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  1. Sweet. I will keep you in mind.
  2. Alrighty. A plan to chuck a lot of my stuff here. Can’t wait to start!
  3. So much positivity Ima pop! Anywho just a quick question if ya don't mind. Do I just post a few characters in User Lore than basically go for it?
  4. Well hello. To be honest the only reason that I joined was to cure my fantasy addiction but now that I joined I think I just made it worse. Anyway, what's there to say... I have been in other smaller RP forums just for a little casual play. Did that for about a year and I must say I really enjoyed it. In fact, I have this whole universe inside my head. Many, many characters that annoy me all day by not leaving my thinking brain and as of late it has gotten much worse. Here I want to share my ideas and develop them. I want to make many friends and get into some sick tavern fights. I guess as my first post I would like to get to know a few of you and dive into it. Though don't drown me. This forum is a lot bigger than I am used to and I do plan to stay. Get myself known around these parts. So yeah, that's a bit of my RP life. So who is gonna reply first!
  5. With great power come great electricity bills!

    1. Supernoob


      My first like! I feel like a somebody now ?

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