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  1. ( Referenced track: Aequilibrium ) Kalar sat in the ballroom with an odd instrument in his hand. One of a design not often seen. Coiled around a loop controlled by a plan were several strings, a set on the lower angle, and upper angle of the wheel. In the center was a more typical set of strings known for a string instrument, but the upper area typically manipulated by bare fingers were held within a box, with several keys which applied pressure in his fingers stead upon pressing the keys. This instrument, the Hurdy Gurdy, as the odd thing was called by an odd name, was held in Kalar Meadia's lap, his eyes closed. At his feet was a device meant to play recorded songs with a pedal upon it for activation. It had an organ track he had recorded earlier. His fingers strummed over the keys as he shifted the crank with each length of the note, creating a song that seemed almost as out of time as he was, but all perfectly harmonious. The note, however, was melancholy. As was the features on his face. It was a form of expression. Even in the most perfect of circumstances, loss and the darker aspects of emotion still found their way home. It was not something that could just be cast aside, it was not something that was ever truly gone away. It was something he had to process, to adapt new into his being. So, he adapted it into a habit he was used to himself. Adding new to old and exploring what it all meant to him, and what it would add to the world he was now touching and becoming a part of. He had much to be grateful for, but something that would not escape him was the truth of his longevity - the inevitability of loss, and the continuation beyond it. It was something familiar to him, but not on this scale. And before where he could distract himself and dismiss it, it had settled. So he played, mixing new happiness with ever-present sorrows. At least in this method, his melodrama could be mildly entertaining to others. Although in this particular concert he was not paying attention on whether or not he had an audience.
  2. Kala raised a brow. "'Not as heavy?' I thought you liked the weight." Kala said, a bit taken aback by the statement. "You know I can be lighter, all you have to do is let me know if you're uncomfortable with the weight and I can reduce it a bit... right? It's not as if keeping a bit of gas in is an effort." Kala rested on Kalmuli's left side, and as if trying to prove a point, she seemed quite light in comparison, as if the entire weight of a lap-cat had been distributed across the body of a woman equal to Kalmuli in size. Kala nuzzled against Kalmuli and curled her legs around Kalmuli's left leg in a cooing sensation. "Just remember love, if you chose right when we wake up, that means you have to wait until I decide the next day to do something. My plan may take longer than simply starting our morning this way. Something to keep in mind on how you may want to space these out, or how you want to go about it. Oh... and love. Just to be sure you know how dedicated I am to helping you..." Kala shifted up to whisper in Kalmuli's ear. "The Red Door is no longer off limits." She nestled herself back down and attempted to make herself comfortable for the rest.
  3. Kala smiled and kissed Kamuli's forehead, taking the time to just pet around Kamuli and taking care not to tease her with it, petting from her head to her arm. After a moment, Kala took off her primary robe to drape it around her beloved to help her feel covered and comfortable, while bringing in her wings more closed to keep herself warm as well. "Mn. Maybe for a bit of playing around I will be your mistress, but you are always and ever my equal in my heart, dear one." Kala said in a whisper to Kamuli's ear, her mouth and breath close. "Never forget that you have filled more of me than any before and any ever will." Kala paused and looked over at the door, then slumped. "How about we skip the rest of dinner and just turn in for the night here?" Kala asked quietly. "I'm getting tired after everything that's gone on today from start to finish. Resting in the sunlight was nice but it didn't exactly recharge me all that much. I want to curl up with you and not think about anything more for the night..." Pursed lips kissed on Kamuli's upside down due to their positions. "Besides, then, when we wake up next, it'll be tomorrow. And I think it's okay for it to be your turn first."
  4. Kala permitted herself to run a hand along Kalmuli's hair, letting it trail up and over her ear. "Physician, Heal thyself." "And while you're at it, stop and think." Kala chuckled. "You've had enough sexual encounters in the span of one mortal lifetime that a Succubi posting as a nun would feel modest, and most of them require it for sustenance." Kala lifted a bit of Kalmuli's hair from the base of the back of her neck and let her fingers sift through it. "And I'm not telling you to stop. I do know the pleasure of having someone as warm clay in your hands and molding them into a shape that fits the spirit within afterwards. Breaking them down to their core through pleasure is far more satisfying than destroying someone through pain. I've done both." Kala reached up and tapped Kalmuli on the nose, a bit playfully. "But you need self-control. The compulsion to do so has too frequently become more important than the reason. You have become its slave rather than it being your tool. That is why we are pulling you into basics. And please note, the first draft of this plan in my head had you reduced down to once in a week. I made adjustments knowing that would be unbearable." There was a bit of silence as she gently just petted Kalmuli and let her think on the matter. Kala did not want to bring the woman pain but she knew that much like someone obese being asked to diet, fighting the craving would be the hardest part of the matter. Worse as this was not an addiction one could completely be rid of and remain healthy. Not that Kala wanted to dismiss it entirely to begin with as she had her own entanglements with Kalmuli and they would share the pain of denials. Kalmuli had felt that Kala kept herself on the edge between obligation and self-indulgence far more frequently than she openly admitted. "Even hedonists must learn limits." Kala stated, cooing at her mate after a moments pause. "One session a day, we can have the length of time be variable there, but it must not consume the whole day. We take turns in control of that time and circumstances as we teach each other of ourselves once more. Once we are done, we endeavor to leave it behind and think towards our other tasks for the day." Another pause before Kala smiled a bit to herself. "More compatible with you than the Devil, eh? Oooh, that must stung a bit for him." Kala said a bit playfully, having an aged memory of that particular hedonistic man. "Last I remember of him, he took quite a bit of pride in that sort of thing."
  5. "Welcome to the club. I'm the founder and formerly the only member." Kala stated with a laugh. "You know it took thirteen spirits to calm me when I first became truly lost... Seven of them bound themselves to my body so that I would never be alone. That was eons ago... and well.... I had left them behind when I went to create the world... I should... well, I never really truly introduced you to them. Not in full. You know of one well enough. Celestine." Kala gave a furtive smile and leaned back. "You'd never really know she was one of the Comvidon if you simply looked at her. Thirteen beings in twelve bindings, each living a continuation much like us. Except theirs is more of a reincarnation. You know... come to think of it. They might be able to do a lot of good if I found a way to bring them here..." Kalmuli felt a small tap on her shoulder in response to the squeeze, an affectionate one, not telling her to back away but more to acknowledge that she was doing a good thing. "There is a lot I do to make myself feel like I am valid here. You know that emptiness? The phase I was in and am more in now, is filling it with a sense of accomplishment. Projects. Meddling, just helping people."
  6. Kala silently wrapped her arms around Kalmuli the best she could in her situation and let herself breath a long moment. "I've lost you once before, I've lost what I tried to create for you. I don't wish to lose you again, especially not to the damage I made worse in leaving. It is selfish, I know, but you are precious to me." Kala lifted herself up to touch noses with Kalmuli a moment before resting their foreheads together. "I've said this before. It won't be easy, it won't be quick. But, I am willing to put in the time and effort. Please... do so for yourself, if not for me. Become a person who can be at least find their footing in the journey to find peace. I will walk it with you, step by step. I have reasons as well to falter. But... reading your journals... seeing in there minds what was done... it gave me a reason to dig in... to keep trying." Kala gently ran her hand across Kalmuli's back in a reassuring rub. "I'm a broken mess... but I'll be here for you. I know it may be hard to hold back on your vices... but you will feel better for it. I promise."
  7. "I don't expect you to let go. Just don't carry it on top of you." Kala said quietly. "Carry it beside you. That's... how I got on about it. Maybe it'll work with you." Kala brought out a small black stone that seemed to shift a bit in her hand, but it was a single solid piece. Just looking at it looked like it felt dense, and there was a strange heat that was warmer than even Kala's body. "This is it... what's left of the world that I gave your name to..." Kala said, her words a whisper in the dark. Her wing gently curled about Kalmuli to hold her close. Not for Kalmuli's benefit, but her own. The only reason Kala was not trembling, crying, is because she seemed too frightened to drop, or suddenly cause the last bit of the world to disappear. She remained silent, simply looking at the stone, and holding onto her love somewhat desperately.
  8. "I'm afraid..." Kala said quietly, tears still flowing down her face. "I'm afraid of losing you again... of losing everything I love and everything I try to protect... that anything I do is just going to make the situation worse and that I'm... I'm not worth it." Kala looked up to Kalmuli and peered into her eyes, still letting her own tears flow. "Every inch of me says to act, to do something, to not run away. But I don't know what to do here, love. I'm just trying to make it up as I go along, trying to picture myself as you see me. To be the person you want me to be." Kala shook her head and moved closer to her beloved, setting her head on top of the curled up knees. "I don't need space... I need help. And... I think you do too. I never wanted you to feel this knawing inside but I knew... I knew the worlds would do it to you even if I didn't. I wanted a place for us where you would never have to feel that. I got so wrapped up in the desire to make something safe, that I didn't realize how much I tore you apart. And I felt it when you finally gave up. Apologies are just not enough." Kala's wings came about to wrap about the two of them gently and try to warm their bodies, Kala herself was still shivering from nerves and temperature. "But... I'm sorry." Kala said in a hushed voice. "I'm sorry because I know nothing is going to fix the hole you feel now. I know because I've felt the same way... and nothing fixed it. It's.. always there. I've had to learn to live with it." She looked up with a smile, somewhat of a broken one, but it was honest. "But... with you... I sometimes forget it's there. You haven't upset me, Fareryniel. I'm upset at what happened to you, and how much pain you are going through.... and will go through." Kala shifted about towards the more comfortable center of the room, and padded a place next to her, pocketing the two rings and reaching for something else in her pocket. "Come here a moment... there's something I want to show you."
  9. Kala paused for a moment as she watched the tantrum play out, it was only after a few moments of it that she reached her hand up and snapped her finger against her thumb. This created a loud cracking sound that would snap anyone to attention. Kalmuli could feel pain, and a bit of indignation. This was all too familiar for Kala. Her words would likely be hurtful, because this time around, Kalmuli needed a wakeup call, even if Kala hurt herself with each word. "Perhaps this is the real reason why you evade mirrors; to prevent yourself from having to face the state you are in." Kala stated in a hiss. "I wish for nothing more than to simply be with you constantly, but it will avail us naught. It would bring about the very same fate you fear or I fear. That one of us would tire of the other. And in the loss of such feeling we would grow to resent one another, forgetting all we have been through to get this far. Is this the fate you wish - to simply ruin one another? If all you want is me as your bedding fodder, you could have saved yourselves years of torment by having Maria craft you a homologous in my image." The blue eyes shown in intensity, the dim light showing the tears streaming down the Avion's face in spite of her contorted appearance of anger, but her voice cracked and betrayed that she was breaking "I will not sit idly by while I watch the woman I love let herself be betrayed by her own body and tear herself apart from within. For your own sake, stop for one moment and look at yourself. Judge yourself not by my eyes, but by the woman you were. Let her tell you what you if gorging yourself in desires is worth shedding tears over. Remember what she shed tears for, and how she felt those times she held. them. back." Kala looked like she had more to say, but she trembled, shook and collapsed. Perhaps years ago she had the fortitude to continue. But there were wounds still deep within her that were still breaking her down, and there was only so much energy that could be spent both on Kamuli, and in maintaining herself. And in this moment, she simply faltered, and slipped into quiet tears. Kalmuli wasn't the only wreck in the room.
  10. "Shhh... it's okay. You may not trust yourself but I know you won't hurt me, even if you lose yourself. We will work together, love... so you can get control of yourself, of your life back." Kala spared a hand to gently pet at Kalmuli's head reassuring her. It took a long time for Kala to build her on control, her own center to work from, and even then there was a constant threat. It was this fear, this inner distrust that Kalmuli was thrashing with, that became a cornerstone, a start to work from. It was painful, wrenching. But at least here Kalmuli would have some form of comfort, even in her pain, that the person she was struggling for was there, and loved her all the more for her efforts. "Here is what I will promise you. One session a day. You and I will take turns on the timing. Outside those times, we control ourselves. We keep the flirting subtle in public and try not to disturb people who are uncomfortable. People we trust, and are okay with our sharing we can talk openly about it with. We respect their boundaries and pay attention to their reactions. When alone, we can talk freely... and we should. Honestly. We should see how we can best be together. But it will not be the sole focus of our life together. I will help show you other ways of feeling whole again. Other things besides thrills that will ease the suffering. And we will both explore together the things that will bring our life the feeling of completion we both want." Kala gently opened the set of hands that held the rings quietly and claimed them. "These will be ours again, when you feel ready." Kala was more than ready to state her vows again in that moment, but her dependency upon Kalmuli was in a different shape than Kalmuli's and right now, Kalmuli was not in a place where she felt right of mind to make that decision. The Avion would wait patiently for the day to come. For now, her beloved needed comfort, and assistance in refocusing herself after being lost for so many ages.
  11. Kalmuli could feel it in their touch so intensely that it created an almost physical representation in her mind. She stood at the top of a damn, a cavernous drop behind her where she saw the water, the expressed emotion, pour out with gentle control behind it. The emotion she saw. But on the other side she saw the crested water of emotion behind the wall now. A mixture of deep loves and pains always hidden away. Churning, and burbling, almost as if it boiled and tormented at the same time. In the waters she saw Kala's fear of Kalmuli's rejection, her leaving, her simply finding someone better suiting her aims. She saw the fear of Kalmuli drained and worn, looking like someone deprived of all life, having tapped the well of lust and emotions till its banking point and having not thing to grow from, to grow beyond, simply becoming an ever resetting husk for lifetimes. Kalmuli could see Kala's own barely contained desire, wrapped tightly in guilt. The passionate encounters they both crave deeply endlessly occurring. They were mixed with more homely desires, up to and including the possibility of children. But all of it was checked behind concern, the worry of the sullen, empty face of Kalmuli, being less like herself and more like a mindless robot, lost to creature comfort. Then she did not just see it emotionally but felt it down to the core. The broken seam in his being a fragment of madness all the way down that was held only by the weight of all other things. The part of him so broken, so maddened by grief that the right things said, or done would just tear all the mask away and leave a lunatic behind. One of those deep cracks being the devastation felt when losing Kalmuli, to giving into fear, and the failed attempt to create a world. A world that bore her true-name - that was impossible to keep together. Her kindness, her clam, their chemistry beyond the simple physical attraction, it helped keep him together, helped keep 'them' feeling normal, feeling welcomed. A sense of belonging that held the pieces together, gave something that resembled a whole. He strove to mixed success to hold himself together. Her presence helped salve that. But there was a redoubled strength to hold himself together seeing her torn so. To the point of willingly surrendering his natural state to put a stronger face forward for her, that could share in her fixes on occasion just to give her a moment of calm. But they knew it would only further rock the core. If Kalmuli moved towards the waters they would shift rapidly, letting her gaze at the broken pieces but moving the bits that reacted to her to move forward, a warm wash of water slipping about. And the memory of how water always seemed to be a healing place for them surfaced in Kala's emotions. She would realize, physically, that Kala had approached to turn sit behind Kalmuli, draping her wings about her a moment in a gentle hug. And Kalmuli knew, if she concentrated on centering herself for just a while with her partner. Kala would not hold her emotions, or her desires back from her. But, for now, she wanted them both to work together to pull themselves together just for a moment and allow them both to breathe.
  12. "What you do isn't a terrible thing... what it's doing to you is terrible. What you are doing to you is terrible. And I want to help you heal. That is all." Kala pulled in closer and held a hand up. "I haven't done this in a while, so I apologize. But at the very least I can help you gain a small measure of control... by doing what I've been avoiding. By letting you in. By empathizing with you. Perhaps then you may get a sense of how I really feel. And why this won't be quick or easy for either of us." With her hands she slowly removed her gloves and looked at Kalmuli in her eyes. "You may want me now... but you want me as a addict wants her fix and as much as I want you in turn I know doing it your way won't be healthy for either of us. So my bounds are this... we take it slow. For now... I want to offer you this, a way to connect that isn't sexual. A way to feel warm when your insides are cold. It may not be the same and it may not solve the problem... but it is a way to make good on my promise that I am here for you." Kala tilts her head. "Take my hand, Fae, if you trust me. I won't invade your mind or take anything from you. This will be one way, like the heat of my flesh. It won't stop your desires but I hope with time it will help you let it take a better shape."
  13. "You'd have to do something really terrible for me to be even remotely in the realm of considering that. And that terrible is relative, you have an idea of what things I've seen." Kala said with a chuckle, looking at her with kind and patient eyes. "Just because I cannot, or will not keep up with the pace of your sexual drive does not mean that I suddenly hate you. But it does mean we have things to talk about." Kala pulled her hand out from her pocket and held the object she was fiddling with in front of her to show Kalmuli, it was his part of the pair of wedding rings that betrothed their original selves together. "We've been through rougher waters. I don't think you'll need to be leaping off of any cliffs to reach me with how you feel this time. But I do want to say that this time... I may have some experience in what your going through emotionally. And... I think you're smart enough to know that it's just not really working for you. You're still running to the next thrill, you... just switched from combat to copulation." Kala sighed and shook her head. "You know what happens after the sex stopped being so thrilling for me? The next step in the process? I can tell you're headed there. Duty. You'll take the title of Baroness more seriously, or you'll get full into the Fateweaver business you're wrapped up in. The idea of purpose will eat away at you cause you keep looking for that feeling that's going to fill that gaping hole inside. And these things handed to you seem like good things, worthwhile things. I'm noticing a bit more of that as well happening." Kala adjusted her seating leaned in a bit to offer the ring for Kamuli to hold the ring herself for a while. "Sorry if that seems a bit blunt - but that's how I got to be who I am: Those same steps. I eventually realized something, and it's not really good news."
  14. Kala nodded to Gizelle and did what she was told, giving a thankful smile before closing the door immediately behind her in the room with Kalmuli. She looked at the pile of pillows and the woman she knew was hiding under it, and remained silent a long moment. Instead of simply internalizing her thoughts and feelings, however, Kala, in a softer tone, spoke her thoughts aloud. "This room feels a bit too familiar to be comfortable." Kala stated quietly. "It feels like where I hid myself away, when everything collapsed. Hm." Kala leaned over and plucked a pillow from the edge of the pile, pulling it to the side and setting it open, before folding her legs and sitting herself on top of it. Another long pause, another quite moment in which Kala let herself just breath and Kalmuli get adjusted to her presence there. "You know, if I was my birth gender right now, my heart would be thundering in my chest. I would be panicked at the thought that you'd grow bitter at my reprimand, resent me for talking as such after all I've done, and then push me away. But I see you here and I think I might a bit more ware about how you feel. It's a bit similar, yes? So, I'll say this again and please hear me: I'm not going anywhere, Fae. Not unless you want me gone." Kala had less of the hangups Kalar did, but even then, the female form could only manage the pet name version that they shared together privately. At least for now. But even offering that hopefully was enough. Kala's hand fiddled into her robe a moment and she tilted her head. "Can you come out and talk a while? I think it would do us some good to clear the air... even in here."
  15. Kala was mute. She noted the leave and decided to follow. There was no further reason for her to explain why or apologize to the remainder. They would continue to have the conversation at a later time. As she passed Gizelle, she tapped the woman gently on her shoulder to indicate that she wanted to have responsibility for this aspect. After all, it was the first time Kala had given Kalmuli a hard rebuke since returning that was more than just correction and lecture. This was a personal boundary Kala had checked Kalmuli on, and it needed to be discussed and clarified. The only one who can do that, who could reassure Kalmuli of her place and confidence in this case, was Kala herself - at least that was the thought process running through the Avion's mind as she zipped down the hall. She used her light weight to her advantage and hers sense of bond with Kalmuli to guide her almost flight-like steps. She did not care where she was going, only that she was following the trail. The sent, the sensation, and Kalmuli's impact on the aether. The light steps belied the growing weight in her heart. Kala was indelicate, but not uncaring. The Avion hoped that her firm stance was not too much for the elfish beloved to bear.
  16. "Oh I very much believe it. Kamuli was an incessant shopper, and in another life, she had penchant for knitting. Clothing and the love for it is in the core of her being. I can imagine that it provides a sense of kinship between you two. How the house is not covered in fabric is a stunning compromise. However, I need only look at the so called 'closet' and realize that there is plenty of room for such a work. I would not be surprised if one of her income markets is a textile industry." Kala smiled widely. "Not that I mind a good outfit myself, but I do prefer a good slimming robe that accents form fitting leggings and a comfortable undershirt that can fold open. With these I prefer open necks but I don't mind a turtle neck when it is not a factor, or when the weather is suitably cold. But Kalmuli always tries to put me in lavish suits that are far too garish. Some of them are quite handsome for an occasion, but too often I find myself in trouble, or not wanting to be too conspicuous. Black and purple stands out enough as it is. But I admit... I fancy the color of my mothers wings. Aside form her kindness they are the most stand out memory I have of her - she died when I was born, you see. Only in the shifting of my time was I able to meet her, and just the once out of all my lifetimes." Her smile fade to something more sullen. "My heart could not take the weight of doing it again." With a moment, Kala looked about the grouping for a moment. Gizelle was one she would ask in private. She knew Hiegel's tale, Plume would have plenty of opportunity to discuss in the construction of Kala's tools, and Niles spoke of her hertiage back at the garden. There would be time for each to elaborate privately and there was little else she could ask that would not be an intensely private question, so instead, her thoughts turned inward. "It actually occurs to me that I have not spoken in depth of my Paradox, or any other major function... did any of you wish to learn more tonight?"
  17. Kala's eyes linger a bit on Kamuli. Perhaps she had been a bit harsh to her mate. Both Kala and her male counterpart both prefered and was much more attracted to the subtle expressions of attraction, well, more subtle than the overt conversations that had been gone on. That, and she wanted more to know that Kamuli genuinely cared than simply saw them as an easy access to sexual venting. That, and Kala was worried, now openly so, that Kamuli was simply drowning herself in her sensations, rather than facing her own demons. The avion had words about that approach to life - Kalar had more than experienced more than his share of that habit, and knew what it lead to in the long run. A million empty pleasures could never fill a pit in one's soul. Kala turned her eyes to Brenna and nodded. "I may ask the details in more private company, but only some. Things that are more comfortable to say and do not betray you any trust. But it is good to know at least that the royals here are so poor at the game to speak with loose lips. Such intrigues are not beyond the eyes of leaders more keen, however - as Kalmuli has likely already made you well aware of." "Although, I have heard a lot of references to Altissium, but not much about it in proper. What kind of place is it, why was Kalmuli given a regent offer above others? What sort of culture is this place, and is it close enough to visit with ease, or along trip? There is so much I do not know and all of it, I feel, must be known. More so if I am to fill any role of note. I'll try not to press too quickly, but with the nation suffering from this drought, and now the plague - I cannot help but be apprehensive and anxious to act."
  18. Kala paused, looking around at the awkward glances that were being exchanged and in the smiles. The male counterpart was content to simply ease it down and change the subject, but it seemed that everyone in the room had taken that approach to Kalmuli, and thus she had reign to make those flirts towards Kala and her male form as much as she wished. Kala, however, was far less tolerant of it. "Kalmuli, dear, you are making the room uncomfortable. Would you do us the courtesy of keeping the pillow talk out of the dining hall? You know me quite well enough that I would never degrade myself, nor expect you to degrade yourself to wear such things in public. I know our time apart has left you a mess, and I will always regret it -but you are better than this. Dab the saliva off your jowls just a little bit, if you would please. I am not going anywhere this time - and the flirtations are far more attractive when they are not so constant." Kala's patient and loving smile felt so much warmer when she expressed it as a woman. The mask just simply wasn't there. It didn't need to be. Kala held a frame that was both comforting and imposing in the same motion. Kalar may have been a guest, and a member under Kalmuli in the household but Kala was always and ever Kalmuli's mentor, friend, and lover, and she held the bearing of her position as such naturally. "You don't need to prove your affections to me, I feel it in every glance you make and breath you take. It is more than I could have ever dreamed of after my sins against you. And, though I never thought it possible, I love you more now for our parting and your forgiveness than I did before. So let us save the intensity between us for when it counts, m'love. You'll feel it better to deny yourself just a bit, before submersing yourself in it." Kala leaned over and kisses Kalmuli on the forehead affectionately and wrapped her arms around the elf for a warm hug showing that she was not so much annoyed as concerned. The room seemed to fade into the background for Kala, at least in that moment, as the most important person in her life was right there in her arms, and it mattered to her that she got through her intention to her partner. "I look forward to crafting a new chapter together, with you. We'll find my title soon enough. There is no rush." She parted only after a moment and resumed her seat. Now turning her eyes over to Brenna who had gone to tell her tale. "Actually, your guilty pleasure is still a bit of a question. If it's Hiegel, I'd ask why you felt so guilty. She's more than I would consider a worthy mate, and I am rather happy that the two of you found each other. So, no... I don't know what you are talking about quite there. Perhaps you would be more comfortable to elaborate in private. If so, I understand. But tell me, 'Hush' what got you into the trade you did not speak so much of in your statement? Such things are tinged with danger and a seamstress isn't exactly the best beginnings for that craft, although I do hear it is somewhat of a common cover in certain circles."
  19. "'Keeper' still works just fine, you know." Kala stated with raised eyebrows. "Very rarely do I have any titles related directly to my wings... more often than not they are hidden for convenience sake anyways. Although, I do like keeping them out in this form... they just feel more relaxed while they are out. Shame though, as it precludes me wearing anything resembling a bra." As if to accentuate the issue, Kala shifted her wings around her back, right around the areas where the straps would normally go. She wasn't too well endowed, which was to be expected of avion, but it would be enough to cause issue if the body had aged poorly. "There are always other titles, Meddler, Librarian, Reaper. There was a time when I first started experimenting with Blood Magic as form of offense and healing that I earned the title 'Rouge Darkangel' - and yes my cheeks do turn that color if I push myself with that particular craft. It's quite darling in the right setting. Not so flattering on the male body." Kala reached over and poured herself some wine which she happily drank as well. "But enough about me, darlings. I hear so little about you all. You all work so dutifully but a person is so much more than where they are from or what they do for a job. What do you all enjoy? What interests you beyond your professions? Any hobbies, guilty pleasures?" She leans forward with a coy smile on her lips. "I want to know all about you. After all - this is to be my new household, yes?"
  20. Kala paused, and looked up at Kalmuli for a moment, as if she had spoken a mild insult to her. Her eyes went back to her food. "Banshees commonly do not sing, at best they keen. Even the most modern of legends coin the terms 'Banchee's wail.'" Kala looked serious, which made sense to know her background, she was a medium. She danced with spirits and sang across the veil of life and death as both man and woman. They were all far more than myths to her. So when she spoke of spirits, she spoke of friends, and had the instinctive level of defensiveness that Kala was doing her best to keep in close check. "They are also portends of death. The most aggressors of such spirits will call the life out of a being where they stand - thus the wail. They are associated with island lands, and not the sea itself - like the Siren. The Siren themselves only sang songs of allure out to sailors at sea. Leading them to death or shipwreck. The former mourns while the latter is cursed, for if a Siren is heard and ignored, she and her song vanishes. The fate of a mourning Banshee is much more difficult to escape for she is often a lost loved one calling for a family member to join her." Kala smiled and sipped her drink. She enjoyed recounting the legends that fell in the stories. In truth they were all told to explain spirits that all served different functions - but they were as much swayed by conception as they were beings that could be witnessed. "Spirits - from wisps to gods - are fragile, they are molded by our perception. When we lose or warp these tales, we change those spirits tied to them. That is the largest reason why I despise religion. Many of them, more than any other grouping, warp and corrupt spirits for no other reason than their own desire to spread their influence - and often in ignorance of the consequence. Like if one unleashed a mutating plague upon the world to rise those who were specifically targeted to be immune, not even realizing nor willing to hear that they are festering a crippling disease." Kala shook her head and smiled. "Perhaps it is not wise for me to pick a spirit to for my role. Wings on Sphinx are optional; often merely decorative, and they are more defined by the body of a lion. They do however speak in riddles. And they are a case example of the powers of perception. They were often guardians of tombs or spiritual realms, but when certain nations twisted the tale in turning them malignant - they were made much the same. The fear and admonishment carved a hole in their beings that forced them to follow the tale, feeling that only in consuming the beings that viewed them with animosity, that they could fill the hole their concept of them carved out. Thus the legend of Sphinx eating those who could not answer their riddles became true - caused by the very legends that were false to start. Thankfully the tales of such horror has faded over time and most are more the selves peaceful guardians they originally were." The Avioness eyed those around her with a soft smile. "And that will be the end of tonight's lesson." She chuckled, more amused than embarrassed at her tendency to lecture. Information however was important and it should be spread with care. She was not sorry for sharing what she knew. "In short, I'd be honored to be called a Sphinx in your company. Our features differ but our tales are much the same - as I guard the spiritual fiercely and I have mentioned earlier my associate's tendency to related me to graves and tombs."
  21. Kala looked over to Kamuli and smiled a moment. The idea already came to her mind as she began to hear each of the titles. The avion had to study history in the process of understanding magic, there was a creature that was often associated with only one gender, but shared a name between both gender. A feathered creature who's song brought others to call and pulled them into trance and riches, or death and servitude, depending on the tale told. With a curled smile, the lady spoke up in her smooth voice a single word as a title. "Siren" She looked up from her brows to the entire crew, her eyes switching from one to the other to see their reaction, the eyes looking like they peered into the souls of each. "Do you think such a title would be appropriate? Or is it already taken by another agent of yours I have not met?" With a preference for performance magic, and a drawing beauty, let alone the obvious wings, it all seemed to fit together in the same vein as all the other titles given out. So as the avion sampled more of the pot roast and some of the steamed vegetables she kept her silence to hear the thoughts of others if they decided to speak it aloud.
  22. "I'd rather not such a nickname. After all, if we were to give nicknames based of our most embarrassing moments, I am quite certain I would not be on the top of the list." Kala looked about to everyone to see where their reactions might lie in response to such a statement. "If you must name me something I would hope it would bear the same amount of respect given to your own names in code." It was only then that, with almost exceeding politeness and court manner, Kala began to dine upon the food provided to her. She was far more cautious as to which foods she picked, opting out of the meat pie for the portions of egg that might have been used for the crust, and instead opting to pick at any fruits and vegetables that were available for her to consume. She paused as she considered the concept of code names, affectionate terms that were comprised of intent and meaning to depict someone before their identity as a whole was revealed. Kala was familiar with quite a few that was associated with her female form as well as her male. However she did not feel particularly inclined to simply offer them up blindly. Perhaps with some inspiration from the others she would feel the urge to share some that matched the theme of how they were shared. "Speaking of such, I do believe I have not heard your own. Perhaps it would be best that I preview what sort of title culture I am partaking in before we brainstorm which should be used for me. I wouldn't want to feel like a miss-match now, would I?" Kala intentionally putting the pun to her name simply for the sake of self-amusement.
  23. "I do believe I said before that Avionia culture is predominantly a matriarchy, this form helps ease otherwise tense situations to those who are more apprehensive to my birth form. Fortunately it is something I can change with some amount of frequency. The spell only requires a full rest in order for me to apply it again to revert back. But I assure you, it is quite... functional." Kala gave a wink and sauntered over to her seat at the table. "Besides, Squibs had felt so neglected." The final two words held a deep and almost chiding tone to it. "I was afraid that it'd get too involved and I wouldn't be able to see my poor Kallie for dinner. She gets lost so easily in the throes, you see. You would think she was an avion - perhaps that part of the attraction." Kala eyed the reactions from each of the individuals with a bit of selfish delight in her odd blue eyes. It was nice to see people placed on their back foot yet again when it came to her appearance. People attached so much to gender and appearance of physicality that it was an absolute railing to see such explanations turned on their head. But Kala knew quite well that the differences ran deeper than just appearances and stances in society. It was not the first time the being had changed genders and she witnessed the difference in how the body influenced the mind. Different mental connections, different chemicals influencing emotions. Hormones played differently, especially for an avion. It was an experience not to be taken for granted or simply discarded. Kala and Kalar were in some ways different people - or at least a different result when the core of the person was portrayed through a different scope. The paradox, however, long had taken such things in stride given how many lives they had lived. With each flip of the script a new part was not just played, it was felt, and those layers existed in tandem upon one another. It gave an entirely different sense of identity, that the paradox simply just accepted in each turn. For 'Kala" this was just another - a day in another sleeve of person-hood. "I do hope this isn't an affront to any of you? I've met so many who've seen this as some sort of mockery. I can tell you I've already lived natural female lives, and this experience is not any different from what I can recall of them. For tonight, at least - I am one of the ladies. The wonders of knowing the right magics."
  24. _______________And so time marches forward... An eventful evening, and another bath later, lead the two of them back to the main area, each dressed in fresh clothing. However, there was one noted difference. Standing next to Kamuli as they walked gingerly towards the dining room, was a feminine form. The robes of Kalar were a bit more loose, draped around a more lithe figure. The top of the robes, save for an undershirt was opened to give room for curves in the upper ends of the outfit. The eyes seemed a bit more slanted and the chin gave way to a much more rounded jawline, re-framing the hair that fell about it. The lips held a bit of blush that contrasted the pale skin of the smooth face that held it. The hips were only so very slightly wider as well. Avion weren't exactly known for their waistlines. The legs however, were quite well defined, even in the slender black pants that were worn. Kalar wore the appearance and body of a woman well, to the point where there seemed a stride of confidence not seen before. The Avion Medium always held a strange presence in the room, like the small, slightly slouched frame was much taller than he was. But this woman bore the stature of a queen and she knew and shown her strength of will. That said, her appearance was one of delight, almost giddy with flushed feminine smiles towards her mate as they walked together. There was a spring to the woman's step, taking full advantage of the ultralight weight she was capable of and allowing each step to carry her just a bit into the air. Her wings were out through the slits of this custom fitted robe and even they were held differently. The arches were somewhat further out along the body, causing the wings to angle inwards towards her waist as she gated about. "Oh I do hope it's not too much of a shock for them. Do you think they'll be confused? I mean, you were talking about how much of a treat I was, being the lone man outside the garden. Losing that for a day isn't going to cause any crestfallen faces, do you think?" The accent was more rich in this feminine voice, deeper and smooth than average, but it held an exotic charm to it. "Maybe I'll give them something else to think of for a while..."
  25. Kalar paused, looked at Kamuli, looked at the door. He looked back at Kamuli once more and tilted his head to the side. He thought about this carefully, thinking about all possibilities in the circumstance. This was not something to consider lightly, after all. There was the potential of appearances to keep and the idea of rumors all about that could carry for realms upon realms. Kalar knew because the reputation often proceeded him in multiverse congregation points. Still, eventually he warmed up to the idea brewing in his head, it inevitably made him laugh. "Alright, Kamuli, you win. Like I am going to subject you to such an occurrence alone with me neglecting you. You've grown quite wild in my absence. We were active but not to this degree.... that said... give me a moment to change and we can walk in together, mn? I did promise to be your partner in all things, did I not?" Kalar kissed her forehead and smirked at Kamuli teasingly. "Just don't be mad if I pull off a more impressive figure."
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