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  1. The sidestep catches her off-guard- she continues forward, the momentum sending her reeling. Thinking fast, she puts all of her weight into her toes and spins awkwardly, fists flailing. She misses by a large margin, and her face takes on a slight red tinge. But hey, bonus points for not falling over like an idiot. Her face goes even redder. "Nah," she says nonchalantly, attempting to salvage whatever small amount of pride she had left. "I'm just jackshit at this kinda stuff. I used to do fencing when I was twelve, but... Dropped that pretty fast. All the damn fancy footwork and... Ah. I'll stop here." She shakes her hands out, and sighs. "How hopeless at this brawling stuff am I? Extra points if you don't try to save my feelings."
  2. Haha yo @ChaosLordyou still have that typo where you call my character "Seri" after my last post. Also take it easy and thank god you're finally back haha i think I'm gonna not post on this RP until stuff starts happening? But basically I'm just stalking y'all, lol I'll do something embarrassing, most likely, to introduce myself. Maybe attempt to save someone, but fail horribly so that I have to be saved instead? Ok that's cliché but still. I will keep reading always tho! happy writing, y'all!
  3. She grins and cracks her knuckles unconsciously. Giving him a thumbs up, she starts doing warmup stretches. "I haven't done much 'moving around' exercise in a while. It'd be kinda lame if I lost a fight because I pulled a hamstring or somethin'. Oh, yeah, by the way, I say that I haven't gotten into a fight before, but all that means is that I haven't had practical experience. Like, I don't lack muscle power or anything, uh.." "Well t' be honest I doubt much'll get past that armor, an' kicking it would be a horrible idea.." "But hey! I'm all for horrible ideas, so I'm gonna go barehanded..." With a flourish and overly dramatic flair, she takes her smithing gloves out of her pocket, "Almost! These damn things'll keep my hands safe even if a meteor hits me from the stratosphere!" She laughs, but still can't seem to debate whether they really would. Yanking them on, she readies her fists and takes up a defensive position. "Ready," she calls, "set.." And sprinting at him, she yells, "GO!"
  4. Seri layed on the bed and murmured things to the air around her. Stuff like, what was happening in the gym, or other classrooms, having conversations with invisible things. If she were asked who, or what, she was talking too, she would simply reply, "the enquis". Her interest was piqued when she heard of a fight brewing in the gym. "Ah. This may be dangerous for those children." "..." "I shouldn't get involved." OOC: YALL 👏 LETS 👏 HURRY 👏 THIS 👏 UP 👏 PLEASE 👏 i just wanna participate in a good story... TwT
  5. She breaths a sigh of relief when he isn't harmed. However, when he shoots himself again, she winces. "Ah.." And when he goes on a fairly graphic rant about severely maiming and killing someone named "The Tin Man", she just does her best not to cringe herself into the ground. However, as he reacts in a similar way as she does when she catches herself doing something... odd, she almost smiles. "Ah- well- there is no way in hell I'm gonna hit that with something- I'm not the one with overnight spontaneous healing. But I did bring something, uh-" Her expression goes dark. "I don't like blood. Guess for yourself. Oh, wait, no shit Sherlock, I live in fuckin' Blairville, of course I've-" she stops herself. "..." "I've never gotten into an actual fight.." She seems troubled. "What the fuck? How have I never gotten into a fight?..." Her mutterings devolve, and she starts ticking off her fingers and doing assorted gestures, as though trying to rationally figure out where she last left something or solve a puzzle. She stops, once again realizing that she had been doing something "weird". She shoves her hands into her pockets hurriedly. "Ah, sorry, I just- I get a little animated sometimes, sorry..." "..." "What if we sparred? You don't exactly have to go easy on me, and I can rain hell on you because of that armor, and we'll be testing at the same time."
  6. She takes the gun dubiously, staring at it. "You know how dumb this is for both of us, right? If the armor fails, you get hurt, and if the armor succeeds, the bullet'll ricochet back at me..." Her mutterings cease. With this in mind, she positions herself at an angle so, if it did rebound, she wouldn't need medical attention. With a nearly steady arm, she adjusts her grip and swallows. "Bang," she whispers, and pulls down on the trigger. The effect is instantaneous. A bullet whips out of the barrel of the gun, smashing into his chest- she flinches, expecting a sound. But the armor makes no noise, no metal-on-metal clash. She shrieks, then rushes over to him. "HOLY CRAP ARE YOU OKAY, PLEASE TELL ME YOU'RE OKAY I DIDN'T KILL YOU DID I?!" She stares at him, then flaps her hands around awkwardly, on account of being able to do literally nothing without the high risk of invading personal boundaries, because, let's be honest- he was a walking black abyss. She couldn't see if he was injured, or if the armor had deflected the bullet- In fact, it almost seemed like the stuff had eaten the damn thing. "Dudeseriouslypleasetellmeifyou'rebleedingoutbecauseevenifyouareIcan'ttell ahhhhh--!!" Looking down at her hand, she sees that she's still holding the gun. Her arm goes stiff and she panickedly flings the thing off of her hand. "Never been fond of firearms.." She mutters fast and quiet.
  7. The only time she really reacts to most of what he says is the "becaus I'm pretty short" remark. Like, seriously? Look at me, and then rethink any possible "short" complaints. She frowns, contemplating. "Nah, I'd say this is pretty normal for me. I get random drowsy spats all the time. They aren't dangerous or anything, I just need to... Wake up. Also, the drug might have worn off.. And I'm just tired from the smithing." She shrugs nonchalantly. "And don't be afraid to call me weird, cause I'm pretty sure that's what you're tryin'a say. Unless I'm super out of it, or drunk, or pissed.. Yeah, actually... Just don't. I don't want to stab you or somethin'. " She hops off the stool and chucks her empty thermos at a wall, letting it be lost somewhere in the mess. "Meh, I'll find it later. I can always just make a new one." Grabbing the finished helm-piece, she tosses it a short distance to Zack, and walks towards the door. "Let's go field-test this gear, punk." She grins. Kicking open the door (unnecessarily), she makes her way to the front of the shop. Turning her neck, she stares back at Zack. "Hey, dude, I am totally almost one-hundred-percent-certain that no more axe-wielding psychopaths will see us. And if you're still uncertain, put on the damn helmet." She pauses. "Wait, yeah, put it on right now- I dunno if it blocks vision or somethin'." ~One walk that I don't care to write about later~ "Hmm..." Arsinia stares at the field in front of them. "I have no idea where we are or how we got here, but.. Hey, field testing, huh? (Ba-dum-tssss)" ".....' "No seriously, how did we get here?"  ̄\_(ヅ)_/ ̄
  8. She laughs, and waves a hand at him dismissively. "Why would I? I mean, I made it. Also, having you die from malnutrition or some shit is bad for both of us, and I know you don't have any money anyways- I'm not a loan shark." A loud snapping noise comes from her direction. She swears, not so quietly. "Fucking cheap shit- what the hell?" Grumbling, she tries to fix whatever she broke. After a couple seconds she starts up again. "Yeah, sorry about that. I kinda just.. spaced out. You want my life story, huh. Well, it started out as a hobby. Just whacking random pieces of metal together was.." She shrugs. "Kinda my thing, I guess. I don't know what it was about physical work, it just.. it's pretty fulfilling, you know?" Tapping her short nails on the thermos, she takes a sip out of it. "Also, money's never really been a problem for me..." Sighing, she blows a stray hair out of her face. "Until now. I mean, I opened the shop so that I could keep the damn hobby.. It was easy to get the building. I mean, after all, I've lived here for.. Quite a long time. I just renovated it into a shop. And no, I don't just sleep on the counter, there's a second floor with all my personal crap on it." "I get the materials several different ways. I've bought, traded, found- I think I've stolen some before, but my memories on that are... fuzzy. Also, I hunt for most of my foods & leathery-furry-whatever-the-hell stuffs. And then pay someone else to process that stuff and make it useable. Not some... bloody mystery chunk. Ew, that'd be nasty." "I mean, I've thought of blacksmithing as a viable career for.. A pretty long time. Like, since-I-was-able-to-know-what-blacksmithing-was long time. Well.. maybe not? It's been a while, though." Realizing how unorganized and chaotic everything sounded, she shrugs apologetically. "Oh, sorry about that. My thought process tends to.. jump around. A lot. Someone used to say I had, what was it again..? Oh, yeah! That's right- ADHD. Attention deficit hyper disorder, or somethin'. I may have gotten that wrong. Yeah, my mind is pretty messy." She laughs, apparently finding something amusing. "Like, I totally bet if you could see the inside of it, there would be random, horrible abominations flying around with little fairy wings and screaming profanities at each other." Her voice becomes less playful. "And then there'd be totally random patches of darkness and emptiness. Like, what the hell, brain? Why do forget random crap so easy? What am I not... remembering?" By the time she finishes, she basically muttering to herself. Remembering that she'd been talking to someone moments before, she perked up. "So," she says thoughtfully, "What should your question be..?" After a moment of silence, she sighs. "You know, I know I'm the one who proposed this idea, but I don't have any question ideas. Hmm...." "Ah! I know- is the name you use now your given name? Or did you change it? If not, have you thought of changing it? Why would or did you change you name? Is there a reason? Oh, and- How many dumb nicknames have you acquired through your life?" "I mean, it's not that much of a question, but.... I know that you probably can't answer a lot of my questions on account of... secrecy? Your job?" She shrugs. yo, hi there. Higuu here, OOC. Sorry I haven't posted for a while. And sorry I'm not responding as fast as I used to. ;-; I'll try and be more on the ball, but.. Meh.
  9. She jams a couple more plates together. "Well, sure, I don't care if we walk around. Might be a bit dangerous for you, though- not because of MMG, just 'cause... It's Blairville. If you're not careful, some kid playing with magical fireworks'll accidentally ram one up your nose." Expecting a question, she answers preemptivelly. "MMG = Mad Murder Giant." She glances back at him with a dubious look on her face. "So how bad is this 'magic screw-up' stuff? Like, if you walk past a MRad, does it just.. blow up?.. Man, that'd suck. You wouldn't be able to listen to music." "... Say, what type of music DO you listen to? ... Do you, at all? I mean, like, if you didn't that'd be real sad." She frowns, clicking another piece together. "Dude, I just realized something. I'm gonna basically go to hell and possibly not back with you, and I know nearly nothing about you." Arsinia sets down the helm she was working on, and starts listing off things, ticking them down with her fingers. "You fight a lot, you kill a lot, it's your job, you piss off a lot of people, your partner is a pervert and an ass, you don't like him al, that much, you're involved in some shady shit, you heal overnight, and.. magic doesn't like you. Also, your measurements- and you are incredibly jumpy." She grins at him. "I mean, I'll probably die 'cause of ya, and I know like.. only some very basic shit." Cocking her head, she continues. "How about this- I ask you anything and you gotta answer, and you can do the same for me. And before you object, please remember something- you're essentially my charity case and my lifeline. Whatever the hell we're goin' inta, we're goin' together. Might as well talk to each other for fucks sake." She waves her hand dismissively. "And there is no way I'm gonna try this with Flamey, cause he'll jus' make some pervy move or joke, and I'll feel very inclined to smash his skull in." She stops talking, realizing that she's just repeating herself over and over. Laughing a bit, she taps the table absentmindedly. "Damn, that feels a bit demanding. Sorry, I can get a little.. out of character sometimes." She grins, finding some slightly sociopathic amusement in his hunger. "Hungry?" Walking past him and back out into the shop, she's gone for a couple minutes before coming back. When she returns, she flings a metal cylinder off-balance at him, causing it to do cartwheels midair. Pulling a random stool out from who knows where, she kicks it toward him. "Here!" Pulling another out, she sits heavily. Slamming the cylinder down on her work table and getting back to work, she tips in towards her mouth. "Smoothies," she explains without any other context. "Not the best, but something. Also.. I don't know exactly what's in it, but I am 97% certain that it wasn't made with or around anything magical. My best guess is that it's some odd tropical fruit mix with a very large amount of something sugary." She shrugs. "Drink it or wait a couple hours for noodles or somethin'."
  10. She glances of to him. "Uh, well, I guess I technically don't know? Like, I'm just-" she tries to say something and stutters. Frowning, she stares back at the furnace. "Just heating it up to a million degrees and just using it like any other metal." She shivers, despite the hellish heat wafting from the flames a couple feet away. "Eugh. This dumb adrenaline shiz sure ups your energy, but it sure as hell can't help my thinking. I keep forgetting words.. Having, whatchacallit, tip-of-the-tongue moments? Haha, I'm rambling. Whatever, this is MY house, and if I so please to drill out your eardrums, I have the full and entire right to do so!" Saying the last couple sentences in a haughty British accent, she laughs. Snapping a couple extra pieces together, she looks down on a finished product. "Hey, m' think I'm done with this bit." In front of her, on a sturdy hardwood counter, is a pitch black chestplate that seems to be fastened together with some leathery-looking flexible material. "This should provide you with sufficient protection to your abdomen." Grabbing onto the bottom of it, she tosses it towards Zack. "Try it on!"
  11. Suddenly, she stops. "Oh, hell. I forgot. Yeah, I gotta take measurements now. I guess it slipped my mind? Usually I use this special sort of charm on my suits so it fits the user, but, well... That's magic. Sorry, sorry." She drops whatever the hell she's doing, and walks over to him. Looking him up and down, a light blush spreads across her face. "Okay, uh, this might take a bit- I can take measurements just fine, yeah, but I mean- I don't do it all that often." She stares at him. When he doesn't move, she grabs part of his arm and pulls him roughly off the crate. "If you've forgotten, I'm not exactly the perfect height for this." She pushes him into a more open area, and drags the crate over. Hopping onto the top of it, she's a little taller than Zack. Barking out a laugh, she smiles. "Ha! I'm taller than you now! Now I'M the one looking down on YOU!" She gets quiet, and then jumps off the crate and starts running around grabbing stuff, mainly measuring tools. She runs over to him and starts using the super-old technique of wrapping a piece of string around his waist, and then measuring the string to get the proper number- Ah. I'm rambling. This goes on for a couple minutes, while she writes down numbers in a random book the came out of seemingly nowhere, takes measurements, and mutters to herself. Near the end, when she is measuring his shoulders (with the help of standing on the crate), her expression is suddenly changed to one of confusion. She says something to herself under her breath, hops off the crate, and writes down a number. --What the heck?..-- _________________ After measuring Zack and writing down all the necessary numbers, she starts "metal"working again. Shaping the material into several different-sized plates, she starts to take other materials and fit the plates together with other things. "Hey, do you have a name for this?" She snorts. "If not, what if we called it, like, Darkium?" Her dumb smile falters as she tries to remember something. "Wait, correct me if I'm wrong, but is͞n̷'̸t̕ that from P͝͏̺̼o̷̡͇̭͈̝̩͈̯̕k̷͙̗é͘҉̖̤̳̝̬̦ͅ-?" She cuts off, and then continues her work. _________________
  12. Hearing distant echoes and signs of commotion, she tilts her head as if she were a dog, and focuses hard on listening. After a couple seconds, Seri sighs. Something worthwhile, perhaps. Investigate? It may yield interesting results. She quietly murmurs to herself, providing her own conversation. Walking further into the metal tube, she realizes that there may be other people in here. And if I were to startle someone, the outcome may be unfavorable to my health. Realizing this, she begins to sing loudly, to the tune of a popular quickstep song. Oh, ho! Oh, ho- explore the vent we go, into the darkness and the dim~ who knows what we'll find below? Oh, ho! Oh, ho- who knows where it goes? Let's find out this new mys-ter-y, and in the darkness go! Despite the cheery tune and feel of the song, her voice is in some odd way, empty- as though there is no real feeling behind the words.
  13. Arsinia snorts. "Well, as you seem to show time and time again, this thing isn't magic. Therefore, yes, it obviously could have some limit. I just don't have the means necessary for trying to FIND said limit at this time. So, you wouldn't be invincible- and, also, the original idea for strategically placed bits to make you unrecognizable should be thrown out the window. The color change of your skin probably isn't the material spreading- it's some odd reaction. So, the kinetic reflection should only be active where the actual stuff is." Tapping on the disk with her finger, she sighs. "I'll probably have to make you a full armor set, or at least some form of chestplate or helmet. If I can figure out why and how this stuff reflects energy, I should also be able to try and find a way to make it more flexible and easier to fight in. Honestly, the best way to go about this if you don't want a full suit is to just put the stuff around your blind spots." Picking up the disk and flinging it into the forge again, she walks to the flames. "Either way, I'm rambling, and I need to get started so I can make the damn thing in time." Sticking her hands into the fire again, she starts flattening the whole thing. "And, Zack? No matter what design we go with, you'll be slower. You know how much this stuff weighs. There's no way around physical properties."
  14. She nodded mindlessly, not absorbing the fact that Zack had referred to the man as a "body"- apparently dead. She'd figure it out later. As she kept messing with the material, she started wondering if maybe she could find a way to make it more.. Flexible. If it was stiff as a board when it cooled all the time, then there were a couple possibilities- it could be shattered, or shatter every weapon that came into high-velocity contact with it, whenever something hit it the sound would reverberate like a bell and cause confusion, (rather violently) rattle the one wearing the armor, and possibly hearing damage. If she could find some way to have it reflect the kinetic energy back on- Wait! That was it! She grabbed a small chunk, and started the process of making a small, flat disk. When she was done and the material was a sufficient size, she set it on the anvil and picked up a small hammer. Tapping the black disk gently, the hammer bounced back easily- and she smiled. "I've got it!" Arsinia hollered excitedly. "The fact of the matter is, this stuff isn't really all that durable- it just has some odd properties that make it so that whenever anything hits it, it nearly doubles the energy and reflects it back! So, basically, it isn't really being hit as hard as you think it is- because it just bends the energy back at-" she goes silent, realizing something. "That's... That's literally what I do with magic..." "Well, you've heard of the laws of physics before, right? 'Every action must have an equal and opposite reaction'- this stuff is essentially breaking that rule. It's.. I'm no good at explaining this stuff.. Let's just explain it in a more numerical matter." "In this scenario, let's give a number scale to the force I use. One would be a light tap, and ten would be.. Essentially the force it takes to bend steel. Now, if I hit the material with a force of three, it wouldn't absorb all that energy. It takes the three, doubles it into six, and throws five back at you, because it's essentially impossible for it to take no damage. In the end, you'd be hit with five, and the material would be hit with one." ".. Am I making sense?"
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