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  1. High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    I definitely like that intro. I'll see to writing Hana into it tomorrow.
  2. CHAOS is recruiting...

    I just mentioned it in case you wanted to have them poke around there. I'd assumed you weren't keeping their operations exclusive to Genesaris
  3. CHAOS is recruiting...

    There is a power vacuum in Palgard where your sort of organization would probably be right at home. Since the bandit king vanished there has been an opening in that area.
  4. High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    Looks like I'll need to have Hana in this too! She needs to get to know more military folks outside of communications division!
  5. Join me for a quest!

    Okay. Apologies for the delay. Here is what I've got in mind. In the city of Palgard there has recently been a shift of power in the bandit held section. The self proclaimed "Bandit King" has allegedly vanished, and it is unclear who or what could potentially fill that vacancy. The plan (and you well know no plan survives contact with the enemy) 1. Travel to the City of Palgard via waygate (a military use only waygate was restored in the area) 2. Meet lieutenant Alenko at the base of the Zephyrus tower. 3. Travel to bandit/anarchist controlled territory. 4. Avoid sparking unneeded tensions between the military organization in Palgard and the anarchists. 5. Find out who is in power and what their goals are. Secondary objectives: Create a method of ongoing surveillance. Find out what happened to the Bandit King individual
  6. Join me for a quest!

    Are you looking for a particular sort of military quest? What profession/job is your guy?
  7. New but not so new...

    Welcome to Valucre. Enjoy your stay!
  8. Join me for a quest!

    I've got a character who is in the military whom could do a military oriented quest with your character. In the last couple months a couple of my threads died out since a player went inactive or left the site so I'd be open to starting something new. Let me take a look at the options and post back here in a bit. I can't guarantee a daily post, but I can give it the old college try.
  9. Maybe it's time I quit lurking?

    I am happy to hear that things are improving for you. I can't hide that I was concerned for you after not hearing from you for a while. Its great to see you back around man! I'm always interested in revisiting any of our old plots (the summons quest lol?). I would also be more than happy to do a 1x1 or small group and/or invite you into one of my current plots. I'll be looking forward to whatever you come up with. I hope you have a good time back!
  10. The weapon didn't waver as Hana trusted her companion to protect her, and if that failed the teenager was confident that her armor could stop most foreign projectiles. If someone was after her they were doing a lousy job. Even with security measures set back by the power fluctuation there were still numerous physical barriers. Yet another barrier would come into being as a thick dome of supernatural ice formed around Hana and Trude which sealed them from any further outside influences. "That's a good start." A twinge of nervousness hung in the girl's voice that ate through her previously unrocked confidence. "Please tell me all about this MClean guy and what happened to my security systems just before you arrived, but first lets get some privacy. Put it on the floor." Hana would motion to her ear to imply that she wanted Trude to rid herself of any communication devices. Should Trude comply Hana would take a couple steps forward and crush the earpiece under her boot. With slightly more trust she'd now maneuver the revolver to point at the floor between Trude's feet rather than directly at her. The weapon remained at the ready and could still strike in a fractional moments notice. "Now that that's taken care of you're welcome to continue."
  11. The Abysswalkers: Terrenus Branch HQ

    "There is a burden I'd prefer not to carry, and that would be you going in there by yourself and something happening. Along with what could happen to me afterward in that event." She didn't want to lose an ally, but in the back of her mind the teenager had concern to the potential of unwanted military surveillance that could be drawn to her. "Like it or not I feel like I'm already involved." She shrugged. "Were something unfortunate to happen to you then I'd be in just as much of a fix for letting you go." Hana was obligated to provide information to the military to prevent the misuse of such assets, and to be caught not doing so when such an incident occurred could land her in just as hot water. "I find it in my interest that you succeed and don't get unwanted attention that could ruin your career and mine."
  12. The Abysswalkers: Terrenus Branch HQ

    The information wasn't an incredible revelation revelation as the teenager expected, but that fact did little to bother her in the moment. She kept just as many or more things about herself carefully hidden. Regardless this incident varied from others in the fact that Del was nearing some sensitive information. It wasn't that Hana wouldn't like him to find it, but some facilitation would be necessary. "Well that's something different." She mused. "I appreciate your concern, but I'd rather be involved than have to watch you confront what that tower has to offer all by yourself." Hana had a good idea of how the tower's defenses, and security worked and even with significant confidence in Del's abilities doubted he could emerge safely with his objective accomplished. "I have an idea that could solve your problem without undue trouble for the both of us. I have some connections in the tower that could provide the information you're looking for. Doing it that way wouldn't draw unwanted attention. I can help you gain your information more easily, but whatever choice you make your actions and goals are safe with me." Without total knowledge of the situation the knowledge the girl gained wasn't quite blackmail, but likely held more than zero leverage in her back pocket if things took a very unexpected turn.
  13. Good luck on the A+!

    1. spacegy4


      Thank you sir!

  14. I'm really sorry to say this, but I've had some real life changes happen in the last month, and am not able to take any new threads for the time being. I will be devoting a significant amount of my time to studying for CompTIA's A+ certification. I don't want to let you down by spreading myself out too much. Once I get the timing sorted out I may be able to fit this in, but consider it on hold for now.