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  1. Sorbin stood in the center of Casper, gazing around him. Now where would I go in order to find a place where I might ply my trade, and perhaps rise in prestige in a well-respected organization?
  2. Edrael

    Sorbin Yannaoli

    Race: Dark Elf Sex: Male Name: Sorbin Yannaoli Origins: Currently Unknown Age: 32 Profession: Enchanter Appearance: Tall, dark, elvish, green eyes. Clothing: cloth shirt and pants, but with leather jerkin, a pouch for small equipment, and a sheath for a dagger. Weapons: Dagger. Skills: can enchant small items to hold certain powers, such as glowing, floating, increased lethality, etc.
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    How do I add a signature to my posts? Thanks.
  4. @The Alexandrian would you mind if I joined? This would be my first thread on Valucre, so bear with me as I figure out the style of this site.
  5. Edrael

    Torin Rasnake

    statistics Moniker: Torin Rasnake Title: Hired Blade Visual Age: 35 (on a 0-120 scale)  Birth Place: Taen Race: Catfolk Gender: Male  Class: undecided physiology Hair: dark brown Eyes: green Height: 6’1 Weight: 120 lbs Voice: average feline  Build: lithe Condition: good clothing •leather vest and britches. One earring. A belt. skills  •thieving, quick learner, knife throwing. inventory  •empty purse, two knives, two bracelets, wallet for provisions.
  6. Edrael


    Hey there! I’ve been doing a little role play on a different forum for a little while, but this place sounds really cool. I’ve read a bit of the lore, but I would really like some suggestions. Where should I go for a catfolk character who is in the mage/mercenary/assassination business? Thanks so much, and nice to meet you all!
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