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  1. The Abysswalkers: Terrenus Branch HQ

    The information wasn't an incredible revelation revelation as the teenager expected, but that fact did little to bother her in the moment. She kept just as many or more things about herself carefully hidden. Regardless this incident varied from others in the fact that Del was nearing some sensitive information. It wasn't that Hana wouldn't like him to find it, but some facilitation would be necessary. "Well that's something different." She mused. "I appreciate your concern, but I'd rather be involved than have to watch you confront what that tower has to offer all by yourself." Hana had a good idea of how the tower's defenses, and security worked and even with significant confidence in Del's abilities doubted he could emerge safely with his objective accomplished. "I have an idea that could solve your problem without undue trouble for the both of us. I have some connections in the tower that could provide the information you're looking for. Doing it that way wouldn't draw unwanted attention. I can help you gain your information more easily, but whatever choice you make your actions and goals are safe with me." Without total knowledge of the situation the knowledge the girl gained wasn't quite blackmail, but likely held more than zero leverage in her back pocket if things took a very unexpected turn.
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  3. I'm really sorry to say this, but I've had some real life changes happen in the last month, and am not able to take any new threads for the time being. I will be devoting a significant amount of my time to studying for CompTIA's A+ certification. I don't want to let you down by spreading myself out too much. Once I get the timing sorted out I may be able to fit this in, but consider it on hold for now.
  4. Hey, I’m back

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  5. Valucre, the best roleplay site

    Use this link to vote. You can vote once a day. You can also vote from multiple devices if you like. So you could vote more than once by using a desktop or laptop computer, and also vote using your phone or something else. https://www.toprpsites.com/index.php?a=in&u=valucre
  6. As if on queue the door opened and Hana's revolver was no longer aimed at empty space, but squarely at an unfamiliar intruding individual (or is was inTRUDEing?). Somebody once said that you shouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight. Did that apply here? Without knowing the full merit of Trude's knife one would be making assumptions to come to such a conclusion. "If there is one thing you don't have the business of doing that would be waltzing right into my inner sanctum." The engineer was furious and poised to deliver her ire to the first available target. The .357 magnum's barrel did not move an inch from being pointed at the in-Trude-r's upper body. "Oh him? He WAS my employee. He didn't have any words for me about this charade with the lights and the security system. You should start explaining what that was about unless you'd like to join him back there." The temperature of the room would harshly drop as vapor wafted from beneath Trude as she would soon find her feet frozen to the floor. A Frostly culprit would wander out from behind Hana. The currently fledgling sized dragon of ice cast a deathly cold stare into the eyes of the perpetrator that forbade a chilling fate to all who crossed him.
  7. The Abysswalkers: Terrenus Branch HQ

    The briefing occurred, but the end result was likely not as these abyss walker folks expected. There were too many gaps in the information provided in the alleged briefing, and that was where Hana's trust for the organization would come to an abrupt end. After briefly surveying the inside of this headquarters structure the teenager would exit out the way she came in. She expected Del to follow. She would take a seat on the ruins of a nearby dilapidated building while waiting for Del to return from the structure. She was relieved to see him finally emerge, but not because she was concerned for his well being. She had plenty of other reasons. There were other factors at play that led the pair to this point and Hana felt the need to learn more. "I've never seen you so eager to take on that kind of mercenary work before. If you've still got a reason to go up that tower I'm still interested in going along with it. If you don't mind I'm curious what details you know about the place."
  8. The engineer would step forward into the so called interrogation room leaving the blue haired mercenary to fend for herself. The questionable individual appeared as expected. Stripped of his uniform, weapons, and most other possessions the man was securely attached to the chair. Hana would observe that any struggle against the restraints had ceased prior to her return. Perhaps he'd given in and getting the information needed would be a simple endeavor. She briefly sized him up before walking behind the chair. The man did not attempt to track her behind him and simply continued staring forward blankly. "You only have two options. You'll be explaining yourself and this incident, and I'll let you go. The other is if you chose not to speak up to what has gone on. Then I'll still be letting you go, but not in a way you'd like." There still wasn't a response at this point and that alone set Hana on edge. Her right hand gradually approached the holstered revolver when suddenly the lights went out. In a snap motion the teenager drew the pistol and fired three rounds into the shoulder of the allegedly seated individual before kicking the chair over. As she drew a light to illuminate the scene the room lights came back up to show that she'd indeed let him go as she said. Unbeknownst to the engineer this disruption had far reaching affects to her security system, and a majority of the guards were apparently not on duty. This prank or whatever was going on had gone too far. She'd find who was responsible and give them more than just a piece of her mind. A few pieces of lead. Leaving the scene at the interrogation room Hana would close the door securely behind her while keeping a tight grip on her weapon. She kept the revolver fixated on the only exit to the room as if expecting an adversary to appear.
  9. She's back. Back again

    May let the last comment hang. She wouldn't exacerbate her stresses with further discussion and opted to focus on the task at hand. By contrast to Rai's behavior the teenager refused to let her guard down. There was a monster out there after all. Wasn't there? The reality was that she was uncertain of the anecdotal accounts, but it was usually of little negative consequence to be cautious. She briefly wondered what could lead them to an objective of treasure aside from the alleged sea creature when her companion exposed the nearby commotion. The teenager stepped to the edge of the boat and her ranged weapon came into being with a brief and unspectacular flash. The scope of the massive rifle served to give a closer look at the unfolding scenario at the rocks. At least until the exclamation from Rai and the jarring acceleration. The surge in momentum rocked May from her feet and into the floor of the boat. In a bid to alleviate further incident she grabbed the nearest structural component with an outstretched hand as the ride rocketed along. The other securely held the rifle against her body.
  10. Hana is established in Palgard presently and I'm definitely interested in participating in this. Therefore I'd greatly prefer a space in the blue area if possible. With my plot planned for the General'nny Direktor taking down the anarchist/bandit faction near Palgard I think this would be a great activity to put that in. Would you be willing to swap somewhere else @Raspberry LA or @EpicRome23 ? I would tremendously appreciate it. Cheers!
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  12. You're more than welcome to join in!
  13. Sky Pirate Recruitment Drive

    I will definitely be looking forward to it!
  14. Sky Pirate Recruitment Drive

    Here is my character. She's a 1st Lieutenant in the Terrenus military and in her position pilots a Raptor aircraft. That would enable a response from her mid-air which could be extra exciting! Her conduct varies significantly from the average military officer so things will be interesting! What situation? I was thinking some conduct by the Aria that merited a mid air interdiction. Of the coast of Casper would work best for an aerial encounter for Hana. There are plenty of airborne shipments for you to muck around with there as well.