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  1. spacegy4

    Looking for RP partners

    I saw you were considering introducing a terrenus military character. if you're into that I am down to have my military character meet someone new.
  2. The engineer squeezed her fists whiter than their already pale color and her face flushed red with an anger rarely seen on the young girl's face. "I'm gonna..." She seethed as her sentence was cut off by some systems of the tower returning to functionality. Relief did not show as the teenager rapidly entered an informational search for the rex foundry at a console on her desk. A location turned up with the sales information. They might be able to hide individuals, but leading someone right to them would be their downfall. Hana was so focused that she didn't bother doing any work to corroborate Trude's rumor. "I'm going to systematically tear down this rex foundry. I'll wreak havoc until whoever is in charge is forced to confront me. Then I'll conclude the matter personally and permanently." With the location and other info in tow the engineer began to gather her belongings in the office in preparation for another trip to the hanger. "You're free to go." Hana remarked to the fellow engineer as she pieced together some gear. "Taking you someplace where you might be killed would be a lousy way to repay you after you helped me out."
  3. spacegy4

    Cyber Security

    Here is the video that demonstrates the usb ninja attack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le6LP43SHcM
  4. spacegy4

    Cyber Security

    Its a "go watch this video" article. 2 lines and a video underneath. anything below that appears to be an advertisement.
  5. spacegy4

    Cyber Security

    The bluetooth enabled USB ninja is the evolution of the badusb/usbharpoon attack. https://blog.knowbe4.com/knowbe4s-chief-hacking-officer-kevin-mitnick-demonstrates-the-usb-ninja-cable-attack
  6. spacegy4

    ...Four Years Later

    welcome back
  7. spacegy4

    Lost Answers

    Are you alright? In her entire time in Valucre the teenager had not received a more personal inquiry. "I'll be fine." She quickly and awkwardly responded before witnessing the relief of Del moving on to something else. The mage continued to be inquisitive which left the teenager with lingering anxiety that would be hard to hide. "The connection isn't for the information. Its our ticket inside to take a look. Some of the systems in there are quite complex and they seemed desperate for anyone who could make sense of them. I can make a reason to pay a visit. Once we're there just give me an idea of what you're searching for and if its there I'll turn it up." Hana didn't directly answer the trustworthiness question as doing such might delve deeper into information she'd rather not share. At least not yet. Hopefully that inquiry would resolve itself. "Let me know when you'd like to check it out. I can arrange our visit. If you have any more details I'm sure they would help me narrow things down." All the while the teenager was still doing the best she could to ward off the fear of her secrets being discovered, being implicated in the murder of her ally's family or even worse both.
  8. spacegy4

    Lemme draw your character!

    More you say? May Falco see profile for detailed desc. 1. Hair color/ length Dirty blond ponytail 2. Eye color green and blue (see reference pic) 3. Any distinctive facial features. The easier it is to single them out (ie Lilith has scar and crescent moon mark) the more likely it is for me to pick them 🙂 Heterochromia 4. A picture reference would be super helpful 5. Gender (if female, general boob size) Female. above average?
  9. spacegy4

    Lemme draw your character!

    Please draw Hana. She's a smart kid that is up to no good. Any extra details you'll probably find on the profile 1. Hair color/ length Platinum blond/short 2. Eye color green 3. Any distinctive facial features. The easier it is to single them out (ie Lilith has scar and crescent moon mark) the more likely it is for me to pick them 🙂 never considered it, but take a look at the references and I bet you'll find something 4. A picture reference would be super helpful 5. Gender (if female, general boob size) Female. average to not big
  10. spacegy4

    Spare a dime ooc

    Update: I am in too much already and can't take another thread. Good thing I caught myself before letting anyone down. If things change I'll update again
  11. spacegy4

    She's back. Back again

    The action of the boat rocking was more than enough to eliminate any possibility of keeping the weapon on target. Soon enough the results of that scenario would cease to matter as the teenager was thrown clear of the soon to be wreck. Violently crashing against the side of the side of the craft would be the last thing the teenager felt before her consciousness quickly faded into darkness. ! The teenager was jolted awake to find herself damp from head to toe laying on her back. Through the discomfort and pain of the trial that brought her there was a strange sense of relief that she'd made it off the boat alive. As if on cue the apparent curse had returned, and the girl once again found herself alone in an unfamiliar place. Though battered and bruised it was fortunate that the arrival hadn't broken anything. To make a point of reference she would first walk perpendicular to the beach before strolling along it. She would tread carefully to conserve her stamina. She'd need it to once again return to whatever semblance of a home existed for her in civilization. After a minute of so of walking her eyes were drawn to something on the beach that stood out from the distant reaching dirt and sand. It was Rai! Upon noticing the young woman was in some manner of turmoil May would approach from her front in an effort to be noticed while checking the area surrounding Rai for any danger. Her green and blue eyes scanned up and down her ally for any sign of injury. "Hold still. I know some first aid." She'd considered first questioning Rai find more regarding this predicament, but such action would probably end up fruitless with the individual answering in such a poor state.
  12. spacegy4

    Spare a dime ooc

    I'll have Hana do something in there.
  13. spacegy4

    Spare a dime ooc

    My furnace wasn't working so I had to put an old thermostat back in so I didn't have the time to check this out. I'll see to having that info Thursday
  14. spacegy4

    Spare a dime ooc

    I am interested. I'll see if I can do it in the next day.
  15. spacegy4

    A scout in the Terrenus military [open again]

    oh woops I replied in the wrong place. you asked for anyone else here. please disregard while I find that other thread and reply in it