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  1. Yeah, so thats what I did. Sorry it took me awhile to reply, but my mom's birthday came up and then the fourth of july. Plus iv been sick again, but you get the idea. Anyways, edited, again. That said, I know its July and all, but can someone turn down the heat? >.>
  2. @jaistlyn Except, the Area Attack should be going off before the movement, except now I now I cant hit it at that range. However, the Banshee is totally out of range apparently from my current position, as well as the two zombies, so its pointless to do Area Attack where I am as well apparently. Which means that my singular option I think is to edit, again, and move two up and then two to the right, to be out of the death grip of the zombie, out of the way of the banshee, and out of the way of the burning room, and just change the action back to what it originally was, meditate, to get my sanity back up to full. Because wasting an area attack on just two enemies....is kinda sad.... It also means I still cant do anything useful as well, since aside from counter attack, I have not had the ability yet to actually damage anything... >.> Anyways, what does everyone else think? Also, its occured to me that he could also run up there, and do a normal ranged attack, because I think Zack made that a thing?
  3. ...now im confused. But then again, its 1AM for me, so I should probably go sleep anyways. I can think better in the morning.
  4. So I did get all four enemies then? Alright, cool....also, if I stay in the room I am in, I am screwed. If I go near that one side, I get attacked by zombies, I get screwed. I.....wait, hold on...is it safe to go down the hallway the zombie came from? Because short of that hallway, I get screwed no matter where I go I am pretty sure.
  5. @zackrobbman Since when was 5x5 a thing? I checked the rules before I did that....if I cant do that, I pretty much cant do anything, at all, ever. Im just pointless.... >.> Like, I have no idea what I am going to do if I cant do any of this... Sulks from no options...
  6. ....also, it just occured to me, what happens if a Zombie successfully grabs you, but then the character uses Counter Attack? The Grab gets negated, right?
  7. @zackrobbman Boop. There you go. Noah got pissed, things got dead, other things got electrocuted. And for the record, I confirmed that Noah's position gave him LOS on the square of the undead behind the first undead. Used a ruler and everything, there was a clear unobstructed line from his square to that one, which means it gets electrocuted! ?
  8. Awwwww......well, time for operation RANDOM PANDA! Why is it called RANDOM PANDA? Well, that is simple! BECAUSE ITS AN AWESOME NAME! I may have lost my sanity temporarily, but its okay. Its because I used my Mad Enhance ability to sacrifice Sanity for Posting Power. :3
  9. Then I guess I will need to wait for those answers, since they will determine how I will edit my post.
  10. Wait a second...hold on here... @jaistlyn Can Advanced Buff be used on movement? Also, after reading the sheets of the Hench Men, iv come to realize...they will be fine. Rather, they are built like tanks. Rather, they have two different defense skills, two recovery skills, leaving just attack as their offense. In which case....it should be fine! But, does moving require Sanity rolls, or can I just move? Also, while im considering things....can the Banshee's attack be countered? Because I didn't see anything in the Beastiary or the Rules that indicated it could not...
  11. Hmmm.....problematic. Very problematic. @jaistlyn In terms of line of sight...Noah can see at least three enemies from his current position I believe... The only thing with that is that then I need to figure out how to deal with everything and not die horribly... Is it possible to stand on the same Square as someone else? I mean, Noah is small after all...its either that, or I need @bfc to post his people moving, or at least coming here to say that he will move his people off of that square in his next post, so that I can move Noah to where he is standing. Because if I can learn any of those things, then I should be able to edit my post just fine.
  12. @jaistlyn 1: I did roll though. I rolled twice on the dice rolling thread. The first was for the COunter Attack, but it was low, so I used the buff to make it succeed since I had sufficiently buffed myself previously. 2: Buff was used on a roll. It was used on my first roll, to make the COunter Attack work. 3: I couldn't find anything in the rules that said it couldn't be used for a Special Action, but it did clearly mention that damage could be increased, so I thought it was okay. Do I need to rewrite the post, or can I leave it as is and keep it in mind for the future?
  13. You noticed that too? Yeah, thats why I decided to break out the big guns. A Counter Attack with buffed damage to kill the zombie immediately, avoid the damage to boot, collect his thoughts to restore sanity quickly, and then I had Noah GTFO of that room, which can be equated to a death trap right now. Id like to think that between that, and the fact all of our characters are currently outside the burn zone, that reduces our Ooof rating at least a little. :3
  14. Posted! Used some of Noah's skills to help lesson the load. Plus, someone used a sanity attack on him. He is not happy. lol Still, that means no one has to worry about that thing attacking us from behind anymore!
  15. As the fight got intense, a powerful shriek was heard that drove even more darkness and fear. However, unlike normal people, because of what he experienced, instead of falling prey and becoming vulnerable, he became more alert as a burning zombie attacked while the floor began to heat up. "No way! I wont be afraid!" he shouted, in possibly the loudest voice anyone there had heard the boy used, as he countered the zombie's attack, avoiding the damage as he zapped to the side and delivered powerful electrical slashes. However, maybe because of the electrical energy he build up earlier, or maybe because of his own clear issues and background that seemed to drive him, his attack was unusually potent and cut up the Zombie, while avoiding the damage that was attempted upon him. After that, he once again tried to calm himself, but the situation did not help. But with all of his built up lightning, he ended up discharging it in a massive burst, avoiding all of his allies while hitting four enemies. The zombie next to him, the Banshee up top, and both undead approaching from the other hallway. Clearly on some level of rampage and energy, lightning seemed to swirl around him as he seemed to turn into lightning itself, the bolts moving around everyone rapidly and appearing just short of where the Banshee had been. And he did not look pleased, at all. He then rushed on up towards the thing that had mentally attacked him, and then delivered to it a powerful electrical burst, annihalating it with extreme prejudice.
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