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  1. get into serious trouble if we're caught Here she was going head first into this illicit activity and her ally can done little to question her level of comfort with the scenario. Unfortunately the way things were going with more and more unknowns coming into the picture that comfort might soon evaporate. After all there was no going back. There was was already too much at risk concerning There was little surprise to the appearance of the storage crystal device. Without bringing any attention to the crystal she'd proceed. "The tower is very well secured, but the owners trust me. I'll let them know I need to check on some things in the data center. I'll mention that someone is assisting me so it won't be a problem for you to come along too." At the last comment reiterating what the teenager already knew Hana let out an audible sigh. "If you went on your own and got caught I'd be in a fix. So I'm going to be involved so that neither of us gets in trouble from this. Let me know when you'd like to make our move. Then we can make our final preparations and regroup after I arrange the visit."
  2. Who designed it. Can Hana meet this person? She definitely needs more people to discuss giant mechs with. btw she is in the Terrenus military and has fielded mechs in combat prior to and during her Terrenus military career.
  3. Interesting. I definitely relish the prospect of more mechs showing up. Especially in Terrenus Makes me think I should flesh out the lore for Hana's mechs. I'd also totally be down for an arena mech duel. Solaris 7 style.
  4. summary: The General'ny Direktor invites an old adversary to the Zephyrus tower for a discussion over a meal in hopes that they share a common enemy. Over lunch the Direktor convinces Caerula, the blunette mercenary, to aid her in investigating a mysterious occurrence. Eager to proceed with an interrogation the engineer proceeds on her own leaving her ally lagging behind. During the interrogation power to the facility is suddenly lost which makes the room go dark. Refusing to take any chances the the teenage girl swiftly took the life of the alleged captive before investigating the occurrence. After coming into contact with Trude, an interloper with unfinished business concerning the individual recently killed in the chaos, the pair are forced to team up to ward off a new adversary that put them both in harms way. Following a short lived mech battle in which Trude exploded the enemy with a lucky shot to the ammunition bin, the pair returns to the tower. With some information from Trude the Direktor speedily plots a course of revenge against the organization, Rex Foundry she believes was responsible for the attacks on the tower. After taking newer bigger mechs to assault the foundry complex the attack plan yields mixed results when the Director breaches the inner sanctum and destroys the power generator, but takes an immense amount of damage from turrets and various other defense mechanisms in the process. Retreating, but refusing to emerge empty handed the engineer uses the mech's massive hand to rip out a nearby supply cabinet. The duo return to the Zephyrus tower to tend to the damage and the engineer brews up a plan to strike back with an even greater vengeance. (Revengeance?) Unbeknownst to the Direktor the secured cabinet which appears to contain nothing contains various pieces of equipment and the Left Eye of Mogonto. canon submission thing and stuff
  5. "Sure. I won't turn down the opportunity to not be the only one shot at." The teenager remarked gleefully while strolling along the return line to the mech hanger. On the way her mind raced with the tactical opportunities that could be introduced to her strategy with the addition of a second unit. "Its been years since I built these, and I haven't had the opportunity to truly test them in combat." The girl notably paused. "That is until today." The engineer expressed a previously unseen excitement as she grinned while pouring over the hulking machinery. Deciding on a pair of bipedal war machines best fit for the job was the final decision before preparation could truly begin. "We'll need something quick that can get in close for some massive damage." With the selection of machines in front of her ranging from cannon toting behemoths to missile toting behemoths. "I'll take this one." Hana motioned to the Arctic Wolf. I was dwarfed by the Kodiak and Warhammer, but it made up for the bulk with speed and a focused complement of short range missiles. "If you want to keep up you'll need to take the Arctic Cheetah over here." She motioned for Trude to follow into another shadow formed by a larger unit. The light mech was only slightly less weighty than the Wolf, but boasted contrasting lasers and long range missile weaponry. "I sure hope your luck carries over to this machine as well." The teenager remarked while climbing onto a lift that would raise her to the level of the mech cockpit. As she rose up the engineer would watch Trude take a similar ride up. After departing the mech hanger the duo would race along open roads and unoccupied waterways toward the Rex foundry coordinates. As the facility came into view the teenage engineer was audibly dismayed. It bristled with defenses ranging from gun turrets to missiles launchers and other weapons of varying payloads. With no easy pathway to disable them all individually she'd need to find an alternative. While observing for possible entrances the girl would be gripped with rage and charged at the first great source of heat seen within. While the kool aid man worthy busting through the wall was an effective method of reaching the desired location it paid no heed to the turret hellfire that enveloped the unit along the way. All weapons destroyed and mech severely damaged Hana would blindly swat forward at the heat source, and following the strike the energy in front of her would begin to diminish. The turret barrage then halted. With the mech in its current condition Hana would reluctantly opt to retreat to survive and bring the hurt on the place later, but refused to leave empty handed. Seeing a large hardened supply container nearby she scooped it up in the hands of the Arctic Wolf as she pulled out of the structure. Further plans would need to wait until the mech was repaired back at the tower or swapped for another operational unit. Inability to scan or analyze the contents of the container would be attributed to the damaged sensors on the mech. To find out what was inside she'd need to break the thing open and check it out with her own eyes.
  6. I saw you were considering introducing a terrenus military character. if you're into that I am down to have my military character meet someone new.
  7. The engineer squeezed her fists whiter than their already pale color and her face flushed red with an anger rarely seen on the young girl's face. "I'm gonna..." She seethed as her sentence was cut off by some systems of the tower returning to functionality. Relief did not show as the teenager rapidly entered an informational search for the rex foundry at a console on her desk. A location turned up with the sales information. They might be able to hide individuals, but leading someone right to them would be their downfall. Hana was so focused that she didn't bother doing any work to corroborate Trude's rumor. "I'm going to systematically tear down this rex foundry. I'll wreak havoc until whoever is in charge is forced to confront me. Then I'll conclude the matter personally and permanently." With the location and other info in tow the engineer began to gather her belongings in the office in preparation for another trip to the hanger. "You're free to go." Hana remarked to the fellow engineer as she pieced together some gear. "Taking you someplace where you might be killed would be a lousy way to repay you after you helped me out."
  8. spacegy4

    Cyber Security

    Here is the video that demonstrates the usb ninja attack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le6LP43SHcM
  9. spacegy4

    Cyber Security

    Its a "go watch this video" article. 2 lines and a video underneath. anything below that appears to be an advertisement.
  10. spacegy4

    Cyber Security

    The bluetooth enabled USB ninja is the evolution of the badusb/usbharpoon attack. https://blog.knowbe4.com/knowbe4s-chief-hacking-officer-kevin-mitnick-demonstrates-the-usb-ninja-cable-attack
  11. Are you alright? In her entire time in Valucre the teenager had not received a more personal inquiry. "I'll be fine." She quickly and awkwardly responded before witnessing the relief of Del moving on to something else. The mage continued to be inquisitive which left the teenager with lingering anxiety that would be hard to hide. "The connection isn't for the information. Its our ticket inside to take a look. Some of the systems in there are quite complex and they seemed desperate for anyone who could make sense of them. I can make a reason to pay a visit. Once we're there just give me an idea of what you're searching for and if its there I'll turn it up." Hana didn't directly answer the trustworthiness question as doing such might delve deeper into information she'd rather not share. At least not yet. Hopefully that inquiry would resolve itself. "Let me know when you'd like to check it out. I can arrange our visit. If you have any more details I'm sure they would help me narrow things down." All the while the teenager was still doing the best she could to ward off the fear of her secrets being discovered, being implicated in the murder of her ally's family or even worse both.
  12. More you say? May Falco see profile for detailed desc. 1. Hair color/ length Dirty blond ponytail 2. Eye color green and blue (see reference pic) 3. Any distinctive facial features. The easier it is to single them out (ie Lilith has scar and crescent moon mark) the more likely it is for me to pick them ? Heterochromia 4. A picture reference would be super helpful 5. Gender (if female, general boob size) Female. above average?
  13. Please draw Hana. She's a smart kid that is up to no good. Any extra details you'll probably find on the profile 1. Hair color/ length Platinum blond/short 2. Eye color green 3. Any distinctive facial features. The easier it is to single them out (ie Lilith has scar and crescent moon mark) the more likely it is for me to pick them ? never considered it, but take a look at the references and I bet you'll find something 4. A picture reference would be super helpful 5. Gender (if female, general boob size) Female. average to not big
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