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      Who is 'she' that lies?

  2. GIRL ROBS ORKA GLASSWORKS, INJURES EIGHT Month of the Raven, Winter’s Day, 598 MEZTHALUEN, GENESARIS ー Law enforcement is searching for the teenaged girl age responsible for robbing the Orka Glassworks. The girl entered Orka at midday earlier, demanding the shopkeeper hand over their earnings. When the shopkeep refused, the girl shattered all the glass figurines in the store using an unknown form of magic. All eight shoppers within Orka were injured by glass shards. After the shopkeep obeyed her request, the girl left the store. Authorities were unable to follow the robber, who “flew into the sky trailed by glass shards,” as one witness described. Witnesses report the robber wore an opaque glass mask that hid her features. She is around five feet tall, has light hair, and is estimated to be around fourteen to sixteen years of age.

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  4. Grand Mainframe's audiovisual content: Grand Mainframe is the Greater Good Length: 0:53 Content: Campaign platforms I AM OBELUS Length: 0:52 Content: Obelus Slander Obelus Knows Length: 0:33 Content: Obelus Slander The truth about Obelus Length: 1:11 Content: Obelus Slander Running time of Grand Mainframe campaign material: 0:53 Obelus slander: 2:36 Vote a Saint-King not obsessed with its campaign rivals. Vote Obelus for Saint-King
  5. "Under the guidance of the Sancturion, we use our powers for good. We save people. Defend the defenseless. Protect those who couldn't protect themselves. Most of us are ordinary, everyday people living ordinary, everyday lives. Thus the need for secrecy: code names, costumes, and all." "When Elendaron began dying... we saved as many as we could. We helped evacuate as many people as possible." — Sefir, Davant, What do they know?
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