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    Destruction des morts

    It had been long enough since the teenager had been into anything of this scale. She had busied herself with tasks petty enough to keep below the radar, but lucrative enough to keep herself well afloat. It was a pleasant surprise that the Dead organization wasn't exactly dead after all. Angel was eager to take on the task set before her in the briefing. The long long past results of her last mission with the group left the masked girl only more determined to succeed this time. On her stint as an independent the assassin found new ways to utilize her powers and abilities that could apply to any scenario, but the backing and planning of the larger company was more than welcome. These brief thoughts followed the masked girl as she headed down the street in the direction of the control center seated of the Aidni shaft. Upon reaching the facility she peered through a gap in a open door finding two individuals inside. After quietly pressing the door open and stepping inside she'd come around with her right hand as if to punch an individual in the back of the neck. Moments before contact a blade materialized with a click that plowed through the man's neck leaving him a swift end. As the first adversary collapsed the second turned toward the thud his colleague made. Witnessing his ally still on the floor and the girl standing nearby left him stunned for a moment. Taking the opportunity to try one of her new techniques Ai would grab the man with a telekinetic grasp and swiftly slide him along the floor until his head made a cracking impact against the wall. This immediately rendered him unconscious. After opening the nearby shaft the teenager would drag the two bodies in so they fell to the bottom. The individual whom was simply knocked out would likely not survive the fall and the act disposed of both bodies in the event of a search. Letting the door to the shaft close behind her the assassin set to work installing the faux ton at the control center level.
  2. The international man of mystery would appear seemingly from nowhere in the streets of Palgard. Who knows. Maybe he truly came from a place called No Where. Regardless the individual was proceeding with full confidence toward the isolated set of buildings. While apparently looking for something any certainty of finding said thing would be rather regrettably uncertain. Facts require information to back them, and without said backing they are reduced to a mere guess. One fact to help ground things in reality was that it was certainly not night time. The sun was shining and the sky was mostly clear with few errant clouds. Such a visual could be easily approximated by the ideal backdrop for the film Hell's Angels. The prospect of further conversation upon the dragon's back over the passing wind was temporarily interrupted by the jet blast of a passing aircraft. Hana would not regard or mention the red streak that blew by and quickly climbed out of sight. She then held up the lamp to address the individual inside directly. "Soon the facility and your organization with it will be destroyed, and likely this M'kumba fellow along with it. With that revenge exacted I'll give you a chance to state why I shouldn't proceed with removing you from the equation as well."
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    Project Destroy Tia

    Looks like a great thread for bringing back this kid If someone wants to get all competitive and stuff just lmk
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    General chat thread

    there is no cow level
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    Hey peoples

    Firstly I'll come right out and say that I'm sorry for going off the radar for a week or two or longer. Though it probably doesn't matter since most of my threads are pretty laid back. I let my Valucre hobby take a back seat for a bit since depression issues made me not feel like writing. I'm getting back into things and I plan to get to my threads in the next few days or give a better idea of my status. Thanks @jaistlyn @Ataraxy @amenities @Aleksei etc etc etc
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    Welcome back!
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    Entice me

    I have a plot in Palgard that could always use more players. There is a three way competition for power between the industrialists, bandits/anarchists, and the Terrenus Military. The leader of the industrial faction, the Generalni Direktor is looking for some specialized help to force the bandits out. In exchange for some weapons, technology, a stake in her company or another thing. I'd like to see how the political climate there changes if the industrialists expand enough in power to potentially contest the military occupation in the city. I'm open to and enjoy discussing ideas and details.
  8. Did it satisfy her? "Its a good start." The teenager remarked. The cooperation was welcomed and would help the engineer reach the bottom of this madness. Whether or not the group this fairy belonged to was the source of the disturbance was unimportant to her. She would be taking things one at a time. This was a situation that needed troubleshooting. The fairy would take her to the trouble and she would shoot it. "There is no matter if your organization doesn't have a name. I'll just need to know the name of your boss so I'll know who to greet once we get there. You will be leading us there." At that statement she'd pick up the lamp and begin walking back toward the hole in the wall exit. Frosty remained ready at the relevant size to ride and she briefly motioned to Trude that they would be departing again. She stopped and turned to Trude before climbing on. "My name is Hana, but around here I'm known for being the owner of the tower, and my arms business. I have the title General'ny Direktor. Just some words from my home language I liked that mean chief executive. Something to show people that I mean business." As they departed on the dragon the teenager would make a point of continuing to hold the lantern in her left hand before making a clear indication she was communicating to the fairy inside. "Okay now lead us on to where this organization of yours is located. Otherwise I'll let go. It certainly looks like a long way down."
  9. spacegy4

    Lost Answers

    The fact that Delistair wasn't digging for information on the Direktor left a wave of relief surging through the teenager, but did little to resolve the predicament she now found herself in. As quickly as things could calm down next statement sent her mind reeling back into action. It wasn't often that the engineer was looked in the eyes and one doing so presently would surely notice the girl making a steady plunge further into distress. As if by instinct her thoughts plunged into overdrive to rapidly work a way out of the situation. The teenager had grown unaccustomed to any kind of empathetic relationship after being confined to a Russian military base for most of her life. She could feel the significance of Del's loss, but couldn't share the pain. "I'm sorry I just need a moment to think." She quickly spoke while breaking eye contact and momentarily turning away. Luckily the temporary flight would keep more stability in the situation than the fight alternative. In a couple seconds Hana would turn back to Del with a good deal of composure regained. "If we use my connections I can help you get the information without risking sparking a conflict between the industrial faction and the military. I think the last thing Palgard needs is more instability, and if it does become more unstable I won't let myself or you be held responsible."
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    Returning and afraid.

    Welcome back friend! Enjoy your stay!
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    Can I play too?

    I'm always interested in engineer characters. I've got a few plot ideas. I'll be reaching out to you via PM once I have my my thoughts sorted. I've added you on discord too.
  12. It sent a wave of relief down the girl that the massive engagement ended so quickly. Hana was nonetheless impressed by the combination of skill and luck that enabled Trude to land the critical blow on the hostile battlemech, but kept a stoic demeanor toward the scenario. The office would hold some clues to help uncover the meddling. She would only need to bring power to her personal system to retrieve the logs of what happened just before the mysterious shut down. The response to the exclamation by the lamp confirmed that there was more to the appearance of the device than was initially put on. She felt the need to get to the bottom of that mystery like her life depended on it, and for all she knew it may in fact have. The teenager was too focused on defending herself from whatever threat lurked ahead of her to be distracted by Trude's nearby motion. She'd too approach the lamp with the barrel of the revolver still carefully leveled at it. "If you start explaining yourself I'll consider not dropping you where you stand." The menacing request was delivered by a frustrated individual rapidly reaching the end of her rope. "Begin with what you are, and exactly what brings you to my tower. Should you comply to my satisfaction I may put down my weapon. Otherwise I may shoot or... light that lamp."
  13. spacegy4

    Terrenus military chatter v.2

    Oh awesome! Congrats Hana!