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  1. Technology is definitely a cool thing I'd like to see more of. There are a few good coincidences here that could lead my character to be drawn into this plot.
  2. 1. One with a broader or alternate focus than simple fear and destruction. 2. In most of Terrenus the use of magic and other like supernatural abilities without proper authorization is illegal. Less pet peeves and more things I think of Don't start something and not finish it. (hypocrite confirmed, but whatever) Don't bother blowing anything up as it is beaten to death and beyond lame. I have a character that has been involved in villain like activities so I'm intrigued to see someone give it a try. She's still around so maybe she'll take notice of it. Whatever you do I've got my eye on this.
  3. If you create a main headquarters thread a character of mine may swing by.
  4. I was using teamspeak and didn't even notice that discord went down. Makes sense that it went down the day they added the Slav servers.
  5. I think T1 works better for story oriented combat. T1 is what I prefer.
  6. Here is Hana's profile. She's is due for an update, but take a look anyway.
  7. This seems like a neat thing for Hana to be involved in. Finally a thing for her to do in her capacity we established a while ago.
  8. OiC

    If you're interested in having a reunion with my character whom is also an ex member of oic I'd be down
  9. Hana had not drawn her weapon, but only placed her hand on the weapon grip as a precautionary measure. It was a good decision to make as the moment the grounded thing came to life her grip tightened and Hana's weapon snapped upward to point at the individual below. The outstretched SR-2M wouldn't miss even if she had to so full auto at this range. "You can call me Hana." She'd humor the query for identification, but expected little in the way of replies from the downed being. "Your turn." Her stance and weapon remained unflinching in preparation for an emergency defense. "Repairs huh? I could take a crack at it, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here." The teenager appeared genuinely curious and fascinated, but no less cautious toward the situation. At first glance it appeared to be built as a manner of weapon. The first thing that came to the girl's mind was how such a form could easily hamper the effectiveness of a weapon or tool, but then again she didn't know the purpose of that before her. It couldn't hurt to ask. At least she hoped it wouldn't. "What is your purpose, and how did you end up here like this?"
  10. The luscious scenery of the forest likely held beauty to most, but it was of little to the teenager passing through. Ruins spotted from above gave merit to an investigation and bade hope to technical findings. Abandoned structures were typically looted, but there was a chance of finding something no one else had. There was little risk in something as simple as looking around so she'd likely remain poking around for a while. She expected a wreckage of the inside considering the wear and tear externally, and evidence left behind on the inside. The ground floor held little of interest, but there we further levels to explore with the easiest one being the lower level. The girl's icy companion made short work of any obstacles. Frosty's powerful claws eviscerated obstructing furniture to toothpicks and shoved other objects clear of the way. Hana was about to order clearing a further path when she spotted something. A hand like object was poking out. Pull out that beam and clear that rubble. Slightly more carefully. She instructed the dragon whom complied with her actions albeit a bit more rough and violently than the girl would like. Regardless the job was done with minimal harm to the hand and what it apparently belonged to. It was some manner of synthetic being. Judging from the armor some sort of weapon with human form. She couldn't help laying a hand on her machine pistol out of paranoia that it may suddenly come to life. For now she'd cautiously eye her find while the frigid dragon between her and the being remained her first line of defense against potential hostilities.
  11. interest check

    I have a technology minded character that wouldn't create an android, but she would be curious enough to fix one up if she found it broken.
  12. "Thank you very much." The girl would graciously accept Del's gift. "That was one of the first things I put together. I handled one for some time on my old base so it wasn't hard to figure out how it worked." The appearance of the dwarf did not come as a surprise, but unlike a majority of the new individuals to the team she had an idea of what to expect. The pilot recognized him as one of her drill instructors from basic training. After Hana had completed her training and shipped out to the Raptor division they briefly met once again at a military outpost. "Not a problem. In fact you're just the Dwarf I'd be hoping to run into around here. I could use some help keeping my team on the straight and narrow as we're presenting ourselves as well organized mercenaries. I'm holding on a briefing as there is one more due to arrive, and he's late." She'd eye the technology Emilia presented closely for a moment before providing a response. "I already have that covered. If you need to hear me or have me hear you you'll know." Still better late than never. The bird flying overhead was far from alone. A significantly bigger and colder scaled being would spectate from above. The avian below would surely feel the intense presence of Frosty individual above. "Hold up." She signaled the group to a halt shortly after they returned inside. "We've got company." The teenager would step forward so Alec would cross her on his path first with the rest behind. She stood in the doorway looking directly at Alec with a frown, silently signaled him in and stepped back into the dimly lit area of the abandoned room within. "I'm Lieutenant Alenko. First Raptors. Welcome." Her demeanor toward him would clearly remain displeased though she'd say nothing of it. The entrance to the place would be secured shut before the hopefully final briefing began. "There is a dangerous tribe called the Wahr Bear whom make their home in nearby caves. They hire bandits to deliver child slaves. It is our job to take them down. We will blend in with the bandits by posing as mercenaries. That will be our ticket inside. Once we have information on the caves inside on our next visit we will shut their operation down."
  13. Hana had secured a prize in the wounded assassin, and would not be standing interference from anyone to her claim. The moment the sorceress began directing magic toward the grounded individual she'd be met by a staunch elemental magic barrier whose chilling properties rapidly neutralized the approaching forces. "Whatever you have going on I'd stop if I were you. This is my prize." The enigmatic aura of the frozen beast before her bade regret to any further interdiction to the teenager's process. The Frosty entity would give a chilling glare to the would be perpetrator. She would turn Shanna over so she was face down. After forcefully securing the assassin's hands behind her back a block of ice would form to secure them in place. A similar procedure would occur for her legs, and so would the bleeding of the leg be halted. The platinum blond girl would then turn to Malia whom was too contained withing the icy protective field. "For someone as great as a queen I think I should offer my services free of charge this time." At this point was likely unavoidable so she might as well make the best impression.