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    A Mysterious Tryout (Ursa Madeum and A.N.T.s wanted)

    I never said that I wanted to try my hand at a big fish. That's just what people are offering. I just wanted real characters like mine. Knowing that the imperial advisor is a real character makes me interested in him. Also I know that important characters are well guarded but that's why you'd hire an assassin to begin with because someone important is well guarded and not easy to kill. I can try assassinating your emperor too if you don't care that much like you don't for your advisor I just saw that jastlyn replied. Okay cool either one sound good to me too except that Grubb was saying he was going to be slow and his thread was the one I was in that took weeks
  2. eggsinabasket

    A Mysterious Tryout (Ursa Madeum and A.N.T.s wanted)

    Does it? I've seen people come back in so many shows and movies and heal in so many games with potions and stuff I don't think that's the case really but maybe that's just the way it is around here. I'm just saying that I don't care so if someone wants to bring their character back and keep playing them it won't matter to me and if they want to take it really seriously and never play their character again then ok just as long as everyone knows they're making that decision for themselves and I'm not making a stink about it. Also I do get what you mean and like I said it doesn't matter if it's just a stubbed toe to me but if it matters so much to them that their character stays alive then they shouldn't be saying come kill my character right? And like you said they can just say no thanks in fact Tyler said he only wants to do injury and like I said that's fine. I just want a real character for my real character and even though I've had my character for a while if what I have to do is go roleplay in other threads here so people can take it seriously and it be more fair for them then ok I can do that
  3. eggsinabasket

    A Mysterious Tryout (Ursa Madeum and A.N.T.s wanted)

    Even theAlexithymia's imperial advisor to give the dead some face? That's the one I was talking about when I said made up on the spot I just meant I wasn't going to go after that one if that was the case. Also when you talk about the months and years of writing I want to make sure everyone knows I don't want to stop people from playing their characters even if they do die. They can come back to life in the next story if they want for all I care it may even mean another job for me, I just want to see how assassinations work
  4. eggsinabasket

    A Mysterious Tryout (Ursa Madeum and A.N.T.s wanted)

    I just mean for this one where people are saying here is a target. I figure anyone saying they have a target is saying that it is a story point for them to die or get hurt otherwise why would they say they have a target? Also I'm ok with losing too in the first post one of the rules is not to get captured which means that can happen so I didn't think getting away was a definite thing. If I'm trying to kill someone of course they can try and kill me but if I'm understanding then anyone can just say no thank you so if the targets can choose not to get killed then I can choose not to get killed too right? It makes sense why people are so confident then. I also would like to target real characters people care about even if all that happens is a tubbed toe because it matters more than a character that was made up on the spot. I can get that anywhere since it doesn't matter as much. I know not everyone wants to do something like that so if no one does I'll go with whatever is free too
  5. eggsinabasket

    A Mysterious Tryout (Ursa Madeum and A.N.T.s wanted)

    Isn't that narrative what people are agreeing to here by saying they want to be a target? I'm not trying to barge on peoples threads to kill them for no reason I'm looking for reasonable targets. I don't mind my assassination not working and serious injuries are fine too I just want to try and see how that works on here. Or is the only way that people deal with death and injury on here is agreeing to it before? I signed up for a thread that said the pace was 1 a week and it was over 2 weeks later before I would get another chance to post so a few days sounds perfect
  6. eggsinabasket

    A Mysterious Tryout (Ursa Madeum and A.N.T.s wanted)

    I want to try and be successful killing someones character. How a place does that kind of stuff really helps me understand it fastest. Grubbisth said he was slow with the holidays and I saw that in the other thread so I don't want to fight him. Tyler posted here many times already and seems really excited I'd like to try and kill him if he's interested in that sort of thing. I think it would be fun to try and kill Csl too but he's very confident so maybe when I understand everything better I'll try
  7. eggsinabasket

    Are you a badass villain? Join the Dead!

    Here is my character
  8. eggsinabasket

    WANTED: the Cream of the Criminal Crop

    Does this do any assassinations? I have an assassin charry and need a targetHe's also a thief if there's something he can steal
  9. eggsinabasket

    To Make an Omlet...

    This is kind of taking a long time so I'm going to find another thread for my character. If anyone wants to do a different rp together let me know I think I just didn't understand what the pacing tag meant in this thread
  10. eggsinabasket

    To make an omlet... [IC]

    Watching the muscle-bound gunslinging minotaur exit his seedy establishment, the bartender waited another minute just to make sure the bounty hunter was out of earshot and then took himself up to the second story. On the rolltop desk of the office attached to his bedroom the bartender wrote out a note which began with, There's a problem and ended with Hades' Hand. The bartender rolled the parchment up, sealed it, slipped it into a container, sealed that, then made his way downstairs. He walked to an unassuming youth with anxious eyes sipping a foam heavy lager near the back entrance. The lad got up without finishing his drink and took to the alleys. Within minutes Ursine received a communication, and within minutes of that, the bounty hunter had a bounty on his head. The worst part for him was that he didn't even know it. "Finally!" Lupin exclaimed, gathering the small mass of Imperial Mint and silver medallions on the table and sliding it towards him. He had just begun suspecting the woman of being a cheat, when her luck finally broke and he started to win back some of his earnings. The amount of money he was betting with wasn't his life savings, but it had to be enough so that the people around him looking his way would mistake him for a gambling man, rather than the professional he really was. He joined in with the cheers of the others at the table as the woman withdrew entirely. Without her to mess with his odds he had a better chance of staying in the black for his ruse. Lupin kept his eyes peeled for a minotaur. They were hard to miss, there weren't very many of them in this town, so his target should be easy enough to locate. He wasn't the type to rush into a job blindly. 100 gold could mean a lot, or it could mean next to nothing depending on how good his target was at staying alive. He wanted to make sure he got paid an adequate amount for his work, so he'd scope the man out first.
  11. eggsinabasket

    To Make an Omlet...

    I have a character that's an assassin and a thief. If this rp has someone that I can kill or something that I can steal then I'd like to be the evil alignment. I made my character so that he learns and gets stronger from experiences and losing so I'm ok with losing but I will be trying to win at the same time as you
  12. If I want to talk to toxicant what’s the best way to send a missive to them?

    1. vielle


      Heya! 😄 Just let me know what you'd like to do with Toxicant through a PM and let's see what we can plot 👀

  13. eggsinabasket

    Lupin, thief assassin

    Since character sheets are optional I've written up everything I want about this character and am storing it somewhere else and putting it in here as it becomes revealed on the site. Hope that’s ok. History Lupin is a thief and an assassin. He is only now becoming a visible factor in the criminal world. Physical Lupin is 178cm (a little over 5'10") and 77kg (about 170 lbs). He has a squat and powerful frame, which he takes full advantage of with gymnastics, tumbling, parkour and other useful assassin skills. In unarmed combat he uses a mix of defensive boxing and crippling grappling technique. He prefers armed combat with a short-bladed weapon, and bows for distance. His original features were black hair, light brown eyes, and olive skin. Since then he has often changed his appearance with disguise kits, has undergone cosmetic surgery and used magic spells to hide himself during and after jobs. Equipment Short sword Tranquilizer darts Poison darts Personality To be uncovered. Abilities To be uncovered.