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  1. Nirsim had only just been in Taen for two days before she was approached by a researcher for a job. Being an ex-bounty hunter, Nirsim was more keen to get back into it and start hunting criminals in this new land, but she supposed this task could help her get familiar with Taen beforehand. She agreed to help Yeul Fullbring for the time being; there will still be criminals to catch afterwards. Together they ventured towards Arcturon, a city that Nirsim had already heard about before even arriving in Taen, but she was still surprised to see such a large difference between this city and where she was before. Though a clean-looking, technologically advanced place, Nirsim knew better than to think that they would be completely safe. Everywhere she looked, she was observing, scrutinizing, prepared to fight if necessary. She was constantly on guard. They came across Site Coeus after a short while of Nirsim following Yeul around the city. She entrusted the researcher with knowing where she was going, so she didn't know whether they were going in the right direction or not. When they had arrived just in front of the building, Nirsim picked up her pace to be closer behind Yeul. They entered the building and was swiftly greeted by a young man, who Nirsim guessed to be some sort of secretary to the facility's researchers, judging by the clothes and warm, well-repeated greeting. "Greetings, and welcome to Site Coeus. Currently we have no scheduled tours today, so access is limited to staff of the facility. If you would like to be part of a tour, you can sign up for next week's tour with me." Followed by a worn out smile. @Godspell
  2. "Count yourself lucky no one's put a bounty on your head." GENERAL INFORMATION NAME: Nirsim Camry RACE: Human AGE: 31 years DATE OF BIRTH: October 11th CLASS: Ranger, Bounty Hunter CURRENT OCCUPATION: Freelance Hunter, Mercenary, Sword-For-Hire, Adventurer etc. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION HEIGHT: 5'7" / 170cm WEIGHT: 132lbs / 60 kg EYE COLOR: Hazel HAIR COLOR/STYLE: Brown, tied into a high ponytail SKIN COLOR: Tanned BODY TYPE: Fit and toned SCARS/MARKINGS: Two scars along the left side of her face, and over her left eye. ADDITIONAL DETAILS: A birthmark on the back of her neck, in the shape of a "V". CLOTHING, ARMOR & EQUIPMENT CLOTHES & ARMOR: A standard leather tunic over a red long-sleeved shirt. Leather bracers that extend over the back of her hands, cuffed leather boots over padded trousers, and a tawny colored cape with a hood. The cape has a metal clasp over the left side of her chest. There is also a utility belt hanging from her hip. WEAPONS: HEAVY CROSSBOW Weighs 18lbs, made of oak wood with metal embellishments. When not in use, it is hung over Nirsim's back. The crossbow bolts are in a quiver hung securely from the utility belt. DAGGER Weighs around 1lb, made of stainless steel. When not in use, sheathed on the utility belt. ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: Sabertooth Necklace of The Hunt - A rope necklace lined with canine teeth that when worn gives the wearer a boosted intuition when searching for something/someone. ABILITIES, TRAITS & PERSONALITY SPECIAL ABILITIES: None. Nirsim is a human with no racial or innate magical abilities. TRAITS: Serious, Brooding, Skilled. MORAL ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good BACKGROUND & HISTORY Nirsim Camry had spent her adult years almost entirely as a bounty hunter. When she was in her teenagehood, she began to show a lack of faith in both wrongdoers and the justice system in her hometown. Her father was a Lieutenant of the Guard there, but no matter how much Nirsim voiced her opinion of how poorly the Guard dealt with hunting down criminals, there was nothing her father could do about it without angering the Captain. On the eve of her 15th birthday, Nirsim’s father offered to train her in combat. He hoped that she would join the Guard and someday make it better at catching criminals. She readily accepted, but with a different plan in mind. As she trained, she found a liking in the Heavy Crossbow. She practiced shooting with it more than any other form of training, letting her develop a very sharp eye. After she turned 20, Nirsim refused to join the Guard, disappointing her father a great deal. They argued ferociously before he left the house to cool off. He did not return that night. Worried for her father, Nirsim went out the next morning to find him floating in the river just outside of town, murdered. Furious, vengeful, and deeply sorrowed, Nirsim demanded that the Captain immediately get on the case. The Captain told her he will get to it when he can, but that would not be soon enough for her. She made a scene of it before leaving. Three nights later, Nirsim was attacked. She took down the attacker to discover him to be a member of the Guard, disguised as an assassin. This was the moment it dawned on her that she had to do things herself. Immediately she raided the Guard, but despite there being enough evidence of the Captain being corrupt, the Captain himself had fled when he learned Nirsim was coming for him. After 3 months, she finally captured him and dragged him to his higher ups, and she was very satisfied with his sentencing. Nirsim was about to go home when she remembered the thrill of hunting him down. She didn’t want to let go of it just yet. So she became a bounty hunter. After several years, Nirsim found that new bounties weren’t being posted often enough. She considered a career change, to something similar in protecting the good and fending off the bad. So she became a mercenary. But a very picky one. Most of her contractors were simple, good folk, who needed protection on their journeys or a strong hand in physical labor. This type of work she easily agreed to complete. But for those who hired her to help participate in illegal affairs, she would “turn traitor” and hand them to the authorities, with no remorse for the evil swine whatsoever. To this day she remains a mercenary, but a good-hearted one.
  3. The guards looked at each other, then back at Asteria. "Well, you have found Mageside. You are in the Mageside infirmary right now," one of them said. But as Asteria explained her story and then asked about any potential ways to efficiently kill a gnasher, their faces began to clearly show that they were lost. "At the moment, we have little knowledge about their weaknesses..." And at the same time they were silently panicking. They all quickly turned back to Asteria. "How far from town were you when you encountered the gnasher?" Meanwhile, Zinnorae was walking home. She had passed by the bakery that she always frequented on the way to work, but today she wasn't feeling much of a sweet tooth in her. And instead of the short way home that she usually takes, she pushed through her sleepiness and took a detour, towards Mageside city center. Upon arriving she was within the large crowd of visitors, scholars, students and magic users, but easily found the notice board she was looking for. This was always something she liked to do. She would read the various notices that hinted at adventures that were either outside the city or lurking within its boundaries. Ever since she was halfway through her time at the Mage's Academy here, she wanted to go on an adventure. Explore, battle, and expand her horizons. That was the dream. A dream that needed to be shelved to make way for her current duty; saving the lives of those who needed her help. She could never turn them away. After a while, she continued on her way home, her mind both wishful and...melancholy. @Godspell
  4. Zinnorae swung the door open and let the guards walk in before her. She stayed at the doorway. "Good morning," she said. "I hope you are feeling much better. These are the guards that brought you in last night; they have some questions to ask you, if that's okay." The guards then approached the bed, unintentionally blocking Zinnorae's view of the patient. No matter, she thought, my shift is over anyway. She proceeded to leave the room, leaving the door open, and went back to the main desk in the center of the infirmary to pack her things. Once that was done, she said her goodbyes to the patients that knew her and her day colleagues, and headed towards the main doors. Meanwhile back in the room, the guard in the center cleared his throat. "So, miss...?" he led his sentence on in hopes that the patient would give her name to them. @Godspell
  5. Healing the woman wasn't too complex, but due to the severity of the wounds and the amount of blood lost, Zinnorae needed two breaks to regain the energy to continue using her healing magic. Eventually the wounds closed and, with enough care on the patient's part, will not leave such prominent scars. When she was done, Zinnorae left the room to let the woman sleep. One of the most important factors of healing is sleep, after all; it allows the body to regenerate some of itself without depending on outside forces. It was morning now, so Zinnorae's shift was nearing its end, and she would not be here again until the next dusk. She wanted to ask the woman what happened, if it's a situation that needs to be addressed by the Mageside guard, or anything else urgent. But at the same time it wasn't really any of her business, so she decided not to disturb the patient's sleep just to be chatty. As the day colleagues arrived to take over, Zinnorae was about to leave and go home. Before that, however, two of the three guards returned to the infirmary. Likely to question the woman about last night. "Miss," one of them called to Zinnorae. She greeted them and led them towards the room that kept the woman. "Excuse me, ma'am? Are you awake?" She called through the closed door. @Godspell
  6. The light moved to the side, revealing the guard holding it. As he saw the heavily injured woman, he immediately jerked his head to look at his colleagues not too far behind him. "Merrin! Strout!" He called to them, and they picked up their pace to catch up. After a few seconds of stunned silence, the guards hastily handled the woman as gently as they could and walked with her further into town. "We'd ask questions, but that can wait until you're not dying." The first guard told her. Meanwhile, a short, white-haired girl dressed in Healer's uniform had just walked into her night shift at the infirmary. As she opened the door, some of her day-colleagues were just leaving. "Ah, Zinnorae. You're a tad early," a colleague said. Zinnorae nodded with a chipper smile. "That's because I actually rested well today," she replied. "My neighbor's kids finally learned to be quiet." After a bit of banter and the other colleagues leaving, the infirmary was then quiet. Peaceful. Zinnorae checked the status reports of the patients staying here, either overnight or have been here for a while. There were only four patients resting, and they all were sound asleep with no complications. Relieved, she went back to the desk and sat down, sighing a breath of contentness. But only for a short while. The doors burst open and in stumbled three guards and what looks like Zinnorae's next patient. She bounced off her seat and rushed to the door, helping the guards move the woman to the nearest open bed. Laying her down, she asked a guard what happened. "We don't know, miss," he scratched his head. "She came into town like this, looking like death was at her door. Figured we should get her fixed up before we ask her anything." "Good call," Zinnorae replied briskly, putting on surgical gloves. "You can come back in the morning." And with that, the guards left. Zinnorae examined the visible wounds on the woman's leg and shoulder, trying not to apply too much pressure to the wound. "What did this to you...? Regardless, you're in the hands of one of Mageside's best Healers." With a deep breath, she placed a hand directly on the gash on the woman's thigh and closed her eyes. Her hands began to emit a lush green glow. @Godspell
  7. I was always into storytelling and worldbuilding since younger (I'm currently a comics student), so roleplaying naturally became a curiosity as soon as I discovered it. I first started roleplaying at RoleplayGateway.com, but didn't get far with any of the roleplays I joined there due to them dying a lot (is that the right term for it?) So I stopped online roleplay for years, got into Pathfinder and then D&D through a club at my secondary school, but then that began to stagnate due to typical exams and other extracurriculars. I was then introduced to Space Station 13, but I quickly lost interest in that because it's basically Space Paranoia incarnate and I got very stressed with the controls and mechanics. THEN I tried PbEM (Play by email) but that was brief because I was hospitalized before the kickoff and missed a lot, so I kind of ghosted (I know it's a bad thing to do so I apologize to them in spirit). FINALLY I tried looking up roleplay sites again, and Valucre came up. I was expecting another RoleplayGateway, where users create the entirety of their own universe, but found an entirely new concept to me; one consistent world. And so far I'm loving it!
  8. I've also got two desks. One is a standard writing desk (my laptop sits here), and the one next to it is an art table that can tilt up for drawing. What's on them? Writing Desk: Half-used sketchbooks (each with their own unique purpose kinda), my hard drive with all my games on it, a plug board with my phone and laptop chargers plugged in, a broken hand-painted ukulele (the G string snapped), my piggy bank, and my hand mirror. Art Desk: Cluttered with ALL kinds of art supplies, a Rubik's cube (solved), a D&D shirt that I forgot to put away, a planner containing nuclear codes story ideas, and an empty Lai See packet because Happy Chinese New Year!
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