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  1. Bleidd pulled her hood up, fading from the memories of those in the bar, long before she stepped outside. She pulled in a deep breath of the night air a prepared herself for another difficult conversation with Zell, actually that wasn't fair, she prepared to listen whilst Ben had a difficult conversation with Zell. It would be pointless for her to try, he had already turned round once and visibly startled at her presence, only to ramble on, his attention returning to Ben only to startle all over again when his eyes fell to her. Most people at least kept a vague recollection of someone, just not specifically her. Zell seemed entirely unable to keep even that basic information in his head. Eventually unable to bear it any longer she pulled her hood back just enough to remove the shadows from her face. Finally the man seemed able to hold onto her presence, and got on with his tale. Bleidd wasn't sure what was funnier Zell's drunken dramatic retelling of events or Ben's swinging between exasperation and apathy. When he was finally done Bleidd looked up at Ben and shrugged, she ‘d already stated she'd do it simply because she had nothing else to be doing, and didn't know the place well enough to offer her type of services to anyone else. “Dont suppose there is alot we can do just now though, wouldn't we be better re-grouping in the morning, then asking about.?” The Next Day It was that quiet time just before dawn when the sky is still grey, yet to to decide upon a colour for the day. Bleidd hadn't really been able to sleep more than a couple of hours so had been out and about getting her bearings. Then back into the Tavern for a meat and ale breakfast, which she had twice, once again earning her a reprimand from the Koi-arii for her lack of decorum. By the time Ben made an appearance she was content to be on their way. “Don't know your current situation is with regards to gear but i found an Outfitters and a Smith. And what I assume is an Apothecary and some kind of not your average weaponsmith...take your pick.”
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