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  1. Lady of Light

    Emissary of the Devil

    The seventh kingdom of the infernal realm was a place Natasha had made her own, shaped and molded to her desires. Gazing around with her black orbs she looked one last time upon her kingdom, her home, before she would set off to depart at her Master's stern command. Over the many years of rule in this circle, Natasha had created a place of solitude and her own version of peace amongst the madness. A large obsidian castle reigned largely in the very center, spires reaching high into the darkness, the structure itself glistening as the surrounding flames danced, reflecting off its surface. A moat of hellfire put place as a safeguard circled her stronghold in case of rogue demons or other invaders, a certain devil spawn came to mind when she gazed upon this feature. Outside of the circle was a vast meadow. In the times Natasha had visited the mortal realm she had admired certain things she found beautiful. Though she may be the creation of the devil himself she bore feelings inside her that ranged out from just hatred and rage. Fields upon fields stretched as far as the eye could see, flowers blooming endlessly, never affected by the searing heat, Natasha's power sustained them. A waterfall, and pond also graced the beauty of her magical landscape, and she sighed heavily gazing fondly at her special spot before donning her hard demeanor once more to refocus on the task at hand. The sharpness and fierce presence of her castle re-centered her and a soft click came as she ascended the stairs back inside to prepare. Mephisto had disappeared in a pillar of flame just as suddenly as he had appeared, leaving her with orders to depart immediately. These were not orders she would ever think to disobey. Raising her fist high into the air she slowly opened her fingers one by one as she stood in the foyer, releasing a bit of herself into her palace to that which she would know if it was invaded or disturbed while she was away, this she would not accept. Though Damien was only in the second circle currently, one could never underestimate a devil. Natasha deemed the Mother of Demons never went anywhere without her black runed book. In this book contained the power with which to borne these said demons. After taking the essence from human or other-kind alike she would return to her realm and use blood or ink depending on the strength of the demon she wanted to summon, and would draw the effective runes in to said book. Those runes would then be absorbed into the page, along with the essence from her body. As a demon was born she would nourish it with her power in many different ways, may it be a bite to her wrist, a collar woven from her hair, a taste of her blood, a piece of her would be given, but that's where the motherhood ended. The demons would then be set loose to battle each other, survival of the fittest. She would never present Mephisto with anything less than pristine and extremely powerful. The essence of those that did not survive would be taken back into her being and given in power to her realm. Thinking upon all these things she would leave behind she shook her head once more to clear if of these ridiculous emotions and began to think rationally. First she would need to change her appearance. Running her hands slowly down her body she willed her magical armor to morph and stretch along her curves and flesh to create what looked to anyone on the mortal realm as a red dress, the dress of a seductress, hugging every in and out of her form in just the right place, leaving little to be desired, just how she liked it. Her face did not need much changing to blend in except for her strong ebony eyes, she settled upon an emerald green to compliment the red and after gazing in a nearby mirror she was satisfied with the final look, one no mere mortal could resist. Grabbing her beloved and necessary book once more she gently bit the tip of her finger until her life essence begin to spill and she quickly started to scrawl symbols, runes, magick unto the pages. As she did this a black and swirling orb appeared before her, floating mid air. As she witnessed the orb she started chanting in the guttural and ancient language of her people. The orb began to fluctuate and bend, sparks flew, screams emitted, Natasha grinned as she called upon her deepest powers and inner demon to summon this portal. After the spell was complete she stood before an undulating portal, the other side displaying the mortal realm. Closing her book tightly she took one last gaze at her surroundings, sucked in a deep breath and stepped through the portal to the other side.
  2. Lady of Light

    Emissary of the Devil

    The Mother of Demons they called her, Duchess, ruler of the 7th kingdom in the Infernal Realm...Natasha. A silken sheet of ebony tresses swayed behind the Succubus as she paced around her throne room, heels clicking ever so softly on the black marble. Attuned so deeply as she was to the Infernal Realm and her Lord Mephisto she sensed a coming, something stirring, disturbance amongst them beyond the already raging war with Damien that surrounded them. In defense of her kingdom and befitting of her status she donned an armor made from the most precious materials the realm had to offer, forged by demons and infused with power of Mephisto himself. This armor served not only to protect what she already had power over, but at her slightest whim could be transformed to look like absolutely anything she desired, this was how she hunted her prey, how she won her essences. Creating the most powerful demons in the name of her Lord was not a simple task, but she rejoiced in every minute of this service. Taking from those what they may or may not want to freely give imbued her with a sense of overwhelming euphoria and had led to the status she achieved up until now. She was the queen of seduction, of trickery to mortals and immortals alike, Natasha was never denied what she desired. As she continued to walk the length up to her throne she approached a scrying vessel that was seated at the right hand of her iron glory, nestled in a tower of demon skulls. Those bones belonged to demons born that did not meet her high standards she then had banished forever by a swift death, a bowl full of blood given by the most powerful of her subjects rested. Approaching the crimson liquid she dipped one delicate finger into the burning life essence and proceeded to place its contents on her tongue. Taking in the power given within this force she was then greeted by a pulse among the scarlet puddle that matched the next beat of her heart. Metal covered digits ending in long fingernails clicked against the bowl as she peered her dark orbs over it and was immediately greeted by a sense of unease, of a darkness greater than even her realm. Blackness, death, suffering, things she was not unused to, but on an even deeper level. A disturbing sensation crawled up her spine and displeased the Duchess to such an extent that she reached out in a furious rage, slamming her palm against the scrying vessel, splattering the blood all around her feet. For this mess she did not care, for the feeling she was given at her gaze between realms she felt unease. Suddenly as she attempted to put this destructive feeling out of her mind the entire castle shook, the feeling of immense power overwhelmed her senses and she knew who approached. "Mephisto, my Lord, you bless my presence." A swirl of raging fire appeared in front of her throne, she ascended the stairs and took a seat, reveling in the power she felt around her and inside of her as she took her spot before her master. Fingertips digging into the armrests she licked her lips ever so slowly in preparation for what might bring the almighty himself to her kingdom. Entranced by the flames, she gazed longingly into the intense fury that raged just feet from her face, no fear emanated from Natasha, just awe. Mephisto "spoke" of fools and his meddling son, of Xellos and discord amongst the two. "Xellos not wanting to take action? Why am I not surprised. Should you have need of me to persuade him?" A sultry laugh came deep from within her at the idea of seducing Xellos, oh what a fun endeavor that would be. Bringing her mind back to the present she acknowledged what her Lord next requested of her, attendance to the Mortal Realm. Natasha was powerful enough to travel there on her own volition, and did so frequently to steal the essences of men and other beings at the will of her master to create the beautiful creatures who served them both, so she was not unfamiliar with the Realm itself, but had not delved deeply into what it held as far as powerful beings, this would be a very new venture for her. "I do not know the tribulations to be faced on this mortal plane, though I would never deny your orders my liege. My one request would be that you bestow upon me a guard, as I will have to greatly suppress my powers once I cross over. It will take me time to siphon enough of the weak essence these underlings provide me to gain a 'normal' aura to surround myself and if I were to fail you out of weakness I could not forgive myself and would require only banishment." Hearing next that she would be seeking out Faust the archdemon she raised one corner of her mouth, not opposed to this idea. "I am ready to do your bidding great one, when would you have me disperse?" Letting the flames consume her mind and reflect in her eyes she shifted a bit in her throne, crossing one leg over the other and giving a grin that would shatter the psyche of even the strongest players.