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  1. Wow, those are some pretty strong villains we have. I wonder how long it'll take to reach them in power and try to usurp ?

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    2. Ataraxy


      Yeeeeeeeeeeeh boi! Best Villain 2018 right there ❤️

    3. Ataraxy


      You ever want to join her cult, just say the word! We're getting 2 new recruits in the current thread ?


    4. amenities


      You can do anything with the power of friendship ?☁️?

  2. Yeah I know about the science fantasy parts. It's actually kinda nice to know that, if I ever want to and got bored of medieval fantasy/classic fantasy, I can always just migrate to another region of the continent and boom: Welcome to Steampunk-town or boom, welcome to "totally not modern" town.
  3. So, I'm new, obviously. Before I got here, I was roleplaying in hrp ss13 servers this isn't an ad, but I've been wanting more in-depth, I guess, places for roleplay. Also, I got sick of science-fantasy setting, I guess. This forum seems good, active and looks to have been made easy to catch up on for newbies. I wanna dive in and see what this place offers.
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