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  1. We should definitely do some networking, let's discussion potential opportunities for future collaboration.
  2. Hey sorry for the delay in posting and that I did not progress the story much with my post. Sometimes you just have the least time when you need the most.
  3. He nodded in response to the woman's introduction. For what reason a local hitchhiker had sent to the guard wagon was not clear to him, however Larian did not ponder about it. Instead turned his attention to the new entry into the carriage, he halted himself from making a loud remake about the guy's name when he make a remark about it. "Indeed, a friendly face can brighten one's day." Larian spoke in agreement with Vaasa before locking hands with the fella. While he did not in particular look like your average mercenary or blade for hire, he looked hardy and strong enough and surely Kurt would not risk putting people in harm's way if he did not think they would be able to handle the situation. The caravan had begun to make their way finally, slowly leaving Valjier behind them. At times he would peak outside to check that everything was okay, while he was not expecting any trouble at this stage of their journey, it did not hurt to keep an extra eye on things just in case. He continued making some small talk with the people in the wagon, trying to pass the time best he could. Boredom was a luxury when it came to his profession.
  4. Usually I can reply during weekends mostly however this weekend I went on a last minute trip so that's why I have not been around so much.
  5. Hey sorry for the delay, I will post on Tuesday but you can skip me. So sorry for this.
  6. Generally I do agree with you @Winter Wonderland but due to some people usually only being able to post on certain days it could be beneficial to have a more fluid posting order while still keeping it in the same round of posts to still retain a decent level of structure.
  7. Stepping out from his lodging, the brisk morning breeze served to awaken Larian's slumbering senses. He stood a moment, soaking in the surroundings while inhaling the refreshing air before determined steps began to carry him onward. He pulled his hood down and did his best to cover himself with his long black coat, using it as a shelter from the frost. A small distance away, people were busy running back and forward, packing and supplying the caravan with cargo and other necessitates for the journey ahead. The caravan consisted mostly of merchants that sought to seek their fortune in Union City. There were some other civilian passengers that had manage to hitch their way along for the journey. Guess each of them had their own reasoning for wanting to travel from Valjier Town to the much larger Union City. While he could not really blame them for wanting to relocate from the small town, there was something peaceful about the simple life he had witnesses during his stay. He would not have minded staying for a bit longer before having to depart again. Knowing that the road to Union City might be perilous and an attractive target bandits, the organizers had put out notices for caravan guards to attend them during their travel. It was fairly low risk work, a nice change from the usual more treacherous work. Thus Larian had signed on as a guard. As he had initially suspected, not many had offered their service in the defense of the caravan. It was understandable, for to travel such a distance during winter was not common for a reason. Many things can go wrong traversing the land in such climate. The wolves were especially hungry this time of the year and while they likely not attack a caravan, starvation could make them bold. However, he hoped that the trip would prove uneventful. Arriving at the wagons, he greeted the workers and made his presence known to his employer, a merchant called Kurt. He was informed that they were just about to depart and thus without delay Larian proceeded to enter the carriage that had been designated to him and the other guards. Entering he noticed that someone had arrived before him, however it was not one of the other guards. While he had not spoken much with the other guards, he had at least been able to greet them if only briefly prior to their departure. He glanced over towards the woman while unpacking some personal belongings and finding a suitable place for his two-handed steel sword. It served as tools of his trade, thus he had taken care of oil the blade properly and wrapping the edge in a thick layer of fur covered leather in order to protect it from the cold. For what use is a guard wielding a dull blade? After settling in briefly his attention shifted more towards the woman, who surely had noticed his entrance however seemed somewhat occupied by the large book that she had placed in her lap. He contemplated the reason for her to have been placed in the same carriage as the guards, perhaps she was there to supervise them on behalf of their new employer? From how little mind she seemed to have given him until now, he thought it unlikely. "I'm Larian, I've been hired to ensure the safety of the caravan until we reach Union City." He paused a moment, watching for any reaction from her in response to his words. "May I ask who you are? If we are to travel in the same carriage, we will surely find comfort in each others company to pass the time." He made an effort to smile towards the woman. It would serve them both to get off on the right foot, after all.
  8. Larian would be interested in a job such as this one, if there is still room available.
  9. Hey @Fierach do we have any information about who we will partner with for the Wildblade? Will there be separate threads or everything in the same one? Will there be an order that we will follow or just post whenever? Thanks for the info!
  10. Another foothold in Norkotia would be cool to expand the foothold there, for another enterprise.
  11. I think working in parallel sounds cool. Just wondering where to start...
  12. Yes I think that would be a good idea! I will probably have questions also.
  13. I am interested and would like to set up an roleplay, however would like to know a bit more about the aliens and their agenda in order to better understand the concept and practical implementation. Will there be possibillity to a joint effort or other kind of collaboration for a long term plot line? If thatis the case it sounds cool.
  14. Will this be an ongoing thing or will this just be an one thing thing? If I would play a new character then the location does not really play a major difference. However depending on the situation, Larian is attending the Feast of Blades so I guess that could be convenient. However only if it makes sense, don't need to involve him if it really doesn't make much sense. This sounds interesting and I would like to learn more about it! Basically just looking to get into some roleplays right now.
  15. Hey if you're still looking for something I have Larian (male elf warrior) thst would most likely been interested in some double agent kind of activities. Not sure how well an elf swordman fits in Norkotia, however perhapsthe other location would work otherwise. I'm open to anything as long as it fits with my character. Thanks!
  16. Amidst the crowds bustling with excitement for the upcoming opening ceremony, one white haired elf participant set out to traverse across the monumental bridge that stood to connect the Dawn Komturie to the rest of Predator’s Keep. Other than the strange glowing markings that cowered the majority of his skin, the slender and pale elf seemed fairly unremarkable compared to many others attendees that surrounded him. Larian did his best to not draw attention to himself, even though his appearance served to counteract his efforts. The structure was significant display of craftsmanship and architecture without a doubt, however the elf did not bask in the wondrous view that surrounded him as he walked. It was only when he approached two towering knights that his gaze was diverted from his destination and to their decorated and magnificent brass armor. He contemplated for a brief moment if his smaller frame would be able to house such hulking protection, but he would brush the subject away without giving it too much thought. It was not the time to distract himself with such thoughts and instead he would be wise to remain focused on the task at hand. For the elf had decided to enter the Feast of Blades for a singular purpose, one that should not be forgotten so easily. The anticipation for the ceremony was thing in the air surrounded the crowds. It was clear that many had traveled far to attend and surely expected a grand spectacle. Larian remained silent where he stood, patiently waiting and watching for the ceremony to commence.
  17. Hello, this sounds very interesting. However I have to admit that I have never done any GM before so this would be the first time, but I think the idea of it is interesting to me and I like the opportunity to play a lot of cameo characters. Thanks for the consideration!
  18. Alright, then please sign me up for Wildblade. I've created a sheet for Larian also, more will be added in the future. Thanks!
  19. Name: Larian D'har Cassar Gender: Male Age: 120 Race: Elf Class: Warrior Alignment: True Natural Combat skills: Two-Handed Swords - Specialized (++) Long Swords - Profecient (+) Daggers - Profecient (+) Two-Handed Style - Profecient (+) Single-Weapon Style - Profecient (+) Occupation: Freelancer When asked about himself, Larian is hesitant to share much. However he tells that he is from humble origins and were raised in a farming village, however the identify of his true parents remained a mystery from both him and those who raised him. Whenever he asked his foster family they merely claimed that they happened found him in the outskirts of the small farming village by chance. When he was old enough, he left the village and those who had brought him up. Ever since then he explains that the road has been his home, never keeping to the same place for too long. When asked about the markings on his body, he merely shrugs his shoulders and tells that for as long as he can remember they have just been there. He simply does not know their origin and how they came to be on his body. However regardless of their origin, their powers has served to save him from a grim fate countless times during his travels. Runic markings The mysterious runic markings covering Larian's body grants him with enhanced speed and agility and also greatly reduces recovery times from injury. A simple cut can heal in a couple of minutes. While he cannot himself control these runes whatsoever, they seem to react and become active whenever adrenaline is produced.
  20. Can I enter with Larian D'har Cassar to both the Trueblade and the Wildblade events? He's an elf warrior, if that would be acceptable. Thanks for your consideration.
  21. Moon Owl


    Greetings everybody. After some time away I felt like I really want to get back to writing here again. It feels good to be back here. If you know me from before, it's good seeing you again. In case we haven't interacted before, it's nice to make your acquaintance! Should anyone want anyone for any plot or idea just let me know. The character I plan on using is Larian D'har Cassar, a male elf that believes he has been touched by an ancient and all but forgotten elven goddess to liberate and from any who would supress them. Because of this belief he considers himself "the Chosen One". I'm not necessarily looking for anything related to his ambitions, but just to give a bit of information of the character I want to use. I'm basically looking for anything really, want him to get to know some people. Hope to hear from you!
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