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  1. Hello there! Due to my over-the-top tendencies of anonymity, you can all call me M. I'm female, in my early twenties and have enjoyed roleplaying since around the age of thirteen. Ever since I can remember, I have always been into story-telling and creative writing. I loved writing short stories as a child, mostly horror because that is the one main genre my mother always brought me up on. The first time I was given access to a computer and internet materials, I started to further expand my knowledge of writing and themes to use depending on what genre I was most into at the time. English class was always my favorite and I thrived as a top student in the creative writing section of our courses. However, I did also enjoy the research parts too. After all, learning is a big part of writing, since you won't know what to write about unless you learn first. More recently, over the past year, or so, I have lost touch with the roleplaying scene. Real life responsibilities and a very laboring full-time job restrict me greatly. However, I do wish to change that, because, without writing, my life is monochrome. It lacks color and vibrancy. I have become a working robot and that is something I never wish to be. My interests expand from Marvel Cinematic Universe, horror and mystery, paranormal, space exploration/discovery, all the way to lands where dragons and other mythical beings exist. Of course, I am less skilled in writing some more than others, but that can always change. I'm willing to learn from others and further expand my skills. I can't wait to meet new people and discover magical things here!
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