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  1. I have not completed a campaign in Dungeons and Dragons. Only played 2 sessions.
  2. No harm done. I planned to greatly simplify the profiles with an emphasis on Canon so it's no problem for me to redo.
  3. Device: PC Operating System: Windows 10 Browser: Chrome Issue: Any links to my character profile post give an error. Hana Alenko can't find May Falco either I can't find her in a search of the user lore section or the full forum. Searching in google gives a link and it still gives the error Links: Any URLs where you encountered the problem. https://www.valucre.com/topic/11770-hana-alenko/ (link from google) auto parsed below
  4. Wing was my first Gundam and still my all time favorite
  5. The sufficiently disguised mage and engineer rose separately to the information center level with little incident. Upon Del's arrival the teenager took a step back and leaned against a wall errant of fascinating technological equipment. The cool and smooth surface sent a shiver down her hand as the chilling environment of the center finally set in. The enumerable racks and bays of equipment flashed bedazzling patterns. Consistent exposure to such displays left Hana undisturbed while she visually navigated the esoteric controls. The teenager's emerald hues widened upon observing Delistair acting with unexpected haste and skill to besiege the system. "Hey!" She yanked at the cable tethered to the handheld terminal with no regard to potential harm to the wire or what it was connected to. The connector split free of the large machine with little effort and the girl let loose an sigh of relief as the pass code cracking effort came to an abrupt end. The teenager was about to deliver a heaping helping of her unbridled rage when her thought process was suddenly interrupted by a burst of adrenaline. After a tense couple seconds followed the reality of what she just witnessed set in. "Where did you learn how to do that?" The technically inclined individual commented with a clear tone of fascination. Was she impressed? "This isn't a break in. We have permission to be here and are allowed access to the system. Let me know what you're looking for and I bet I can find it. If you need a peek yourself I can help you in there." Should her partner insist that he check out the system himself she would watch Del's actions carefully and observe through the wireless connection of a handheld device. She held the ability to cut the connection should that be deemed necessary.
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