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  1. I'm certainly intrigued by this. A character of mine will be looking for help with a quest soon in Palgard if you're interested.
  2. There is an anime based trading card game called Weiss Swarchz I know quite a few people who are anime fans that also play it.
  3. The Direktor sat in the tower and watched the events unfold before her. Not yet. Now would not be the time for their crossing of paths. It was simple to pass up a diversion to the mechanized unit the other possessed. After all she had built it. Even within the couple years of the Venom's construction the design held obsolescence considering her most recent design advances. Her current desire was to keep her old unit along with whoever had the fortune of discovering it clear of harms way. With a short and simple command a signal was sent from the high point of the tower and picked up by the unit. It was a new coordinate of travel that could not be ignored. To the surprise of the outpost dwellers and mechanized giant would break free of the scaffolding and lumber away. One man moved to give chase, but another grabbed him by the shirt to halt him. They feared the result of confrontation and let the mechanical beast go free. It was only hours later that the Direktor herself would pay that outpost a visit. A quiet approach on foot would not draw attention until she was inside. After all due to other outside variables the watch for the area was no operating at top capacity. After spotting the woman strolling toward the center through the dense jungle of barricades and breastworks a series of individuals leveled their weapons. Worried shouts gave way to a stately man who parted the sea of firearms, and blades to approach the other. He signaled his thugs to maintain their aim, but not fire until given a queue. "What brings you out here missy?" The man's tone bore significantly more tooth than his visage presented. "I'm here to make an offer. An opportunity for the continuation of the services you just lost." "What do you mean by that?" The man tersely replied. He appeared at the edge of patience, but would give the individual at least a couple more statements before driving her off. "Your power, tools, ammunition, and utilities will soon run dry. You will soon be driven back to the barbaric practices of others like you. Primitive animals that vie for survival at another's throat. Though it doesn't have to be like that. Join your forces with the industrial movement and you will be rewarded handsomely, and be able to keep your things as they are." There was no need to state that she would wipe out this outpost should be refuse to comply. From common knowledge of the Direktor's practices that would be implied. The man weighed his options. As much as he loathed the Direktor it would appear that his taste of power was too great. He had witnessed enough technological progress that he could only dread a potential regression. "You have a deal then." The woman would shortly grin before giving a final reply. "I'll be returning soon with all that I need to set you straight. Just remember that if any of your men try anything I'll personally wipe you all out." With this post secured there was finally a moderately secure path to deliver resources for the future belltower operation. The construction of a new facility on the sight of the tower would extend the reach of the industrial lands while nearly cutting the bandit and anarchist held territory by half. Thread over and submitted to canon Summary: An unusually well equipped anarchist outpost mysteriously appears with massive mechanized armor suit at its center. The General'nny Direktor suspects that the armor suit contains resources that she needs so she enlists the aid of mercenaries to retrieve the resources while at the same time taking down the bandits. After briefing and arming the mercenaries they travel to the site of the bandits only to mysteriously vanish with minimal progress. The Direktor is not perturbed by this failure and takes matters into her own hands by sending a signal that lures the armor suit to leave the bandit outpost. She then pays a visit to the outpost and makes a deal with the leadership to fill the void the armor suit left behind in exchange for control of the facility. Short summary: The General'nny Direktor hires mercenaries to investigate a mysterious bandit outpost. After the mercenaries vanish before their job is completed the Direktor intervenes, and successfully converts the outpost to industrialist control. Opportunities: Quest class B: All Along the Watchtower (contact spacegy4) Help return civilization to Palgard! With a path cleared between the Zephyrus tower, and the bell tower carcass a new factory and defensive tower can be built at the site of the old tower. Protect materials coming from the Zephyrus tower as they travel to the construction site, and protect the tower and factory's erection from anarchist interference. Success will hold technology and power personally bestowed by the Direktor herself.
  4. "Anything I'm not entirely familiar with gets plenty more testing before I more forward with a design. I certainly agree that I should be careful with magic. With enough time and experience I may be able to incorporate more magic into my work though." Potential for a further response was cut off at that moment by the collision that swiftly knocked Rai to the ground. Hana would spectate the proceedings, but not before she offered a hand to help Rai to her feet. "You seem know a thing or two about magic which is something I am certainly no expert in. Most I've learned from my friends is how to destroy or prevent someone from using magic. I'd love to learn how to harness it better for my weapons and tools." The young woman would briefly watch the scenario unfold with the thief, but quickly turned away in clear disinterest to face Rai again. "Perhaps later I can show you some of my work and we can exchange designs and ideas. I'd certainly love to see more of what you've done!" As time passed with Hana's exposure to Rai's marvelous inventions and the ensuing discussion a passion and enthusiasm clearly shined through the woman's usually stoic demeanor.
  5. May would stand nearby and watch as Rai gave her explanation to the boat renter. She was impressed with how easily her partner went with the sea creature idea the boat guy gave. It puzzled her slightly when the boat person said that the raft would be ready when they needed it. Her hopes laid with them not needing it, and if a situation arose that would require such a thing that would be where her previous preparation would come into play. There it was. A boat. "Yeah! Exciting." Was all she managed, clearly nervous and anxious as she followed Rai onto the craft. The teenager was well familiar with various types of vehicles, but a sea faring boat certainly wasn't one of them. "Here." May held out a significant sum of money to Rai with hopes to defray the boat cost. She had been occupied at the time the boat was purchased and wasn't aware of the exact cost. May wished to aim high to at least cover it at the risk of exceeding it. "We're in this together so you shouldn't have to pay all that yourself." It was a considerable amount considering her reduced rate of work in recent time. She'd wait a moment after they were underway before addressing Rai again. "I really am excited. It has been a while since I've gotten this kind of action. Most of my recent work has been odds and ends. I'm ready to get my hands dirty."
  6. Are we still doing the wahr bear mission

  7. Welcome back!
  8. I don't think my characters are interesting enough for me to see this happening to them, but it will still be neat to see what other people do.
  9. A title at first was just a title, but the upcoming presentation made it clear that Rai was likely worthy of such a praise even if it was self designated. "These things certainly are impressive." Hana commented. "Most things that use any kind of magic are out of my league." She'd marvel at the techno-magical water thing for another moment as if hoping to glean knowledge of its inner workings by simply looking at it. Her curiosity showed was clearly shone with shared enthusiasm as she continued the examination. "Perhaps with enough time I'll figure it out." The reality was her focus remained on the familiar for the time being and magical aspects served as enhancements rather than any core aspects in her weapons and tools. At least the teenager was more than capable and fortunately enough to gain magical and even anti magical favors from friends such as Del in the mean time. "You seem to be deserving of your title." She remarked before taking a look to the rest of the gadgets and tools in Rai's arsenal. "Tinkering is how I got my start as well. I design and produce some weapons and tools. Firearms, aircraft, and vehicles. My customers are mercenaries, soldiers, and really whoever else wants it and can afford it. I don't think it'd be a wise idea for me to show you my work in here. If you're interested we could arrange a time and place later."
  10. May Falco: 4.3 Hana Alenko: 3.9
  11. I'll be staying in and editing my post. Thanks for the answer!
  12. I was my last 2 weeks of university prior to graduation. I had a number of exams the first week, and projects due and exams the next week. I was continually working on final projects and studying for exams. I did not even look at valucre at that time so there is no way I could have seen it. I hope you will be willing to make an exception.
  13. enter: Hana This visit was a rare case. It wasn't purely business driven. These Tazarek fellows had set foot within Palgard using considerable force. They laid waste to a specialized faction of anarchists that had given her considerable bother. Of all the feats witnessed their technology advancement drew the most interest. Such a technomagical showcase would be a good chance to gain an understanding of what was available, and perhaps at the same time she'd learn more of the area and other people around. She looked table to table until something caught her eye. Oddly enough it wasn't an intricate piece of technological work, but instead a sign that labeled who had ownership of a given table. Something of the name felt oddly familiar for the moment she saw it. Unfortunately before Hana could get a close look at the name on the sign a person nearby snatched it down after a short discussion with a nearby dwarf. A brief look at that person's table yielded serious technical merit before she walked to the recently formed group. "That's some impressive craftsmanship you've got over there." She'd address Rai. "I'm Hana, and I couldn't quite catch your sign since you were so quick at tearing it down."
  14. Hana will be joining soon.
  15. Will you allow involvement from players not on the crew if the circumstances permit it? Perhaps you may interact with mercenaries or prefer a player outside your group runs an opposition to keep things interesting. For example my character could offer her or her organization's service as an aerial escort. I also really like this idea. Airships and aircraft are totally the jam of a character of mine in valucre so its definitely cool too see something like this come about.