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  1. I just remembered the "sleeping around" comment I had Arsinia make awhile ago... But, uh. Just to clear that up, it's literal. She tends to sleep on chairs or on the floor or on top of tables. It's weird, she's weird, beds are uncomfortable. 

    1. zackrobbman


      lol I figured it was something like that actually. I just knew she was unspecific like that during casual conversation. I'm not a judgey guy (Unless given many reasons to be when concerning a person of ill or dishonest nature who forces me to try and figure them out)  and  I try to give folks the benefit of the doubt! Yes, even with fake, RP characters that often have a little (or alot) of the creator within them.😁

      Sorry I haven't posted yet! I THOUGHT I had the internet thing figured out, but microsoft accounts are now in my top five things I sincerely hate. It is unnecessarily convoluted to set up and they keep trying to make everything I do link to the internet like a crack addict that wants nothing to do with you unless you give them money. I only got one thing to switch up now though, so I can finally get back to writing...at home...with a computer...and not have to go to the library to do it...which is closed due to the covid thing.

      Posting today!


  2. Hi if u say anything to me I'll probably respond but I'm feelin kinda sad n unmotivated so response might not be right away 😕

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      Yo. What's up?

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      Idk man brain is just doin funky stuff. Not fun but I can't really help it 😕

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      Everyone's brain does funky stuff, bud. Like when I shook up a jug of bleach yesterday and the cap wasn't tightened on. I was wearing my best dress shirt at the time, and now it's ruined. After it happened, I remember thinking to myself...why did I shake up the jug of bleach? Was I trying to get the pressure up? Was I trying to make it fizzle?

      Don't single yourself out.😄

  3. Arsinia nods, and pauses. Something about the past couple of days had made her jittery, and she didn't know why. Was it fear? Excitement? She wasn't sure, so she just ignored the churning in her stomach. "There isn't much you don't know yet that I can think of, really... Uhm, well, other than the fact that there are actually these really nasty buggers in the sewers, and one, they get you pretty sick, and two, they're like... Insects? And they come in swarms. Huge swarms. They will try to eat you. So... Maybe the sewer is not a good idea." "We could use the roofs a good bit, but it's fairly common for people to set up some basic deterrents to... Dissuade any troublemakers from messing around. You know, basic traps. Magic missiles. The occasional poison smoke for the especially paranoid. Maybe setting off really, really loud alarms. We'd just have to be careful." "Alleys would be a better idea because they're pretty narrow. And from what I can tell, most of the people going to this place are... Above average in size. Unless it's a scrawny little dude who just... Stabs people really fast." she sighs, realizing that someone like that is probably gonna be there. Literally every type of criminal and unsavory will be there. This would be... Not fun. "Also, just gonna warn y'all but I still don't know what made me black out and it might have the teeniest, tiniest chance of happening again, so you might, maybe, possibly come back and find me biting people if we get separated. Which we shouldn't do, at least not after we meet up again." Ticking off her fingers for some reason, possibly just so she has something to fidget with, she mumbles a couple things to herself and, snapping, she finds everything satisfactory. "Yeah, I think that's it. I hope that's it. Let's be honest, I probably forgot something, but I can't think of anything else for the life of me. So. Sorry if something bad happens." Yanking her gloves on and checking her goggles, she looks up at the two. "Y'all ready?" After getting what she assumed was confirmation, she opens the front door and roughly shoves Charlie out. "Hey, as bad as you are, please don't die," She calls out after him. "Okay, Zack, we're gonna go through the back, it's kinda cramped but. We should be able to manage." Trotting on over to the smithy area, she climbs on top of one of the many sturdy tables and creaks open the ventilation window. She could have used the door, but it wouldn't really work right anymore. Whenever she managed to get it's twisted hinges to open, it hit the building behind the shop, and didn't leave enough room to squeeze outside easily. Why was the door there in the first place? It was a mystery... But honestly, the window was better. Squeezing through, she lands on her feet and glances both directions. Good, she sighs a breath of relief, no one here. Like always. She inched into the shadowy half-light that was ever-present in the alleyways, careful. She didn't like a lot of things. Blood. Crowds. Cold. Darkness. There was just too many things that could jump out at you when you were in the dark, and it might have been a childish fear, but... she always felt like it wasn't the worst one to have. Arsinia shivers again. Why wasn't she wearing something warmer? She was stupid. God, she was so stupid. A T-shirt? For this occasion? No wonder— Okay. Okay, calm down, you're just getting distracted. What were you thinking about? Shadows? Small spaces? Yeah. Okay. Don't be dumb. Don't get side tracked. "Alleys... Okay, so... Two rights... A left... Straight, straight... Right...? Might need to check when we get there..." She mutters to herself, weaving a map in her head. Sometimes her brain played nice, and this was one of those times. She could think... Kind of straight. She starts off into the narrow alleyways, much more confident this time, and then stops, checking to make sure Zack had followed her out the window in the first place.
  4. Ok. Ok, I'm kind of back. 

    Heyyy, anyone who I roleplay with! I am so, so sorry I just... Poof! Disappeared... 

    I had a lot of stupid problems with tech and I couldn't even get online for a short bit, but now I can! So I'm gonna try to be more active! Again, really sorry I disappeared ;n;

    That's all I can say for today but I'll be back sometime tomorrow! Bye! 

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      Welcome back to it 




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      You just got yourself the best present of 2019

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      Wait...you back?

  6. Arsinia Crescentia was a fairly simple women, as simple as one of her station could be. Standing at four foot two and of a strong constitution, she ate meager meals though she could afford more, and her housing area was small but she could pay for a larger one. She didn't care much for wealth and comfort, simply yearned for the rewarding effort of smithing. The jarring clangs of metal on heated metal, the satisfying hiss of warm iron meeting water, and the workout that came with pumping the bellows. Smithing was her life. And her shop, the Crescent Hammer, was going to be her lifeline. Arsinia, if you haven't picked it up yet, was a blacksmith. She originally started it as a hobby, but eventually money started to dwindle, and she came to face the facts: You needed coin to survive. Without coin you couldn't buy food, or water, or a workspace, or materials... If she wanted to keep up the hobby, she needed to turn it into a job. So here she was. Wiping her hands down the front of her smock, she looked at her newest creation: A long, thin sword called a rapier. She should name it, she thought, but her mind was blank of ideas. Her short, brown, bobbed hair bounced as she spun deftly towards the back door. She opened it and stepped through silently, into the space behind the counter. Into her shop. Her shop. The concept felt so new, so foreign- but she wasn't dreaming. She beamed with pride, gazing around the room. It was filled with various examples of her work- battleaxes, warhammers, shortswords, staffs- there were even some pieces of armor scattered about. The shop looked clean, new- void of the usual dust that seemingly followed her everywhere. The weapons were arranged neatly on racks, in displays, and on the walls, with stands near the doorway for the armor. The wooden interior felt crisp and well-kept, and she was glad. She knew that the tiny bell arranged above the door would ring out an alarm whenever somebody entered- nothing too shocking, simply a noise like a windchime- and that a sign above the door exclaimed the presence of the building to anybody who passed by. It was only a matter of time. Until then, she'd wait. She sat, folding her hands. Only a matter of time, she assured herself. OOC Thread
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