topics. They shared a perhaps simple but nonetheless meaningful meal together, a modest and subtle celebration to the prospect of their future collaboration. It was not before the sun would begin to set that Evienne would take her departure from the Dermont estate and of course both Arnau and Gwendolyn would personally see her off properly. In their return inside, Arnau would request for his sister to attend him at the great study where earlier Lady Goldcourt had revealed her intentions for her visit. Given the topic at hand, he felt as if it would serve as a fitting location for their conversation. Once there Arnau would ensure that they were out of earshot before he would speak. “You are my sister and I love you, but I am only going to tell you this once.” He paused while his expression shifted and became as serious as his tone of voice. “Never speak against mine, or the House’s interests in front outsiders ever again.” He stared at her with an intense gaze for what surely would feel like an eternity from her perspective as a tense silence filled the room. “I just-” She tried to explain her actions, however before she was able to really get started she was cut off without mercy. “I don’t want to hear it. That would be all.” He spoke, instructing that the conversation was over and she was to leave. “Brother-” She protested, but was once again interrupted. “I said that would be all.” He commanded her and his words washed over her like a cold shower. Her expression seemed almost chocked at the transpiring event when he distanced himself from her and took a seat behind the table. She remained for a moment, it was not until after taking a deep breath and regaining her composure she removed herself from the room. Silence again filled the room once again as Arnau was left alone with his thoughts. Several hours later It was not until much later in the evening when the response to his petition for their banishment was received. Knowing full well the importance of its contents, Jonathan had delivered it directly to Arnau who had remained in his study. Behind him the faint gleam of the moon graced his back while the butler had presented the letter. Arnau waited until the butler had excused himself from the room before he would decide to open the letter and read its contents. Once he had finished he put the paper down upon the desk, beside the departing letter from his father. It explained why he had decided to abandon his children and his duty to House Dermont. He had expressed his love for them and that it was with a heavy heart that he had left them, but all that Arnau saw was the words of a coward and hypocrite traitor. After reading the letter countless times in his most desperate times of struggle, he had become to despise the man that he once loved and aspired to take after. But that was all in the past, for while he had fled like a pitiful and craven man, the true Dermonts that decided to remain steadfast to their legacy had bided their time in the shadows of the great capitol. Finally their endurance and diligence had been rewarded and with the shift of power, the House had been restored and all of their former holdings returned to them. He had no use for the pathetic excuses from his father anymore, so he picked up the letter that Cedric had left for them and ripped it apart until it was nothing but small fragments just as broken as the man who had written it. He brushed the pieces off the table and into the trash bin before he would depart from the study to inform his sister of the news. Everyone would be sooner or later be made aware that the Dermonts were back. And with their return a revolution had been birthed.