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  1. It's not much, but I hope this serves as a conclusion of sorts.
  2. ÷ When the OBELUS account was first created, the intent was to interact with the site purely in-character in order to retain the mystery. In light of the recent announcement of Valucre’s sunset, I’ll be speaking more directly to you. Back in 2018, when we first proposed the project to supernal, we saw the lack of a shared, world-wide canon as an issue. The Obelus project was originally intended to facilitate the creation of a consistent, unified plot that encompassed most (if not all) of the places and lore on Valucre. Much has changed since then, particularly our priorities and perspectives on Valucre and roleplay as a whole. Three years after the account was created, the Obelus project will be ending with the sunset of Valucre. While we were never able to accomplish our original goals, the Obelus project was not without its successes. Through this account, we were able to facilitate several ARG puzzles that saw the involvement of many members of Valucre. It was a delight watching users pore over our puzzles and work together to unravel the narrative of the Spiros siblings. We were also able to run a group thread about the death of Elendaron and see it to completion, with positive feedback from all users involved. The initial support from and eventual April Fools collaboration with Grand Mainframe was also a highlight of this project. All in all, the Obelus Project was able to push the boundaries of forum roleplay and introduce Valucre to unique types of gameplay. It has been a good run, and the creators have agreed it’s for the best to let it retire. To be able to speak more candidly - it would only be fair to reveal who was behind the curtain all this time. If you wish to retain the mystery for yourself, feel free to skip over the spoiler below. For those who felt disappointed by the lack of a proper ending for the Grand Election, I hope these “official” art pieces may be of some consolation. Humanoid ARG character designs Obelus says goodbye (and may or may not have caused reality to disintegrate) While the Obelus project is ending, I intend to eventually start other ARG and ARG-adjacent projects with similar experimental gameplay on Pretty Good Roleplay. I hope to see you all there - especially the other ARG creators ( @Grand Mainframe @elixir @AD AM ) If you have further questions or messages for OBELUS you may post them below.


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      Who is 'she' that lies?

  4. GIRL ROBS ORKA GLASSWORKS, INJURES EIGHT Month of the Raven, Winter’s Day, 598 MEZTHALUEN, GENESARIS ー Law enforcement is searching for the teenaged girl age responsible for robbing the Orka Glassworks. The girl entered Orka at midday earlier, demanding the shopkeeper hand over their earnings. When the shopkeep refused, the girl shattered all the glass figurines in the store using an unknown form of magic. All eight shoppers within Orka were injured by glass shards. After the shopkeep obeyed her request, the girl left the store. Authorities were unable to follow the robber, who “flew into the sky trailed by glass shards,” as one witness described. Witnesses report the robber wore an opaque glass mask that hid her features. She is around five feet tall, has light hair, and is estimated to be around fourteen to sixteen years of age.
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