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    Organization: Daxon Corp

    |Who, or what, are X?| On the surface, and according to any record anyone could find public or private, Daxon Corp is a reasonable and law abiding company that is developing drugs and devices that will help mankind. They have all sorts of connections and research grants, the trust of the public, and support from and for numerous private sectors. They show unparallelled care and responsibility, boosting their popularity and stock. But in truth, they do indeed have a secret evil underside, producing human weapons and doing unethical experimentations that almost always result in the test subject dying. Although they do a wide amount of research, one of their focuses has been psionic abilities, and have used people such as Kobayashi Kotari in order to see how far they can go in improving their abilities and limits.|Heraldry| A D with a globe behind it, often its silver with a black background.|Credo| "We do whatever we can to make tomorrow a brighter place".|Organization|As most businesses are, its: The CEO Board of Executives Boards of Directors Regional Bosses Department Bosses Average Workers|Divisions and Offices| It is essentially what is above, but their Divisions are as follows: Publicly Known Divisions: Drugs and Medicine Safety and Quality Robotics Software and AI Magic and Magitech Responsibility and Legal PR Charity Support Financial Human Resources Secret Divisions: Weapon Development Bio Development "Waste" Disposal Secret Security Shadow Ops|Rank, Reputation, & Advancement| To rank up and advance, then it is quite simple. Continue to work and stay loyal. The more you work hard, the faster you get promoted if you are the right fit. Of course, if you do soemthing exceptional, it will go much faster.|Indoctrination| Apply at one of their offices, or do something exceptional and get head hunted.|Allies and Enemies|Self-explanatory. Feel free to use the below layout.Primary Location:Affiliations:— Allies: The Law, people on their payroll, ect.— Enemies: The Law, their Test Subjects, Conspiracy Theorists, people who get close to the truth.— Neutral Parties: The LawGoals and Activities To work on making the world a better place, while also making a large profit.Accomplishments Massive development of Psionics in Kobayashi Kotari, even if he escaped.Current Plans Recapturing Kobayashi Kotari, procuding new test subjects, bringing new quality merchandise into the market, helping people.
  2. ChaosLord

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    Something less dramatic would be good. Having a seizure this early is a bit too dramatic for the intro I am trying to go with this time.
  3. ChaosLord

    Organization: The Consult

    |Who, or what, are X?|The Consult is officially an organization that promotes trade, provides analysis and advice, and brokers some of the greatest deals around. In truth, they are also a massive crime syndacate with roots in smuggling, illegal weapons and magic trade, operating safe houses, theft and forgery of artwork and artifacts, the theft, leaking, and sales of classified documents and information, and the occasional bouts of murder and kidnapping. And not to mention, all of the various other crimes they are involved in.|Heraldry|They have no Heraldry, understanding the risk it brings. In exchange, members only work through the referals of trusted sources and they hold most if not all meetings face to face in secure locations.|Credo| "We claim not to be good, nor bad, not evil, nor just. Only that we enjoy life regardless of law, and loyally do our best".|Organization| The Leader of The Consult is a man named Aegis Argo. An older man with a fondness for hats and quite skilled, he is best known for his charisma and his intellect, and is known to be just as charming and liked as he can threaten. There are negatives for being on his bad side, but also positives for being on his good side. However, he is perfectly able and willing to kill someone in cold blood if he deems it necessary, but also who takes care of the families of those who serve under him. If someone has a problem, he is one of the first names people, from criminals to politicians, may think to call. His recent second in command is Luna Ru, a young boy who appears 11, but has apparently kept that appearance for the last few years, or even decades, based on witness testimony and recovered records. Luna is considered almost if not equally charming as Aegis, and is equally as skilled in negotiations as he is with a handgun. No one knows where either of them reside permenantly, but they have been spotted all across Valucre.|Divisions and Offices| In each region, they have many divisions and offices all across the world, either hidden by Shell Corps, subsidiaries, and other such methods. They also handle all sorts of crimes, including but not limited to: Smuggling Money Laundering Black Market Trading Forging Negotiations Arms Dealing/Manufacturing Ect. Ect. Ect.|Rank, Reputation, & Advancement| Although no official ranks exist, there is a sort of unofficial heirarchy. Leader: Aegis Argo. Leader's Personal Agent: Luna Ru Terrenus Regional Management: Toryi (No last name), other members currently unknown. Genesaris Regional Management: Unknown, but they are suspected of working through contact agents, one of which is known by the alias The Alchemist. Tellus Matter Regional Management: Eizac West is believed to be the only one there, but if the rumors are true, he and his contact agents have legendary organizational abilities. After that, the ranks are the Leaders of the various businesses and operations they have actively going, or are connected to. They do not do everything themselves, but instead have links to various local crime groups and organizations in addition to their own personal operations. However, it is usually the operational leaders followed by the members under them. Promotion requires either an opening, significant display of ability, or both to occur. Regional Managers are usually in charge, but Luna Ru is authorized to make any organizational changes as he deems necessary.|Indoctrination| Often, it requires either hte organization hearing about your reputation and coming to recruit you, or for you to work side by side with them by chance in an operation and them taking an interest in your skills and abilities.|Allies and Enemies|Self-explanatory. Feel free to use the below layout.Primary Location:Affiliations:— Allies: The criminal groups they have under them, and other criminal organizations who they regularly do business with.— Enemies: Law Enforcement, and Rival Criminal Organizations.— Neutral Parties: Innocent Uninvolved People. The Consult does not believe in involving people who are "not of their world", often including those who were not of their world by their own choice. Please note "not of their world" does not mean otherworlders, but rather it means the difference between those who chose to live honest, normal, mundane lives such as maids, factory workers, construction workers, normal nurses, and people like assassins, smugglers, Doctors who deal in Organ Trading, thieves, dirty politicians, and so on.Goals and Activities Crime, money, and doing what they want.Accomplishments TBACurrent Plans Expanding their criminal empire even further.
  4. ChaosLord

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    Well, I meant they would get to know each other AT the hot springs place, in the baths, eating dinner together, maybe some games before everyone heads to sleep and the incidents start to begin. :3 They dont have to know each other previously, that would be a silly and a bit insane of a request for something this big. lol So get socializing! Talk to Noah and Lyrian while bathing! Follow them to the dining room where they can get some food! Ect ect ect!
  5. ChaosLord

    A New Arrival

    Among the dreams of many children of the ground, there is one that finds its way into the thoughts of many and intrigues them to no end. And that would be, the dream of being able to fly in the sky, to navigate the air and transcend the limitations of being stuck on the ground. Whether it be the freedom, the ability to bypass traffic, or simply because it would let them be able to not be late or get lost to anything, this is a dream shared by many and all. However, for those who can fly, they might contest that last one. At the moment, Ayan Yurian, a young Alura Boy who had set out to see the world and become an adventurer, was lost beyond all reason. He had found the city of Umbra, sure, but it was starting to get late, and he had absolutely no idea where the tavern was. He had a map, but it made no sense to him. Of course, it didn't help he was looking at the map upside down. Either way, it was not like he could just fly forever non-stop. He spotted what appeared to be a large park or something like that, and glided down until he was at a low enough altitude. After that, he retracted his wings and bent his legs as he kicked off his boots, letting them land right next to him as he landed in a sitting position on the ground. He then let his wings stretch out once more as he stretched out his arms, enjoying the mobility he felt wearing a sleeveless jacket and shirt along with his shorts. "I suppose if I cant find the place, I could always sleep here. Could probably find a river to bathe in too....but I was kind of looking forward to enjoying a tavern, and a real bath. Or at least a real shower...I wonder what they are like?" Ayan had only lived with his family, his clan, and so his curios mind started to wonder if they had different customs then what he was used to or not. Despite his curiosity, he had yet to consider asking for directions yet, which could indicate a bit of airheadedness.... @The Hummingbird
  6. Maybe, but I dont think they are that complicated. And I feel like it would make each character be more unique if we had these defining options given to them for the roll system, instead of a trained doctor healing the same amount of damage as a novice with a medkit. :3
  7. Yeah, thats why I am trying to keep it simple, or at least as simple as my complicated brain lets me. Nothing like "Oh this, and that and that this this that", but instead at least most of mine are "Add one here" or "lose one there" or "You can do this". At least, that was what I was trying to go for. :3
  8. Woot! Cause I have a number of ideas for my character....actually a few of mine, if I decide to throw others in during future rounds. (If Noah takes considerable damage, I was thinking maybe while he recovered another character ended up joining in for that round?) Anyways, you said you were thinking about it, but I thought I would suggest a few now, aside from the more generic ones I said, so that by the time we do get there you go ahead with them, they are already looked over and balanced. 😄 Positive Trait Ideas: (Keep in mind that, unless you decide otherwise, my original idea was for one positive and negative per character each) Swift: You gain an extra action each round. Rapid Strike: Allows you to make two attacks with a single action. Lightning Strike: You may spend one action per round (not the combat kind in this case like "per roll" but as in the overall round) to inflict 3-4 lightning damage to all enemies in the Quadrant. Sniper: You can fire at extreme range, letting you hit enemies in other Quadrants, and your attacks take precedence before an enemy attack should your attack kill it before it hits you. Negative Trait Ideas: Light: Unless recieving Support of any kind from another character, if hit by a powerful attack (maybe 2 or 3+ damage, must be from a single attack and not from multiple attacks together), you are knocked away and must spend an action to re-enter the battlefield. If you are recieving support, you just lose that support. Loner: Unused to working with others, the first Support action used on you will not work. Small: Cannot stop an enemy from charging, and takes an extra damage from the first "Charge" attack a turn, unless the creature is equal sized or smaller then them. After all, a charge from a puppy wouldn't do much to even a small creature, except maybe drop their guard from its adorableness. Long Ranged Fighter: If attacking against something that has become close (must be designated, although if it made a melee attack that in itself is a good designation), it takes two actions to make an attack against that creature. The first three in each were some I thought of for Noah, although I feel like he is agile enough to dodge so Small would make less sense. As for the fourth option for each, I wanted to let people consider and reconsider making characters that play at long range..... Hope I didn't overthink or overstep any boundaries.... :3 I just had these ideas so I thought I would make sure they were good and balanced ahead of time...
  9. @jaistlyn So two questions, one might be more immediate then the other though. In terms of differences between all our characters, one of them might be speed. Now, oddly enough, before I realized the combat had not started for us and I rolled, I got an 11 and a 12, so I got two three action turns saved up. this is actually great canon wise because one of Noah’s strengths is his speed, so having more actions makes a ton of sense. However, for when I roll lower, it might be odd to just slow down, and it might be strange for other characters who are fast to only make one or two as well, getting to my point. in those instances, would it be okay to have something like the monster dodged the attack we made, essentially saying they are still fast and moving actively, but as no damage was done, did not take an action? Or that a monster intercepted support that was trying to be given, or movement or something? i know other people are set to control the monsters, but this is meant to be minor “actions” that could explain why faster characters take less actions when they roll lower. Maybe. I am overthinking it, but I just thought it was a good idea to suggest. My second thought was that to personalize the system to our characters, each person could get a positive and negative trait for the character actively involved to relate to rolling. Ex: Soneone who is a dedicated healer could have the Trait “Healer”, which lets them heal multiple people with a single action, but might have “Untrained in Combat”, which means they have to take two actions to make an attack. Inversely, someone could have a trait called “Power Attack”, which lets them add a point of damage to one attack (maybe per round for balancing purposes), but also has the trait “Not a Doctor”, which makes them use two actions to heal a point of damage instead of one, or maybe “Cumbersome”, which requires them to take two actions to move to another Quadrant? Like I said before, maybe I am overthing this, but I thought they were good enough ideas to bring up and suggest. :3
  10. ChaosLord

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    Well, as an RP site, since it’s kind of a game, it makes sense to have stuff like that in play. That said, I am doing it entirely organically, and adapting to the situation. You know, if such a thing was actually in play here. :3
  11. ChaosLord

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    To be fair, they also serve dinner there too and have game rooms, at least if its like other hot springs places. Also, this is a registered and official location in Weland, set into the lore on the location page, that has places for people to react and relax, interact casually with each other, eat, and meet at, especially during the night. And in fact, naked socializing has strong backing to help increase the rate of becoming socially familiar with people. After all, you can be naked and it not being some lewd thing. I certainly dont have anything planned like that for my characters....aside from some comedic parts. XD Anyways, getting off track. I figured using it would be a great way to start it out then, since its established in lore, and fit all the criteria for the opening of the RP.
  12. ChaosLord

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    Well thats fair. But I will be adding the lowered organization between players to the Doom Counte....err. What? I didn't say anything! You heard nothing! I defiently dont have a sort of quasi Doom Counter in my head, which will either get lower or higher depending on the actions the players take, their responses to things, and their cooperation with each other, and that the players get better boosts, and therefore better chances of endgame rewards, depending on the final tally! Nope, there is definently no secret system like that where cooperation and RP get rewards, and failing to contain things or deal with things properly and working alone decreases things for the player! *Whistles innocently* Nothing to see here~
  13. ChaosLord

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    Oh, I left it open so people could join partway through, but it really does make more sense if at least most of the people involved meet at the start in a setting that gets them to converse and casually get to know each other quickly. It still works if some people end up getting involved part way through, but if a majority of the people just runaround at the start without interacting beforehand, I just think it would seem really weird compared to if we at least had most of them having been in the same place and being able to organize as a group from the start. Anyways, sorry about the delay. I guess I had a lot to reply to and missed it by accident. XP
  14. ChaosLord

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    @Higuu In response to your OOC comment, its a hot springs so it makes way more sense then a sudden heart attack outa nowhere actually... >.> Especially since this should be a no/extremely minimal conflict zone, this is that peaceful moment before everything goes to hell, the calm before the storm. Besides, as Lyrian would say "Its only your natural body! Nothing to be ashamed about, especially in a bath!" XD Also, I am 99% sure it is part of the culture of Weland.....just sayin *now flies off to sleep since his brain is starting to malfunction, because its nearly 2 AM and he has a class at 10AM....in 8 hours*
  15. Noah's Noahness.....I will have you know if you call him weird, strange, or a freak, his feelings will be hurt! And its simply Noah's natural ability to get into boatloads of trouble. He really needs some friends. And to work out some issues.