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  1. Mmm....... well. Eryka is not above mercenary work so her presence could be justified under security for this relic hunt. She has a very particular skillset.
  2. Hmmm.... sure. Do you have any ideas for a thread?
  3. And I'm stalking jooo...lol!!!!!




    Let's whip something up SOON, K? Always an HONOR working with my Newcomers!!!!


  4. Yep. New person here. In need of threads/groups/rp/whatever you call it. Any takers? Character sheet here for the curious:
  5. Birth Name: Eryka Eckert Von Saarbrucken, commander of the 20th Siegreich armoured regiment. Gender: Female Age: 30
  6. Murrr...in case it is not obvious I know Law from other places.
  7. Hello. I am not one for overdrawn "hi i am x and have spent y years rping" intros so hello. New person here.
  8. In which case for ease and to expedite things i will go alternative dimension. Thank you.
  9. Well. As Lawman said... empires. Can we invent our own? How big can they be? Can they be from a far away continent?
  10. Is this where I should be asking?
  11. In which case as the one asking I would like an answer please. ❤️ I have ideas!~
  12. I see....well thanks I suppose.
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