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  1. statistics Quote: "Every person has two sides. The one they show the world, and the one they keep to themselves." Moniker: Jovi Stralti Alias: Enigma Visual Age: 20 Birth Place: Terrenus, Blairville Race: Human/Terren Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Gender: Female Occupation: Potter by day, Bounty Hunter by night physiology Hair: Dark Brown, curly hair Eyes: Brown with green specks in them Height: 5'2" Weight: 135lbs. Voice: Mute Build: Average with muscles in a few places such as arms and legs clothing • Daytime Outfit • Outfit (Minus Sword) • Primary Weapon (Only Sniper Rifle) • Secondary Weapon skills • Moryggan's speed and agility help her sneak through the shadows. She is skilled with throwing knives and daggers. inventory • A satchel hanging across her body. (Inside is some paper and pen, her daggers, various items kept from her travels.) • A small pouch of gold concealed under her cloak Credits: • Dan: Profile Layout.
  2. What's a perfect day for you? - Going on a road trip (Could be going anywhere) with my small group of friends. When was the last time you sang aloud, to yourself or someone else? - Right now lol, The Greatest Showman Soundtrack Favorite single super power? - Shapeshifting, hands down
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