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    David and Goliath (Dougton Class C Quest)

    The mana in the area was definently far beyond normal now that they had gotten closer. It felt as if it had something mixed into it, and had...altered...it in some way. But also, there was something else around...something odd, and off. As if, there was some form of disturbance. "Advi, analyze!" "Detecting unknown frequency inside the mana..." "Inside the mana?" "Correct. Unknown disturbance has been detected, and it has resulted in an alteration in this area. Furthermore, I have detected a strange arcani-wave emition that matches both summoning and manipulating magic frequencies". "So, we are in the right place then..." At that point, Momo sensed an incoming attack and dodged, and right as he did one of hte lizard creatures tried to cut him in half with a battle axe. Momo protected a barrier in front of himself using a rune afterwards, but rahter then taking a defensive stance, he used it to batter the lizard down and released a powerful punch to send it into a wall with lethal force. "Momo, use the Arcani-Disc!" Suddenly, a disc of magic power formed in Momo's hands, and he threw it with tremendous force which ended up going down a tunnel, bouncing off a wall, and then down another tunnel. "Beginning to map out the tunnels. Confirming distortions have caused alterations to tunnel layouts. Nest will likely be located in sixty seconds. Alert, this will result in Lizard creatures sensing our location and attacking..." Momo looked down the tunnels around him, and saw red glowing eyes appear down all of the dark ones. He motioned the team behind him to take care, and looked forward once more as several Glyphs appeared around him. "Alright then, lets do this! Lets use Blazestorm Zero!" "Using that here may result in allies destruction". "Fiiiine....we can use that later...."
  2. Meh, close enough! And who knows, maybe two of those three are still Twistlings! WE CANT TRUST THEM! But Noah doesnt trust anyone, so that doesn't change anything for him. That said, if the media broadcasts everything that happened, Murray will look in a pretty bad light...after all, he neglected to realize three of his men were Twistlings. :3
  3. ChaosLord

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Rolling for magic
  4. Wowza. I gotta say....that squad really has been a liability! What, didn't half of them end up being Twistlings? Also, that silly silly Magus, thinking it can hide from its fate! That said, we really cant let them damage those wagons. That said, looks like there is not much reason left to stay in the Top Right, except to finish off that last Twistling. I hope your broadcast equipment is not being affected by the weather. Or a natural lightning rod. Also, Noah is not held liable for any lightning bolts that hit other people. Mostly because they are mostly targeting the Magus still.
  5. To be fair, Noah is actually able to control the lightning he consciously creates pretty well....and he also doesn't know the specifics of Chitten. Also fun fact, during that fight scene I imagined battle music from Attack on Titan playing. Just a fun tidbit there. That said....does anyone know how much damage has been done to it so far? And...do all the wagons need to make it to the end point? Cause Top Right might just die. :3
  6. Hold on hold on, did your character just fly into the sky right after mine created a lightning storm to lightning strike the creature repeatedly? :3
  7. So, how much HP does it have left? And Noah really called down the lightning, huh? I think its probably started to rain given the amount of lightning he is calling forth. lol Also, you know....WHY IS IT THE PROTAGONISTS NEVER HAVE AIR SUPPORT?! We really do need it....
  8. Woot! Noah was too fast for it! And yeah, I hope a certain reporter got that on film! Lets make Noah a star! XD I mean, how much lightning did you think Noah used even? The answer? ITS OVER 9000! (Had to :3)
  9. ChaosLord

    To Make an Omlet...

    Damnit Ayan, thats some brutality you got there. XD Not only did he poison them, but he then gave them up to the owner! Rest in piece, Bounty Hunters!
  10. ChaosLord

    To make an omlet... [IC]

    Ayan meanwhile engaged in an all out fight with three more bounty hunters that had come to swarm him. There used to be six, but one shot the other in the head after thinking about Ayan's words, and then got shot by the third as he shot him as well, resulting in all three bounty hunters killing each other. Because of that, the amount of bodies dropping had skyrocketed. Most of them were still trying to kill Huxbert, some were trying to Ayan who had drawn attention, but plenty of others were just trying to kill each other. Ayan jumped onto the head and shoulders of one, and moved his body in a way that let him twist around the guy's neck and threw him into another guy, before jumping off and kicking the third in the face and knocking him to the ground. He then took his bow and bashed the end into one of their heads to knock them out, and then took out and notched two arrows and fired in rapid succession, killing two people who were about to try and throw...dynamite?...at Huxbert, although thankfully they had not even managed to light it yet. The two people behind Ayan stood back up, as he turned around and blocked their punches with a defensive style with his arms and his bow, and then kicked them both in the stomach and sent them flying past a woman with wings. He then drew two more arrows and fired them at two enemies about ten feet behind Shishi Ravenbush. Several more bounty hunters came after him, but he jumped into the air, and fired arrows that released a poisonous gas that caused them to collapse. The gas dissipated almost instantly after though, posing no threat to anyone else, as he landed on the table. And that was when the fight was suddenly stopped, as lightning struck just a few paces away from Ayan. Ayan looked around himself, and noticed there seemed to be a decent pile of bounty hunter corpses and unconscious bodies. His arrows had an auto-recall function, but...hold on, doesn't that mean? Thump! The bounty hunter he had restrained earlier on the ceiling fell to the floor with a thud, and he moaned while the wizard was talking. It was low though, so maybe no one noticed? Well, wasn't Ayan's fault! And then, he began to ask everyone their affiliation. "I wasn't trying to kill him! I was just here to find some of the bounty hunters, and interrogate them to find their employer who stole eggs from my people!" Ayan said, honestly and full of innocence. He certainly did not start the chaos, but...he put a lot of pointy objects into the people causing it. He also seemed to not be intimidated, but that seemed more like his own personality. "Oh yeah! You might want to know, there are a few more bounty hunters in the bathroom, but they never had the chance to get involved in all this. They might also not be coming out for some time on their own, unless they have a supply of diapers or something". ...well, at least some of Ayan's actions likely resulted in less damage being done to the casino, although one had to wonder how someone could look so innocent and poison multiple people.
  11. ChaosLord

    The Azatar Assembly (IC)

    Noah and Kobayashi immediately raised weapons. "So, we can confirm we both see her right?" "Yeah, so its not a mirage or some normal hallucination..." "Oh come on now sweetie...its just me, your moth..." At this point, Noah just shot her instantly in the head. Kobayashi was filled with shock the moment Noah did this. "What the hell was that?!" "We know its a fake right? And its taken the image of your mother? That makes it hostile, dangerous". "But how could I be dangerous?" Noah and Kobayashi heard that same voice behind them, and jumped away as they turned around. In her hands, she was wearing two warm coats. "I just wanted to give you these". "Dont trust her! They cant be real!" "I know, but...what if..." "Kobayashi!" "R-right!" The two raised their weapons again, as they kept watch and backed away. They felt their backs go up against trees though, and then suddenly the branches moved and captured them, tieing them up so tight that they would be unable to move at all. "Damnit!" "Crap!" "Come on now, dont use such language. Here, have some soup!" Suddenly, the illusion of Kobayashi's mother now had soup in her hands, and was approaching them. "Its good for you!" "Like hell it is!" "It smells like her really good soup..." "Kobayashi, aren't you supposed to be a psychic?! How can you fall for this so easily?!" Noah struggled, and released a massive amount of electricity. Suddenly, not only did the mother disappear, but so did the trees. Noah looked around to celebrate, only to see... "Everything is so spinny and sparky". "...oh dear. Well, he heals quickly. Come on Kobayashi, lets keep heading further in. We gotta deal with this, its too dangerous to even try and run away now. After all, if we try to run away, we will probably just get closer instead..." Meanwhile.... "Well, I guess the Neural Stabilizers are not working. At least, not fully". The squad of four Scavers had finally stepped into the ship interior, only...they were now outside, in a warm climate, watching a circus. "...its warm in here. I dont think we need our coats and..." "No, don't. It only seems warm. If we take our gear off, we will start to freeze faster. We have to push forward..." "Uhh, one thing...I dont see an exit". They started to look around, and that was when they noticed...somehow, they had ended up in the center of the ring. "You know, I really hate illusions!" "Same!" "Me too!" "Its not fair!" "Just, we have to somehow find the way forward and push through!" Ezen yelled, and he threw up a disruption grenade. This was supposed to disrupt magical, technical, and supernatural things that were not set to their frequencies, and would hopefully dismiss the illusion. It faltered for a moment, and then it reformed. Oh, and spiders began to crawl out of everywhere to eat them. Giant spiders. Giant ugly looking spiders. "Damnit! Fire! And be careful to make sure you do not get controlled. Monitor your own Neural States!"
  12. ChaosLord

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    Top Left: Naoh watched as the creature he had fired at fell from his help, only for things to go off the rails as people started betraying others, or rather, imposter like creatures began to rain their terror and confusion upon the others of that side. TO see those creatures fall, only to see this happen, Noah couldn't help but sigh with disbelief. "Seriously? All that effort, and that just....what?!" Of course, before he was finished, a massive creature appeared to also bring forth its attacks, and Noah made no effort to conceal the fact he was smug about how he was right. Of course, it was mostly just a look on his eyes and face, but still. It was a good thing they did not move. ALso, this thing was clearly dangerous, so it was time to focus. Of course, its appearance sent out a shockwave that ended up knocking him down. He quickly got back up, and had his rifles return to sword mode. At the same time, he raised them up...and a storm began to appear overhead. Lightning came and struck the blades, and then Noah slashed at the monster. The bolts of lightning that were heading towards the swords arced with the slash, and flew right into the creature. And then, Noah turned into lightning itself, striking the creature with that lightning and passing along the body, appearing on the other side. And then, he landed, sliding on the ground with his feet until he stopped, and bolted back under the creature, unleashing a variety of lighting infused slashes on the under side and inflicting all sorts of damage. And as this happen, the lightning formed from above struck down and hit it, causing a variety of damage. Of course, it was a large creature, so it wasn't quite enough yet to take it down, but it did the job well enough. Noah had moved like a furious storm though. Of course, some of it was just simple flashiness, and Noah was not sure what was a vital point on this creature, so he could only hope he hit some vital things.
  13. ChaosLord

    The Burning of Everrun

    Sorry for the lack of posts on my part. Iv just been swampped from the holidays. Im getting back into my activity though, so woot!
  14. Maybe there should be an addition to the rule for that though? Like, if you use two actions, you could make a ranged attack like that. On a side note (along with a roll to help me decide what character I would make yet, cause I multi-tasked), it seems the dice rolling gods decided to give me some luck again. Time to get my Game Face on! But on that note, do boosts last from stage to stage, or do I have to use my Triple Boost in the next few rounds?