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  1. THE END . . . for now @jaistlyn @SweetCyanide @vielle @Wade Thank you for participating in “What do you know?” This thread is the second in a series of threads resulting from the Elendaron Spiritual Death event, but also serves as a prelude to one of OBELUS’ main storylines. This thread ran much longer than planned and had awkward pacing at certain points, partly due to miscalculations on the end of the Storyteller. For this, OBELUS apologizes. Despite this, OBELUS hopes you enjoyed the experience and hopes you four will be participating in its future events. FEEDBACK OBELUS would appreciate any feedback on the thread, particularly on the following aspects: Storytelling / Gamemaster Combat system Plot pacing OOC interactive elements After answering, please post in the dice rolling thread. The D6 roll result will be the number of questions you may ask OBELUS regarding the plot, background, characters, and lore of the thread. OBELUS guarantees clear answers on these questions as long as they pertain to the the thread. No cryptic snark this time. Send both feedback and questions as a personal message. You may choose whether or not to share the information you gain. IC REWARDS Your characters retain the items they gained in the thread and use them in other roleplay. These have the power of canon items. GRIGORI Selective stick - a stick capable of phasing through non-organic material. Can be sharpened into a spear and used to pierce armor. Living ceramic cube - a ceramic cube obedient to Grigori and capable of warping space within fifty feet of it. May occasionally dispense grocery store items. ALETHEA Glass water - amorphous glass, capable of transforming into any object with the equivalent mass. However, this retains the durability of regular glass and may lose its form when used with excessive force. SETSUKO Under-Thing leg - best used as a club; upon impact with ground, can send a shockwave that liquefies any surface for a few seconds. Under-Thing tooth - best used as a dagger, easily broken, yet can sever any organic matter. STATISTICS ENEMIES: 4/6 encountered Under-Thing - Heavily inspired by the Vechynacht Under-Thing Bloat Elves - Elves with extremely mutated bodies, a subversion of the graceful, beautiful, agile elf tropes. They are sentient, painfully aware of their ugliness, and vomit constantly in an attempt to remove the extra mass from themselves. Leakers - Subversions of vampires; invisible creatures that force other creatures to drink their blood Wendigo - Heavily inspired by the Vechynacht Wendigo. 173s - Strange shambling shadows each with a single burning white eye. Glass Faeries - Gigantic glass-winged humanoids that require sound to move. They induce pain in order to feed off screams. ITEMS: 5/14 obtained Selective stick - obtained Glass water - obtained Bloat Elf head - spews stream of vomit from an unknown source whenever the mouth is opened. Under-thing tooth - obtained Under-thing leg - obtained Living store tongue - made of a strangely coarse carpet, prehensile, 10 feet long Living store uvula - required item to control the living store tongue Living store fang - regular shard of broken glass Living tile - obtained Leaker fang - can shoot corrosive Leaker blood. Glass faerie wing - suitable as a dagger. paralyzes those in contact with it. 173 eye - an orb that projects a very, very bright light. Wendigo antler - suitable as a club. Slowly emanciates those it hits Quetzalcoatl snakeskin - has scrying/interdimensional viewing properties. Can be turned into a mask that allows one to see between dimensions.
  2. You find yourself on a stone pavilion. In all directions, there is nothing but starlit ocean. Your wounds have been healed. “There are no words,” a voice says. The speaker is seated on a chair some distance from you. You cannot discern her appearance. The satchel in her hands. She cradles it, holding it tenderly. As if she knows the lives cost in retrieving it. “There are no words,” the girl repeats, “to excuse ourselves, to explain ourselves, or to even express our gratitude for the magnitude of the favor you’ve done for us.” Another girl stands behind the first, her hands on the back of the chair. She stares forward, her eyes blank. The seated girl’s eyes settles on Grigori. A flicker of pity crosses her face. “For what it counts, I’m sorry for all you’ve gone through. We’re all sorry.” “We’ll be in touch,” the second girl says softly. The first girl nods. She tilts her head to the side. You find yourself falling. A moment later, you find yourself at home.
  3. >Take this and jump for it! Still clutching her side, Quetzalcoatl looks up. Her lips move, her words rendered inaudible by the screams from the wall of nothingness. She clings to her serpent as it slithers upwards, carefully making its way through the debris orbiting the broken man. Quetzalcoatl reaches you as Grigori retrieves Laurent. The serpents around her face are have disappeared. Cuts from Centrifuge's attacks lace her skin. She fixes you with a hard stare. "You're getting out of here. All of you." The girl coaxes her serpent to wrap around the floating chunk of ground. Slowly, the creature drags the group out of Centrifuge's pull, towards the rift. Quetzalcoatl's breaths are labored. Her white shirt is stained red. She spares one glance downward. Centrifuge is barely a skeleton now, wreathed in the barest ribbons of flesh. As you near the rift, the world tilts. What was once above becomes forward, and below becomes behind. The noise of the nothingness is now a constant soundless scream. It is television static. It is the chaos of color behind closed eyelids. It gnaws at the silence in your minds. The rift looms in front of you. Beyond it is another sky and another ocean. Starlight glimmers on midnight waves. Quetzalcoatl crawls to her serpent's head. The creature uncurls from the chunk of ground you stand on. It stretches out, carrying its creator on its head, forming a bridge towards the rift. The girl steps forward, then stops. "Centrifuge was right," she says. There is resignation in her voice. She reaches out. Her hand finds resistance, held back by an unseen force. She turns to face you. Her hand has turned translucent, trails of flesh peeling off like smoke. The girl manages a tired grin. "It was... really nice. Meeting you all." Quetzalcoatl sits back down on her serpent's head. The snake contracts its tail, gently pushing the slab of sand towards the rift. As the rift swallows you, you see Quetzalcoatl wave goodbye.
  4. > USE POWERS You listen to the chaos: the roar of the maelstrom to the SOUTH, the whine of Centrifuge's powers, the crash and crack of a crumbling world. Time seems to slow. The spinning ring of rock and timber around Centrifuge slows to a crawl. A sudden certainty of your abilities strikes you. Among other things, you can: > LEAP across the floating rocks, using them as footholds, and retrieve Laurent > DROP down towards Centrifuge > LEAP onto the trampoline and up into the rift
  5. HELLO Would anyone else want to post before the thread ends?
  6. >TRANSFORM GLASS WATER The glass water stretches, solidifying into a trampoline. It remains at your side with an almost expectant air.
  7. Centrifuge's attention remains fixed on Quetzalcoatl. Red-hot projectiles pepper the girl. Serpents fade in and out of existence: snakes spinning with gravity fields that deflect the hail of detritus, sidewinders leaving trails of frost in midair, a boa carved from an ocean. The beast wrought of sea attempts to constrict the maddened man, yet the glowing rings reduce it to steam. Quetzalcoatl is gasping for breath, her movements slowing. Centrifuge's rings, though thinner, glow as bright as ever. The first bullet hits a ring. It melts on contact, a thimble's worth of lead joining the spinning arsenal. The second bullet finds its target. Centrifuge lurches forward. The glowing ring explodes outward, a hundred lines of light streaking from the broken man. Debris is flung in every direction, hammering into the sand, the standing buildings, and you. Slowly, painfully, Centrifuge gets to his feet. The fragments of his ribcage jut out from his chest. His blood drips upward. "No limits now," he whispers. A force yanks you forward. The ground shatters. The huts are wrenched from their posts. The landscape breaks and rotates; Centrifuge stands in the midst of it all. You find yourself aloft, accelerating in an arc above Centrifuge. Alethea, Setsuko, and Grigori find themselves on a crumbling chunk of ground. Laurent finds himself clinging to a piece of rooftop. Below, Quetzalcoatl clings to the back of a ghostly serpent. She clutches her side, blood seeping between her fingers. ABOVE, the rift looms, dark against the sky. To the SOUTH, the quiet keening of the strange shimmering nothingness is a dull roar that drows out the waves.
  8. ROLL Roll a D10 to determine the extent of your character's injuries.
  9. >EXAMINE RIFT The rift is vaguely circular in shape. Its edges ebb and flow, flickering like a burning film reel. Within it, beyond it, you catch a glimpse of stars. It is difficult to discern its distance. The clouds seem to drift behind it. As Centrifuge leaps away from one of Quetzalcoatl's serpents, the ring of debris arcing above him bends downwards, as if pushed against an invisible force.
  10. ALMOST THERE The next progression post will be the last for this thread. It will be posted 2-3 days from now. The thread will conclude shortly after that. While some players are AFV, you are encouraged to participate and post in this final round. You're almost there. @jaistlyn @SweetCyanide @Wade @vielle
  11. Quetzalcoatl's steps slow as she reaches the bottom of the slope. The girl stops. Her voice is quiet. “We couldn’t. Help. Her.” She stands silent for a few moments, fists clenched. The swirl of colors around her head shifts, the images within each serpent flickering. Quetzalcoatl exhales. She reaches up, running her fingers along the length of one of the serpents coiled around her head. The action seems to calm her. “We- what matters is you guys do what you were sent here to do.” She speaks carefully, as if reciting from a manual. “We have to get you out. Get the isotope out. Back to Valucre. That’s what matters.” The girl continues walking forward, heading to the caped man. “Hey. Orbit man!” she calls out. “It’s Quetzalcoatl. I sent the signal.” The figure in the distance turns. Quetzalcoatl stops dead in her tracks. Centrifuge may have once been what many would consider a handsome man. Elendaron’s degradation has fractured his body. Thick cracks zigzag the hero’s figure, splitting limb from joint and shearing his torso into parts. The monochrome translucence of the degradation scars nearly every surface of his flesh, peeling back skin to bare muscle, tendon, and bone. ”Quetzalcoatl.” His voice is a hoarse whisper, barely louder than a breath. Behind porous lips and windowpane teeth, you see the flicker of his tongue he forms his words. “Snake girl. You’re whole.” Lidless eyes fixate on her. You see the optical muscles twitch as Centrifuge turns his gaze to the group. “Who?” Quetzalcoatl squares her shoulders. “Seer and Stargate sent them from outside. They got something. An isotope. They’re supposed to bring it back out, back to Valucre.” ”The traitors,” Centrifuge breathes. There is a whine as the ring of debris around him gains speed. “I was there. When they left. Left us. Left me.” The screech of torn metal rings through the air. A shard of rooftop slingshots from the man’s orbit, embedding itself in the sand in front of Quetzalcoatl. The girl stands her ground. Her hands are trembling. “W-we need to get out. Up through there-” she points at the gaping hole in the sky. “I can use my power-” A wooden beam barely misses her head. “Can’t go through.” Centrifuge’s voice grows louder. “Rooted too deeply. In this land. Us: threads. Woven. Elendaron, this cloth. Can’t struggle. Can’t tear ourselves free.” Quetzalcoatl backs away from him. ”He’s insane,” she whispers to you. “We have to find a way around-” The girl cries out, stumbling forward. She touches the back of her head. Her hand comes out wet with blood. Centrifuge sends another volley of rocks at the group. One of Quetzalcoatl’s snakes expands, rearing up to strike at the air. The projectiles that pass through it lose their momentum, dropping uselessly to the ground. “I’ve forgotten. Every. Face. But for his,” Centrifuge says. His gaze is distant, eyeballs twitching. ”How long? It’s harder, now. To hold on. My memories. But I remember his lies.” Quetzalcoatl’s serpent coils around you, enclosing you in a protective barrier. The girl crouches down. “Can you get behind him? Hide behind the huts? Then maybe use that glass? Or that metal shooting thing? Or maybe the cube, or the leg, for the sand, to trip him up. I can try to distract him.” She glances up, anxious. “The rift is closing. Hurry!” Quetzalcoatl steps through the barrier serpent. She holds her hands up. “Cen- Laverne. Mr. Daron. Can’t- wh- I don’t want to hurt you.” Centrifuge continues to ramble. “He stood here. Told me. We’d be fine.” ”Who did?” Quetzalcoatl asks. Centrifuge’s gaze snaps to her. “Sovereign,” he says. A barrage of red-hot glass flies at Quetzalcoatl. A gigantic serpent, its head the size of a horse, erupts from the sand in front of the girl. It extends its hood, shielding its creator. Baring its fangs, it rushes at the broken man. The whine of Centrifuge’s orbit grows louder. The debris in his rings begins to glow, blurring into fiery streaks. Quetzalcoatl’s serpent combusts. To the NORTH, Centrifuge and Quetzalcoatl fight between you and the ocean. To the NORTH-WEST are two mostly-intact wooden huts. To the NORTH-EAST are two mostly-intact wooden huts. To the SOUTH, the quiet keening of the strange shimmering nothingness grows louder.
  12. You arrive at Hodra. Your senses are pervaded by the roar of the surf and a salty tang of a cold wind. The sky is painted in familiar hues of orange, yellow, and purple. You stand on rock, on a slight incline that leads down into sand, and further down, into the sea. Several wooden huts in varying states of decay stand on the beach. Driftwood and seaweed are scattered haphazardly around the buildings, along with pieces of other debris. Around fifty feet to the NORTH stands a man wearing a tattered cape. A ring of debris spins around him, creating a gust of wind that buffets his cape. To the NORTH, the horizon curves around a dark blotch in the sky. Quetzalcoatl strides forward, her progress slow as she makes her way down the sandy incline. She mutters something barely audible. Louder, she calls over her shoulder. "Hurry up." To the NORTH, the caped man stands between you and the ocean. To the SOUTH, the quiet keening of the strange shimmering nothingness grows louder.
  13. > ATTACK GLASS FAERIE Another serpent winds around your waist and up your arm, pinning it to your side. Quetzalcoatl's voice is faint. "We can't help her. We have to go." The coal-black sky fades away, replaced by the fiery palette of a sunset. You arrive at Hodra. Move post will be posted later today. Apologies for the delay.
  14. The wingtip nicks your skin. You find yourself screaming. Your throat is raw from the sound that rakes its way out of your lungs. Every muscle contracts as your body spasms. What you feel transcends pain. Every nerve in your body burns. Despite this, your vision remains clear. Unconsciousness refuses to claim you. You find yourself unable to shut your eyes. The glass faerie moves more fluidly now. The body rotates, angling the head towards you. Still silent, it lifts two wings out of the ground, bringing them towards you. YOU SEE A VISION "Grigori!" The pale world melts away. A deafening shattering rings through the air. You open your eyes to find the glass faerie frozen in a violet sphere. Splinters of its wings lie scattered on the ground around you, leaking a colorless liquid that stains the powdery ground. Sefir is staring intently at the glass faerie. He breaths are labored. "Go!" she hisses. She points past the monster, towards Hodra. An invisible force wraps around Grigori's chest and yanks him back, away from the glass faerie. After a moment, it slithers away. "Sorry! We have to move." Quetzalcoatl shouts. She beckons to the other three, then draws a line in the air before her with a finger. Ahead of you, the rock ripples. One of her snakes, the size of a truck, slithers forward. It carves a flat path up the caldera's side, bulldozing the uneven ground. "Go!" The girl runs back to Sefir, "Sef, what-" "Shh!" Sefir whispers. Her eyes remain on the glass faerie. She holds a finger up to her lips. "Need to... concentrate." Quetzalcoatl stares. "Your..." Sefir raises her hand. Her fingers have gone translucent. Her eyes widen. "I'm-" The violet time field flickers. The disturbance lasts only a few seconds. It is enough time for the glass faerie to impale the woman. Sefir's screams give the monster movement once more. It is quicker to move its other wings this time. Two wings impale the woman, then three. A mass of serpents conceal Quetzalcoatl's face. She turns away from Sefir. "Go."
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