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  1. @Dredge "If you're going to give me a job, I don't care what kind of job it is. I just want some cash, a job. I know my work suffers casualties, even if its innocents that are being killed, at least if it's for a good cause I can keep a good sense of mind." Thrazes adjusted his tone to show as little emotion as possible. He was saying everything wrong, this was why he chose to not speak until he knew enough about a person. He leaned forward, closing his eyes, and used his thumb and forefinger to pinch his nose-bridge... or at least what was there. I feel like I'm gonna need some sort of almanac on the laws here. What kind of civilization is this? He'd been to so many different places and worlds, but none were like this, perhaps this was a very distant place. Yes, he appeared young... what had he been when he was still 'alive'? A warrior? A mage? All he recalled was a traitor and a lie. Snapping out of his thoughts, he leaned back again and looked at the woman. "As a creature who has experienced death once, I feel like I'd be used to death and casualties." He commented, speaking slowly and carefully now. One slip of the tongue could put him out of work. Heh, slip of the tongue. I recall my colleague literally losing his tongue... gross. Random thoughts plagued the skeleton. Whatever higher power controlling him must really be scatterbrained as hell.
  2. Thrazes mulled over the question for a few minutes. "I'm supposing your view of 'legal' is different from 'moral'. I wouldn't know the legalities of the area, but where I'm from we're a little loose on the law." He gave a tiny grin. "Long story short, 'less than legal' is part of my job, miss." He said calmly. "Though my weapon of choice doesn't lend itself to the assassination route." As a mercenary, he got hired for many jobs. Whether he was a hitman, sent to return an old lady's cat, or involved in the attempted genocide of an entire species... Though, he was kind of a hypocrite. Saying he'd avoid murdering an innocent, and being involved in many innocent deaths... He would suppose it just depended on the setting or his specific job at the time. If his specific job was as before mentioned, in war, then he'd follow any orders he needed to, as long as he was specifically paid... a lot. He reached a hand up to scratch at the back of his skull, eyelights shrinking a little as a show of nervousness. Illegal arms dealing? Law-enforcing officers? If that kind of stuff is illegal... This place must be really different from where he'd come from.
  3. The skeleton listened to everything she said carefully, and nodded. He calmed down a small bit as he got used to being in the vehicle. "You can rest assured that even if I did have a job, I'm incapable of doing it right now, so whatever you have for me to do will be top priority." He paused to listen to the question, and thought for a moment. On one hand, she hadn't specified how he would know if the person was actually innocent... The thing his race would be known for would be the first option, though he felt inclined to answer with the second option... "I would likely go with B, unless the situation would require option A. No need to kill an innocent person, unless the make it outright obvious they will be a setback or they act suspicious." He explained, and couldn't help but feel the uncomfortable emotion of.. well, feeling like he got the answer wrong. He hadn't felt like that since he was an apprentice training under his master. If giving an incorrect answer would cut him off a potential job, then he would have a lot of embarrassment and regret in the future. Unfortunately, he could only hope that the answer was satisfactory. He shifted his position a little, leaning on the armrest of the door. His eyelights dimmed ever so slightly.
  4. 1. Fantasy or sci-fi, I love apocalyptic stuff too (guess that would go with sci-fi lol) 2. I still think I have yet to find the part that REALLY gets me happy and interested, but I'm still looking lol 3. Not too into sports, so I wouldn't know lol 4. Sneezing/yawning 5. The sexiest name is.... well I don't have any ideas right now lol, and the least sexy name would be Bob. Though in one comic I read there was a pretty "Sexy" character named Bob so idk heh
  5. The mercenary snorted at the last comment and shrugged. He didn't really have anything else to do, and it wasn't too certain that this was going to be someone with malicious intent. "Fine." He pulled the door open and got in, making sure to take his sheath from his back and setting it on his lap to avoid both discomfort and the possibility of wearing a spot on the fabric of the seat. Ah, yes, finally he got to sit, though there were still a few straps on his armor that were rubbing uncomfortably. The pain that a warrior goes through. Sigh. "Care to tell me what job you're thinking of hiring me for?" He asked quietly, blood red eyelights looking toward the woman and trying to search her features but only getting the cold expression of a gas mask. One could clearly tell the skeleton was semi uncomfortable in the small space, as he preferred the wide open lands, grass fields, beautiful forests filled with all sorts of life... even the place he'd come from had had more open streets, more space between the buildings... then again, where he came from, the main capital was essentially in the middle of an arid desert...
  6. Thrazes froze a little as the limo pulled up near him, of course he felt a little suspicious. He peered into the window, not too keen on following the order that followed. He was rather used to seeing masks, and even some vehicles siimilar to this one... "Could I at least ask the intention?" He asked gruffly, his hand twitching as if he wanted to grab his sword for protection. "'cuz if you can't provide one, I'm afraid I can't get in." It was a rather simple request, at least in his eyes... or... eyelights? He shifted his position as he waited for an answer, finding himself leaning against the car ever so slightly. It was somewhat difficult getting any information from his posture. Where one would see the tensing of muscle on a human, there was just bone. Perhaps it was a special kind of magic that gave the impression of him narrowing his eyes - rather, eyesockets. One might ask how the skeleton could be so calm, though it was in his nature to get as much information before he judged anything, whether it be through observation or questioning.
  7. Seeing someone walk into the building before her, a feminine figure leaned against the wall of a nearby building to the entrance. She had her midnight black cloak on, covering her eyes and casting a shadow over most of her features. The only things that could be seen to distinguish her from any other person or being was the slight protrusion of horns from her head, poking under the hood and causing a bit of an awkward sight. The other feature was her reddish eyes glinting in the light of the building. After a few minutes she entered after the figure, not removing her cowl just yet. She took note of everyone else in the building, suspicious of every movement. her sharp hearing picked up sounds most others wouldn't be able to hear, and she heard someone mention the two figures who had just recently entered. After she assessed her surroundings, she pulled off her hood to reveal smooth black hair, and an almost deathly pale complexion. Her ruby red eyes flicked over the staff and bar, a smile on her face. "Ah, so this is the place!" She said, though was quiet enough to only be heard by those within a few feet of her.
  8. Thrazes wandered a branching pathway on the outskirts of the inner city, looking around at the architecture with a hint of confusion on his face. He knew not how he came here, though his only thought was to find somewhere to rest at. He felt exhausted, magic levels drained. He'd have to find some food and drink if he were to survive any longer in this strange city, under the strange sky. Even on this road that seemed unpopular and dark, people bustled by on their way to... well, anywhere. The skeleton couldn't imagine how many people lived in this city, nor what direction he could go to escape the city. His footsteps made a thump-click sound on the ground because of his steel-toed boots, a sound he'd grown used to over time, especially in the cobblestone-paved pathways of his hometown. He brought aside one of the citizens, speaking in a low, quiet tone. "What is the name of this town?" The response he got was a scoff and the citizen pulling away, walking in the opposite direction. Grunting, he continued on his way. His gait was a little unsteady, caused by another reason he should find somewhere to rest... the chafing of his armor. Even as a skeleton, he did suffer from the rub of rough fabric on his bones. He usually only noticed it when he had worn his armor for an extended amount of time. After a few minutes he'd tried to speak to a few more citizens and got the same or similar reactions as before. He was starting to get irritated. Very irritated. He wondered what would happen if he decided to just punch something. Though, he didn't really feel like breaking his hand... yeah, bad idea.
  9. Image Source (My Art) [BASICS] First name: ThrazesSurname: FrostbladeNicknames: Thraz; ZessAlignment: N/ARace: SkeletonMarital Status: N/AGender: MaleAge: Presumed to be around 20-22Role: Mercenary[PHYSICAL] Voice: Somewhat deep, a little raspy.Eyes: Cherry redComplexion: SkeletalHeight: 5'5''Weight: 90 lbs.Build: Thin, semi thick-bonedHair: NoneTattoos/markings: None[MENTAL] Demeanor: Survival-focused; observant and quiet until he deems he's learned enough about a person.Hopes: Survival. Make enough money to get a home of his own.Fears: In development, mostly afraid of death.Likes: Dueling, fun-based fighting. Dislikes: Repetition, sedentary lifestyles, religion.[GEAR] - Thick black cloth tank under his upper armor. - Thick black cloth pants underneath his leg armor. - Chestplate: Diamond-shaped chestplate with straps going over his shoulders, sides, and one going down underneath his lower clothing. - Shoulder Armor: Plate shoulderpad with spikes made from animal teeth. - Legplates/Leg Armor: Plate armor covering his legs and knees. - Bandages: Bandages covering his upper and lower arms, slightly stained with blood. - Black Leather gloves. - Black-and-grey leather steel-toed boots. [WEAPONS] - Mainly utilizes thin, lightweight blades. - Steel cutlass with a silver handguard. - Two one-handed swords with leather handles.[STRENGTHS] - Swordfighting. Excels at fighting in close-up combat, preferring this over anything else. - Speed/Swiftness. - Quick reaction times. - Decent fire resistance.[WEAKNESSES] - Weak nature magic resistance. - Doesn't do well against ranged attacks.[SKILLS] - Swordfighting - Slight fire magic abilitied
  10. Of course i do, all friends are of interest to me! :3 Even when they are of a species I am unfamiliar with, such as a beefly
  11. [BASICS]First name: Alaine Surname: MorrisNicknames: AllieRace: Human?Marital Status: Not MarriedGender: FemaleAge: 16 Role: Travelling 'Mage' (Spellcaster/Witch)[PHYSICAL]Voice: Semi-high pitched.Eyes: GreenComplexion: Healthy tanned whiteHeight: 5'4''Weight: 110Build: Thin, skinny build.Hair: Red-brown with a hint of purple; When let down it goes midway down her back. Very smooth.Tattoos/markings: Has a black tattoo on her upper back that looks like a wolf.[MENTAL]Demeanor: Shy and easily flustered at first impression; determined. Sometimes her determination turns into stubbornness.Hopes: To be a great mage; To see as much of the world as possible.Fears: Bees, Most small bugs, failure, complete darkness.Likes: Reading, learning, and seeing new things, dragons.Dislikes: Rats, mice, scorpions, and humid weather.[GEAR] - Light tan wizard's robe with grapefruit red trimming. - Silver chained ruby amulet, of the smaller size of normal amulets. - Dark brown leather cloak, mainly used for protection from wet weather and if necessary, hiding oneself.[WEAPONS] - A simple wooden staff, with the top end curled inward. It's enchanted to make her spells have a 15% increased chance to be successful. - Enchanted wooden wand, with a light whitish crystal in the end.[STRENGTHS] - Avoiding detection - Much better in ice magic than most of her other spells. - Knows many languages and dialects[WEAKNESSES] - Easily mixes up certain languages and gets confused - Most other spells are very weak, as she typically uses ice magic for most things. - Horrible in hand-to-hand combat. - Extremely weak against normal projectiles such as arrows or bullets if she's not paying attention... which is a lot of the time. - Kinda clumsy... let me rephrase that, REALLY clumsy. [SKILLS] Spellcasting: - Ice magic: Capable of summoning large chunks/spears of ice to send at her enemies. Additionally, it can be used to root enemies in place, or can be used to summon a shield. - Fire Magic: Capable of summoning balls of fire to send at enemies. Additionally, it can be used to light fires easily for cooking, light, or heat. - Water Magic: Capable of summoning a familiar constructed from water, that can send icy bolts at enemies. Also capable of summoning a magic-infused water stream that can be used for healing or helping plants grow.[FAMILY] "My family isn't important! Oh my gosh is that a dragon?!" [Appearance Summary] Alaine is a medium height female with red-brown hair, that has a hint of purple in it. She's of a rather thin build, her eyes an emerald green. She wears a tan cloth robe, looking every inch like a novice spellcaster. At first sight and upon closer inspection she appears to be human. She wears an emerald amulet with a silver chain around her neck, that has a slight off feeling to it.
  12. Are there any recommendations as to where i should start RPing on the site? I've checked out some of the hub threads and read through them but there seems to be so many- I'm uncertain where to start out at
  13. Jade444

    Outreach Team AMA

    I'm at least sure this is the correct place to ask this so if I'm wrong forgive me uwu. On the post talking about Mild Powers, it does clarify what types of powers would be disallowed and vice versa, though I have one question. One of my favorite powers on other sites has been an 'Illusion/hallucination' type power- the basics of it is the ability to make one(or several) specific person see something that isn't there, or whatever the caster would wish to see, and the like. I just want to verify if this is an allowed power, and if it is allowed in any way shape or form, what weaknesses/restrictions would be required/recommended? Possibility for a followup question on character sheets.
  14. Thank you guys so much for the welcome ^w^ I'll be sure to check all the posts out to get myself familiar with the lore and such
  15. I mostly like supernatural type of fantasy RPs, as most of my original characters aren't human. I'm really interested in learning the lore/story of the website based continents and such :o they sound so interesting A cupcake sounds delicious :D
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