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  1. I seem to have caught a very intense flu that will not leave me alone. Sorry for the delay in replies

    1. vielle


      get well soon friend ❤️

    2. supernal


      Hope it evaporates, thanks for letting us know 

    3. Minuet of the Nightingale

      Minuet of the Nightingale

      If you need to skip me, just say my character is quietly following along - I'll find a reason for their silence when I get back ❤️ 


  2. Okay, blank slate. Now, where to start? 


  3. Hey guys, the few of you I've written with or talked too at any rate, I just wanted to let you know I'll be away for the time being. Those whom I was writing with can treat my characters as discussed or inactive. And I'm sorry for the abrupt change after you were all so understanding and kind. I hope we'll be able to write together in the future. ❤️

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