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    Pollst is a classic bard. He does everything. He tells stories, he sings songs, he does a bit of magic, he can fight with marginally average skill. Do you need assistance, but don't know what EXACTLY you need assistance in? He'll help! Do you need someone with a bunch of obscure lore, but poorly remembered and filtered through time and tale? He'll help! Do you just want someone to abandon at a dramatic moment? He'll help! It'd make for a good story.
  2. OK! I am in no rush. The mage idea is the most obvious, IMO. That's not actually a bad thing, though, it's an interesting dichotomy, and I think would make a strong thread. I have no comments on the other proposal, because, uh, it's a bit vague, and lacks distinct information. But I'm sure that'd work. I guess. 🤷‍♂️ Sending a rambly PM.
  3. Genre: Fantasy Location: Genesaris Idea: Saila is a poor girl who suffers from a condition that devours magic. Nobody knows, except for her, how this manifested, but it has lead to some unforeseen consequences. She desires to consume magic as much as possible, and in doing so, could wreak havoc in a place where magic is omnipresent, venerated, and held up as a pillar of society. Like Genesaris. If your character or organisation wants: To destroy magic, because it's bad. To destroy magic, because it complicates your plans. To investigate antimagic, in hopes of being able to use it. To cure or kill Saila because magic is good. To cure or kill Saila because magic is necessary. Or any number of things, perhaps Saila is a character that could interest them. If you feel that there's a way for them to interact that's beyond glaring at the dishevelled child in the street, please respond! I'm open to any suggestions!
  4. Genesaris is probably the most likely place for both Prollst and Saila. Prollst is merely just a bard, he goes around telling stories (and stealing them). I guess it makes sense for him to grow up in a place with good education, so he was always learning magic, skills, etc from some source. Saila, on the other hand, would probably be there because oh, gee, look, magic let me just take all that. I reckon she could be a good problem for anyone who relies on magic or magitech because all of a sudden - none of it works! Regardless of this, though, I still need to go make some posts, and read some lore, etc. But I am quite eager to make a post, so, that should be soon.
  5. ...is your fun mollusk fact of this thread. My name is Mollusk. I create characters that I enjoy. In fact, you can find two of them here. I don't really have a specific 'type' of roleplay, I just do whatever the characters are more fit for, I guess. I also enjoy mollusks, they're pretty neat. Sometimes I like to extend paragraphs in introduction posts because that's a good way to bulk up a post and make it look like it has substance. Thanks, I guess.
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    Mollusk's Characters

    Pollst, Talethief Name: Pollst Greeneye Gender: Male Race: Human Age: 26 Appearance: A small man with a big grin, Pollst has a terribly thin stature, small and lean, he looks as if he could be defeated by a strong gust of wind. The man's face is pale, and he has near shining eyes. Thin lips are most always curved into a gargantuan grin, and nothing can dull his shine. He wears simple clothing of no real note, and carries a lute slung across his back, and a flute strapped to his belt, and a large bag that clangs and clatters as he moves. Slung at his side is a steel shortsword, which seems to lack a sheath. Overall, Pollst could be described as mostly harmless, and quite eccentric. Personality: A jolly, glowing man who seems to always be looking to tell stories, and learn stories. His gait is one of utter confidence, infectious, even. Most of the time he is willing to talk, help, or otherwise be a good person. Though, occassionally, he shifts to a more...annoyed tone. Mocking and prodding, Pollst has been known to taunt people, both friendly and not. Overall, though, he doesn't care to fight if he can avoid it, rather wanting to share a tale by the fire. Skills: Pollst is a jack-of-all-trades, able to do many jobs or professions at a very basic level. Cooking, hunting, sewing, fighting, and even a spot of simple magical tricks, Pollst has many things under his hat. A mile wide, an inch deep. Magic: Pollst knows a few simple magic tricks! He can cause brooms to sweep on their own, fires to be lit with a tiny jolt of hot, red flame, many different spells. All incredibly weak. Possessions: A shortsword, a sewing needle with thread, a handaxe, a mess kit, a rope, and a tinderbox. Bio: WIP. Saila, Magic Eater Name: Saila Gender: Female Race: Human Age: 12 Appearance: A tiny child, with a horrified gaze, Saila is dead thin. Starving thin, even. She has vaguely fallow skin, that seems to be unkempt and filthy. Her eyes have wretched pits, showing the true tiredness this girl suffers from. She seems to lack shoes, and is wearing civilian's clothing of no real note. Her hair is long and knotted, a thin layer of filth and grime covering it, and her clothes have their own share of wear and tear, themselves, too. Personality: Quiet, careful, and afraid, Saila is nothing if not cautious. Her personality seems to begin and end at fear. Fear of other people. Fear of magic. Fear of herself. Fear of the world. Her actions are made from fear, and to anyone at all who even gave her half a glance it'd be obvious: this child was mortified. Beyond that, though, she was desperate. For food, warmth, safety. Most of all, though, home. Skills: Evading people. Thieving. Causing magic-users discomfort, and beings made of magic pure agony. Magic: Or, rather, the lack thereof. Saila's presence dulls magic, and her touch drains it. She is a walking nexus of antimagic. To make things worse, Saila hungers for magic. She may not realise it, she may not act on it, but she feels a terrible hunger if she hasn't been able to devour the magic of another being. This, unfortunately, leads to her naturally seeking out mages, putting herself in a rather large amount of danger. Possessions: Nothing. BIO: WIP.