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  1. Warming Up

    I'm eager for something new for one of my characters, and this could make it happen. My resident troublemaker, Hana, has her sights set on the Enchanted Tools artifact located in Joran City Genesaris. We could make an unlikely/likely/something team up, and perhaps find something of further value to both of our characters on the way.
  2. Interest check: Operation "Shattered Sun"

    I would be down to start this with the current roster if you don't mind
  3. Palgard [Civil War]

    I have an idea for extra confusion and drama. That EMP fries the systems that broadcast friend or foe and identification etc and you have a little friendly fire "incident". How does that sound?
  4. Palgard [Civil War]

    I swear there is a magnet buried under Palgard that attracts massive airships and causes them to crash there.
  5. Interest check: Operation "Shattered Sun"

    I thought Hana would be the mokingbird since she is a tech specialist.
  6. Interest check: Operation "Shattered Sun"

  7. Interest check: Operation "Shattered Sun"

    I can answer any question you may have. I created the place, and it is home to one of my characters.
  8. Interest check: Operation "Shattered Sun"

    One of my threads recently closed up so I may be able to could join under the tech role. For location I'll throw you a suggestion. How about the Zephyrus Tower in Palgard? Zephyrus Tower: A skyscraper-like structure at the heart of Palgard, home to the General'nyy Direktor and Bandit King. Heavily secured, the structure serves as a logistics center for anyone that enjoys their security. On the lower levels the structure also serves as a hotel brothel.
  9. Tia [civil war]

    RIP waking dream. perhaps I should join in this then
  10. [Quest]Tazarek's First Magitech Expo

    "Interesting. That isn't what I expected to see." She'd thought Rai would show a technical achievement, but what came instead was another sort of feat. "Oh. I believe it." That was directed less so toward the potency of the black stone, and more toward comments of encountering gods. "Funny coincidence how most places I've been in Genesaris are cold. I made the mistake of landing my craft in the Cold Mountains. A frigid area surrounded by hostile dragons. It was nothing short of a miracle that I managed to escape with my life." She briefly pulled at her shirt sleeve revealing the scaly armor underneath. "It took a while to figure out how to craft, but it sure turned out to be worth it. I swear it has saved my life countless times now." She'd neglect to mention that she had not slayed the dragon and merely scavenged from another dragon's kill. Hana would then reach into a specially protected pocket and her hand would emerge with an icy sapphire colored egg shaped item. Before she had a chance to explain the object Rai dashed back toward Edmund's stand. She'd tail behind in an effort to see what was so quick to gain the other girl's attention. Hana would be just as enamored by the automatons as Rai, and failed to notice the egg she carried was getting colder. The egg would slip out of her hands and fall, but before it could reach the ground it would appear to explode in an icy barrage, and showered Hana with snow and ice while a fledgling ice dragon appeared in its place. The teenager had an idea of what was happening, but before she could take action the dragon landed at Edmund's table and appeared to engage in an intense staring contest with one of the automatons. Moments later ice would form around form around the legs of the wooden creature holding it in place as the icy beast watched. As she walked toward him to examine the damage the ice would quickly melt leaving the wooden being to break free. Hana would then take a lofty sum of gold and pushed it on the table toward Edmund. "This should cover the other half of what she has to pay and hopefully any trouble my Frosty friend here has caused you."
  11. She's back. Back again

    The quick squeeze left the girl stunned for a moment and she did not return the favor of the motion. "First I was a soldier... but after finding myself worlds away from superiors with no way home I became a mercenary. Bodyguard, courier, assassin..." She breathed a sigh. The teenager would say the last with confidence as she no longer cared what people knew. After all she wished to permanently depart a life of being dictated by others. "My allies appeared to constantly betray me until I couldn't take the life of a mercenary any longer. I had to see to something different. I'm not worried much about you turning on me. I'd like think it won't happen now. After all we're not competing for the artifact. You can have it. I don't need it." "Hey thanks!" She would accept the device to briefly take a look about the outside of the craft. The water appeared to be inactive and the magic picked up by the device likely came from the remaining devices in Rai's bag. May would quickly return the tool to Rai after realizing the two of them were joined by another. She would stride over to Calladium and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I'm glad you decided to come along. Our chances succeeding here are even better now."
  12. Good to hear you're doing better!
  13. [Quest]Tazarek's First Magitech Expo

    "Quite the contrary I think those sorts of tools could be quite useful to me in some cases." She'd first respond to the comment claiming the mineral detector wouldn't be of use before giving a closer look to the tools in question. "Many items, weapons and tools I build require exotic materials. It would definitely be useful in the process. I'd like to see the gun as well when the time is right." Consideration would then come to the next question and examination of the rest of the equipment. "I've never considered myself to be an adventurer, but I do use some similar equipment." The engineer would pay attention to the action of the nearby soldierly automatons as well, and considered the opportunity to procure one. Perhaps a closer examination could glean their inner workings and further the advancement of her own devices. Her gaze would quickly return to the rest of the devices that Rai presented on the table. "What do you think is the most interesting or what is your greatest accomplishment here? Tell me about it."
  14. Terrenus Bounty List

    I like the idea of the bounty list coming back, but I can't bring myself to use that dice system. I don't think it would work for the combat style my characters use.
  15. Let's talk about Thread Invasion

    +1 for if the thread is open then it is open. If its me I'd usually send a message asking to collaborate first though.