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  1. Go make them talk to Noah then. He is there, looking lonely. Being anti-social. Cleaning swords that turn into guns and fire explosive sparks as well as powerful lightning and other such things.
  2. Good good. Because it would be an automated response from Noahs body that couldn't be helped. Though it would just flow better if someone came up to Noah to talk still. :3
  3. Fine. But if someone says something very, very wrong to Noah, I cant guarentee they wont get a punch in the face. For example, if you try to make his parents sound like loving, kind people in any such manner, he will punch you in the face. But I am like, 50% certain a punch to the face does not count as a huge fight.
  4. Noah has anti-social and trust issues. Unless something exemplory happens to make him take note, people probably would need to approach him. Well, if some incident occurs, that might also stir him a little.
  5. Noah has anti-social and trust issues. Unless something exemplory happens to make him take note, people probably would need to approach him. Well, if some incident occurs, that might also stir him a little.
  6. Meanwhile, at the camp, no one has talked to poor Noah yet. Someone, go and be his friend (without making him want to shoot or behead you)
  7. Indeed! Noah already has a number of nightmares, so it fits really well! By the end of it, multiple characters will probably lose their sanity! Possibly more! As for characters who have already lost their sanity, they will find their meanings and versions of insanity likely intensifying and compounding! Its going to be fun~
  8. @jaistlyn Oh, oh...Noah is totally going in on this. Also, can we have a Nightmare realm based on Noah's absolute terrible childhood full of abuse, neglect, and suffering? Can I please murderize the souls and wills of people? It will be a super fun and traumatic experience for sure!
  9. ChaosLord

    Bloodwatch Base [Hub] [Furthest Point]

    Noah watched from high up, a perch, as he watched everyone. He wasn't hidden though, could easily be seen as he was eating his own meal. It was rationed, preserved, and dry. Better meals could be found elsewhere, so anyone even remotely near Noah would not be surprised to see the young boy with a sour face at the meal and... So...so good! This is still way better then what my parents gave me! ...and so, everyone would be surprised to see him enjoying the meal. In fact, a few people might imagine that expression to be surrounded by sunshine and rainbows. Noah's taste buds, which were used to food from his abusive and neglectful parents, were able to find the food enjoyable. And of course, if that did not stand out, what stood out even more was the fact he had a pair of rifles in front of him, as he was in the middle of cleaning them. Rifles, which turned into swords, could shoot explosive sparks, and helped him call in storms. It was extremely easy for anyone to take notice of the boy, and think of him at odd. That said, even though he supposedly chose to be off on his own, a part of him looked lonely....as if he wanted some company, or someone to talk to. That said, one had to question why someone his age was out here to begin with. But the answer was simple. He needed money, since living required money.
  10. ChaosLord

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    As everyone else seemed to pull out, as the wagon was destroyed, Noah went back quickly towards the Magus instead of sticking around for small talk. He was interested in some of the loot that had dropped, but also some of the parts. He noticed that the plated exoskeleton seemed rather hard in some areas, and so he decided to procure some plates that they had managed to knock off with their attacks. Its defensive mode was truly powerful after all, and therefore he figured he might be able to use it as shields, weapons, and such. And also, he found a pair of swords that caught his eye. He liked his current swords, and his backups, but these looked good too. With that done, he decided to make his way back. Still, he had a bad feeling. If this was how they did right off the bat, what would happen when things went down the road. This was only the beginning after all.
  11. @jaistlynSorry for the delay, Feburary was kind of a bad month for me. Is there still time to make a roll and post for this round, or is it already over?
  12. ChaosLord

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    And posted! I tried to give everyone plenty to talk about before the big snooze and the action starts. >:D (Also, because embarrassing Noah is a fun national past time) Hope you enjoy!
  13. ChaosLord

    The Plague: Weland

    @Thotification @Higuu @Hurttoto @Sanonymous (Sorry for the wait. Winter was bad for me, but especially feburary. Anyways, lets focus on the positive!) "Excellent" he said as he grabbed Noah and pulled him out. They had been soaking for a good amount of time anyways at this point. They headed into the changing room, where Lyrian told one of the staff members on standby that they would be having dinner now, and to bring them fresh clothes or robes or Yukatas or whatever they were called. Noah's face went red even more so. Eventually, the group found their way to the dining room, where a large feast could be had. It was nice and pleasant, and aside from one siren that passed by in the distance, it seemed that everything was pleasant and wonderful. Additionally, off to the side after dinner, one could get a professional massage, go to the game room to play some games, or just retire to their room for the night. Or of course, they could go back and take another dip. There was always that option too. The Doctor led the way, and Noah somehow got roped in as well. That said, Lyrian seemed to have quite the bit of confidence and boldness, though that was probably good for a doctor. It meant he would be steady with a knife, and wouldn't panic under pressure. Indeed, he seemed like quite the ideal doctor. That said, as he mentioned, he did work a very long shift, and so...his appetite was also massive. Even though Noah ordered a lot himself, Lyrian ordered so much he might have ordered everything on the menu. Thankfully their table was large, so there was that. "Why didn't you let us get dressed like others?!" Noah complained, but Lyrian just flicked his nose. "You came into a hot springs, where it was guarenteed you would be naked around others. You should be more used to it. Besides, they will...ah, here they are" Lyrian replied, as the staff brought them new robes. Noah quickly grabbed his to put it on quickly when... "...hold on, what is this?" "Ah. YOu see, if we do things like this, they bring us freshly warmed clothes that just feel wonderful" Lyrian mentioned, as he put his robe on. "Ahhhh, see what I mean?" Noah also felt blissfull. His entire body felt like it was snug in a warm blanket, a feeling that made him filled to the brim with bliss. It was as if someone had taken cloth from heavens, warmed it, and wrapped him in it. And then, the food finally came. "Ahh, this delecacy. They lace the meat with various herbs and spices that help it cook to the proper temperature and taste" Lyrian said as he took a bite. He then looked at the others who had joined them. "Truly, this place serves some of the best food in the city, maybe even the continent. Its absolutely brilliant. What is your favorite foods anyways....also, what does everyone here do? I am a Doctor myself". "An eccentric one" Noah murmured. "I believe I already explained my reasons. I give patients exams every day, see them naked all the time. Use the public work showers with coworkers. I swear, people these days get embarrassed way too easily over the natural body. Now, can we change the topic? As much as I could lecture you all day, I would like to hold some normal conversation. For example, where are you from?" "Out of town" Noah remarked, though this time he was not being sarcastic. Noah was an Otherworlder, but he didn't think it was a good idea to broadcast that. Therefore, Out of town was about as specific as he was willing to go. "Right" he said, pulling Noah's robe down with his tail in annoyance, and as a joke, for the lack of a real answer, not knowing the circumstances. "Well, where is everyone else from? Anything interesting going on in the world that I might not have heard yet?" Noah was actually curious to hear this as well. The more he learned, the easier it would be for him to blend in. Of course, as their meal was being finished, it was beginning to get late as well, and it might be around time to sleep.
  14. ChaosLord

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    ITS NOT DEAD! However, I have been job searching a lot lately, and among this shitstorm that was feburary (and kind of just winter in general), I finally got some interviews...finally...that I was not hired for though cause lots of people applying...got a bit depressed. But anyways, I will be posting, or trying to post today! In fact, now that I submited this, I am going to work on it now!
  15. ChaosLord

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Rolling for awesomeness!