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    The Connoisseur [closed]

    The soldier was prepared to go into detail regarding her abrupt appearance, but ended up relieved when Maya willingly let the mystery go. "Yeah sure go ahead." The confirmation came curtly from the eagerly awaiting engineer. The girl would comfortably lean back into her seat as she drank in the details of Maya's request. Expecting something straightforward and simple that reflected the brief dossier she'd compiled from their brief meeting at the celebration made what she actually got a shock to say the least. "A sniper!?" She gasped before reflexively putting her hand over her mouth. The teenager was relieved that the few bystanders near the exhibit didn't appear to pick up her outburst. "I'm very impressed!" The young tinkerer now held a new level of respect for her colleague. "Simply getting into that program is quite a feat." Her thoughts quickly ran back to what she'd read about the selection process and the absolutely grueling and potentially deathly training regimen, and so she didn't feel it very negative that one turned to other options. "I've got just the idea, but we should continue at my place where I can show you without bothering the people here." The girl was prepared to erupt into immense and passionate detail regarding her thoughts on Maya's requirements, but very reluctantly exercised restraint. She'd tag along for whatever remaining spots in the museum Maya wished to check out before offering to head to her residence. Should the diplomat accept Hana would lead along the streets to her humble installation. It was a temporary residence with only a few rooms, living @amenities and a small mobile workshop table set up in a corner. Unlocking a secured drawer she'd pull a rifle from the cavernous insides to reveal proudly to Maya. "This weapon is the pride of engineering from my homeland. My personal favorite. We call it the Vintorez, but in your language I think it would be..." Her voice trailed off trying to think of the right word. "Thread cutter! Not thread like a needle and thread, but like the threads of a screw. Ah but maybe it doesn't make much sense so never mind." She'd offer it safely unloaded for Maya to examine before reaching into another drawer and pulling a small briefcase. "I think it is a great coincidence that you mention wanting something that fits in a briefcase. It can do just that!" Following the comment the briefcase would be opened to reveal the contents. "Here is my spare rifle."
  2. spacegy4

    High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    For the first time in my life I was the last post on a thread before it died. It wasn't my fault for once. That sets some kind of record. Nice to see it back.
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    Roll20Anima Beyond Fantasy

    I saw that Panda's DnD campaign post got a positive reception so I'll poll my own game here. I have a campaign I made for the Anima Beyond Fantasy that could use a few more players It is a fun, flexible and unique system. Past experience or no experience I am more than happy to give whatever one on one guidance is necessary to ensure any player has an enjoyable time in my games We will use the character sheet on roll20 Sessions are Saturday evenings around 8pm EST (potentially flexible pending every player involved and myself agrees to the new time) The campaign is in an introductory phase right now and that is good for introducing new characters. That section should last a few more weeks before getting into the meat of the adventure I've written If anyone is in the slightest bit interested feel free to check out the PDFs of the books here and please ask any questions to me you like here or DM. Anima Beyond Fantasy base book: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByrKPeJlq9rVUnhJVldObnJjeHc/view Expanded magic psychic book: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByrKPeJlq9rVb19QOHNyX1JZQnc/view Expanded ki/martial arts book https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByrKPeJlq9rVaDVQamRvUnNfT2s/view Character sheet reference: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5I_0THNdMIzOWQ2NjhhODgtMTk4Yy00ZDZlLThhNDMtNmY1MzM3NGJlZTVi/edit?hl=en_US
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    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    Just a heads up to everyone. Cooking is a great way to de-stress when people think a story oriented thread is competitive and an unwanted discussion of T1 mechanics turns up in the OOC section. I'm making some slow cooked pork hocks with sauerkraut. Check it out!
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    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    The team at the beach needed a hand dealing with the flurry of swords, and Hana quickly got wind of this through the recent comms chatter. There was a unit in the Anvil's arsenal that would be perfect for that job, and that was the Piranha. The fish themed mech bristled with a staggering number of anti missile systems, and that ally would be directed to assist the order at the beach. The four individual automated tracking turrets held the ability to blast quickly approaching projectiles out of the sky. At present the system was reserved for shooting down the typical missiles used in mech to mech combat, but the teenager in command of Anvil had a remedy for it. As the bipedal machine gun platform whomp whomped down the street toward the waterfront Hana would take advantage of the remote communication between units to make some on the fly adjustments to the operation of the AMS. As the Piranha marched into the fight to join the order forces the reprogrammed system immediately kicked into affect. Each turret operating independently would begin blasting the swords from the sky with precise blasts of focused energy. The landscape above would suddenly be lit up like a psychotic rave party as rad red laser lights lanced from the turrets to intercept each falling sword. The hot power left each incoming projectile a hunk of harmless slag that scattered to the wind. Any remaining projectiles that got through the Order's reflective efforts would be rendered into harmless metal pellets as the slag rapidly cooled mid flight. Hana had seen Del run into the prison to confront the hostiles inside. She heard some radio chatter, and then a massive explosive rocked the prison and the ground nearby without enough power to send tremors through the cockpit of her mech. Then silence. A few attempts to hail Delistair and the squad inside were met with more silence. "Give Anvil command to Anvil 2." Those were her last words to Operational Command before she cut radio communication. If she was going to defy orders by leaving her post she might as well turn off command's ability to distract her by complaining about it. The pilot released her restraints and yanked the CANOPY OPEN lever. Only after she stood in the cockpit the intense fatigue of piloting a mech set in. Grabbing a nearby handhold the teenager staggered over the command console and into the open air. Still in a daze from the fatigue she lost her balance and fell off the cockpit more than ten meters over the ground. As she hurtled toward the ground toward certain death another being would cry out. The Frosty being knew that if she died then he'd die, and as much as he liked sowing chaos and destruction his reign would end should he not intervene. Seemingly from nowhere a slide of ice would appear under the teenager that broke her fall, and it gradually extended as she hurtled downward. The master of ice manipulation that lay in the form of an egg in Hana's pocket would end the wild ride with a *BOOF* as she collided with a massive snow mound at the bottom of the makeshift slide. Knocked into consciousness the engineer would stand tired and shaking. With a body unwilling to go on she put her last effort into reaching a syringe of epinephrine and pressed it hard into her neck. The hit of adrenaline was nearly instantaneous as her mind no longer cared for the toll further physical efforts would have on her body. Acting quickly on the self induced combat high she'd race into the prison entrance. Hana figured that Del couldn't hear him, but she had other ways to get to him. Channeling thought through the mighty vessel of her draconic companion she'd deliver it directly to Del's mind. If the connection was met with any resistance the message would be forcefully pounded in. Hang in there. I'm getting you out! Coming to Del's motionless form the girl would pay no heed to the dangers lurking nearby and with newfound strength pulled him up and over both her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Drawing her self defense weapon, the SR-2 Veresk, she'd spray bursts of lead behind until the weapon would no longer fire. Instead of reloading or recovering the weapon she'd toss it aside as she brought that hand to bear stabilizing the load while lurching frantically toward the exit. At the exit there could be seen a massive metal hand pressed to the ground that filled the view of the great outdoors. Stumbling over the fingers of the Cougar's open hand the soldier would tumble into the outstretched palm. She intentionally landed on her front to soften her charge's impact of the landing. Hana was already in too much of a daze to feel any disorientation as the mech yanked its godly hand upward from the ground with alacrity. The last order to the automated system in the Cougar was to deposit the hand riders at the nearest source of first aid. With medical tents no longer an opportunity the unit continued haplessly onto the beach before stopping by Shanti and the others. Its last action was to lower its hand to the ground to reveal the harmed Delistair and now unconscious Hana clutched to him to shield from the impacts of the ride before it shut down.
  6. spacegy4

    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    OverWatch can see everything from up there and all the info is compounded into a dynamic battle map all the field commanding units can see. Additional info would be shared via radio type communications and other means.
  7. spacegy4

    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Name: Hana Alenko Mystery hidey elf and co. ( @Frostbinder ) High above the battlefield a soldier sat at a monitoring station within Raptor's Den. Numerous systems in affect such as thermal imaging made quick work of something as mundane as trying to hide in a pile of leaves. Nothing looked out of the ordinary in terms of watching the chaos below, but suddenly- *POP* something appeared on the display seemingly from nowhere. "You seeing this?" The uniformed man stated with a degree of alarm. "Steve check your scope and verify this isn't some kind of glitch." He called over to a fellow surveillance officer. Taking a closer look at the monitor yielded visibility of the clearly reflective property of the well polished weapons which further revealed the supposedly hidden position. "It's not just you. I'm seeing it too." The individual confirmed his colleague's suspicion. "I'll phone it in." "OverWatch to Central can confirm multiple unknown contacts. 3 persons. Small arms, explosives and something that looks like it could fly." "Central confirms. Don't send infantry. Send Anvil Actual, and Berkut. Keep the forces surrounding the prison in position." With the danger of explosives cited orders would go out to the massively armored unit to investigate the disturbance. The orders would ring in the cockpit of Hana's Cougar, and mere moments later the jump jets would propel her skyward. In addition the Raptor 4 would break from its fire support pattern to join the investigation. It would begin circling the suspected position. Once gliding the maximum distance the teenager's 35 ton machine would bound along the ground generating shakes and momentary tremors nearby as she traveled. She'd come to a halt about 150 meters from the hiding place the elf occupied. Well within range of being able to see all that happened within the treeline with her own thermal, and other optics, being able to hear with auditory surveillance equipment and reach the area with all of her weapons. The individuals hiding out in the woods would hear Hana's voice loudly and clearly as it boomed through the external speakers of the battlemech. "Stand down and identify yourselves immediately. Failure to do so will result in the use of deadly force." Should the elf look for the source of the sound it wouldn't be difficult to notice the 11 meter tall mech that towered over the nearby woods.
  8. spacegy4

    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Team: Terrenus not team: bad guys The dragons that initially flew over the beach toward the city with the goal of reaching the prison had no choice, but to contend with an approaching cloud of long range missiles. Each would duck and dive around narrowly avoiding missile after missile like it was some kind of Danmaku game. Though unfortunately for the various riders a flaw in the missile guidance system would work against them. As the dragons didn't give off the strong signal of a mechanized unit or aircraft not all the projectiles would track in on the intended targets. A series of missiles simply dumb fired without a guidance signal and maneuvered haphazardly and unpredictably. Most of which ended up entirely off target. Two of the dragons that were carefully maneuvering around the projectiles were caught off guard as an errant unguided projectile slammed into the beast bringing about an abrupt descent. A new presence would be realized far above the prison that watched down on the conflicts below. The Berkut had been dispensed from its holding bay, but the airborne Den also held Caracara, Osprey, Harrier, and Owl on standby. A new voice would crackle into the communication equipment of the Terrenus military officers. "OverWatch is on station. Standby for battle data uplink." In a moment a constant delivery of information relating to hostile enemy positions, magical activity, battlefield conditions and more would begin to associated Terren commanders. With a surveying ability on par with the Terrenus satellites focused solely on the battle space the tides would soon be turning. No hostile would escape the watchful eye of OverWatch. "Support on station. Assets uploaded. Request fire missions as needed." The striker star would deploy around the outside of the prison and keep watch over the nearby area and the sky. An omni arctic wolf, the urbanmech and kit fox all leaped to roofs of various buildings surrounding the prison. The kit fox launched a volley of 12 mid range advanced tactical missiles at a dragon, and the arctic wolf launched streak type short range missiles at another that passed overhead. Both weapons held shorter ranges than the LRM, but had stronger tracking that wouldn't be hampered by faulty targeting. The guided munitions hit home sending rotting fleshy chunks of both dragons careening toward the ground. Thanks to the new battlefield and targeting data the urbanmech iic scored a bearing on one of the incoming drop pods. As soon as it hit the ground the high tech trash can would open fire with its ultra autocannon/20. Maintaining an avoidance of jamming the pilot would only opt to fire the gun for one cycle. This let loose 10 150mm rounds into the drop pod at one round per second. At the end of it there was no trace remaining of the pod aside from scrap and that was only after 5 out of the 10 rounds struck target. Venom was prepared to mobilize on the roof to meet any specialized small threats. The remaining short range arctic wolf and Hana's Cougar remained at ground level ready to meet any further newcomers. Finally the piranha would patrol the outside of the prison at ground level. Hana and her ally Arctic Wolf would block Break's allies route forward toward the prison. Without hesitation the Arctic Wolf would pepper the area of allies with a mix of explosive short range missiles, and it would only be a moment before 20mm plasma rounds and 30mm mana shells would begin raining out of the sky on any hostiles that tried to crowd in the area surrounding the prison. No hostile would be getting in or out of the prison and surviving. There was some garbled static that came over the Terren radio. Something about following a suspicious individual who entered the battlefield and to monitor his behavior.
  9. spacegy4

    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    Circumstances dictate that I go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight so I unfortunately wasn't able to post as I'd planned. Tomorrow I'll be free to give an update in my post on what the mechs are up to and elaborate a few things going on inside and outside the prison. Thank you for your patience.
  10. spacegy4

    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    Plenty of things are open to interpretation. This applies to my posts, your posts, and anyone elses. I didn't state any of your NPC deaths as a fact. Nor did I dictate the final effectiveness of anything I posted about. Let's keep focus on the collaborative writing portion.
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    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    The 1st Lieutenant's entourage of armored behemoths were divided into two stars of 5 units each. The command star sat forward between the beach and the city and cemented the bulk of the firepower forward. The centre of fire support in the command star sat the Bane-3 with its full focus on indirect firepower. A striker star was kept in reserve on the drop ship for rapid deployment while Recon spotted the landing party approaching from miles away, and accordingly the Bane's first volley was loaded with Thunder LRMs. A full 8 pod volley of 120 missiles decorated the entire beach with FASCAM (Field Artillery SCAtterable Mines) anti jump type "Active" mines. 600 such mines covered the entire area Dredge's landing party would advance over. Each one with enough yield to stop vehicles in their tracks. More than enough power to summarily annihilate a mass of foot soldiers crossing over it. The active mines functioned to not set one another off in a manner of chain reaction. Therefore each mine mince a series of foot soldiers and make distant ones fly backward with the massive concussive blast. By that simple measure the sea borne assault would be significantly slowed. The command unit itself which Hana piloted, the Cougar-XR, while smaller than the others stood out from the others with its series of technological advancements. Her pride and joy bristled with an unimaginable scope of firepower with cooling technology to keep all the heat well under control. A rapid fire gauss rifle would handily pick off men that survived to get through the mine fields and a series of missiles in the sides of the torso would only add to the carnage. The молот accompanied them as well cement the direct fire capability against hardened threats. The remaining unit was the Venom which remained hitched under the Berkut for fast and specific deployment. As the dragons passed nearby the Bane would let lose with another 120 missile volley while Hana would add to the barrage with the Cougar. Fire would soon ignite under the Cougar as Hana jumped from the beach and began gliding over the city. She'd just gotten word that the dragons that had gotten through their defenses dropped some kind of payload at a nearby prison. "This is Lieutenant Alenko. Lock that prison down inside and out!" She'd communicate to the prison staff and nearby allies as she continued to jump and glide on her way to the aid her allies. As she arrived the striker star was unloaded. That sub unit consisted of two 40 ton missile baring arctic wolfs, a Kit Fox loaded with advanced tactical missiles, a piranha, and a massive ultra auto cannon toting urbanmech iic. Berkut then swooped in and dropped off the Venom. While it was dwarfed by the nearby battlemechs it held significantly greater mobility and could go numerous places the other units couldn't.
  12. spacegy4

    Paradigm Shift

    The teenager was jolted awake by the intense smell and splash of blood, guts and gore. Her first reflex was to look down at her torso to notice to her relief she wasn't hemorrhaging any more than the spilled blood possibly indicated. With a quick feel of her armor she found no damage. It had done its job and stopped the bullet, but the distribution of energy wasn't clean enough to keep her from passing out. The dazed engineer quickly came to her feet to take in the visage of the bloodied elf before her. Her next movement was a swift retrieval of the also bloody and stained revolver from the ground. With a tight grip she held her primary manner of self defense against her chest. The girl wouldn't risk dropping it again while taking a couple steps backward to increase distance between her and the sword wielding elf. Hana was thankful for the save, but finding any way to continue interaction in this situation was a puzzle. Regardless of how things continued the teenager's plans had changed. With the extra attention she'd garnered it no longer made sense to delve further into the anarchist territory. In fact even with the newfound help it was likely that it would be far too dangerous. After a few seconds observing that the bloodied sword wielder didn't pose an immediate threat Hana would stow the weapon. "I'm going home. If you're coming I can find you a place to stay." At this point the girl didn't care whether the other individual could understand her or not. She needed to keep herself mentally upright and find her way out of this mess. Out of view the dragon had undergone some kind of transformation to shrink in size and flitted onto the engineer's shoulder. She showed little regard beyond the recent statement for the other individual or how she was targeted and began to walk off down the alley. The Frosty beast on her shoulder would watch behind her to see what Itylra would do, and to prevent further ambushes. The engineer considered more attempts at communication with Iylra, but the priority now was to find her way out of the bandit territory before more ruffians arrived. It could continue if she followed.
  13. spacegy4


    Hana Alenko A massive section of the camp was cordoned for the preparation of a series of massive battlemechs. The 3 story tall machines of war towered over practically everything else nearby. Fortunately a few well placed spells and some mundane camouflage applied nearby kept any onlookers outside the camp from seeing or hearing the hulking machinery at work. The teenager knew little of the peacekeeper though this was not the first time she'd worked with one. She was glad to have the man on her side. Massive gantries and numerous personnel would facilitate the preparation and armament of this steel battalion. There were a number of mechs of varying shapes and sizes to round out of the composition of the engineer's unit. One was packed to the brim with missile tubes to sit in one spot and give supporting fire while others were more well rounded or suited other specific roles. While the teenager was overseeing the process of outfitting the unit the entire process didn't require extensive examination. At the time she wasn't dressed for piloting, but instead had jeans and a green rip stop combat shirt with typical combat boots. The piloting suit was kept nearby so she'd be able to climb into each machine and test its functionality before the operation. While it seemed some non military resources has been pulled in they appeared to the girl like they'd be a big help. Emerald eyes would take the opportunity to briefly examine her other allies, but wouldn't step too far from the preparation going behind her. She couldn't walk too far in case pilot's input was needed or she had some changes to make on short notice. She'd left a brief note to Delistair inquiring what kind of anti magical enchantments he could make on the larger scale equipment. After only experiencing his work on a relatively small scale she wondered if he could do similar work to the mech or its relatively massive ammunition.
  14. spacegy4

    Interesting titles, nicknames or epithets

    Hana has another identity with the name Generalni Direktor. Which literally translates to Chief Executive Officer.
  15. spacegy4

    Lost Answers

    Leaving the Abysswalkers behind was a great relief. Whatever motives they had could be freed from influence on the teenager's activities. Hana showed up eager to discover what details the military had found on the tower operation, but was left to keeping it to observations to for the time being. The teenager couldn't help, but feel a bit anxious. She never imagined herself locked so dangerous closely between the two identities, but the preservation of both bade her involvement. All her experience in training, combat, and practice in espionage did not fully prepare herself for this situation. Someone new to how the engineer typically conducted herself would observe caution overlaying confidence, but someone familiar with her mannerisms would notice that she was far from being herself. "I've been in the bandit territory recently and things have taken on a new tone there since their last leader left. They seem hell bent on taking down the Direktor for 'limiting their freedoms' and the only thing keeping them from making an assault is knowing exactly who and where. If I were that person I'd be laying low." The next comment comment shocked Hana to the point that it drew a complete pause to her thoughts. Illegal materials? To her knowledge the Direktor hadn't done anything illegal. The engineer was puzzling through a response to remotely proclaim innocence when other words nervously spilled out instead: "If you found the identity of this Direktor what would you do?"