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  1. OOC: So it was almost a year since a last post. Unfortunately I had no contact with Syxanthie since then so I guess she is not going to play anymore. Still I decided to finish the story solo, because why not ;). Bleidd was silent for a moment staring at something in a room. Yes, I thought the same thing... Listen it's quite late already and I think we should hurry if we want to make any progress on this. Finish you breakfast and get some gear on the market. I will go now and try to gather some information. She got on her feet hanging a small bag on her shoulder. Made some shopping already I see? Alright then, join me on the market at noon. And... try not to attract to much attention with your questions, will ya? His only answer was a silent nod and Bleidd left the tavern leaving Ben to his thoughts. No doubt remaining here and taking a job from Zell instead of reporting to his post was a gamble. He lost a track of his original target, was deprived from his weapon and moreover - suspect was most likely a mage or someone with access to magically infused equipment with a knowledge on how to use it. In normal circumstances he would drop the chase. First rule of handling magic users is - do not approach without a backup. And unless he knew more about Bleidd he should act like he had none. And yet he had a hunch that following the thread of the bandits could help him solving his own investigation. And working as a law enforcer he eventually learned to trust his instincts over procedures and regulations. He needed a weapon. And more importantly he had to smoke. He finished his coffee and with his mind made up Ben rose from the stool and approached the dozing off bartender. He snapped his fingers waking him up. Got some cigarettes? And how do you get to the market from here?
  2. @Syxanthie Round 'em up! Location: Yard in front of Tavern of Legend Day 1, night It was already dark outside and the only nearby source of light remaining were the lanterns standing on dimly lit yard in front of Tavern of Legend. Somewhere in the distance one could hear villagers heading towards the tavern to grab a drink and rest after the long day of work. Chatter and laughter used to be merrier back in more carefree times but despite all the evil that fell upon them, locals managed somehow to move on with their lives. The air smelled with wild thyme and other common herbs smashed by the boots of wary travellers roaming the path all day long. Chilly wind moved the branches of tall silverleaf poplars stretching across the path. Even in the darkness it was still possible to see that most of the tree crowns were heavily infected with mistletoe. Suddenly the tavern doors opened when three characters with drinks in their hands left tavern and stopped under branchy linden dwarfing a shack beneath. For a moment all of them were focused on contents of their glasses, but after a while man wearing fisherman coat spoke up. Allright, listen up. I don't know how much do you know about recent events around here so I will start from the very beginning. After the the battle with the Lich-asshole-Lord and his army of smelly corpses, as you can imagine, tavern and neighbouring villages suffered many losses, people and goods alike. In order to rebuild we needed resources and for us only way to get them were by trade. Only thanks to her, ol' lady reputation out in the world - Zell pointed with his thumb at the tavern behind his back - merchants were interested in taking a risk and coming to this shithole. And why you ask?! - Zell barked and poured himself another one with such a verve, that he managed to spill a bit of bourbon on Ben and Bleidd listening to his story. Ben started to think that despite Zells attitude towards them he enjoyed having an audience. ...I'll tell you why! - Zell remained completely oblivious to the fact, that his audience wished only that he cuts to the chase already - Because such grim circumstances always attract vultures, oh, yes and it was the case here as well. Not long after the battle was over we had all sorts of these "guests" - Zell spat with contempt - raiders, looters, bandits and other vermin. Not only they desecrated our dead and plundered empty houses, like there were supposed to be any riches, but they also hunted for caravans, these assholes! These bastards knew that after the battle we had no means to protect them. Or so they were thinking. They. Were. Wrong. - Zell raised his voice waving his finger maniacally. Ben could hardly hide yawning. Their main mistake was to underestimate us. When news of first attacked caravan reached us we organised militia from what was left of us and we hit them hard. Idiots weren't even trying to hide. They were camping near the main trading route. It was glorious, no casualties on our side. We cut their heads of and put them on the pikes as an example for... Alright, alright, I'll stop you right there. - Ben cut in - Tell us only what we need to know, we don't have whole night. Zell spat again - I was going to, stop interrupting! So, what was I...? Ah, the thing is, that we always managed to repel looters ourselves. It was always just a bunch of idiots that hoped for some easy money. And after we rebuild there is nothing to loot out there! So we thought we no longer have to worry about the bandits, at least not more than usual. But then these guys came. Zell was lost in thought for a moment and then he continued in somewhat more serious manner - Yeah, these bandits are different. They are fast, hit hard and what is worst they are smart. They never attack at day, always wait till caravan falls asleep. They leave no tracks either. Luckily they are not up for killing... mostly. We had few nasty injuries but it was all so far... except for the last time. Poor Timwald... - Zell made a brake with a painful expression. So... would you look into it for me? For us? I'm not asking you kill them, nor catch them. Any help, even information about their whereabouts could prove useful for us and it would be generously rewarded. Pay will be better if you get the bastards of course. (OOC: So after a little [2 months?] brake we manage to start! In case somebody would be interested in joining please write a PM to me or to @Syxanthie so we can discuss how to smoothly add your character to the story. Just keep in mind that pace of this thread maybe quite slow [1 post a week at best i guess])
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