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  1. Ami's head jerked up as the feel of the air changed with the eruption of energy atop the manse, staring directly into the odd eyeball before it opened and began to spew out the body parts, it was a grotesque manifestation of a being, It all happened so fast, and the dust made it difficult to see the form against the now darkened sky. Quickly, before the dust up there settled, she lowered into her quadrapedic form, her fur sparking and cackling with energy in responce to the intrusion, hackles on end, tails up and head down, her large fangs bared in a vicious snarl. Something was right, but she couldnt put a talon on it. She had faced this being before, but she could not bring the memory to light for nothing, and snapping back to reality, she whirled and roared directly at this impressively fast being, as it commanded her to kneel, the ground between them continuing to break until it was breaking beneath her paws as well from the clash of the sound waves of his bellow meeting her roar, pushing her own energy behind it. She didn't like it, they were being attacked on two fronts here, and Ben wanted her to walk and talk?! Turning her head, she looked at him like he was crazy. "You go right on ahead and do that, your higness, I'm a little busy at the moment, I dont have time for a chit chat!" She barked rather sharply at him, before turning her attention back to this tattered stranger, snarling as she lowered her head again, ears flat against her skull this time. "I kneel, to no one!" She snarled, moving to place herself between this intruder and the others. Ben was crazy if he thought she was going to just stand by and let this guy ruin the bbq for one, and it looked like he had some business to attend to with her. She dug her talons into the soft, broken earth beneath her paws and grinned wolfishly. And it was the fun kind of business. She wasn't called crazy for nothing. Everyone knew Ami was off her rocker, and this was more like it. Boring bbqs are for the retired. Ben was off his rocker if he couldn't see this guy standing right before her, or the darkened sky and the portal. Everyone scrambled to do as Ben commanded, except ami, and that nauseating smell that permeated the air was indeed pungent, and coming from this intruder and the portal, making it kind of a double whammy for the nostrils. She returned her focus to this...thing, that stood before her. She still couldnt place it though, ithad a familiar feel to it, like someone she once knew, but now was not the time to be digging up that scent. She kept an ear cocked on that portal, she could feel it darwing in power, sucking energy out of the very air itself. Just what was he up to?
  2. "Oh boy..." She muttered, then took a deep breath and smiled. "Red! its been a couple of centuries, I suppose..." The woman's excitement to see her pupil was not exactly matched by the pupil. Red had been Reset, but that spell never did work on Ami, so she always remembered everything that happened that she was present for. Red had taught her many things in their youths, when her mind was more stable, before she revolted and joined Metaboe in the revolt. She, too, had been reset. And was wandering around here somewhere. "Yes, Red, I am aware of Ben's current condition." She said, pausing to let her continue, purposely avoiding a few questions here and there as the woman rattled on about what it would take to reverse the condition. Ami laughed, showing red the tome she had in her possession. "Yes, i have the Reversal Tome, and i will visit this haven and see the pups, theyll be excited to meet a real legend!" She laughed and went on down the hallway she had pointed out, thanking her as she was shooed away. Coming out the door she found herself in the bright sun again and her fur turned into a blaze of flames again as she stepped out in her anthropedic form still. She bristled upon sighting the Stevensons. Her grip tightened on the book as she joined the party. VIT was present now also? And Kintaro, to whom Ami nodded respectfully. "Doctor Fowler." Ami said, stepping up beside the blue DAICHON. They were quite a sight to see next to each other, the two tone blue and the fireball. "I have here the Tome of Reversal." She said. "It holds within it the cure for Ben's condition." She nodded towards the sleeping prince. "Whenever you are ready, doctor, I will open the Tome for you, and then you and I are due for training later. If you are going to be guardian of the tomes, you must learn the languages to unlock them. I am not sure of Red would agree to teaching you the languages, but i can." She said. "I can also teach you the sequences of your antennae." It was now that Ami did something very few there had ever seen, and her two golden streaks of fur dropped their ruse and her two golden antennae lifted from her back and sprang forward to hang in front of her. They were magnificent antennae, no damage, pristine condition, the perfect shimmering gold color. She protected her antennae fiercely. Not only were they the only key to opening the Gates of the Geostratum once they've been closed, they were the keys to many secrets and chambers that not even the king and queen were privy to. "I get the feeling though, Doctor, that you and I will have to take a trip here shortly." She said. "Once we open the tome, we will have to collect the necessary ingredients for the concoction."
  3. Adorable. Doctor Fowler's uncertain reaction was cute, but the poor woman was obviously stressed to the maximum with dealing with Benaires. Hell, he got on her nerves sometimes, and he knew it, he would try to annoy her on purpose, so she completely understood the amount of patience it took to be even associated with him at times, but those turned out to be the best of times. Usually after the fact when looking back on the situation, but still good times! "I commend you for sticking to your word, Miss Fowler." She said, smiling at her. "It takes a lot of heart to stay with this one for a reason other than duty." She continued. "and, compared to some other Converts, you are doing quite well, actually, for having just attained access to so much information at one time and the prince here needing your help. But tell me, if you hate the job so much, why then are you still here?" She waved a hand towards Ben and AIR. "She's right, you know, AIR." Ami ground her teeth together as AIR continued her spiel about her having 'abandoned them.' It was obvious she was restraining herself. She'd put AIR in her place before, and would do so again if she didn't watch that muzzle. She had no clue why Ami had been in Phlegathon, neither did Benaires, but that was a story for another time. The things she did for the protection of the Prince and Royal Line were near rediculous, and very few knew what she was up to in her long absences. "Whoa!" She leaped back herself, she hadn't been paying complete attention, but the explosion of the backlash definitely caught her attention. Once the dust settled and she spent about thirty seconds piecing together what just happened, and then stood there a moment with her hand on her chin, thinking, before looking up. She was now to follow Ben and the doctor into the house. Rooms the Ancestral pattern wont let her revel, eh? She would just have to have a little communication with the stars tonight. She stored that thought though and took a mental note of the good doctor here having Medusa Syndrome, magic based. Not bad for a latent talent. "You know," Ami said, stepping up next to her when they got to the steel door. "I've been a DAICHON for a very, very long time now, but once i was where you are now, a beginner, thinking how could i possibly do all of this?" She looked sideways at her. "Take your time, don't let them rush you." She whispered as the doors opened and they entered into the lobby of the library. "Beautiful." She said, wandering a few paces side to side and around, as if she were searching for something as she listened to Stephanie talk about the Asteniite compound. It was around the time that Ben got distracted by Luminous' appearance that Ami took her chance to vanish down one of the long aisles of books. Once away from everyone, she stopped and thought again. "Genetic code's messed up according to AIR, and he cant brood out..." Anyone passing by would not see her human form, no, she was now in the much taller and more obviously feminine Anthropedic form, her two golden antennae now protruding from her brow, lifting to touch and glow at the spines of the books. "Because he's been human for too long." She muttered "nope...nope...no...you? no..." As she moved slowly down the aisle, her antennae feeling each book. She would be at this for the next several hours, wandering the aisles, muttering to herself as she searched for the Tome she needed for Doctor Fowler. Being new to the job, Ami did not expect Fowler to get everything perfect, or have anything down pact just yet. Plus, something of this magnitude, she's surprised Ben's voice had not reached her sooner. "Ah HA!" She said, her four ears perking up as her antennae landed on the book she wanted. It was also in the same moment she sensed Kintaro. Her predecessor as Ben's body guard. He did not like her much since she thrashed him fair and square and earned her position, his old job. It was good to know he was alive, even if he still held a grudge. Not sure of how long she had been wandering the Tomes, she returned to the library lobby and flagged down one of the staff dusting the books. "Excuse me, where have Benaires and Doctor Fowler gone off to?"
  4. bingo! i have no idea what you win but you win! lol
  5. Doctor Fowler's stunned, blank expression was slightly amusing to Ami, but she understood, it was difficult to adjust to being a DAICHON, most converts could take up to one hundred years before they were fully in control of their projection. As the teenage Benaires threw his arms around her neck she lifted a paw and hugged him close, he was unable to transform into his DAICHON states as well? Oh she did have her work cut out for her this time. She snorted a short burst of air through her nose at AIR, greeting the old DAICHON with about as much concern as she would give a grasshopper, her sensitive ears picking up on what Fowler had asked. "How do I introduce myself?" But first there was Ben screaming in her two left ears that he had missed her so much, to which she huffed, her two tails seeming to have minds of their own as they now thrashed back and forth in a playful manner. Secondly was the young man that had approached after observing the present situation, and he did look a little silly with a white lab coat and hiking gear, but she'd seen people dress much less tastefully. She bowed her large head in greeting to this hiking doctor. The air around her massive form took on a mirage-like shimmer and in a matter of seconds the massive blazing wolf was gone, and before them all stood a short, four foot nothing woman, slender, toned and dressed all in black, her hair nearly white and hanging over her shoulder in a braid. "Ah." She said, stretching, and looking at her hands and turning around to check herself out. "Much better!" She said, turning her attention back to the young man that now towered over her, instead of the other way around. It was quite comical, actually, the height of her human form in relation to the massive ten foot DAICHON form she just inhibited. "Its nice to meet you, I'm Ami." "Now, I;m sure we can use all the help and brains we can put onto the subject, but what exactly happened, Ben?" She asked, crossing her arms. "Phlegathon holds me for nearly a century in his realm, and you go off gallivanting in other dimentions, getting drunk and cursed by...Who exactly?" She sighed. "I cant leave you alone for five minutes." Turning to fowler, she looked back at Ben again. "And I see another Convert is present, where then is the Geostratum?" She asked, waiting on him to answer now. To get to the root of a problem, you first must know how it began.
  6. "I wish my A.C.E was here!" It echoed through the dark stillness, where only a faint sound of an inhalation as she barely filled her lungs. Phlegathon held her in a stasis, her power, her life, she lay dormant in the voided cavity of the being who's body was an entire dimention, where its heart should be. "I wish my A.C.E. was here!" There it was again, breaking through the silence onto her four ears, it beckoned her from her slumber. It was the Prince, and he was calling for her. Rust colored eyed opened as a vast breath entered into her lungs and sparks began to fly from her fur, illuminating the tendrils of Dark Terror that were literally attached to her body. Thirteen tendrils, for each of the thirteen crests of the circle of wandering she bore. "I WISH MY A.C.E. WAS HERE!" It thundered through her entire body, each of the crests across her flanks, shoulders, paws, neck and forehead burst into a dazzling white light that turned her dark crimson fur into the blaze of flames it once portrayed, the tendrils dissolving as the Crests activated, the raw power that had been locked away in the very heart of Phlegathon radiating out through the realm as she stood, a vicious roar echoing as the ground began to shake, and the massive four legged DAICHON stepped forth onto the flat plain before her, then in a blinding flash she was gone from that realm. She appeared again the Fowler's back yard, just as the steaks were hitting the grill, her appearance proceeded by a loud, nearly thunderous, clap of air as she appeared out of nowhere, answering the summons of her charge. In the light of this realm, her fiery red fur took on a more golden hue, turning her white chest and under fur a softer white in contrast to the golden tones. She was magnificent, standing with her fore-paws together, her haunches slightly lowered and her back legs bent, to accommodate her proud stance, her head held high, mane flowing in the wind as she held her two flame tipped, feline like tails in accordance with the proper greeting stance. A near perfect specimen, her thick muscles rippled beneath her fur as she sat, wrapping her tails neatly around her paws, and lowered her snout to look at those who were undoubtedly staring at her, sitting, ten and a half foot tall frame at the top of her four ears, which were all forward. Her gaze settled on teenage Benaires, standing by the grill, and using a form of audible telepathy, spoke. "Oi vey, Ben." She said, shaking her head and sighing. "I can't leave you alone at all, can I?" She tilted her large wolven head to the right, letting her ears flop to that side as she looked at him curiously. "What have you done this time? Your a child, again. And...Your crests are locked." Shaking that massive head, she braced for the impact she was sure would be following as soon as Ben realized what had just happened.
  7. lol good guess, but no, that is a truth, my eyes are blue. I had to think about it for a moment to come up with a good one
  8. lol ok, i have to correct this a little bit, ben it's so obvious you wrote that lol should have learned what people write like, hun lol however, it is true i love that fleabag like a brother. the two handsome guys are my kids, and the rest is correct, if you would like to know more about me, feel free to send me a message and i will be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions. i am definitely a hard working country girl, lol. but anyway peoples it is so nice to be here, and i plan on posting soon as i get a chance to. And i wasnt dragged here, i came voluntarily you old coot lol! much love, peACE out for now, i hope to write with quite a few of you all, and im so excited to have a shot at writing again, just everyone be patient, im a little rusty, it has been over 6 years since ive done any serious writing.
  9. hello everyone, ive been gone from the writing community for more than 6 years, so please be patient if im a bit rusty! Im looking forward to writing again. On the stubbed toe question, march of last year, dislocated my big toe jumping out of bed lol! two truths and a lie, hmm....lets see if you figure it out. My middle name is Marie My eyes are blue my natural hair color is red
  10. Air_Eater17


    Where is my Benny? He was supposed to be online AT this time, but he's not on...Can someone contact HIM? I hope he isn't drunk, lol. Air
  11. Don't even ask......Benny Dragged me here...............I LOVE him SOOOOOOO much...he's just an EMO..... Want to know my age? ASKE me! Want to know MORE about me? ASK me! Got two HANDSOME young guys and they bug me, lol. Benaires, whom you should ALL know............is always talking about DAICHONS and all of that....I've been out of the game for a few years, but since Sean and I are working out the book AGAIN...(don't ask, lol) I fell in love with the guy....he's SUCH an ASSHOLE< but he's a cool guy. He's "Ben" Knowing me since I was about 14 or 15................he's such an IDIOT, but I love him to death.....He drinks his HENNO, if you don't already know.............I'll fix my profile and stuff later....gotta get the kids ready for school and all of that........Being a Country Girl is rough, lol. THANK YOU Valucre for accepting me................ AIR/DAICHON/DCN
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