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    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    oh my i look away for ten minutes and there's like 3 replies are you guys posting gods
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    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    you're all posting too fast! i haven't posted yet!
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    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    How secure are prisons in Terrenus? I assume it's possible to break out from within one? Say my character got captured and put in Prison, how many threads would I have to do for the jailbreak for instance?
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    Project Destroy Tia

    I hope my post is okay.
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    Destruction des morts

    Arashi had sighed. This wasn't going to work out at all. Nobody was coming to help her to finish her job. Not like that mattered now. All she needed to do was leave. As she wandered through thr city, she noticed the citizens going crazy and well proceeded to dodge them and try to not kill any of them as possible. Luckily, Arashi had a filter in her gas mask preventing her from being affected by whatever it was in the air but that wasn't the important part. As she dodged the civilians, she ended up noticed the mistress getting attacked by somebody. Using her bow, Arashi launched a few arrows at the man in person that was attacking the Mistress. @Ataraxy "You there! What do you think your doing trying to kill people! You must be the person behind these odd events! Now you show yourself...I think Michael will be pleased if I find the one responsible for this."
  6. Can I attempt to fight your peacekeeper in the tia thread?

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    2. Ataraxy


      More details about his abilities can be read on his character sheet. 

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      Flame Hero: Endeavor

      Thank you. I'm asking because my character can absorb naturally generated electricity or electricity with no magical properties or magical energy.

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      Jules is so popular...

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    Looking for RP partners

    Anything as long as it ain't quests/artifacts and t1.
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    Looking for RP partners

  9. Flame Hero: Endeavor

    Looking for RP partners

    Ya I know. But I looking for more than one person to rp with.
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    Looking for RP partners

    Looking for RP partner to do storylines with my character.
  11. Just wanted to tell you, you might wanna PM people before you join closed threads or threads that don't have an open tag. 

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      I did, the author offered me to join in on the prompt 🙂

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      Me and Melody have talked on Discord, and I gave her expression permission to reply to my thread. 

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      Also threads without a tag at all are generally considered open and since PMs are private (private message) hard to tell if someone didn’t already PM just by the fact of their posting 

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    General chat thread

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    Donations 9.0

    7R5672784A3601730 Cause I haven't done so since 2017.
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    all things wild and soft

    "...I'm sorry...for saying this. I had to let it out of my system. It's been some time since I talked to someone about anything." Stormbreaker sighed, as her armor suddenly faded, leaving what seemed to be a human with light brown hair, multicolored eyes; crimson red and dark blue, a crimson red dragon tail and a bunch of crimson red markings and various battle scars over her body. She seemed to be the height of around six foot two after all and seemed to be pretty muscular in her overall body shape under the casual clothing she had on. She sat there with a dark blue scarf with an ice blue flame design on, a black t-shirt, dark green camo shorts, and well some blue sneakers to obviously walk around in. She looked about the age of above twenty after all and looked at Aspen. "Don't be surprised at what I look like and what just happened. That's what my armor can do. It has more practical uses than just looking cool. More like helping me protect myself..." Stormbreaker went over to an incubator, opening it up and yelling in surprise. "THEY HATCHED? By...Valucre...they hatched...." She then pulled out what seemed to be a tiny baby little rainbow-colored beefly and handed it to Aspen's hand. "She is yours now. Take care of her. She just hatched from her egg. They are extremely rare." The listle rainbow-colored beefly made an little squeak as it went to stretch. For the first time.
  15. Flame Hero: Endeavor

    [WIP] Arashi Sato, the Crimson Dragon

    Arashi, full name Arashi Sato is a 17-year-old hybrid, who lives as an adventurer and tries to fight evil around the world of Valucre. Despite her known abilities and powers through experimentation, Arashi has had a rough childhood, going through harsh experimentation. Since been a kid, Arashi has always wanted to be a hero but never had the ability to, due to her experience in using her powers and abilities at their minimum potential. Due to her family history, Arashi possesses a hidden power by the dragons that bestowed power on her family, however, since then, nobody but Arashi has successfully activated it. Appearance Physical To be written. Attire To be written. Personality Arashi is known as a "problem child" to those around her and gets constantly into all sorts of trouble with those around her. Arashi doesn't seem to care about her reputation in any way or form, as long as it doesn't affect her so-called "justice" in any way. Arashi tends to be fairly vulgar and aggressive, using pretty blunt language and often talking crap about people with little to regard to their feelings. She is pretty short-tempered, often taking offense from comments and can sometimes even resort to straight up violence. Arashi seems to be very blunt about her feelings, going straight up to attempt to beat up bad guys that keep making peoples lives worst. Arashi seems to be fairly clumsy and overly energetic at times, has a habit of constantly getting angry at people for no reason. The draconian constantly have a hard time accepting the blame for literally anything, as she doesn't recognize when she's at fault. Arashi is known to be fairly arrogant around pretty much everyone, getting beat up easily if she attacks them and loses. Her own arrogance is often her own fault as she believes she can do anything. Arashi has a strong sense of justice, often thinking about what she's doing is right. It seems very hard to sway her opinion from her type of views, as she would often ignore others who don't agree with her. She seems to stick to her own rules, leading her to get into trouble or do something bad. While she may have her own "rules", she often disobeys anyone that's in authority. Despite her flawed sense of justice, Arashi is extremely honorable when it comes to her foes, going to often give them a chance to attack first or give them a fair fight. Despite her whole arrogant and vulgar personality, Arashi is known to have a soft spot for animals, mainly cats and a huge love for dragons of all things. She constantly is working towards becoming nicer to people overall. She is somewhat of an idiot at times, easily believing things overall, such as bad guys that claim to be good guys and is easily convinced into doing things. It takes her some time to realize that she's been tricked, and she often doesn't find out till later. Stubborn and highly regardless and well as having complete disregard for controlling her powers which often get things destroyed, leading to some sort of criminal charge or what everyone calls "Arashi" insurance, she is extremely destructive and determined. She also often steals things that she thinks people don't need and tends to be pretty ignorant in literally lot of things. Background Story Arashi was born to Renji and her mother, seventeen years ago. She grew up a pretty normal childhood until the two unmarried parents split up, due to Renji's secret experimentations being found out. After that happened, Renji took Arashi with him. Unknown to Arashi's mother, Renji didn't give Arashi a normal childhood but one of extremely painful torture and pain through the harsh experiments to turn her into a draconic superhuman soldier she had been forced through for his own research about how to create the strongest superhuman. It was many years the young Arashi was forced into the painful experimentation she was forced to go through by her own evil father of all people. Thankfully in a stroke of good luck, Renji had let another scientist help him in his research, the scientist who she would soon see as a father-like figure in her future. After much time, Renji had accidentally killed Arashi through experimentation. This led to a pretty bad argument between the two scientists, resulting in scientist reviving the young Arashi as a clone of the original. From that day forward, Arashi left with a scientist, who had ultimately saved her life that day from dying from her father for good. This led to Arashi started to think of the scientist as a father type figure for the many days and months they spent traveling together to the time she was actually adopted by her adoptive mother. Arashi grew up in the small village in Terrenus with her adoptive mother and siblings. This was the family she grew up to love till the end of time. After that years had passed, she had wondered where the scientist that saved her went. She grew up a pretty normal childhood after she was adopted, except from manifesting her powers at the age of 10. Which certainly was a surprise. Arashi wanted to be a hero from that day forward, trying to get a grasp on her powers and abilities when she was growing up. She had failed time and time again, taking up Archery as a hobby, only to find out she was good at it. The young draconian had given up on her dream of being a hero to save the weak as she never had the talent and grasp on her powers to do so. Equipment Powers Draconic Electrokinesis (Dragon Energy Infused Electricity Manipulation) To be fully explained. Strengths: Useful in against Water Element users or enemies in the water. The user is immune to their own electricity in water bodies. (Passive) Very effective against draconic beings due to the draconic energy infused within. [Half dragons, dragons, wyverns, draconic shapeshifters] (Passive) Can form different constructs to benefit the user such as shields, walls, platforms, fortifications, and restraints but it depends on their skill level. [Electrical Constructs] (Active)* Useful against certain vehicles, aircraft and other various methods of transport due to the electricity likely affecting the controls and technology. (Passive) The user is able to detect Natural Electricity sources. [Electricity Detection] (Passive) The User is able to sense the weak electrical fields used by living beings and uses that to locate them. Electricity is generated by everything so it makes it easier to find them. [Electric Field Detection] (Passive) The user can conduct, generate and charge electricity through their body, living beings and objects. [Electricitly Conductivity and Electricity Generation] (Active) The user can create solid objects out of electricity. [Electricity Solidification] (Active)* The user can use electricity in their attacks and use it in their combat style. [Electrical Attacks and Electrokinetic Combat] (Active) *Not unlocked yet. Needs development to create that. Weaknesses: Electricity may be redirected by conductive materials. (Passive) Foes with Full Electrical Immunity will not be affected. (Passive) The user has to constantly find sources of electricity in order to charge up their power in order to use it effectively. (Active) The user might have problems using their electricity with electronics if they have no idea how to control their electricity properly. (Active) Using too much electricity at once can harm the user. (Active) Using it effectively depends on the user's skill, natural strength and capacity to control it. (Active) A strong enough magnetic force may hinder the user. (Passive) Power is useless against the electrical resistant material, such as rubber or silicate. (Passive) Draconic Explosive Fire Manipulation To be fully explained. Strengths: * Useful against Nature, Ice, and Metal Element Users or in Nature/Ice/Metal environments. The user is always immune to their own flames that are generated in these environments. (Passive) Very effective against draconic beings due to the draconic energy infused within. [Half dragons, dragons, wyverns, draconic shapeshifters] (Passive) Can form different constructs to benefit the user such as shields, walls, platforms, fortifications, and restraints. [Pyrokinetic Constructs] (Active) User can burn and melt objects and beings with enough heat. [Burning and Melting] (Passive) Can create explosions using their own flames. Weaknesses: * Foes with Full Fire Immunity will not be affected. (Passive) Using it effectively depends on the user's skill, natural strength and capacity to control it. (Active) Control of emotions and restraint are essential to use this power. Uncontrollable emotions may cause the user to overload and potentially be catastrophic. (Active) Fire Immune materials or Fire Resistant materials will probably not be affected very much. (Passive) The user can only use kinetic energy to summon the flames. (Active) Hot enough flames may kill the user or hinder them greatly. (Active) When they run out of the fire, they have to absorb it from natural fire sources. (Active) *Section not fully complete. More Strengths and weaknesses to be explained. Draconic Ice Manipulation To be fully explained. Strengths: To be fully explained. Weaknesses: To be fully explained. Draconic Electro-Pyrokinesis (Dragon Energy Infused Electric-Fire Manipulation) Test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Draconic Ice-Fire Manipulation Test Strengths: Weaknesses: test Thunderstorm Creation/Manipulation Test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Draconic Burst [Not really used, yet to be explained] test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Immense Spiritual Power Arashi is extremely strong by standards that by a certain point, she is able to manifest her spiritual energy as an aura. As well as have complete control over how much energy she uses at once without burning out all at once. Strengths: test Weaknesses: Test Scale Manifestation *Not unlocked yet. Needs development to manifest that. To be fully explained. Strengths: To be fully explained. Weaknesses: To be fully explained. Dragon Form* *Not unlocked yet. Needs development to manifest that. To be fully explained. Strengths: To be fully explained. Weaknesses: To be fully explained. Abilities Enhanced Regeneration Test Strengths: Can regenerate near fatal wounds that an average human won't able to survive. In very good physical shape due to regeneration almost healing all wounds. Can heal minor and moderate wounds in under a day. Damaged nerves can be healed to an extent. Organs and limbs can be regenerated in under two weeks. The user can survive without them till the regeneration is over. Weaknesses: Starvation, dehydration, and suffocation would still kill the user. Scars caused by magic or anything of the sort would not heal completely. Cannot survive decapitation or a wound in the heart. Anti-Regeneration or Healing Factor Nullification powers would negate this. Damage done by irreversible powers or magic cannot be negated, meaning the user will die if it's a fatal wound or if bleeding out. Damage may exceed the rate of regeneration. Regeneration can only stop so much blood loss. Destabilization, One-Hit Kill, Destruction, Death Inducement, Disintegration, and Incineration would interfere with the user's regeneration, potentially stopping it completely. Wounds inflicted in battle would not heal instantly, only when the user hasn't received any more damage. Enhanced Speed Test Strengths: The user can run faster than most average humans. Can only run up to 80mph at max. Weaknesses: People with faster speed will easily outspeed the user. Speed can be nullified by Speed Nullification. Useless in combat situations and only useful for running away in them. The user can only run for so long without running out of energy. The user has to constantly wear friction and heatproof clothing to prevent any extreme accidents occurring. Speed doesn't mean maneuverability, as they will likely have problems with stopping and turning corners. Without experience, the user will likely get tired out easily. User's physical state determines how fast their speed and endurance. Enhanced Durability test Strengths: The user can resist damage and not feel it till much later. The user can resist things like getting hit by a baseball bat, that would break after them being hit by it, getting shot non-fatally in multiple places, survive an entire building collapse, survive a large scale explosion while having almost fatal injuries and withstanding hits from superhuman strong enemies. The user can survive jumping 300ft from a building. Weaknesses: The user can only take so much damage without succumbing to the damage done. At maximum, the user would take damage that would kill an average human and only be stunned by it. Some users that are much stronger would be able to punch through the durability pretty easily. Cannot resist gunfire. Durability Nullification would render this ability absolutely useless. Superhuman Strength test Strengths: Can lift large boulders, trucks, and cars. The maximum is 10 ton overall. User's strength generates shockwaves at maximum strength. With Enhanced Muscle Usage, the user can go beyond their strength limit. Weaknesses: Takes time for the user to learn how to control their strength without harming everyone around them and handling objects. The user may break their bones from how strong their punches and strength is. Their extreme strength may send people flying from how strong their strength really is. Enhanced Muscle Usage Test Strengths: The user can go beyond 100% strength of their muscles and truly go beyond their hard limit. Can overpower enemies with stronger durability, much more strength and shock absorption. Weaknesses: May cause quite a bit of time to recover from using over 100%. It would damage bones and muscles from the sheer power it uses, but Recoil Nullification can prevent that. Decelerated Aging Strengths: User ages slower than a normal person. Weaknesses: Age Manipulation can nullify this. Due to her halted aging, the user is stuck as a teenager (17) for the rest of their life. Enhanced Stamina test Strengths: test Weaknesses: Test Enhanced Vitality test Strengths: test Weaknesses: Test Enhanced Senses test Strengths: test Weaknesses: Test Peak Human Intelligence test Strengths: test Weaknesses: Test Enhanced Lung Capacity test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Thermal Resistance Able to resist -200°C and 1000°C. Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Extreme Radiation Resistance Arashi can survive up to 200 lethal doses of radiation compared to the normal human dose of 4-10. Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Sharp Teeth test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Natural Electricity Absorption test Strengths: test Weaknesses: Test Natural Fire Absorption test Strengths: test Weaknesses: Test Natural Ice Absorption test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Skills Naturally Skilled at Hand-to-hand Combat (Novice Hand-to-hand Combatant) Test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Naturally Skilled at Weaponry (Novice Level) Test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Techniques General Electricity Storm Discharge* - Releases a discharge of yellow electricity around Arashi that is used to shock multiple foes. It’s enough to seriously injure an average human or knock out a foe. Storm Discharge: Overload* - Releases a bigger discharge of yellow electricity. Can be used to seriously injure somebody or even outright kill an average NPC. Electric Aura* - Arashi surrounds herself with an electrical aura that increases her reaction time and reflexes slightly. Electrical Healing* - The user can use their electrical powers to heal others and themselves by absorbing the electrons and using them to stimulate molecules, repairing damaged cells. The electricity can also be used to reduce fatigue as well as restarting the heart and repairing any possible brain damage. Due to being draconic aligned, the user can heal themselves or others slightly faster than usual. Arashi also heals from absorbing natural electricity. Electrical Wall Crawling* - Arashi is able to scale buildings and objects using the static energy in the air and by generating electrical fields. Fire To be added Ice To be added Explosion To be added Ice-Fire To be added Electric-Fire To be added