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  1. Will you allow involvement from players not on the crew if the circumstances permit it? Perhaps you may interact with mercenaries or prefer a player outside your group runs an opposition to keep things interesting. For example my character could offer her or her organization's service as an aerial escort. I also really like this idea. Airships and aircraft are totally the jam of a character of mine in valucre so its definitely cool too see something like this come about.
  2. With a flap or two the dragon would take to the sky and began observation from above. "They." Hana would clearly point toward the fleeing ship. "Are my enemy." It was only a moment later that the dragon would swoop down and rake a massive gouge into the side of the ship. The craft would soon begin to sink as it took on water. "They only desire to breed chaos and disarray in areas where I wish expand my industrial operations." As the ship continued to sink and the pirates on board would climb on top, and soon realized the only manner of escape was into the water. One after another they would reluctantly leap into the water and attempt to swim to land. Their try would be halted by a hail of razor edged pieces of ice commanded by the Frosty dragon above. The teenager would give an eye to the ensuing carnage before continuing. "If you plan to continue to steal from them I certainly won't object. Heck I'd even support it. Perhaps I can give a little incentive to get you to keep it up. What would it take?"
  3. ooc

    I'll keep my eyes on this. Since I have a character involved in Palgard I may be able to contribute in some way even if I am not directly involved.
  4. I'll keep my eyes on this. Since I have a character involved in Palgard I may be able to contribute in some way even if I am not directly involved.
  5. Soon enough she'd finally be able to proceed and get the job done. Even with observation of the mannerisms and abilities of her supposed allies it did not appear totally clear on what task some of the individuals would be embarking on. Regardless to her relief it would appear that the strife that existed between the volunteers present would not impede on her ability to succeed. Avoiding the trouble would be as helpful as assistance in this scenario, and perhaps even more so. It seemed that the city was covered by one Jack fellow, and the other Jack and his brother would head up their own group. That left the forest to her, but it was yet to be revealed who else would be taking that duty. Soon enough they would all be off. Further waiting would feel unproductive, and Hana felt that the sooner the groups depart the better.
  6. Hey man.  Its been a while.  How are you doing?

    1. Maverick


      Hey there space, all good, was a little lost here on Val but coming back haha. How about you?

    2. spacegy4


      It is good to see you back.  I am in the depths of school, but I still find some time for role play.  Are you by chance interested in continuing this?:


    3. Maverick


      Would be pretty interesting. Let me check it out to get back in the rhythm.

  7. The teenager welcomed Rai's faith in their ability to succeed. May would release Calladium as she opted to abruptly end their embrace. "Whatever it is I'm sure we'll be able to handle it. We'll be careful." She tried to reassure Calladium that they would be safe, but the tone of the good luck statement surprised her. May's friend would be safe and she was happy to see that status remain. Her friend was a resource with potential knowledge relating to the monster, but the girl thought it best to not bring up the topic again. May had no desire to unearth the hardships her friend experienced in an encounter with the monster. Even with brief observations of Rai from it would appear she was a capable individual. Apparent athleticism would at minimum benefit, and she likely held other strengths yet to be revealed. May too held considerable strength and agility. She was conditioned with a regimen of activity in training, and the brutal requirements of the field drove her to stay in good form. "Well. I'm ready. Let's do this thing."
  8. After periods of being cooped up in the tower for a while the teenager opted to get some fresh air. She Opted to go alone and rarely drew attention to herself while doing so. Such an icon of power knew the great benefits of being shrouded in mystery. Practical clothing and weaponry made the teenager stick out little to those who did not know of her presence. As she walked through gang and pirate territory alone the Direktor would remain unmolested for those who dared considered approaching her were instantly halted by their comrades. Something about a poorly substantiated rumor in which a massive trash can shaped vehicle demolished a fortification with its massive cannon. There was also another purpose to this. Should any observations necessitate an immediate personal meeting it was of good convenience to be present. The pier came into view shortly before Gemma was busted. The ensuing confrontation clearly attracted the Direktors attention and she would watch it unfold. In response to the shout of their comrade the other two gangsters came dashing back. The threesome managed to subdue the perpetrator and began hauling her off as the girl stepped into view. "Good afternoon." The trio halted and made sure Gemma was secured before one turned toward the source of the voice. Upon setting eyes in her direction they would immediately release Gemma and flee to their ship. If it wasn't the girl they were afraid of it was the fledgling ice dragon in front of her. The icy beast's menacing glare alone drove the men to scurry away. "I don't think they will be coming back. Go ahead and help yourself. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. What do you think?" She'd take a couple steps toward the pier in front of the dragon to observe the response.
  9. I most definite do
  10. Welcome back?
  11. Definitely super interested
  12. So it would appear that the party had finally fully gathered. She had a foothold in the forces of Tia, and success in this operation would only allow her further in. The teenager possessed flexibility that would allow her to be prepared for whatever situation the operation would task her with. While such capability was not visually apparent the engineer held extra functionality in external reserve. Her view snapped to the individual who grabbed and moved Janus for whatever reason. In further odd behavior the other fellow rapidly broke off. What was his deal? The comments of the Ransom brothers did little to bother the teenager. They would be handled appropriately, but her role in it wouldn't go beyond commenting. "I don't mind if they go on their own. If they think they are so great then let them at least try to prove it." The statement came as the Ransoms insisted they execute an operation themselves. They didn't seem like the type of people that Hana desired to work with anyway. Whatever came to them as a result meant little to her. She retained confidence in her ability to finish the job regardless of other outcomes. She'd get the job done.
  13. Oh discord radtastic. I've pinged you on there to discuss our ideas further!
  14. Welcome to Valucre! Enjoy your stay. I saw some of the characters you mentioned in the doodles post. I'll be interested to see what you do with them!
  15. Wow really nice drawings! I like the art style. I always like seeing original artwork for characters. I certainly dig some for my own characters as well. A difference is probably that I can't draw though so I've talked my friends into helping me. Keep up the awesome!