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  1. Ampelos certainly knew his business, she almost wasn't sure he even needed her presence... not that she was about to offer up that little bit of insight though - it would be like shooting herself in her foot. She wanted away from home and this opportunity had presented itself in her perfect manner to give her some freedoms and slap her name on achievement while she was at it. She didn't have many of those, but she was eager to start proving herself and earning a proper place at the adult table. Even if she wasn't entirely sure what was so special about this particular arrangement; from what she could tell, it was a good but the standard type of deal you could hope to make. So either she understood what was taking place far to well and this whole endeavor was really just that jarringly simple, or she had failed to grasp the larger plan... Given what she knew about the blonde haired man holding this little gathering, she had a hard time believing it was the former. Victra had never been the type who learned by having others speak at her - she was much more hands on and 'in the moment' type of learner so it was pretty easy to assume she simply had missed the genius of the plan. 

    But that was fine, she was here to deal with people, not the logistics of trade agreements. If Ampelos needed her to brush shoulders and make friends somewhere along the line, she knew she could do that. 

    The young woman swirled her glass, watching the ice chase each other in circles while pretending to think about the information she had just been given. There actually was something, a barely recollected mention of the company tickling at the back of her mind; a change in ownership, was it? That seemed right and yet not entirely at the same time. Hopefully the information Ampelos had for them would clear that up. 

    "I'm good to leave within the hour in all honestly, I won't have much to bring," she slanted her gaze towards Icarus next; "And If you need help getting things together, just ask."

  2. 3 hours ago, Mickey Flash said:

    @Minuet of the Nightingale Welcome to the thread!  I looked up your charrie’s profile, and noticed you mentioned to Venus Sprite something about a hiding cloak?  Does that mean that she’ll be invisible to everyone, but she can still be sensed in other ways?  Such as heard by someone, for example?  

    And for the whole group, since there’s been such slow posting on this thread, me included, I thought maybe we can leave out the posting order.  A post when you want kind of thing.  In doing this we’ll definitely need to keep each other informed about if we plan to have something big happen that will effect us all.  I hope everyone is ok with that.  This way we can post when inspiration strikes us.... or when we have time.


    Oh, no a cloak made of animal hide. Nothing magical. XD

  3. The settlement was overwhelming. There was entirely too much happening here; too many colors, too many sounds, too many smells... And far to many strange people to bump into. Thankfully, she didn't stand out here. Everyone looked strange to her, and none of them seemed to even register the white skinned girl with the wild hair and brilliant eyes skirting the streets like a frightened cat. It was just a normal day for them. Unfortunately for Shae, no day was normal for her. She hadn't even been alive long enough to even figure out what normal should be. Terrified and seemingly invisible,  the little slip of a humanoid twisted out of the way of a man walking by, arms laden with boxes, and nearly found herself in the path of an ox pulled cart that didn't even slow as she scampered out of the way. The man guiding the beast yelled something at her, but she didn't understand anything more then the angry tone and heat rolling off of him. Shae instinctively barred her teeth and growled, but the man didn't even so much as blink and carried on past, muttering under his breath.

    The girl felt as if every hair on her body was standing on end, and the heart that beat within her chest was thumping so heavily and swiftly she was almost sure it would explode out of her ribcage at any minute. Her fear was now mixed with the hot boil of anger in her stomach, and if she didn't find somewhere quiet soon... 

    As if some higher power was witnessing her struggle and decided to lend a hand, that very moment the wood Shae had pressed her back too shifted and pulled away, resulting in the girl tumbling back into a dimly lit building. She managed to twist and catch herself in an awkward crouch before springing back to her feet and away from the very confused person who had just opened the bar to head out. Her eyes met theirs and it felt like a while passed before the stranger shook their head and left, snapping the door shut behind them. 

    Shae took several shallow breaths, shoulders heaving and focused on the first interior she had ever seen. It wasn't what she expected to find, and she wasn't really in the best mindset to appreciate it; tables and chairs covered the floor space, several with people occupying them. Almost none paid her any mind just like the others on the street. The next thing Shae noticed was the warmth that was seeping into her. She had been out in the cold for a long time, but her body didn't seem to suffer much from it. Still, this sensation was comforting and for the first time she managed to school her panicked breathing into regular intervals as she wiggled her toes and continued to scan the room. Pretty much everyone here stood out - she could find some interesting feature on 90% of the occupants of this place, whatever it was, and the more she looked the more she started to notice most of these people had food or drink before them. 

    Shae smacked her lips, realizing how dry her mouth was and the matching state of her stomach. She pressed a hand to her belly, brow coming together and focused her attention on what was the most unique gathering here; this table only won because of the over-sized feline. Animals was something Shae understood - she had spent her whole life (all two weeks of it) in the company of the forest creatures. Some had tolerated her, others hostile... But they were all very clear about where they stood with her. 

    So on cold bare feet, she approached the table, moving in an uneasy gait that did finally draw some attention; she looked like she was trying to sneak without actually doing so. When she reached the table, eyes still on the tiger, she lowered herself down to the ground, making sure her head was well below the felines. Submission to show she wasn't a threat worked very well previously and she had been left scraps to scavenge through using this method before.

  4. The Dali manor loomed overhead - a foreboding thing as far the petite Delaney was concerned. She was accustomed to fancy homes, or so she had thought, but this manor definitely reminded her that there was still a long way between her and the people that actually ruled. The pale woman wrinkled her little nose, near-white eyes skimming over the old stone bricks and columns as if she could discern some hidden secrets from it. Really, she was just putting off actually having to enter the place.  She was tense and ill at ease here for several reasons, but the largest being the circumstances that brought her here in the first place. Her summons to come stay at the Dali Estate may have been written politely enough, but she had been able to read between the lines and the message was clear as day to her; she was not fully free from the investigation into her husbands untimely death. She'd been brought here because she was a potential suspect.

    Leviticus Wyrmwalker had had his fair share of enemies - he caused a lot of trouble for some very powerful people, after all. However, it was also no secret that the pretty little wife he had plucked from some up-and-coming family was not being treated like the precious little gem he had pretended she was while courting her. Truth be told, this trip to the Manor was the first time Delaney had been past the garden walls of the country home Leviticus had housed her in ever since her marriage to him 4 years ago. If only imprisoning her was the worst thing he'd subjected her too in that time. 

    Delaney chased those thoughts away and lifted a hand to pull down the short veil that obscured her eyes from view just enough to make a person question if she simply looked tired or if she was trying to hide her tear swollen eyes. 

    She felt like she made a convincing widow at least; she wore black and had purchased enough black clothing to last her far longer then custom would demand she wear it, and the elegant golden band Leviticus had given her still encircled her finger. The only other jewelry she wore was a pin fashioned into the shape of a blue rose that contained a drop of blood from her late husband at it's very centre. She had ordered it made in the days following Leviticus' death and eventual enterrement though she wasn't sure if she had done so because she felt she had too or if some part of her was actually going to miss the man. Four years was a long time to have someone in your life, even if they had been a constant torment... And Delaney was fairly far from the cold hearted woman so many people assumed upon meeting her.  

    "Lady Wyrmwalker?" A soft, uncertain voice called out from behind her, startling her from her thoughts. She almost jumped. 

    "I... Yes?" She asked, not even turning to see who had spoken to her. That much uncertainty meant it was most likely staff... and not one that had a lot of power. 

    "I'm to bring your things to your rooms. If you'd like to follow me, I'd be happy to show you them to you at the same time?" 

    The upward inflection turned the statement into more of a question then a request. Delaney let out a heavy sigh, guessing she had stalled enough and gave a little nod of her head, finally looking over at the young man with a mop of dark brown hair. He had two others with him, each laden with her luggage and trunks of her possessions. 

    "Yes, I suppose that would be for the best," she agreed, motioning for the three to lead the way. When they passed, she followed on silent feet, arms crossed over her chest and shoulders hunched up towards her ears as if she could shrink away and out of existence. 

  5. Victra felt like she had waited way to long for Ampelos to even look at her - he almost lazily turned to look at her, moving his sunglasses away from his light color to scan her over. The lithe red head desperately fought against the need to fidget as he seemed to stare at her shoes. She hadn't exactly chosen the best footwear for the beach, but the simple brown leather was sturdy and well fitted and as un-embellished as the rest of her outfit; Victra had always been a fan of simple, functional, and durable (much to her father's dismay). Generally the most colorful thing about her was the coppery hair atop her head. That day in particular she had even pulled out her best vest for the occasion and the dark green fabric was just barely accented with a bit of gold embroidery along the neckline. 

    She was still standing perfectly still, trying to gauge her cousins mindset when he suddenly rose from the chair. He didn't move towards her at any great speed, but it was still instinctual that she slip out of his grasp. At the last second Victra realized he was going for a hug and nothing sinister and stopped her retreat to let Ampelos pull her close. She awkwardly patted his back in return. 

    To say Victra was caught off guard by the man would have been an understatement - she almost missed most of the words he spoke to her next and was rather grateful when a third member joined them at the table. She took Ameplos' brief distraction to hone her expectations a bit, self-consciously mused her hair, and then accepted the offered drink with a dip of her head. The other man, Icarus, was another name familiar to Victra though she arguably knew less about his exploits then Ampelos'. She had never really had much reason to follow what the Moontraveler branch got up too... It was best to put as little interest into it as possible lest she accidentally let her parents think some unrelated part of the family might have a suitable spouse for her. Military life was far to rigid for someone of her disposition. 

    The young lady didn't need to be told to seat as she settled into one of the chairs almost at the same time as Ampelos - it was clear there was a sort of casual air to this meeting and that let her breath a bit easier. She took a sip of her drink while Ampelos went over his proposal, pretending to think his offer over while knowing she would probably have jumped at any chance she could get to do some traveling. 

    "Casper? Busy place, but definitely suited for it. Who is the meeting set with?" She asked, though her mind was already cycling through what she knew of the place. She did have an acquaintance, just a merchants daughter, but they had spoken plenty about the Aviary there. She'd have to see it - it would be impossible for her to leave the city without doing so. "Oh, I suppose that means I'd be interested in joining you." It would be terribly inappropriate of her to bounce around in her seat in happiness, so Victra settled for taking another sip from her drink to hide the massive grin that had spread across her face. 

  6. Name:  Shae

    Age:  She's new, existed for a handful of days but a mature entity

    Race:  Shae is magic and spirit energy turned human... At least, as far as she can tell. She has no idea if there is a name for her kind or if there even are others like her.

    Racial Perks: 

    She doesn't need to sleep nearly as much as most other races, a couple hours every night is more then enough. The same is true with food and water, though she rather enjoys eating. Shae actually feeds off of emotions, and the stronger the emotion the better the meal. Her well of magic is also fueled by how much she has fed. As far as she is aware, feeding on someone's emotions doesn't really harm them except it may make them a bit apathetic after. It generally lasts an hour at the most.

     + A down side of her race is that most things that effect a spirit/ghost will have an impact on her as well - she can't pass through metal at least an inch thick, purified salt will keep her from crossing into a threshold, she also can't step onto certain hallowed grounds (depending on the protections in place), and exorcism magic can knock her out. 

    Orientation: Uncertain, romance and sex are concepts she hasn't really had time to consider.


    Empathy - Shae can not influence another's emotions, but she can generally get a sense of where someone's head may be at. It allows her to be surprising intuitive and obviously means she shows great compassion for most creatures. In order for her empathy to really kick in, she has to be focused on a person which makes it hard to use in public places where there are plenty of distractions around. Using her power on another Empath does create something of a feedback loop that can knock her on her butt.

    Astral Projection - For a few hours, Shae can send her 'spirit' out of her body. In this state she can not affect the world around her in any meaningful way, but she can pass through barriers and reach places a lot of normal fleshy things can't. She can also chose to be seen if she wants by most people, though some animals and any person connected to spirits can see her even when she doesn't want to be seen. While projecting her spirit, she can fly at a decent speed, but the farther she goes from her body, the more energy she uses. This ability also leaves her body defenseless and she wouldn't know if it was in danger - she could very easily attempt to return only to find she has been eaten by some large entity or kidnapped while she was away. If her body was moved while she was gone, she can generally focus to figure out it's general whereabouts, but it's not precise, and again doesn't tell her the state it's in. She is unsure if she would still sense her body if it was dead as there's no real way for her to test that. 

    Possession (minor) - While projecting her spirit, Shae can chose to possess an entity. Beasts and Monsters with lower willpower are really all she can manage at the moment. If she were to try, she could possess most children. She could also strike a deal with a person to let her in, but she is unaware of this part of her ability at the present. 


    Acrobatic - She's light on her feet, nimble, and agile. She can climb most things with ease and is almost jarringly bendy. She could easily be a contortionist if she even knew what that was. 

    (( More to be discovered as she learns them ))


    + At present, Shae's mastery of speech is practically non-existent (though she will pick it up fairly quick), and any broader ideas of mathematics, technology, advanced magical theory, and even philosophy would be lost on her. 

    + She's not really capable of handling a hit well; She has a 'glass jaw' 

    + An over-active olfactory sense means she spends a lot of time in populated places feeling sick and ill at ease. She even gets faint if the smell is particularly pungent. It's not a major hindrance, especially if adrenaline comes into play, but otherwise it would slow her down as she stops to vomit every 10 minutes.

    (( Will add more as she discovers the things she kind of sucks at ))

    Personality (overview):

    Biography:  Presently, there is very little to say about Shae - she simply woke up in a forest a handful of days (maybe a couple weeks?) ago. She is aware she is unnatural and while she doesn't have any memories or real knowledge of what's going on, she definitely seems to have some patterns that her body naturally falls into. From time to time certain things she sees or think will just click or resonate with her as if remembering something without any reason to remember it. 

    The hidden truth of Shae is that she was once a human, but the chaos and changes that plagued the land twisted her into something else entirely. The girl she was before is dead and can't be brought back, though the body has it's own kind of memories which allow Shae to learn certain things fairly quickly, especially with adequate instruction. There is a small chance actual memories from the girl before might still exist in her head, but once again, Shae is more like a spirit occupy a soulless body she is keeping sustained, preserved, and functioning. 




    Hair: Shae has somewhat wild white hair that is haphazardly layered and cut. She doesn't seem to pay it much attention. 

    Eyes: Bright blue that glows in low/dark lighting. 

    Physique: Shae is a rather thin entity and kind of gives the impression that she could be snatched away by a light breeze. Her skin has an ever so slight greyish quality, and is covered in strange blue tattoos that often pulsate and shimmer when she's using magic or near strong magical sources. She looks delicate but wild, and stands 5''4. 


  7. 3 hours ago, Turquoisie said:

    Well, great then! I'd love to start up a Goldcourt Divination Guild member! And I'd like to join someone in helping the vineyard become more successful, if that sounds good!

    (And if not, I could try joining the folks that are working on task number 3? )

    I have a new divination character as well! But she married into the family, wasn't born there. Maybe they can bond over terrible visions of the future. ?

  8. Victra Titancourt didn't quite know what to make of the letter she had received from Ampelos requesting her aid; honestly, she was surprised the man even knew who she was. Sure, they were cousins (distant ones, but it was a true statement none the less), but it wasn't like she had many accomplishments under her belt unlike the former. Hell, she wasn't even sure she was considered and actual adult by many members of her family; her parents certainly still treated her like a child so why would any other person over the age of 20 do differently? Her level of maturity was one of many sources that caused tension between the young social butterfly and much more conservative parents - if she were to list all the other faults she supposedly had in their eyes, she'd have to spend a day dedicated to that task alone. Even then she probably would miss some.

    Annoyed by her train of thought, the lithe female wrinkled her small nose and glanced down at the creamy paper she held in her hands to read the words once again. Yeah, that was definitely her name and those words definitely meant to meet at the little estate on the shoreline so she wasn't going crazy. But... why? Certainly there were people with better contacts then herself and a bigger list of assets. Or maybe that wasn't what Ampelos needed? Did he want someone whose allies and previous connections weren't well known enough to taint a possible alliance with others? That could make sense, but she felt like she was grasping at straws. 

    Deciding she wasn't going to find any more answers in the letter that she had already thoroughly dissected for hidden meanings, she stuffed it into her pocket and took a deep breath. Alright, so, she was just going to meet her cousin and see what he wanted and so long as she was pretty sure he wasn't using this to make a mockery of her, then it was honestly a great opportunity. And she really needed to get out of the Estate more - see the world, or a bit of it, and actually see the few penpals she had maintained over the years. A small smile curled across her pixie like face as her steady stroll brought her to the marked meeting place. It took all of a second for her large doe eyes to fall on the blonde hair of the man she had only really seen from distance at family events. 

    "Ampelos!" She called out cheerfully, coming around the little table set with drinks. She looked down at her hand then stuck it out towards the man. "I'm Victra, though you probably knew that already." She glanced at the drinks again. "One of those for me?" 


  9. Thank you for the welcome! I recognize a few people here already. I'm looking forward to writing with them and some new people again. :3 

    For those of you that don't know me, you can call me Min or Minnie for short. I've been RPing for about 13 years now (maybe more) though it was mostly contained to Gaia. 

    As for characters I have two members for house Dali in the works - Victra who will be joining Supernal and Token's characters on their adventure, and a young widow named Delaney whose a Divination caster that married into the family. I'll probably stick the latter into the hub thread for now. 

  10. I was thinking they could be cousins or second cousins as well. Based solely off appearance, I'd say Icarus and Ampelos probably come off as better cousins and then have Victra a little more distantly related, but not by much. 

    I'm also going with her father being a Goldcourt, but her mother was initially from the Titansinger branch of the family (if that helps sort out how and where the relations come in)

  11. Victra is the second profile, I believe. Profile is still missing some odds and ends, but it might give a bit of an idea. 

    And yes, I'm going with Goldcourt as she is the type to have a few contacts under her belt already. She's a people person, and while she's not exactly the typical 'cunning' political type, she has a mix of charm and luck on her side for making the right allies. 

    So previous contacts paired with her ability to make new ones are the reason she was probably allowed to join this little mission. Her personal reasons lean more to proving herself - she's young and proud.

  12. He followed, and Dawn was bothered immediately by the fact that she was relieved he did. She didn't turn to look at him though as she set the pot on the little wood burning stove and gathered a few jars of herbs from one of the lower cupboards. She was keenly aware of his presence even without having to see him standing there in her kitchen. Of course, the silence didn't last... Not that she had wanted it too. She also didn't need his confirmation or approval, but still hearing him give it helped ease some of the annoyance she was feeling about the day. So much had happened in such little time... Dawn stared at the herbs she had gathered, then traded two of the jars she had grabbed for a different pair. A treat was deserved today; might as well crack out the good stuff. A few pinches of each herb went into a clearly well used mortar. She crushed the dried herbs just a bit before pouring them out onto a little square of cheese cloth she had pulled from a stack she clearly kept for the express purpose of making her own tea blends. 

    The little bag was tied up and placed in the bottom of a tea pot before she finally turned around to look at Constans;

    "No, I haven't been here very long. I grew up closer to the coast, near Last Resort but I only seen the city for the first time a little over a year ago." She motioned for Constans to sit at the worn table as she took one of the wobbly chairs for herself. The water would be a while yet, unfortunately. "But that's all a dreadful tale nobody really wants to hear. What about you? Any sordid details in your past or have you always been so... pure?" She almost asked about the hill and ruins she'd seen him with in her dreams, but that would probably take this conversation down a path she wasn't ready for all things considered. She was still on edge with the whole Riz thing. 

  13. Dawn sniffed, dropping her shoe on the ground before stuffing her foot back into it and rubbing at her watery olive eyes while she tried to digest Constans words. She wanted to argue, call him ignorant among other things, and shake him till he realized that this world wasn't going to be fixed by stopping one kidnapper. Another would just take their place... But for some stupid and infuriating reason, his final words had resonated with her. Maybe she didn't know there was a better way, but she hoped there was. While jaded and distrusting in many ways, that tiny flicker of hope in a better world had managed to survive the horrors she had endured... It's probably why she was one of the few of the slaves that had been rehabilitated. Many of the people she had been freed with couldn't cope with their new world; several sold themselves back into the work they knew, others wandered the street as beggars or whores, and far to many just simply gave up and ended themselves. 

    "This," she started, also indicating the ghetto around them. "Is the best I've had. It's not much, but I've made it work. I don't always have enough food to fill my belly, but I have shelter and companionship and purpose. I have not lost hope in a better future, but I do manage my expectations. Most people do not care for each other and they never will - those are the people that always get on top because they don't care what they need to do to get there. I can't change the minds of Kings and Queens, but I can feed a couple kids here and there, clean their scrapped knees, and hopefully give them a shot at surviving so they can do the same for others one day. You may think it's narrow-minded of me, but most people would just consider me a realist." Dawn heaved a sigh and shook her head. 

    "But I suppose I wont change your mind anymore then you'll change mine." Silence fell for a moment while Dawn glanced at the stone Constans has given her. "I will go with you if Riz calls for help though. I won't abandon him. In the mean time, I'll be here. You are welcome to stay if you need a place." The small half-elf took a deep breath, composed once more as she turned heel to head back into her store. She paused in the doorway, feeling a bit dramatic as she glanced over her shoulder; "I'll put some water on to boil for tea." 

    Then she disappeared inside.  

  14. Riz looked at the stone before tucking it away deep in one of his many pockets before glancing at Constans and then Dawn; "Ashwood Market," he said, clearly confident. "More likely to be snatched by the right people there." Then, standing as tall as he could and looking more dignified then mischievous for once, he gave an awkward salute to Constans and took off down the road. It didn't take long for his short frame to disappear into the crowd. 

    Dawn watched, her face fixed in a clearly un-amused expression till she couldn't see the child anymore before focusing her attention on Constans; her gaze was steely as she watched him, his face slightly turned upwards and looking far to pleased with himself. Dawn took a deep breath, her chest hot, as she started to roll up her sleeves very deliberately behind Constans back. She wondered what he was thinking while she carefully lifted her left foot from the ground and pulled off the slippered shoe that had seen better days. Then, using all the stealth she could muster, she closed the distance between them, raised her soft shoe above her head and brought it down on the back of the man's head. She pulled her arm back again and continued her assault; whap, whap, whap. It would sting at the worst - the shoes were thin fabric, barely enough to shield her feet from the cobblestoned roads. 

    "If one hair on his head is out of place, I will kill you," she growled, though her tone held the first hint of a higher pitch, almost like a whine. It took Dawn a good couple seconds to realize her eyes had started to water. "I know I said that before about the girl, and it's pretty much the only threat I know, but that doesn't make it any less true!" 

  15. Horror was more then a little evident on Milka's pale face; her blue-gray eyes wide, she had covered her mouth with both hands at the news Constans had given them. She could hardly believe... Why would someone... How could they just give people away? The thought was as disgusting as the Brother of Hedon's reputation. But before Milka could really wrap her mind around the realities of this world, Eleanor, Universal Mortification in the flesh, was already volunteering to throw down her life to correct this heinous act. If one thought Milka's innocent features couldn't have been wrapped with anymore horror and worry then it had been just a second before, they would have terribly surprised at how devastated an expression the human woman could pull off. She wanted to save the Virgins, but she couldn't bare the thought of her sisters dying; Eleanor was an important part of the temple just like the other three women present. Sometimes her eagerness to 'lay down her life for God'  made Milka wonder what the rest of them would do if God actually took her up on the offer. Isabelle would be lost, certainly, and Milka wasn't sure she'd fair much better. The Church and their role in it was still just a fledgling learning to fly so the loss of Eleanor (or really any of them) would certainly stall the good works that they needed to perform!  

    And yet, that didn't mean Eleanor was wrong either; while all the Fidei Lena were expected to hold true to everyone of the virtues, the four currently gathered had been gifted with a special bond with one of said virtues by God themselves. To not act in accordance with it was unthinkable - she couldn't imagine herself without the blessing of Angelic Sweetness, so why should she expect Ellie to be any different?

    Goodness, she was going to chase this thought around all day if she didn't break the cycle now; if Eleanor was ready to throw down her life to save these women, Milka was going to do her part to make sure Ellie came out in one piece with the Virgins. 

    No one was going to die on her watch! She was hardly the 'butt-kicking' type, but fighting was only one way of handling a problem; good acting and subterfuge could go a long way in a situation like this. Though it probably wouldn't hurt if Milka learned how to kick a little bit of butt in the most non-lethal way possible. She'd heard rumors that if a person pinched the right nerves, it could knock a target out cold without any side effects when they woke. Maybe she'd chase that rumor down one day. 

    "Do you want us to bring this Warthog before you, Father? For a proper punishment?" She asked after a moment of silence spent staring at the two Elven twins. 


  16. Dawn was more then a little jarred at Constans reaction; he was so incredibly naive if he was unaware how prevalent it was for kids to get kidnapped. It was a horrible truth she knew entirely too much about. She watched him as he made his way out of her backroom, claiming he could do something about this, and she gave a shake of her head. Naive and horribly optimistic. Dangerous combination for the fool - he would probably walk straight into the mouth of a beast and not even feel it's jaw closing around his neck. Dawn did follow him though as he beckoned Riz to join them as he stepped outside. Riz's face looked as bewildered as Dawn felt. She gave the boy a shrug and then very slyly twirled her index finger around her temple, indicating Constans was possibly insane.  Riz nodded his head back at her when the man seemed to address the sky. 

    Why was it that Godly men and women were always so strange?

    Or perhaps she was just judgmental. 

    "I don't mean to be that person, Constans, but this is incredibly dangerous! Stupidly dangerous even! You can't just send a child into Gods know where, even if you have magical rocks that you can see through! The type of people who take kids off the street are not nice, and they're certainly not dumb if they keep getting away with it. Don't get me wrong, I would love to wipe them off the face of this planet to save any child what I went through, but I also can't just let you send Riz into this because you want to play the hero!" Oh, she raised her voice there. Dawn took a deep breath and held it. 

    "The Market on Ashwood," Riz started. "Most kids know to stay away from there now, that's where the latest spree started." He held his stone up towards the sky, clearly trying to find some trace of magic on it. "The WildVine Ghetto has also seen a lot of kids go missing for years- lots of places to hide in there so we use it to escape guards when desperate." 

    Dawn watched Riz, still holding her breath. Shit. Shit all of this was dumb. She couldn't condone this behavior, much less participate in it! But, if Riz was going to follow through with this then what choice was she going to have? She didn't trust Constans enough to have the cunning to pull him out of whatever shit he was about to get this kid into. And what about Dollie? Dawn couldn't just leave her there with no one but Maggie to watch her. 

    There was a dull ache starting behind her eyes now, and she brought a hand up to rub at her forehead while mumbling under her breath a string of creative obscenities. 

  17. "I... don't care much for Gods," she admitted rather hesitantly since this man was the religious sort. She didn't need to be warned about how her soul wouldn't be let into whatever pleasant afterlife this Faith promised; Dawn really just hoped that when she died that was it. There would be nothing; she just couldn't imagine a place where she'd magically always be happy and at peace, and she'd already lived through Hell. "They've done nothing for me so I don't think I owe them any favors." The half-Elf woman brought her hands together before her, almost self-consciously messing with the dried blood stained sleeves of her dress. "Needless to say, I haven't been to this Coth or any old temples." It was sort of disappointing that this man didn't recognize her... It would probably have calmed her nerves a bit if she could place this weird deja-vu... And justify seeing his face in her dreams. 

    "As for magic... Yeah, there's a lot of rampant misuse of it, especially in the ghettos. Magic thieves robbing from stores, nobles with hired hands lashing out because they need to make sure everyone knows they're the biggest kid in the playground," She fell silent for a moment and shrugged her shoulders. "There was this bakery a few blocks away that I used to go too all the time. Ran by an older lady. She was sweet as pie and made the best things I'd ever tasted. She got into some trouble with a merchant who claimed she was stealing his recipes, but in the end things went her way. I'm not sure the specifics, but... Well, not even a day after she won the whole affair, her shop 'mysteriously' burned to the ground." She took a small, sad breath. "She went with it. I hope it was cause the smoke got her first, I can't imagine... Somehow the fire only damaged one building though and nothing was able to put it out till the whole place was gone. That asshole, smug as can be, bought the land the second it was back on the market. He has to be guilty, he's all but admitted to it, but there's not enough evidence to point at him, and I feel like the guards don't even really care anymore." 

    Realizing she had sort of gone off on a bit of a tangent, she gave her head a bit of a shake to come back around to the topic at hand. "Anything else I've heard is mostly rumors; some of the kids have been whispering about others being taken. No bodies have been found, but Riz and his guy are sure it's not your standard 'orphan snatching.'" The blonde wrung her hands almost anxiously. "I don't know if that's what you're looking for... I could also point you too a couple people who've been big on trying to get the mage registry up and running. That's about as good of a guide as I'd make - I get lost every time I go more then a block from here." And she didn't exactly know if she wanted to be around him much. He was getting under her skin by just sitting there, calm as a cucumber with that boyish smile on his face. Dawn doubted he'd ever had anything bad happen to him in his entire life. "Riz would be better if you can put up with his... uh... rule breaking." 

  18. The market was exactly the type of place Trixie loved with it's mobile wagon-stores and colorful tents. The call of wares and smells of spices and perfumes was like a chaotic heaven for the girl. She could probably spend the rest of her life traveling with the Caps and Bells Market and never be bored. Unfortunately, this was also very much the kind of place where she usually got into trouble. 

    Trixie just sort of had a knack for finding herself in sticky situations with the less then favorable sort, and most of the time she managed to just barely managed escape whatever danger she got wound up in.The Kobold didn't know why markets seemed to be the hub for the sort of people looking to take advantage of small, cute, trusting types, but she was starting to learn how to sniff out ne'er-do-wells from the upstanding folk... And how to keep her hands as far away from any shiny baubles that might catch her eye. Trixie never actively planned on stealing, pretty things just had a way of finding themselves in one of the many pockets sewn onto the inside of her patch-work cloak. It wasn't her fault that they wanted a new home! 

    Okay, well yes it was her fault, but she hated being painted as the 'bad guy.' 

    And that was how she came up with the idea to  never leave her hands idle in busy places where items could be easy misplaced. Her slender claw tipped fingers were currently busy braiding colorful pieces of thread together into a flat plait that really served no purpose. When she finished a braid, she usually gave it to a younglings as they seemed as infatuated with bright colors as she was.  Maybe one day she would get good enough at braiding and walking, she could graduate to something more useful... like stitching. Most needles wouldn't prick through the soft pink scales on the tips of her fingers, so it wasn't like she had to be worried about stabbing herself unlike the fleshy types. The biggest issue Trixie was with that was she didn't really know how to sew nicely. Just thick, crude seams to hold stuff together; it showed in her patched-up cloak. 

    Just as she was starting to get self-conscious of scrappy piece of fabric fluttering from her shoulders, she heard someone almost echo her thoughts, asking after a tailor. Trixie came to a sudden stop, wondering how much a proper cloak would actually cost... she had a little coin, but she had been hoping to use it on a good meal. She hummed under her breath for a second before her vanity won out - Trixie really did love pretty things.

    "You should get a dark one," she commented to the small fleshy male and the mushroom-lady. "Lined with mink fur and gold thread! Warm and just fancy enough to demand respect!" Another woman passing to her right took at second glance at Trixie, as if just noticing the tiny figure and gave a startled gasp, side stepping away. Trixie turned her large pink eyes on the woman, then glanced behind her to see what had startled her so bad... But there was nothing unusual. Lady must have seen a bee or something. Lots of ladies were scared of bees. "That's what Trixie would get."



  19. 4 hours ago, supernal said:

    @omit_needless_words I haven't seen anyone reply to your post yet despite the interest here and don't want you to lose interest!

    I can join in or just handle some NPC interactions until your partners get ready if you'd like ? 

    Still planning on posting, just got a little caught up with life stuff. Hopefully today or tomorrow I'll get a chance to work on it! :3 

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