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  1. Lupin kept his mask on until the manor became like a shadowy dream in the distance behind them. He finally removed the mask and began to break it into pieces, throwing a chunk away here in a stream and a chunk away there over a cliff to get lost along the way. If they had the time and shelter for it he would have crushed it to dust or threw it into a fire to become brittle and break but they didn't have that time and he didn't want to risk getting caught with the mask on his person. Along the way he also stopped at the base of a particular tree and grabbed a bug-out bag, where he had some money, a few other tools that he didn't want to get caught with, and a change of clothes. He left the old clothes in the bag and buried it then caught up with the other assassins. He didn't keep track of the time now that they weren't on the job. Lupin was back to smiling and occasionally laughing at nothing at all, or really he was laughing at how the job went down but he didn't want to harp on anyone or make them feel bad, so he kept his reasonings to himself and just treated them to the random burst of laughter. Soon enough, it felt like, they were on a ship and on their way away from the islands of Ursa Madeum. "They were only in danger because of the Norkotians too though." Lupin added as he rummaged around his person and withdrew the pistol and slid it on the table between all of them. "If it wasn't for the limited space in their vehicles they might have thought to bring guards with them. If it wasn't for how much faster those vehicles go than horses, they would have been closer to the estate, to medical help and backup. Joe is going to be way harder to hit now. That Diric guy." Lupin smiled, scratching at his chin as ideas came to him. "He's very wary. Anyway next time you should really use some masks unless you not really tied to your faces, like me."
  2. Did he also build radio towers? Without that personal radios will only work for a few miles so I doubt they would be able to get word out and mobilize people quickly enough to present a serious risk of us getting caught. The records is another story though. If there's a risk we should just meet a boat anywhere along the coast rather than only major port they have but that depends on how the dead operate anyway good thing I wore that mask and Lupin changes his appearance regularly anyway I have enough with jaistlyns post to finish my own should I post now or wait for Rin to go first? @jaistlyn @Rin
  3. Thanks for the reminder I have part of a post written but don't have any real idea of what this is for or where we should be going or if amenities is joining or what. So maybe @jaistlyn can go next so I can see what reporting back looks like and I can go after her or at the end of the turn. I am also okay being skipped too I don't want to hold anything or anyone up more thna I have already
  4. Sure like on the way back to the ship or something and does this mean I'm posting next?
  5. Actually I don't think Lupin will join up with the dead he doesn't seen much point in it but if they want to hire him like a freelancer for any future jobs he might be interested depending on the job @amenities
  6. Lupin had enough distance between him and the cavalry to feel less concerned about getting popped by a stray from a hail of bullets. Somewhat familiar with firearms he knew to check the gun's chamber and magazine to see how much ammunition he had but this particular model was new to him so it took a little fiddling around. He saw that he had enough for a few more shots, but not much more than that. Looking back to the cavalry, he didn't need to count to see that they had a lot more pistols, and rifles, and a tank too. This was no longer a mission, it was an uphill battle with a grade too steep to inspire anything remotely close to confidence in Lupin. Squatting low Lupin was able to use the trees and a screen of underbrush to keep himself mostly out of sight, to minimize himself as a target at least, and used a small part in leaves and branches to take a survey of the scene. Darah was in control of the situation it seemed. For now anyway. It was her, and nearby Esben, against a firing squad. Thankfully they were in Ursa Madeum, which meant Norkotian arms and vehicles were in short supply indeed. Any more delays though and the Hildebrand forces would have all the time they needed to join the fray and their chances of escape would plunge to dismal. Diric made them an offer. Lupin toyed with the idea of going for broke, firing off another blowgun needle while yelling at Darah to slit her hostage's neck, but quickly realized that was far easier for him to say as someone at a distance than it would be for someone who could probably smell the gun oil wafting over them. "Hey!" Lupin called out when he noticed that the gunmen were serious and pointed their guns away. "Sure! Sounds good! That guy stays right where he is, and so do I, until the other two are clear then everyone goes their separate ways. And hey, maybe we'll see each other again sometime!" If they were close enough to each other Lupin would have winked but they weren't so he would just save that for next time he and Diric came face to face. Lupin had a feeling that was going to be sooner than later.
  7. I just want to make sure here but we're taking the deal to escape? @jaistlyn
  8. How do you deal with fighting? I was in another thread where we rolled to see if someone got hit or how much damage they took is it the same thing here or is there something else?
  9. I updated this with information about Lupin that I already wrote up back in November but just recently became uncovered in his most recent thread
  10. Diric strafed to one side but kept his body close, rather than make the attempt to put distance between them. Most weapon specialists spent so much time perfecting their craft that they failed to diversify, so most gunslingers were often pretty harmless once you got them away from their gun. Diric wasn't trying to use his gun though. He wanted to stay close enough to take away some of Lupin's advantage with the sword, so that he could not draw his arm far enough back to cleave him and so that if he meant to fence then his lines of attack would be predictable. Diric knew how to use his whole body like a weapon, that was the message, and Lupin was still deciphering it when Diric threw a practiced palm at the bridge of his nose. The palm hit something. But rather than stumble back stunned, Lupin threw something back Diric's way, a fist to his diaphragm in an attempt to rob him of his breath executed at nearly the same instant as the strike he took head on. That put a little distance between them and taking in his opponent, Diric could see that the skeleton mask didn't so much as smudge with a hit he knew he landed. That was when Diric could think back to when he missed his perfect shot, when he was wondering if the gun messed up on him or if there was something else at work, and realize that the second option was now the most likely of the two. He could put the pieces together from touch and first-hand experience that Lupin was an assassin capable of making barriers. Lupin really had to take the guy out now. That was one of his trade secrets. There were a lot of implications in that revelation, only some of which were obvious. Among the most obvious was the question of how Diric planned to win out in hand-to-hand combat against someone that looked capable of just as much precision and brutality but that could also, probably, block your attacks and screw with your footwork? Diric asked his question and Lupin had an answer. "Dead." Came his reply from beneath the skeleton mask. "Same as you." He spoke as the same time as Darah so who knows if Diric could make out either of their killer one-liners, but at least they tried. Hopefully someone did and would include it in their field report. That was when Lupin heard the engines, moments before an explosive shell exploded on one side and the loud bang of it being fired caught up to them on the other, coming together to rock their worlds. Diric took quick advantage of the confusion to immediately put space between them. He would make a good assassin actually. That made Lupin angrier than he'd been in a long time. People were hurt but the jury was still out on whether anyone was actually dead, and Diric certainly wasn't, and now there was no time to clean up that mess. Troopers were storming, and spreading wild fire. Lupin disengaged and dove after the now dead magnetic ball he had lobbed into the fray early in the fight. Next to it was a pistol and severed arm. Lupin just took the pistol. It was time to go. He wasn't an expert marksman but he also didn't intend to try to match a trained sniper pill for pill. He just needed to provide cover fire for their escape, and to do that he only needed to come close enough to be a threat. That, he could do. So Lupin began taking shots at the armed man while retreating and ducking behind trees for cover.
  11. Nothing needs to hold up because of me, especially since the rolls already done. You can keep going with your post
  12. Thanks but that’s okay. I thought I’d at least get most of Monday even if I only had 1 day but Tyler was ready to write his post right on Monday morning when I’m still getting my day started so he can go ahead
  13. Well sure that’s what it would add up to but that’s the agreement right? A 2 day skip. If that’s too slow now that it’s my turn and you want to just keep going ahead you can go ahead and skip me
  14. I did see that but I thought that meant for one of us to post first not for one of us to give up our turn. I just want the same two day thing everyone gets
  15. Since Rin got to post shouldn’t I get two days for my turn?
  16. I don’t usually do any roleplay on the weekend so if you get a chance to post before Monday go ahead otherwise I should be able to around then and of course if I need to be skipped too Then that’s totally fine
  17. Well just the tag got my attention and you said quit slacking and I said I'm not slacking. I don't get what the big deal or how that makes me too serious but now I guess we understand each other betterEither way thanks for getting us back on track now I know when jaistlyn is going to post Well you didn't say jaistlyn either. You said assassins and I'm an assassin. You said you needed information and I asked what information you need. I think you're the one that needs to relax
  18. Tyler what? I'm not slacking on anything And if you Rin need to know what I'm doing then why haven't you asked me anything? What do you need to know that I didn't put in my post?
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