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  1. A kobold warlock sounds good to me! I wasn't expecting the whole party to be small races, but I actually think it'd be fitting and some good opportunities for humor ?
  2. Thanks for the welcome! I'm sure I'll have questions for you also at some point ?
  3. You’ve really soaked the lore in! 

    1. omit_needless_words


      Thanks!  We'll see what happens next...

  4. Trout stood at a fried mushroom stall, chatting with the vendor while eating greasy shiitake caps off a paper plate. “First I’m thinking Weland, then Dougton, then Casper. I’ve heard Casper is amazing. From there who knows? Maybe even an airship to Genesaris or Tellus Mater!” “When you go to Weland, make sure you visit Xingjuan Garden, it’s less crowded in the winter, but it’s still really beautiful, especially if there’s snow. This is my favorite time of year to go,” The vendor said, dropping a few more mushrooms into the hot oil. She wore an old-fashioned silk robe, bright red and gold. Her young son sat behind the stall poking a mud puddle with a stick. “I’ll do that, thanks! Say, do you know a good tailor here? I really need a good traveling cloak. Ideally something windproof. And waterproof. And hexproof.”
  5. Meet Trout. Trout just graduated from school, and he wants to see the great sights and taste some adventure (and delicious local desserts) before he settles back home in Chesterfield. He’s not a fighter, and he’s looking for some protection and guidance and maybe companionship as he explores. My rough plan is to have a mostly light, funny, flavorful tour of some of the more famous places in Valucre. I’m not so worried about saving the world, just exploring it, meeting cool people, maybe getting kidnapped by bandits along the way, maybe getting eaten by a swamp monster, who knows? If this sounds fun to you, feel free to post in this thread, or just hop in IC! My current plan is to post a bit in the Cap and Bells Market while Trout gathers supplies for the journey. I can think of at least four hooks for a character in this story: Bodyguard Trout is looking to hire a bodyguard or two to keep him safe on his journey. The pay is good, with only a small chance of being swamp-monster food. Bonus if you can provide transportation (horses, van, flying carpet), I hear the lightning rail is down… Traveling companion If you also want to see the sights and enjoy the exotic foods of Valucre, feel free to come along! It could be another local from Chesterfield, or any other character as long as it fits. Trout will eagerly try to talk anyone into joining him. Sneaky type looking for a cover story If you want to scout out a particular place or run a covert mission without attracting attention, this could be a great cover story to explain why you’re snooping around Terrenus. Trout is not particularly worldly or difficult to fool. Antagonist I think it’s a given that we’ll encounter troubles along the way. If your character is the trouble-making type, you might be looking for easy pockets to pick. I’m not sure how this would work exactly, but I’m open to suggestions.
  6. Trout High Concept: Young man itching to the see the world Trouble: Curiosity killed the Trout Appearance: Small, bearded, smiling Trout is a Korr: if you’d never seen Korr before, you’d probably mistake him for a gnome. He’s short for a humanoid, with brown eyes and a neatly-trimmed black beard that makes him look older than he really is. He’s skinny, despite eating voraciously. Background Trout was born and raised in Chesterfield, a small town in western Terrenus. Trout studied hard and made top marks in school, occasionally partying, rarely leaving town. He hopes to take over the family business some day. His parents own a block of downtown properties, including a hotel, a restaurant, and commercial space they lease out to antique shops and local artists. They’ve done quite well as Chesterfield has grown, and are lavishly funding Trout’s adventure. (Lavish by Chesterfield standards, anyway.) Now that he’s graduated, Trout wants to take some time off and travel Valucre. OOC Thread Currently eating fried mushrooms at Cap and Bells Market
  7. This sounds cool, I want to try to get some RP started in the main forum first, but maybe after I've gotten my feet wet I'd do it.
  8. I threw a dart at the world map and landed in the ocean west of Terrenus, so I'm looking at the west-coast area just trying to get oriented. It looks like there's a civil war going on in Terrenus right now, and Chesterfield and Aligoria have both declared independence from the Terran Empire, but Weland is still firmly a member of the Terran Empire, is that correct? Assuming I have that right, is the war ongoing? Has the Empire said anything about these rogue city-states, are there armies on the move? Is life and trade mostly the same among Weland, Chesterfield, Aligoria, and Baizo Isle, or has the war disrupted everything? More practically, should these questions go in the Terranus AMA thread? If I want to expand on Weland-Chesterfield relations, for example, how would I go about it? Just make up a character who's a Chesterfield diplomat and send him off? Talk to (PM?) the people who wrote those articles?
  9. A small thing as I'm reading: the Tellus Mater Landing page Links to a Renovatio page that says "REPLACED BY NEW RENOVATIO ARTICLE" If you have the ability you may want to update the link to the new Renovatio page.
  10. I've played a little PBP before, mostly more traditional rpgs like DnD or Fate. In general they tend to fade into inactivity after a few weeks...
  11. I found Valucre through the TVTropes page about play-by-post games. Collaborative world-building sounds rewarding, and I’d like to hone my writing skills and explore new ideas. For now I’m still reading the new member guide, but the guide said I should post here, so here I am!
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