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  1. Lotte tried in vain at a smile back to the geonoid man. He slightly misstepped, she looked away quickly focusing her gaze on something else. She missed his hello, but she heard it. Moments later the doctor came out. ”Lotte, yes, you’re doctor-“ she stood and extended her hand to him. ”-Doctor Braum Goode, it’s a pleasure.” The very average looking man took her hand without shaking it and gave it a squeeze. “I have one last piece of paper work for you to sign before you’re all signed in and can start your treatment.” Lotte’s ears perked up slightly as she nodded and followed behind the man. He opened the door for her before going in himself he turned to the man in the hall. “All patients to the cafeteria please, your meals are a part of your treatment. I hear it’s a tasty surprise today,” the doctor smiled mischievously before going into his office. ”Stock! Hey come on, they’re serving cake for dessert,” a younger looking alien boy with purple skin and black eyes beckoned for the man to follow. He had become attached to him for one reason or another, but it could be that the younger man was just very social.
  2. A large group of patients filed through the hallway to the lunch room. As Lotte entered the main entrance she stood for a moment before walking into the crowd. She made her pardons as she shifted through towards the front desk where she eventually met her destination. ”Hi! Welcome to EQIXUM, we’ve been expecting you Ms...” an overly energetic human woman with red hair smiled at Lotte before looking down at a clipboard and then back up “Lotte!” ”Yes, I’ve voluntarily accepted admittance into your facility.” Lottes ears twitched. ”I’m so happy to hear that! You know, accepting you have a problem is the first step. We’re here to help you grow. At EQIXUM we strive to bring you...” she paused for a moment, “a brighter future today.” The woman smiled before giggling lightly. “Why don’t you have a seat right over there while I page the good doctor,” the red haired woman motioned toward a small waiting area that was off to the side. The pool of patients had trickled away a bit. She peered down at her skin and tapped on the top of her wrist, numbers like an analog clock lit up on her flesh. It must have been their lunch time. As she sat down she caught a glimpse of one last person walking past the main entrance. He was a tall almost human looking man from a distance. To the trained eye though he could be identified as a Geonoid. Lotte had studied that species briefly in her career, but had never really heard much about them.
  3. “You really messed up this time...” Lotte thought to herself as she gazed outside the tinted window. The weather was dreary and befitting the mood she was in. The light patter of rain made her ears twitch, she would never get used to this planets strange temperature changes. Where she came from there was only ever sunny weather, but where she came from was also unlivable. Earth had given her both a new life and taken a part of her away. There were already so few Behovians left, after the murder of her parents she was truly alone. A pod pulled up next to them at the intersection, a little boy in the pod next to them looked over and stared at Lotte. She stared back at the boy and suddenly he began to cry. She abruptly turned away and sank into the chrome seat. Taking out a small pink stone she pressed on its center and a hologram flashes, all of her writings are stored here. She jotted down something and then put the stone away. ”You da first alien I ever saw with such human like features, ‘sides dem ears,” the man driving said, an attempt at small talk? He looked at her through the rear view mirror, a perverted gaze, now she realized what his comment meant. Lottes ears perked up and then sank down as she looked back out the window at the crying boy. “Are all you alien chicks prudes?” The man asked. ”I’d appreciate if you’d pay attention to driving. My company has paid for my transportation, I don’t want to have to report you,” her palms gripped her bags strap tighter. The man scoffed, “whatever,” he pressed a button and the windows went completely black and a partition appeared separating the front and back of the pod. “Sorry, this point on my boss says no one can see. The location is private.” He then takes off. Lotte took a deep breathe, letting it out softly. Were these signs that she wasn’t making the right choice, or were they signs telling her that if she did do this that things could be better than what they are? She takes out her pink stone and jots that thought down before slipping into a surprisingly deep sleep. ”ey, hello, we’re here. I gotta charge extra if you delay me.” Lottes eyes fluttered opened. She looked outside at her destination. The rain had stopped and turned into snow. It was as though they were in a completely world. She stepped outside of the car, the stillness of the atmosphere was calming and eerie. The facility was humongous. The entire exterior seemed to be white and surrounded by all types of flora. She wondered how the plants survived at all. There were candecent lights lit up every where and the ground was dimly lit up as well. Everyone instructed to come was told to only bring themselves. She looked up at the blue sign which read “EQIXUM” below it a tagline “Bringing you a brighter future, today.” She breathed in deeply before walking toward the entrance.
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  5. Full Name: Lotte Bililieu Age: 23 Birth: 02/21 Height: 5’9” Weight: 120lbs Hair: white Eyes: green Occupation: Journalist Parents: Dead Siblings: None Race: Behovian - Behovians are a race of aliens with pinched elongated ears and an olive tint to their skin. Any hair on their body is white if they grown it. Their eyes vary in color. All Behovians are able to communicate with people they are close to through telepathy by completing a linking ritual. Their skin can also secrete an acidic liquid as a defense and most of the race is fairly naturally athletic. Apart from these characteristics their minds function identically to humans. They are a proud race, but have no spiritual or religious beliefs. They have respect for all life forms. Hobbies: Working, teaching, collecting, writing, drawing/sketching, knife throwing Likes: colorful decorations, color in general, nice formal clothing, accessories, dreary weather Dislikes: tight spaces, discrimination, sweet foods, liars, people who are too happy Strengths: lying, manipulating, acting, empathetic Weaknesses: hypocrite, emotionally unstable, falls in love too fast, pushes people away Character Background: Lottes family relocated to Earth when their home planet became unlivable. At the time Earth had just begun to integrate new found alien species onto its planet in order to expand relations between galaxies. With help from other planets for a time it seemed the galaxy was thriving. However, on Earth a lot of alien species were met with cruel discrimination. Lottes family being the first of many to move onto the planet were unfortunately met with violence. Her parents were brutally murdered and she herself was almost killed. She barely made it out alive. To this day her families killers are unknown. Growing up in fear of never knowing if they would come back for her she lived a mostly sheltered life. Her aunt was able to take custody of her and give her a stable and loving home life thankfully. She has since grown up and devoted her life as a journalist to solving people’s stories and helping them by sharing hers. This trauma has set her back in life a great deal though because of it she devolved a great amount of PTSD, agoraphobia and androphobia (fear of men, especially human men). It has stopped her from forming many close interpersonal relationships with people and often gets in the way of her career.
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  8. I went ahead and made a character. I linked her in my signature ~
  9. Full Name: Anwyn Olyver Also Known As: Wyn Race/Species: Fae Gender: Female Age: 21 Birthday: January 21st Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Abilities, Skills, and Powers: Can fly, but wings are only strong enough to carry herself. Fire elemental. Can conjure and control flames. Skilled archer. Notable Strengths: Very stealthy and light on her feet Notable Weaknesses: Not a fast runner, also very dainty so not so strong Physical Appearance:(pic) Usual Attire: She usually wears royal uniforms with golden emblems and buttons. Her mother gave her a white cloak which she wears. It was knitted from the feathers of a phoenix, keeping the inside nice and toasty Inventory: Bow, case of infinite arrows, sack of rubies made into dust for magical purposes Vehicles(s): Horse - Paleo Personality Details: Wyn is a very curious gal. She almost always has her nose where it shouldn’t belong. She isn’t very easy to upset, but she also isn’t one to tolerate someone being mistreated. She will stick up for others, but not often herself. She brushes things off easily, but it isn’t hard to push her to the point of crying. She has a thirst for adventure and traveling. She is usually seen with a smile on her face and is always the first one to strike up a conversation. Likes: Reading, learning new things, eating exotic foods, animals and nature Dislikes: Staying cooped up, quiet places, the cold weather
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