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  1. I've never thought of that actually, thanks. But no it's not like that even though I know what you mean. I really just happen to look at the time and it's triple digits. Not all the time but frequent enough that it's almost once a day. And other people I know catch it too everytime I'm around, so it's not me seeing stuff. But I'll try to let it go, it's probably not really anything, just coincidences.
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    Hi! I've been thinking over this for a long while so I wouldn't think I'm crazy or anything, and it keeps happening. It might just be a coincidence, but I keep seeing triple digit numbers nearly every day. It started when I kept seeing 444 a few months ago, and after the second time I mentioned it to my cousin and she saw the same thing. Then it was other numbers like 333, 111, 1111, 1221, 555, etc. I looked them up and they're apparently "angel numbers" that are supposed to mean something. I mostly see these numbers on clocks, just happen to check the time and see it's 12:34 or 2:22. So although I know it's my choice to believe if that it means something or not, and what I should do, I would like the opinions of other people, since this is a very weird situation, lol. Edit: Unluckily I haven't logged the numbers in their order of appearance so I can't try to find some sort of mathematical answer through them (nerd alert)
  3. IZemira had barely adjusted to her seat, her lips grazing the rim of the cup, when the bartender, curiously, asked for her to check her armor. Personally the paladin felt like this was a bit too much. Studying the blue coin she'd received with her eyebrows slightly furrowed in perhaps contempt, she parted her lips but then she changed her mind and shook her head. "My armor stays near me," she murmured, glancing briefly at the woman. Zemira wondered where she came from, although she doubted that she would be able to relate with her background, like this man. She couldn't imagine working like this, serving beverages and possibly food, to people who could easily get it themselves. She'd been taught that killing corrupt creatures was more than useful, since you rid the world of one menance at a time. But the young girl wasn't disgusted of his work, just knowledgeable of what was needed and what was not. Considering her own past, which wasn't very "exciting", in the term, Zemira mused about what she should tell this man who liked a little spice in his life. Tapping her now empty cup against the counter, the paladin said, in a thoughtful manner, "Um... you could say that where I came from I was raised as a child to be focused solely on what I'm doing today, "fighting evil monsters" and trying to keep peace, but...sometimes..." She paused, rubbing the back of head nervously. "Sometimes...well, everyone views the world in their own way, which includes who is the monster and who is the hero, and sometimes when I look into the eyes of the allies of my enemies, they look at me as if I'm the monster, slaughtering their friends like a maniac with no mercy..." Realizing that what she said could make things be taken the wrong way, she quickly added, "And their are different monsters, the ones that live within everyone that makes them become something they'll regret, and I'm not sure if ten year old me was prepared for that..." She tried not to think about the vile things people did that could amount to them being woret than an actual evil beast. She almost took another sip from her cup before realizing it was empty. Staring at the bottom of the cup in blandly, she said, "My name is Zemira. Ywain." Maybe she shouldn't have offered her surname but it was already out there. Besides no one here would here of her again, most likely. She eyed the bartender.
  4. Sorry about the delay. Should be able to post today! 

  5. Zemira wished that she could just disappear into her large mane of curly hair but sadly it was tied back in a low ponytail. How did she not see that she was supposed to give her weapon, especially in a peaceful place like this? The young paladin thanked the bartender for the drink and slid money over the counter. Her hand shook at little as she took a sip, glancing at the woman next to her who offered her some of her drink. "Um, no thank you," she said. She didn't know exactly what it was, or what was in it, more importantly. Even though there was only a small amount inside, she wasn't going to let her guard down even a little, disregarding the fact that she didn't like drinking after others. "I have to, uh, do something." She got up abruptly and grabbed her mace, heading to where the man had pointed at the weaponry room. She gave it to guard and he checked. Deaming it safe, perhaps, he carefully placed it against the wall, Zemira taking note of it's location. Going back to her seat, the young girl drank until there was less than half left in her cup. She tapped her fingers against the counter, eyeing her armor behind her. It was like a second skin, and being without it made her feel exposed and somewhat uneasy but she felt it was a way of being polite, just like not having her weapon. At least she had her sheild. Looking between the bartender and the woman, she asked them, "S-so what brings you both here? I mean, I know one of you works here but... how did you end up here?" She gestured at the tavern.
  6. Is there a thread open yet? I'm not that active on this thread and i hope I didn't miss anything
  7. I really like it!! I know it's just a sketch but her hair is curlier, like this:
  8. Lol its ok. Now you'll never know─kidding. How did you even get negative?? ??? 1. 19 2. 57 3. 2019 4. 673 5. 100 (supposedly!) 6. 600 7. 73 8. 130 9. 13 10. 9 11. ?????!!!! ??
  9. @Hurttoto if you like puzzles, figure it out, sir: 1. How many letters are in "Johnny Johnny Yes Papa?" 2. Multiple by 3. 3. What year will it be after 2018? 4. Divide that number by 3. 5. How many tics tacs are in a bottle of tic tacs? 6. Multiple by 6. 7. Subtract the answer to #4 by previous answer. 8. Add #2 to previous answer. 9. Divide by the number that completes this: "Eight, Nine, ___" 10. If a octopus is holding a human leg, how many legs does it have? 11. Subtract that by #9. There's your answer, lol!! I know I could've just told you but things have to be "interesting".
  10. @Venus Sprite When I'm feeling funny i pronounce it "yah-wayne" but it's actually (probably) just "wayne" or "yayne". It doesn't really matter to me! (Edit: Or "wine"?) @Lawman i really like playing Neverwinter, but i get what you mean. Im not massively addicted to it but i often come back to just to enjoy the graphics and the gameplay, its fun!
  11. This would be awesome!! Do you think that she'd like a young paladin fighting for justice, meaning she fights evil monsters and bad people? I'll pm you later about ideas, if you're interested
  12. I'm interested...?. I'll have questions later.
  13. WHOa this is so interesting, I would definitely like to add Zemira! She's a paladin, too! I'm also interested in the Order of the White Hand, too. Wow, this is almost too much. I just want to play as a hero. If I go into another level, can i choose differently? If I'm a hero in one level and a monster in another level, is my hero the same level or do they progress? This sounds really fun, good job
  14. I probably should've done this first but I just joined not that long ago anyway. Hi everyone! Usually I have a hard time getting inspired to do things i really like to do, like writing and making artwork, but my character Zemira is based off of a character I made in a game I play called Neverwinter(with many changes) and I really like her. I hope I get to write a lot here, writing is fun!! Here's a selfie of me if you want to see:
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