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  1. So it would appear that the party had finally fully gathered. She had a foothold in the forces of Tia, and success in this operation would only allow her further in. The teenager possessed flexibility that would allow her to be prepared for whatever situation the operation would task her with. While such capability was not visually apparent the engineer held extra functionality in external reserve. Her view snapped to the individual who grabbed and moved Janus for whatever reason. In further odd behavior the other fellow rapidly broke off. What was his deal? The comments of the Ransom brothers did little to bother the teenager. They would be handled appropriately, but her role in it wouldn't go beyond commenting. "I don't mind if they go on their own. If they think they are so great then let them at least try to prove it." The statement came as the Ransoms insisted they execute an operation themselves. They didn't seem like the type of people that Hana desired to work with anyway. Whatever came to them as a result meant little to her. She retained confidence in her ability to finish the job regardless of other outcomes. She'd get the job done.
  2. Oh discord radtastic. I've pinged you on there to discuss our ideas further!
  3. Welcome to Valucre! Enjoy your stay. I saw some of the characters you mentioned in the doodles post. I'll be interested to see what you do with them!
  4. Wow really nice drawings! I like the art style. I always like seeing original artwork for characters. I certainly dig some for my own characters as well. A difference is probably that I can't draw though so I've talked my friends into helping me. Keep up the awesome!
  5. Ace did not recognize he was being tracked via heat, and therefore was unable to react by pressing any buttons. Ace did not see the missile as it was being prepared many thousands of feet above the ground, and therefore well out of sight within the aircraft so he could take no such action against it. He would fire into the air at nothing, and the teenager would simply watch as he ran about messing with some kind of box. For someone whom was allegedly a super soldier this was a high order of incompetence. The mercenary kept the mech as a standstill with its weapons trained on ace. "Stop running around like your head is cut off. I'm not going to kill you quite yet. Unless you don't stand still and talk to me. Please elaborate on your offer, and I may consider sparing you." Raptor[2]
  6. "This here is the round table. Dead men's words have no meaning." A mysterious organization had been in contact with the mercenary. A simple hit to tie up a loose end they left hanging. They needed someone to handle a job where they had failed. This would be a relatively simple operation. Follow the info given by the organization to track the man down. The mercenary couldn't help, but wonder how an organization of allegedly immense power would not have a backup plan in the event one of their own betrayed or left them. A singular armored man with a gun would likely pose little challenge, but as a default a degree of caution would be exercised. A supporting craft circled highly above. Out of sight and sound of potential watchers below it observed the wild floor below. The teenager eyed the cramped replica of молот's cockpit before climbing in. It held windows to the outside world and was linked to various cameras on the unit which allowed viewing of the battlefield from various angles. The man attempting to hide below was easily picked out from the terrain. Heat made him light up bright white against the cooler and therefore darker area surrounding him. The craft would drop the молот into a clearing about 500 feet from from the man's position. An area found intercepting the man's current course. The 80 ton behemoth kicked up dirt and sent shocking tremors through the ground felling trees and tearing foliage as it completed its crash to earth. The gargantuan battle machine would bring its weapons to bear on the target, but was not firing quite yet. The weapons bay of the support craft above would slide open as a missile transitioned from the ready area toward the launching position. The voice of the mercenary would boom from speakers on the outside of the молот and easily reached the target. "For someone giving that organization that much trouble you turned out to be quite an easy catch. So do you think you can strike a better deal than them?" Raptor[1]
  7. We'll use T1 with The Chosen rule set for combat.
  8. You said it would be in Terrenus so pick a place in Terrenus
  9. The incident with the train had passed, and Hana had ended up in new territory once again. She had a place to stay planned, but that would remain a backup as other ideas went into action. The teenager desired to meet with Malia again as they had only briefly spoken following the incident. Such individuals of power made creating and maintaining relationships worthwhile. She'd head right to the forested bar with little consideration for what else would be found there. The teenager arrived shortly after Malia and caught a clear glimpse of the men and their ensuing comments. "I'd like a drink too!" The seemingly unarmed girl would call out to the men while crossing the room in their direction. She would not give up the opportunity to procure a free cold beverage of choice, and the appearance of the men did little to intimidate her.
  10. I'm not sure I'm following you. This organization clearly tried to eliminate this ace fellow and failed. Wouldn't they want to find someone who could then?
  11. What would this organization offer someone who could destroy this ace guy or turn him in?