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  1. Well the text for the action says for the next attack which suggests that it would not expire at the end of the next turn after being cast.
  2. Moon Owl

    The Owl and the beckoning Moon

    - “We do indeed have a Greenhouse, it’s been well tended to by the delicate touch of Gwen actually. Should it please you, she could give you a tour of it later.” Aranu replied to her question and glanced over towards Gwen who seemed to be positive to the prospect of giving their guest a tour of her personal domain. Once the party had settled in the study, Arnau listened carefully to Evinne’s quite bold proposal towards an alliance between her and House Dermont. However while it was an interesting proposition, he felt himself a little reserved when it came to giving her his decision to accept or not. There were numerous factors to consider but it was quite obvious that such a relationship could serve the House well. But the mention of his companions brought up some concern, that she would speak so plainly about such matters did not sit well with him. “While officially I’d have to say I have no clue about what you’re talking about and that I would not put much stock in any vague rumors that you might have heard, on the other side I think it’s true that we could both benefit from certain collaboration.” Arnau smiled and then proceeded to inspect her gift, a token that was met with much appreciation. He had spoken in riddles, carefully navigating around the topic in order to not divulge any unwanted information. Although he did not have much cause to doubt her intentions he thought it best to proceed with caution before he had a change to learn more about her ambitions for their proposed alliance. “However, my father always used to tell me that an lucrative alliance is one that have been carefully nurtured with the mutual trust between the parties involved.” It was clear that the lady was forward and was certainly eager to proceed with her agenda, however there was much that still was not known about the possible implications of such a partnership. Being in charge of House affairs, Arnau felt it his duty to take careful consideration towards its interests. “I think it would be a benefit to us all to accept such a generous proposal for alliance.” Gwendolyn added turned her gaze first towards Arnau and then to Evienne and gifted her a gracious smile of appreciation. It most likely became clear to all the individuals in the room by the shift of expression on Arnau’s face that he was displeased with his sister’s comment, for it stood clear that it would be of opposition of his own opinions, and in turn the opinion of the House itself. A brief silence sunk in across the room and lingered while his gaze remained fixed upon Gwendolyn. Thankfully the impending confrontation was defused by a sudden knock on the door, it would seem like Jonathan had arrived with the requested refreshments. After placing the drinks on the desk he would turn his attention towards Arnau. “The lunch is being prepared as we speak, now if there anything else you require for the moment?” The butler asked, causing Arnau to examine the tray that had been placed before them. There were two different refreshments available, either one could decide upon having tea or there was also cucumber water for those more thirsty. While it was nothing particularly fancy, the refreshments would without a doubt serve their intended purposes. “Yes, please take this lovely gift from Lady Goldcourt to the kitchen and have it served along with the prepared lunch.” Even though she had insisted that they would call her Evienne, in the presence of the staff he decided to refer to her appropriate title in order to not cause the servants to gossip. “Certainly, my lord.” Jonathan spoke and then proceeded to exit the room. Once he had departed, Arnau would intend to proceed with the matter at hand. “For now, you have intrigued my curiosity and as such I’m inclined to accept your proposal for the time being.” Arnau concluded and made his decision known. He would entertain the idea until further notice and if their union would indeed prove to be fruitful, then more long term arrangements could be on the table.
  3. House Dermont would back the Dali should they seek to establish a republic.
  4. I confirmed with @jaistlyn that I was only going to roll once for the group and then play it out accordingly so it would still make sense. I think that is needed in order to preserve the power balance.
  5. Well OK it seems for now the bottom right side is going all turtle mode I guess.
  6. I was thinking of my guys acting as tanks for the rest of the party, so that means we can force the others to be DPS or we all just turtle up forever lol.
  7. Yeah we should go with like the classic format with two attackers (dps), one defender (tank) and then someone to aid and give buffs (healer). Or something similar.
  8. Well it does balance out in the end but that doesn't matter if you're already dead. Well as long as I know that there is another attack waiting I shall wait before making a roll just to be safe. I don't think it needs to be enforced as long as everybody knows about the system!
  9. @jaistlyn I want to check something with you before I use my rolls/actions, is there going to be two players that will attack as monsters this turn? I'm asking this because on how the turn system works. Should the player commanding monsters decide to attck me after I have rolled already and then we go to next turn, would that make then being able to attack twice before I can respond? I think it would be an idea to bave a "attackers phase" then the "defenders phase" in order to avoid such scenarios. Many thanks in advance!
  10. They'll probably provide a decent snack while we regroup. @jaistlyn Is it a mission fail if the beasts reach the wagon? How many steps do they have to take in order to reach it? Can we drive/chase them back with action to prevent it or is it just a race against the clock? Update: Question, let's say my roll gives me three actions. Can I provide defense for three different characters then? -1 for three characters in my sector?
  11. Moon Owl

    The Owl and the beckoning Moon

    - “Then let us retreat to my office for now and let’s talk further there, in the meanwhile I shall have notify our butler to start preparing lunch.” Arnau before proceeding to lead Evienne up the stairs and towards his office, Gwendolyn followed them however kept enough distance to not intrude while they walked. His sister moved with an elegance and subtly as if she was gliding across the floor, not giving any sound to the weight of her steps. Her gentle ways had always fascinated him. While walking to the office, the small group happened to stumble upon their Jonathan Grey, their butler. It was a happy coincidence, relieving Arnau from the task of going to look for him. “Ah, Jonathan, just the man I was looking for.” Aranu spoke, addressing him with a relief. “What do you require of me, Sir?” He asked with his normal smooth voice. Before taking the occupation as the butler for House Dermont, he had been a singer. However it was difficult to get the man to talk about those days even though it was not from the lack of trying. Spending time with someone every day, it’s only natural that Arnau would wish to familiar himself with the butler. Over the several years during which Jonathan had served House Dermont, some progress had been made however much still remained unknown about him. What could be said with confidence however, was the unquestionable competence he had displayed for position. “We would like to have lunch, perhaps a fresh salad to alleviate famine.” Arnau proposed while taking heed to Evienne’s earlier note of preference for their lunch. “Certainly, an excellent choice. I shall let the cook know at once.” Jonathan replied, bowed and then began to make his way towards the kitchen. Before he had time to slip away however, Arnau turned to provide further instructions. “While we wait, please make sure to bring some refreshments to the master study, in case the lady finds herself parched.” He added and the butler nodded in response before making his way down the stairs. It was not far to the door leading to the master study from where they had bumped into Jonathan, making their arrival to their current destination near. “Ah, here we are.” Arnau concluded and opened door and kept it over while allowing Evienne and Gwendolyn to enter before he would shut it. Before taking a seat he walked over and pulled out a chair for their guest, waited for her to take her seat and then making himself comfortable behind the desk. Gwendolyn took a seat next to Evienne, both on the opposite side of the desk compared to Arnau. He took a deep breath as to clear his thoughts and before he would decide to speak, he smiled gently towards Evienne. “I have to say, Lady Goldcourt.” He paused while placing both his hands on the desk in front of him. “Your letter certainly left me intrigued and naturally you’ll always be welcomed here, however I must admit that I am a bit puzzled about the aspirations behind this unexpected visit.” With both of them having exchanged all the appropriate pleasantries, Arnau invited her to discuss the cause that had brought her to the Dermont estate on that day. @LikelyMissFortune
  12. My shoes are gone, now only chaos reigns ever lustful for barefoot anarchy. All hope is lost, only the eternal darkness remains.
  13. Moon Owl

    House Dermont

    _+ Holdings and Assets of House Dermont +_ Dermont Estate Overview: Dermont Estate Location: Outskirts of Andelusia, Cornith Purpose: Ancestral residence for the House of Dermont Owners: The Échelots of House Dermont Primary Occupants: Arnau Dermont, Gwendolyn Dermont Noteworthy locations: Dermont Estate The Main Foyer When first entering the Dermont Estate, you would naturally find yourself in the Grand Foyer which serves as vestibule for guests to wait before being attended to by their hosts. While not particularly fancy or extravagant, it has all the necessities required in order to make visitors comfortable. There are enough chairs and tables on which to sit should the arrivals be exhausted from their journey. There is also plenty of plants serving as decorations and a small bookshelf should someone fancy reading while waiting. Several glass doors serves to provide the room with both light and a pretty view, while at the same time allow for easy access to the small courtyard garden. The Master Study The master study has served the head of House Dermont for many generations as a place for reflection, a location where to conduct personal research or an office in which to discuss business matters without being disturbed. The room itself contains several bookshelves filled with books on differing topics and in the of the room middle there a single long masterfully crafted wooden oak desk. Should there be need for it, several chairs can be pulled out in order to accommodate more individuals. Behind the desk there is a oval windows looking out the back of the estate. The Great Hall With so many of House Dermot being executed under the tyrannic rule of King Damien, the Great Dining Hall is unfortunately is not used as much as it was before. Able to host up towards twenty people at the same the, it is mostly used for larger gatherings either they be festivities or other congregations where several people needs to be able to communicate and converse in an open area. Behind the chair designated for the host him/herself there is a stone fireplace. There are several windows that provide light upon the long table and on the walls hangs many candle holders. There is a single long red carpet stretching across the room. The Archery Range Archery has been a known please for many heads of House Dermont during the years and so it would only be natural that someone would eventually arrange for an Archery Range to be set up. It has both served to provide exercise in order to improve the users skill with bow and arrow as well to serve as a fun activity available for the pleasure of guests. Several archery competitions has also taken place in the Dermont Archery Range, however only the those with a reputation for being skilled archers and hunters. Garden & Greenhouse While the Garden serves as a beautiful place for relaxing leisure activities, the Greenhouse serves a more functional purpose with many herbs and vegetables used by the staff being grown there. In the same manner that there have been many members of House Dermont that were fond of archery, there has been as many that have had a green thumb. The Garden might not be particularly large, there are several stone benches where one can sit down for a bit and enjoy the view. Current Staff: Dermont Estate Name: Jonathan Grey Occupation: Butler Characteristics : Polite, Witty, Confident Name: Doris Fletcher Occupation: Cook Personality: Impudent, Headstrong, Honest Name: Isabelle Grey Occupation: Maid Characteristics: Kind, Gentle, Idealist
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    MT3:1 - Valk vs Arnau Dermont

    It seemed like his attack had briefly stunned his opponent, allowing him time to move out and around in order perform a flaking strike. However it was uncertain for how long the window would remain open and as such he made haste to make his move. Following his previous flurry he decided to begin to around his target and examined the man for a spot of weakness. Finding himself at the back of his adversary he decided it was the best opportunity to strike a critical blow, designed to either maim or ideally kill its target. He moved his blade to a high guard before he would swing the blade downwards towards the head of his enemy with a vicious roar. “Argh!” He exclaimed while further cementing his grip of the blade in order to compensate to the impending impact. He hoped that the attack would have generated enough force that it would have either crack his brass helmet or otherwise remove it, allowing for a follow-up strike to take him out for good. He would then move back again in order to witness the outcome and thereafter decide upon his next move. For even though he felt like he had the upper hand at the moment, he know how fast tides could turn on the battlefield. Overconfidence is a good way to get yourself killed, he remember his instructor always repeating.
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    Moths to the Flame :: A Story of Coth

    -- Well perhaps the elf woman was only looking for a brief tumble in the hay, Brianna thought to herself and giggled. She pondered about giving a comment to the matter, however decided that perhaps it was best to not make such lustrous claims. Instead she would commend Odille’s noble desire to help the downtrodden and desperate with a nod of respect of such agendas. Even though she did not know much about the young elf, she felt like they would get along well and hopefully in the future be allowed to become good friends. For out here in these foreign lands riddled with dangers around every corner for the inattentive soul, a trustworthy friend should be considered a cherished commodity. “A valiant aspiration, then. I pray that you will find what you seek, Odille Rothbart.” Cedric’s voice interrupted the conversation, and a brief silence ensued within the party. He positioned himself next to his spouse and offered her the gentle embrace of him palm as a gesture of his affection. “I sense that the fates have much in store for you, young lady. Do not disappoint.” He instructed her and then turned his attention away from her to speak to the group. “It’s getting late, perhaps it’s time for us to make camp and settle in for the night. I don’t want to risk being caught out here in the dark by vagrants.” He expressed himself as if he was making a suggestion, however it became quite clear as he returned to Ezekiel without much consideration for their reply that he expected them to heed his council. It was not long after that they decided to halt their advance in favor of making camp before nightfall. While Zacharias was instructed to attend to their mounts, Cedric and Ezekiel began working preparing the campsite for the night, allow the rest to rest and relax for the moment. Looking up into the skies, Brianna reached for Odille’s arm. Brianna was anxious for them to finally arrive at their destination. She had as the rest of them heard all about the rumors regarding the city upon the hill, and she had pondered many times if it could be possible that the rumors were true. Being an idealist at heart, she shared Odille’s ambition to strive for the betterment of the land and its inhabitants. There had been many times she had sought to prove herself to that end, however the majority of her pleas to be allowed the chance to make a difference had been met with deaf ears by her mother. While she did not doubt her mother’s eternal affection, her overprotective ways continued to smother her growth as an individual. Something that had cause much frustration with Brianna and something that had at times caused strife between her and her mother. It was her hope that things would change when they would arrive in Coth, and because of that she could not wait until they would reach their destination. “It always brings me comfort to look up into the skies. Because no matter how heavy the world might feel on our shoulders, we are nothing but tiny specks in a seemingly endless ocean.” With those words, she urged Odille to join her as they would examine the clouds and the faint glittering stars above. “See, in the end it doesn’t really matter what happens to us. It's a relief to know that even if we would to in our fail personal endeavors and ambitions, the universe will still continue to exist. Don't you think?” She explained and proceeded to ask the elf about her view on the matter. Perhaps it was a naive perspective, however it had served to bring her heart ease during many troubled nights.