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  1. Looking for partners

    I have a character in the armed forces of Terrenus. That good guy enough? Give me an idea of your plot and I'll consider.
  2. Pictures of Us

    "Hello IT have you tried turnin' it off and on again?" (image not OSHA approved)
  3. While I think it is an improvement on the dice roll system supernal made it still seems massively oversimplified. Like the other dice system it boils down to the characters lining up and taking turns bashing one another until someone drops. Some people may enjoy that, but it isn't for me. If I'm going to use a system that involves buying points I prefer to use one that satisfies the complexities of my characters. One example of a system I find adequate is Anima Beyond Fantasy. I'll link a sample character sheet from a campaign I run if you'd like a look. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9l9kGZuG22mYjFQOVhQUTlYbDQ
  4. I am concerned that my characters may not function well in this kind of system. They rely on strategy and smarts. They utilize the environment, and numerous other factors to gain an advantage. I've decided that I'll reserve my judgement until I've seen the sheets you linked.
  5. Academy of Hard Knocks (Live Combat I)

    Odd green and blue irises gave a brief examination at her opponent and led to the conclusion that didn't need to be overly worried. After all the individuals present were here for training in combat, and teenager felt plenty at home when it came to a combat environment. This scenario had a different atmosphere than she was used too, but in the end she could adapt. May nodded in welcome recognition of the answer to her question before contemplating recent question. The girl's eerie gaze did little to shift as she took a moment to consider any future plans. "This wouldn't be the first time I've been in a school. I'm considering it, but at this point I doubt I could come close to affording it. I work odd jobs just to make ends meet. Some call me a mercenary, but I honestly don't even know what I am anymore. Maybe someday I'll figure it out." The gravity of the response and most negative aspects of how it weighed on her outlook on life were minimally reflected. She was unruffled and confident. "Lets get started then. You can take the first offense and then we can take turns. If you have something else in mind I'll consider it too."
  6. Academy of Hard Knocks (Live Combat I)

    A day passed and it was time for the class yet again. This time though it would appear that there were now an odd number of students. The individual whom collapsed the previous day was no longer present. The total number of students still appeared to be the same nonetheless. Next came what most would consider a more exciting portion of such educational activities. A day that focused more on sparing was a welcome alternative to the torturous trials of the previous day. The mystery of the newcomer was soon solved nonetheless. The instructor introduced a new individual who would be joining the class in a guest capacity. A young woman whom looked to be in her late teens. She'd made a deal with an administrator to participate as a guest without having to follow the full registration to simply try things out. May was small, and perhaps was the smallest entrant in the class. Quite athletic in stature for her size her moderately toned musculature showed evidence of past conditioning. Regardless the most striking feature of the teenager was her mismatched eye colors. With the departure of the only other potential bid for Alonsi's sparring partner May was assigned. She'd stroll over to her partner while ignoring catcalls and other comments about why a 'little girl' showed up for live combat class. The teenager would briefly wave in greeting as she approached. "Hey there. I'm May. What are the terms for the sparring? I missed yesterday so it'd be a great help if you could fill me in."
  7. Last Chance (The Wahr-bear tribe)

    It was only a moment later that the door simply swung open with no knock or greeting. !... Most of the bandits were still riled up by the last scuffle and quickly spared no scowls or glares for the the newcomer. The bouncer fellow whom quickly realized the individual was expected spared her the wrath while she absently sipped some vodka from a flask, but it seemed that the rest of the ruffians had other things on their mind. "First the squishy mage and next this pipsqueak?" Various threats and vile words were thrown the teenager's way. "If you insist, but one at a time please." Hana remarked while putting the flask away. One individual was eager to square up and charged. Before the burly individual could reach her he'd slip on an invisible icy surface that now covered the floor in front of the girl. With a step she pressed a boot into the neck of the ruffian now crumpled on the floor. After leaving the spilled man to his own devices she'd give a brief wave to the others. Soon they'd finally have a chance to get on to the crux of the mission.
  8. The Wolf Among You

    Welcome aboard! Feel free to blast me a PM if you have any questions about the site or would like someone to show you around. Have a lovely stay!
  9. "Ah yeah it is." Came the response to the armor comment. The mention of her being an adventurer was far less expected. "Hey I guess so. You have a good point! Why not." Even in all her exploits which the teenager had never considered any to be adventuring a few of them likely fit such a description. Hana would only be able to piece together a further reply to the consideration of the title before Rai once again turned away. The automatons were an inspiring sight. It would take great effort for her to shrink the muscle packages of her own designs to match such small sizes. It was clear that there was another way, and perhaps these machines would fill the void in the engineer's process. Hana was relieved to see that the dragon had only captured the automaton in a temporary icy prison. It would not have been a surprise to her is the Frosty fiend's actions led to the total destruction of the opposing being. "It's fine with me and I'd always appreciate giving a fellow engineer a hand." She'd then turn back to the collections of gadgets and tools in Rai's arsenal. "If you insist then I'll have to take a look." The teenager would handle the various items puzzling over the properties of each before approaching a decision. "This looks like something I could use." She remarked while holding up a monocular that appeared to allow the tracking of nearby magical signatures with the naked eye. Without a natural magical inclination such a tool would surely prove useful. "How about this?" The dragon would give an icy and menacing glare to Rai as she approached, but wouldn't render any hostile actions toward her in the immediate future. The scales of the creature would feel to the touch as a slippery cold stronger than that that of ice. Should the touch be for a prolonged period the temperature witnessed in contact would reach discomforting levels. "The dragon here is my friend and ally. I rescued him from dragon slayers, and we formed a sort of pact afterward. From where I'd prefer not to say."
  10. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    If you're interested in a character to oppose your villains I may be interested. Keeping an eye on this.
  11. The Banshee of Blue Hill Manor

    It didn't bug her that these individuals had motives that clearly stretched beyond freeing the mansion from the the supernatural threat. The teenager would just have to wait and see what happened afterward. Hana would let the relatively idle conversation as they traveled go by. She would silently gather information on this mansion. There was definitely at least some chance that layouts of a building concerning the magnitude of a manor would exist. As they stopped to rest Hana would enjoy her rations, but would still consider the possibility of hunted game. Her shelter would consist of an icy dome that materialized around her seemingly from thing air. At some point during the journey the girl would approach Ridley once again before looking to him inquisitively. "Once we end up getting there what's your plan of attack? Are we knocking and asking nicely to be let in? Kicking the door down? I have some of my own ideas, but let me know yours first."
  12. I am down for whatever thread. If you're less interested in the blue hill manor thing now I would be down for this new one. If you have a posting order or frequency established I can keep up to it. I just want to check before I go writing for that other thread when it may be dead to rights (posted in it anyway because why not!).
  13. In a rare occurrence the leader of the entrenched industrial faction issued a statement following an Incident involving stolen medical equipment. The confrontation appeared to culminate in violence, and the final outcome of the scenario remained uncertain. Security footage from within the Zephyrus tower identified those involved in the scuffle, but their identities have been withheld for their safety. "It is entirely unacceptable to steal what one has surely worked hard to fairly attain. I invite any individual whose belongings are stolen to bring the case to the security forces of the industrial district. We will gladly assist you in ensuring your property is retrieved safely." Reports also indicated that security and searches of all materials and equipment brought through all Zephyrus Tower levels private and public would be strengthened in an attempt to stifle further incidents.
  14. The Terrenus military clean up Palgard

    I've been following this from the start and I'm really enjoying it. I'm really liking all the writing from everyone involved. If anything follows up on this you have a great deal of interest from me.