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  1. The air felt thick, each breath stroke a strain on her lungs. This unfamiliar climate made it difficult for her body to adjust. Perspiration trickled down her damp face, descending at a steep drop, reaching the foot of the mammoth Jakoto tree many heartbeats later. Standing on a thick branch just above the canopy of leaves she stared off into the deep forest. Her smile giving way to apprehension. The jungle was sick. The Half-Fae played with her fingers as if rolling a coin between them, only instead of a coin a Butterfly fluttered on top. She studied the fluorescent insect, balancing itself on her knuckles. Even as small a creature as this was aware of a disturbance. Unknowing of what entity the cause of the distress was, she was confident the Shiddidark Basin would give her the answer in time. This Jungle was alive and where there is life there is someone with a story to tell. “Don’t worry, my friend. I will help.” She spoke softly underneath her breath. Sóli raised her head watching the Butterfly take wing, tracing its path along the cliffs. Her eyes refocused as she caught movement in the distance. Figures were gathering in a rather unusual location. Curiously she bit the side of her lip, wondering if they knew something she did not. Her dismounting of the tree was sloppily executed, to save time. Like an ape she jumped to branches beneath her, grabbing at them with hands, feet, or whatever other spare body part she had available to prevent her from falling to a most certain death. With a loud huff she landed back on the ground, minor cuts and bruises speckled her skin. She would think twice next time if the Emergent Layer view was worth it. With the help of a native Bongo Sóli was swiftly carried through the bush, hoping that the strangers would still be there upon her arrival. The antelope came to a halt at a safe distance from the strangers, not daring to go near humans. She would walk the rest of the way, determined to find some answer.
  2. The Half-Fae could only agree with the wise words of the barkeeper’s boss. She only wished that ‘helping people’ was a matter of fact and not a decision. The last part she kept to herself. It was not her place to judge, but by example encourage others to help one another. Sóli’s eyes widened at the prospect of mead. She reached for the glass with both hands and pulled it closer. Before taking a sip of the honey wine her eyes returned to the Bartender giving him her full attention. He was a busy man, so any moment he spared for her was valued. “I find that simple men are often the kindest.” She replied, “They don’t let pride or ambition corrupt who they are. And they don’t have to be any less deprived of life experiences than any adventurer out there.” Sóli was becoming rather fond of Jestan. His homeliness and generosity only added to his endearing traits. “I grew up in a place they called the Golden Forest. Maple and Sweetgum glow in bright yellow colors all year round and golden leaves decorate the ground. A place where the wolf lies by the hare. Where bear and doe drink from the stream side by side. It is a peaceful place.” She reminisced. “But this is not a peaceful world.” There was a crinkle in her eyebrows, contemplating her next words. “I suppose I want to be a light in world full of setbacks and difficult people.” The Half-Fae stayed silent long enough to finish her meal. After the first spoonful of oatmeal had finally reached the empty pit that was her stomach, hunger took over her sense of savory. Her cutlery did not rest until the bowl and plate were empty, aside from a bit of potato. With careful precision she pulled it into pieces, slipping them one by one into her satchel. “This toad is also an ‘aimless wanderer’.” She smiled tilting her head towards the bag, “Well, maybe not a wanderer, he hitchhikes mostly.” Closing her satchel she hopped off the bar stool. “Jestan, my friend, I have taken enough of your time. I owe you a favor and will not forget to entertain your guests on stage. Then I shall take my leave. There is still much of the day to be had, even if this fog is persistent on blocking the sun…” The warrior who seated herself next to Sóli caught her attention. She was a shy creature with a heavy burden, as Sóli could tell. The woman did not seem ready to converse, but that had never stopped the Half-Fae before, especially when she was of high spirits, in good company. “Would you like some of my mead? I drank some of it” she starred down the glass, “actually almost all of it, but it is lovely and should equally quench your thirst.” She said sliding it towards the Paladin. @supernal @Zemira Ywain
  3. Hey there! If you ever get tired of role-playing in the TOL sandbox and want to join the larger world but aren't sure how to bridge that advance, let me know! I can hook you up with some cool cheat sheets lol (ie help you out)

    1. Lilja


      Still building my sandcastle, but I'm aching for some real action. I'll be in touch soon enough :) Thanks for the offer.

  4. Don't spread yourself too thin there. Splitting oneself in too many pieces didn't work well for Voldemort, either.
  5. Ups, sorry. Am I keeping you too busy? I'll be out of your hair soon enough and out questing.
  6. She knew the bartender was still trying to figure her out. It was a dance of gesture and facial expression she was all too familiar with. Not all “dances” were expressed in the same fashion, she had met everything from hostility to amusement, but she was not oblivious to her effect on other people. It…confused most. And humans tend to fear what they don’t understand. She could not read his thoughts, but his action spoke for him. There was a twinkle of genuine appreciation. “It’s good people that make good places, sir.” She said reaching for the bowl of oatmeal, “Thank you, this will serve plenty.” She paused a moment, “My name, if it’s of interest to you, is Sóli.” Taking another mouthful of the delicious fluffiness that was quickly becoming her favorite food, she grabbed the cinnamon spice and sprinkled some on her hand for inspection. “Everyone has a story to tell, I wonder what yours is?” she asked. Sóli sniffed the spice and proceeded to lick it off her hand. Sticking her tongue out in a lapping motion she was figuring out if the taste was congruent with the aroma. Deciding in its favor she sprinkled some on her oatmeal. “How did you end up here?” She sprinkled some more on the rest of her food, as well. “I knew a man, traveled half the world to find his glory. You know where he found it? In a tavern, like this. He married, raised a family and ran the tavern with his wife, ‘til the end of their days. Well, no. That’s not right. They are still alive and well. At least I hope they are. I haven’t heard from them in a while.” Her thoughts drifted off, but were pulled back by the noise and commotion. It dawned on her how busy the tavern was. “Goodness me. I do not mean to keep you from your work.” She took another bite “I can do it, by the way.” She turned in her seat and looked to the stage. “I can sing.” To give him an idea of her worth she started singing the first tunes of an old battle song she remembered. The tune was melodic and sad, unusual for her repertoire, but it was the first thing that came to mind. “When autumn wind is howling, a grasp of winter’s breath. The echoes of ancient ones, have sealed our fate in death. To our fallen heroes who guide us through the night, may pain and sorrow fade to dust and never see the light.” @supernal
  7. Thank you and yes, I'm slowly covering more ground and reading through the guides. I think my character and I are learning together. You guys have really set up something great. I also like the layout of the site. It's clear to see you have put a lot of time and effort into this. And I'm not forcing compliments here. I'm really happy to be here.
  8. Her face lit up and her smile grew, if that was even possible. “Why yes, sir. How astute of you. I would love some food.” She crammed in her satchel searching for something to bargain with. “My belongings are in a poor state. There is nothing of value.” She said hopping onto a bar stool. “My coin has switched owners, I’m afraid. The other one had a larger blade.” She crinkled her noise in a bit of annoyance, “But the coin will be in new hands soon enough. Along with it he took my Nightshade berries. A wonderful treat for Gnomes, but poisonous for humans. He won’t get far.” The Half-fae fell silent and a quizzical expression took over her face. The man had not actually offered her something to eat, but could have merely been making a statement. In her mind she took a few steps back and started her part of the conversation anew. “If I could have some food and drink I would be forever grateful. I’m willing to work for it, you know. I can do anything. Except for things that I can’t.”
  9. “…Tavern. A place open to the population or a portion of the population. It is usually a place for business, dwelling, entertainment and all sort of lawful and unlawful purposes. Knocking will not be necessary.” The Half-Fae concluded in ramblings to know one in particular. She pushed the Tavern door open and shut it neatly behind her and huffed. Taking a moment to inspect the place, she was impressed by the high rafters. It reminded her of the tree trunks of her beloved forest. ‘Well, a very distant resemblance’ she added to herself. Reaching in her pouch she felt the absence of coin. Her satchel croaked from within. This was not a state she desired to be in, dependent on the charity of others, especially since few humans were charitable by nature. She was fidgety and started grinding her teeth. Her hazel eyes, darting around to a possible destination, eventually settled on the barkeeper, who looked to be of importance in this establishment. With the warmest smile she could muster she walked up to him. “I don’t intend to be of bother, sir, but I am in need of some help.” @supernal
  10. Watching two figures leave a tavern caught her interest. She was in need of a public rest stop. The small woman stepped up to the door and knocked on it. If past experiences have taught her anything is that it is polite to knock before entering. What past experiences have failed to teach her, however is how long you wait, or that some doors might not require a knock at all. There was a croak from her satchel. “I’m sure someone is there. I hear voices from within.” She responded. The Half-Fae, standing only at 5’ brushed her wavy, auburn hair back revealing her pointy ear and held it against the door. “Yes. It most certainly is not vacant.” She listened further, “I am nearly entirely convinced.” A muffled, desperate croak tuned from her satchel. “What?” she asked concerned. “Oh.” She pushed herself away from the door freeing the satchel that had been squeezed in. She opened the flap and peeked inside. “I’m terribly sorry.” She said. Closing the flap she contemplated her next move. Her clothes were old and torn. Her shoes had too many miles on them and the berries from the day before had been a poor meal and would not sustain her for long. She was dependent on the contents of this tavern. She knocked again.
  11. @supernal this might have already been covered, but I have a few questions. When I’m interested in a quest do I have to let a mod know beforehand (which quest I’m interested in) ? and I would love to quest with someone. Should I search here or try my luck in character in TOL? And lastly, is Z around? If he’s in sight my character would definitely talk to him first.
  12. Speaking of Vets... I might just have to take you up on your offer, Benny.
  13. Thank you, always good to know a seasoned vet.
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