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  1. So yeah, because of Noah's past, being afraid reminded him of some bad stuff. So now he is kind of annoyed. That should be fun!
  2. Noah watched the others silently, not sure what to say or do, after what he had experienced. Rather, he was not entirely sure what he had experienced, or what he was supposed to experience, or what he had actually experienced. His mind did not work like others, it was built...differently. It could percieve images differently, illusions and fears, and so on. But, what he had seen was odd and obscure none the less, and given how everyone else was reacting, it seemed to be the same. Or close enough not to matter, he did not know which. But he noticed not everyone was there. Still though, he had felt fear run through him. And at the same time, he heard the collapse of rubble and fire, and all sorts of other hell he noticed approaching. On instict, he pulled up and then went near the door to the west, stopping right before it as he noticed himself trembling. He felt fear, fear, after everything he had been through. And it pissed him off. He took some time to take deep breaths and calm down, trying to collect himself mentally as his body was covered in lightning and rage. Still, he collected his thoughts. Although he did it rather poorly, as he was clearly still agitated, he was able to collect himself none the less. "Hell no, I am not dying here" he said to himself, preparing himself for what came next".
  3. @zackrobbman Sorry! There has been a lot of posts to read, and in my defense, a lot of music to listen to, so while I had RL stuff, I was doing that. (and trying to remember it all) Im working on it now though. Ill try to post faster in the future.
  4. @jaistlyn Ah! Sorry for being so late! My computer ended up breaking and it took forever before they sent me a replacement! Anyways, I am here now, so if anyone could give me a recap (even though I will probably end up reading everything anyways), I appreciate it! @zackrobbman Sorry to you too, since its your realm.
  5. Name: Noah Bell Starting HP: 5 HP Starting Sanity: 4 Sanity Normal Skills: Attack, Meditate (he has had a lot of alone time to do it...and keep his sanity), and Buff Special Skills : Area Attack (His storm ability), Counter Attack (Quick reflexes), and Advanced Buff (Ability to charge attacks)
  6. Well, I think it is possible. We will send the left side with one group, the right side with another. Or maybe, one of hte Nightmare realms will be so intense, his mind is torn at the seems.
  7. Oh, Noah's nightmares should be pretty unique. Also traumatizing! Are the hosts of this excersion prepared to pay for everyone's mental recovery after this? Cause if I make a nightmare realm, I will be going all out with all the ideas. ? If the third part requires us to fight against those who have gone insane, things could get interesting though. :3
  8. Go make them talk to Noah then. He is there, looking lonely. Being anti-social. Cleaning swords that turn into guns and fire explosive sparks as well as powerful lightning and other such things.
  9. Good good. Because it would be an automated response from Noahs body that couldn't be helped. Though it would just flow better if someone came up to Noah to talk still. :3
  10. Fine. But if someone says something very, very wrong to Noah, I cant guarentee they wont get a punch in the face. For example, if you try to make his parents sound like loving, kind people in any such manner, he will punch you in the face. But I am like, 50% certain a punch to the face does not count as a huge fight.
  11. Noah has anti-social and trust issues. Unless something exemplory happens to make him take note, people probably would need to approach him. Well, if some incident occurs, that might also stir him a little.
  12. Noah has anti-social and trust issues. Unless something exemplory happens to make him take note, people probably would need to approach him. Well, if some incident occurs, that might also stir him a little.
  13. Meanwhile, at the camp, no one has talked to poor Noah yet. Someone, go and be his friend (without making him want to shoot or behead you)
  14. Indeed! Noah already has a number of nightmares, so it fits really well! By the end of it, multiple characters will probably lose their sanity! Possibly more! As for characters who have already lost their sanity, they will find their meanings and versions of insanity likely intensifying and compounding! Its going to be fun~
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