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  1. Since I've been mentioned, I might as well answer. 1: Depends on the person, although sometimes it could be that someone is weak and their nerves could be over-reactive. However, if you're not a human, it may be a different story. 2: As both of my compatriots have answered before I have, it would depend on if it was voluntary or not. 3: This is a paradox because if someone answers yes, then their answer would really be no, if they say no, then they're answer would be yes. Another simple paradox would be the sentence 'I am a Liar'. This is a paradox because if the person truly is a liar, then the sentence would be a truth, but you wouldn't be able to tell because if the person was telling the truth, then they wouldn't be a liar. Paradoxes are fun to think about. 4: This is a funny question because I used it think it was said as "Q-you", but really, yes, there would be four other silent letters after the 'Q' 5: No, because if you say any sentence backwards it can create some sort of sentence, even if the grammar is off. Sorry if I have not mentioned any others who have responded before I have. (Also sorry if I sound like I have an ego the size of the Eiffel Tower, i'm just answering in what would be character)
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