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  1. Bleidd pulled her hood up, fading from the memories of those in the bar, long before she stepped outside. She pulled in a deep breath of the night air a prepared herself for another difficult conversation with Zell, actually that wasn't fair, she prepared to listen whilst Ben had a difficult conversation with Zell. It would be pointless for her to try, he had already turned round once and visibly startled at her presence, only to ramble on, his attention returning to Ben only to startle all over again when his eyes fell to her. Most people at least kept a vague recollection of someone, just not specifically her. Zell seemed entirely unable to keep even that basic information in his head. Eventually unable to bear it any longer she pulled her hood back just enough to remove the shadows from her face. Finally the man seemed able to hold onto her presence, and got on with his tale. Bleidd wasn't sure what was funnier Zell's drunken dramatic retelling of events or Ben's swinging between exasperation and apathy. When he was finally done Bleidd looked up at Ben and shrugged, she ‘d already stated she'd do it simply because she had nothing else to be doing, and didn't know the place well enough to offer her type of services to anyone else. “Dont suppose there is alot we can do just now though, wouldn't we be better re-grouping in the morning, then asking about.?” The Next Day It was that quiet time just before dawn when the sky is still grey, yet to to decide upon a colour for the day. Bleidd hadn't really been able to sleep more than a couple of hours so had been out and about getting her bearings. Then back into the Tavern for a meat and ale breakfast, which she had twice, once again earning her a reprimand from the Koi-arii for her lack of decorum. By the time Ben made an appearance she was content to be on their way. “Don't know your current situation is with regards to gear but i found an Outfitters and a Smith. And what I assume is an Apothecary and some kind of not your average weaponsmith...take your pick.”
  2. @Kelenon @Bohemian Eagle Huge apologies guys i have had issues getting into the site...Still don't know what was the cause. Will take a look back thru TOL when.I get a minute to see how we can mediate a smooth transition into the quest line. And will hash the quest details. Once again many apologies. Syx
  3. Halfway towards Zell Bleidd fell back, turning to the still loitering Otto she clearly indicated that he was to bring another drink to Zell's table. The hand gestures were simple and universal, followed by her placing her index finger to her lips to ask he do this quietly...What quietly meant to Otto however remained to be seen. She returned her attention to the table just as Ben was suggesting Zell's solutions might not be found at the bottom of his glass. She felt the older man prickle and shot Kraft a cautiounary glance. She had been about to add a softer touch to the conversation when, she froze mid-step, muscles snapping taught, every hair on the back of her neck stood on end. Her instinct to flex her forearm and allow a blade to drop into her hand, held in check with conscious effort. The shift in atmosphere seemed to have passed by everyone else, exhaling with a slow measured breath, she resisted the urge to turn around instead, focusing her other senses behind her listening for the sound of boots on the ground, the sound of weapons being unsheathed or armour creaking, but it never came. Instead the casual footsteps of someone apparently familiar with the surroundings, male, physically tuned and....there is something else she can't quite place. Either way he is no threat in this place so she allows herself to relax, and focus on the current situation. She takes a seat across from Zell and waits until he is looking at her, he is drunk and tired, she has to focus hard to remain seen, all the while his alcohol dulled senses his are encouraging him to forget her everytime his eyes are drawn elsewhere. She hopes once she has a pint of ale in her hands he might be able to focus long enough to explain what it is he needs their help for. " We hear your having some problems, we think we might be able to help, but we can't do that if you won't tell us what it is." "Say you'll take the job first..then the details" the mans eyes narrow. Not 'so' drunk then. retorts the Koi'arii. apparently not Bleidd utters under her breath in slight amusement. She turns to Ben and shrugs " Its neither here nor there to me, I have no place else to go and little better to be doing, this seems as good a place to start as any." Turning back to Zell she nods. " very well, I'm in, now...the details. @Kelenon @Bohemian Eagle
  4. Bleidd leaned back slightly avoiding the enthusiastic gesticulations of their host, amusement in her eyes at the animated and intense report. What amused her less were the details of the situation, an expression of barely concealed contempt flashed momentarily cross her face before it was replaced by it's usual neutral pose. This wasn't what she had expected, to find a return to the same old way of life so quickly. " It is our place to hunt the hunters. To maintain a balance." yeah but what hunts us. Was Bleidd's thought in respond to the Koi'arii. There was no reply. Otto's narration drew the attention of all three individuals to the man he named as Zell. Brow furrowed, eyes narrowed , a face hardened by frustration and resentment, if Bleidd was any judge...and she was. She watched him for a few moments. He was tense, hunched over his drink like a starving dog with a bone. Bleidd doubted all the ale in this bar would bring Zell relief from what troubled him, and she suspected more than just rogue bandits were the cause of his woes. Still she wasn't going to be paid for solving all his problems...at this point she realise Otto had finished his recounting and Ben was addressing her. Without taking her eyes from the scowling man in the corner her head bobbed slightly. "Sure, I don't see why not. Otto? Let me know what I owe will you? Thanks." With that she silently stepped off her stool, frowning slightly she adjusted her step so a soft light footfall could be heard. No point in startling a man already wound to snapping point. She fell into step with her new companion as they crossed the room. @supernal @Kelenon ((OOC, once they leave I will start a new thread.))
  5. Happy Hogmanay

  6. @supernal Sorry if I am dumb, where will I/we post the new thread once we end the tavern piece. @Kelenon I have no issues doubling up as npc's or extra characters/bad guys ?, although I would never refuse assistance in that department.
  7. A wry smile curled one corner of Bleidds lips, she couldn't help but find amusement in the ire of others, seeing the wincing customers as Otto bellowed through to the kitchen was no exception. she kept one eye on Ben, whilst he seemed disoriented she didn't figure him for deaf or stupid so saw no reason to repeat herself, so allowed her attention to be drawn by Otto's unsubtle attempt at a casual saunter over to their area of the bar. The mention of work did pique her interest, however whilst she did indeed carry a weapon her forte was to ensure her marks were dead before they knew they were being killed. Whilst she had good martial skills and could hold her own, she was not a seasoned fighter by any stretch of the imagination, but with enough shadows and tight corners she would have a fair chance at coming out the victor. 'Acquiring' things was much more her speed, but pay was pay and for now she would take what she could get. Ben's speculative comment brought her out of her inner monologue, what kind of honest work might that be i wonder? " Well i don't suppose we will know unless we ask." came her reply. She watched Otto sweep the same spot on the floor for a few minutes, more out of curiosity than anything, wondering if he would just carry on doing that same motion until directed elsewhere. It seemed so. "So Otto, where is it I can find work? And what exactly will I be expected to do? And what about you,?" she nodded at Ben "you hanging around for this?" she tilted her head slightly raising an eyebrow, whilst awaiting either man to reply. @supernal @Kelenon
  8. Just wanted to wish all you travellers and adventurers a joyous yuletide.

    on this, the longest night may you find yourself a warm hearth amongst good friends.   Syx.


  9. Thank you, and Thank you, I have been here before a couple of years back, under a different TAG, but never got started. (Life.) So came back with a fresh perspective, and decided to start at the start, dusted off my old agent character and headed to TOL, to get my writing up to scratch. Haven't quite had the confidence to jump into someone else's thread, or write my own. Admin have been awesome, and although my mind still boggles with the size of this place, I am an enthusiastic world builder so am determined to hang about this time. Enjoy your winter solstice, and thanks for stopping by.
  10. Hey there, I too have stopped and started here twice. Mostly found the site a little overwhelming and really didn't know where to start. I couldn't remember my old account so started anew with a fresh mindset. To start at the beginning...So I dusted of my travelling gear and headed to the Tavern of Legends. Here I can sharpen up my character whilst finding my way around the rest of the site...I hope. Wishing you the very best on your sojourn. Syx.
  11. Bleidd had begun to wonder at her assumption that Otto was the attendant of this place. He seemed over qualified in all the wrong departments, but shrugged it off as he took their orders and disappeared through the back. It was becoming obvious to Bleidd that this place was not quite what It seemed. She had experienced a few of these "in between" places over her many years of travel, and had learned it was best not to cut across the grain. Accept things for what they were otherwise you were likely to end up in all kinds of trouble. She understood immediately the meaning of the token it was a familiar enough arrangement in towns and cities where weapons were worn...and alcohol available. The plain blade was relinquished without objection and the green token apparently pocketed, although no one would witness her doing so. As the hearty meal was placed before her Bleidd fell on it, like a starving lion on a carcass. She was ravenous, without looking up, she simply began shovelling food into her mouth, hardly remembering to draw breath. If she found herself with too much food in her mouth she simply forced it down with a swig of ale. Caring not not one bit how she appeared to her current company. 'By the stalkers grace, could you manage some decorum,? At least act like the fairer sex.' Bleidd snorted with derision at the haughty intrusion of the "Koi'arii", she neither asked for, nor wanted its council, that did not prevent it from giving it. Neither was the irony lost on her, that the very thing that had turned her into an unrivalled killing implement, was now more concerned with her table manners. At least no one else could hear it. "Hah!" Bleidd scoffed out loud, before carrying on demolishing her meal with prejudice. When she was finally satiated she she sat up taking a long breath, and then a drink, turning to their current attendant she exclaimed, "Otto! Many thanks to your cook, that was perfect!" After which she turned to her dining companion, "So Ben, since your clearly unsure of where you are, where is it that you come from?" She raises an eyebrow slightly, suspecting he may choose not to answer that either. Then more to herself than to anyone else, "I suppose the real question should be where to go on from here?" @Kelenon @supernal
  12. @supernal @Kelenon ((OOC- @Whammo Bammo I was unsure of your location in the current timeline of events, so did not include your character in my characters observations, apologies.)) "wait" Bleidd had turned to see the jovial easy going innkeep pointing towards a sign that specified a check on weapons. Before he had even had a chance to finish his gesture, the blade was placed sheathed on the table in front of her, before she herself slid into her seat. There were other tools, carefully stored, hidden away out of sight, upon her person. Individually they were reasonably innocuous, only when seen together did her trade become obvious. Pulling back her hood revealed, fair hair cropped short to the nape of her neck, dropping to jaw length and parted to the right, in the front. This framed slightly elfin features on a pale complexion, pretty enough but not so much as she would turn heads ory6 incur a second look. Her eyes...depending on who you asked, were grey, or blue or green or something in between. Nimble fingers tumbled a silver coin, across them, over and under, to and fro, occasionally it would disappear, only to reappear in her other hand. It was a habit born of another, when she couldn't make decision she simply flipped a coin, having long since given her future over to fate. The interaction between the barkeep, who she now took to be called Otto, and the obviously befuddled, and somewhat scruffy looking traveller named Ben, lightened her mood considerably. Otto missed Ben's attempt at innuendo completely. The man was obviously lying through his teeth although she couldn't ascertain as to the purpose for his deception. Her thoughts were brought to an abrupt halt by her stomach grumbling somewhere beneath the many layers of clothing. How long had it been since she last ate? Who knew, before here she had been in the Hunters Hall's, waiting to pass through to the afterlife. Then the Koi'arii had made a deal for her soul...and here she was. " Here we are," a thought that was not her own corrected. The Koi'arii, a sentient element was the closest thing she could describe it as. Almost as old as creation, and whilst they were more or less inert without a host, once in several generations A bond was forged. It prolonged her life whilst ceasing aging, it also magnified her own innate capabilities beyond anything that could be achieved naturally. However it could not impart abilities on her that she did not have a natural affinity for. It couldn't make her a powerful mage, or a muscle bound warrior. It merely enhanced what was already there. It had its own alignment of sorts which occasionally led to disagreements between itself and its host. The smell of fresh bread wrenched Bleidd from her internal thoughts a second time, and unable to withstand the hunger gnawing at her any longer, she silently made her way to the bar, collecting her blade as she went. Hopping up onto a stool, she would suddenly appear in the innkeeps line of sight, aware that he might well miss her completely she spoke, her voice quiet, but confident and absolute. " Otto? Is it? Food and drink please, when you can spare a moment? Oh and maybe something for your bedraggled looking friend there" Bleidd indicated to the still somewhat confused looking Ben.
  13. Bleidd rolled the enchanted marble thoughtfully between her fingers. So, this was it, wherever she ended up now was where she would have to stay. She had been given one more chance, turned away from the doors of the afterlife, she was to retain the balance of her new home in whatever small manner she was able. There was no going back, only forward. She allowed the marble to fall to her feet, where it shattered into a thousand pieces. There was a sudden absence of everything. Reality shifted, twisted, compressed and then blinked her out of existence. For a moment she was nowhere, then quite suddenly she found herself relocated. Bleidd stood quite still for several moments carefully absorbing the information of her surroundings and getting her bearings. The climate seemed temperate and familiar enough, before her stood a small building she recognized to be an inn or tavern of some sort, the village in which it stood seemed built in such a way that no matter where you stood this building became the focal point. Bleidds had no doubt that this was intentional and not some happy coincidence. A few, what she perceived to be, locals passed her entirely uninterested in her sudden appearance. Infact she got the distinct impression that it was almost expected. Her calf skin boots made no noise as she moved towards the door. She walked with the bearing and poise of someone who knows their form and it's capabilities well. At average height, with a lithe and supple frame she wouldn't particularly catch the eye. Her outfit is made up of many layers, first close fitting then loose, wrapped around and tied neatly at the waist. Trousers match the top, loose fitting from below the waist, tucked into her knee high soft soled boots. The colours were designed to be evasive, depending on who you asked she could have been wearing grey, black,navy blue or faded varieties of all three. The only obvious weapon was a plain bone handled Dirk slipped into her right boot. She pushed open the door, and slipped quietly in behind a man who appeared to be another displaced traveler and a good humoured barkeep. As she stepped softly to the side, her toe brushed against a notebook left carelessly on the floor, in less than the blink of an eye, she pocketed the book, and returned her attention to the room. Bleidd had a gift for remaining unseen, for appearing so utterly ordinary that she drew little if any attention. A quick assessment of her surroundings led her to locate a quiet corner with a good view of the room. There she quietly seated herself, viewing the interactions between the other patrons.
  14. Many thanks, I am in fact fleshing out m character, having spent the last two days popping in and out. I was indeed thinking ToL would be the place to blow off the cobwebs. Again, Thank you For your time, looking forward to expanding my exploration.
  15. "If you'd rather answer a question try this one on for size - if you woke up with the skills of a master rank carpenter, what would you make? " A longbow and arrows, I've wanted one for as long as I can remember.
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