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  1. SugarGrrrl

    Octavia's Tavern (Owned by Benaires)

    Intrigued, count me in
  2. Everytime I see your username I just laugh. It's great haha grrrrrl

    1. SugarGrrrl


      Haha thanks ~ Issa name of a song 

    2. SugarGrrrl


      Also I dunno what these reacts are yet I’m just going by the images haha

    3. Ataraxy



      They're pretty straight forward so I have faith you'll pick it up ezpz lmfao

  3. SugarGrrrl

    Crescent City's "Universal Festival"

    Hello, sorta interested? See you’re looking for large group, are any kind of characters welcome in this RP? Is there an over arching plot or start with festivities and go from there?
  4. 1000 Years of Wynter Genre: Action, adventure, Sci fi, supernatural, romance* Location: Alternative/non canon Plot: *So romance is always optional and dependent on character interaction or wether or not we want to include it. Please be cool with playing NPC to keep plots and character developing and moving. Also please at least give a paragraph ~ I’m easy to talk to so also feel free to OOC chat me anytime. Other than that I don’t have any expectations or things to tell you before we intitially speak. OH AND - please don’t respond if you’re racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. because I do play only black woman and queer identities. No hate allowed only love, thanks 🧡
  5. SugarGrrrl

    Two months later...

    Thank you for this information!
  6. SugarGrrrl

    Two months later...

    Made an account, then immediately became overwhelmed and busy! I’m a full time musician and barista so there’s always a specific time of each month where I’m v busy Here to say hi and hopefully find people with similar interests as far as story writing goes. I don’t think I can commit to learning the lore the site has to offer, but I am down to make stories of our own Mostly looking for partners into action, adventure,supernatural, magi, Sci fi, romance, horror plots. Open to ideas and discussing. Big into anime and horror myself Shoot me a message if you’re itching to write, meanwhile I’ll search open threads and maybe make one of my own soon Oh, and please call me Sugar 🙂