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  1. The trio entered a tavern on the port. A place of hustle and bustle, beer and cheer. An eye-patch at every table and even more missing teeth. After finding a place to rest their feet the badgerfolk order himself a rum and cheese-wheel, thankfully payed for by the young mage. Who apparently knew the bar keep. "A regular drinker I see, HA! More to you than meets the eye my boy, let us hope you keep this up." Chinafel dropped his pack an proceed to use it as a seat. "Don't worry about me, I'm packed for the occasion. Always am, why'd ya think I carry round this massive pack?" The drifter reached down and smacked the pack "Once you give me the word we can get going, DON'T RUSH! Last thing you want to do on those open waters." He sniffed the air, the smell smell of food and alcohol exciting him. Luis proceeded to question him on his vegetable headed companion. "Shaka?" He turned his head, only to find out the goblin had fallen asleep drunk with a bottle of stolen mead still in his hands. "That there was the first companion I'd ever made. A gourd, goblin skin, amethyst and burning charcoal. As basic as basic can get for a ..living... companion. Sigh. Truth is boy, I don't know if you can call it living. No heartbeat, no birth and I can't tell you what goes on in it's head. It's actually technically a form of incantation more closely related to conjuration, to summon a spirit or spiritual energy to possess and control a physical shell. It's strictly personal whether or not you think it's living." Despite the old timers years of experience, he still had many questions without clear answers. Their orders came "Cheers, to great adventures!" The two gave thanks, Chinafel took a large chunk out of his cheese-wheel and downed it with rum. "Ahh, beats that week old shite." He let out a small belch, "When ya ready boy meet me at the ship, I'm sure ya know what ya doing but it doesn't hurt to be sure. It's called No Man's Land for a reason. It belongs to no man, we'll meet no man. Meaning no help other than us, so we'll have to be self reliant as possible." He continued with his meal, clearly content with the dairy goodness.
  2. Chinafel graciously accepts the handshake "Good manners, as expected of someone from the House of Uldwar. A HOUSE OF WAR! Something I know all to well. I was also born into a war clan, boy." He strokes his whiskers. "Even within war the path of any magic user tends to be a lonely one, you made the right choice getting a companion." He nodes up to Shaka "Even if they can be a pain in the ass." 'Especially when all they do is hitch rides on your backpack' Luis continued, opening his backpack to reveal the power source of his golem familiar. Chinafel was just barely able to be make out a small coin like item, his curiosity nearly getting the best of him. "Sorry, you'll have bear with me boy. Us badgerfolk don't have the best eyesight, especially not at my age. But based on what I saw it should do just fine." He finished with a scratch behind his ear "I hope." The young wizard began to apologies and talks of the material he wants, it was clear to Chinafel that he felt worried. As to be expected of such a young wanderer. He walks beside him, patting Luis on the back of the leg "You maybe able to hide the worry in your voice, but you can't hide your emotions from my nose. I can smell the worry, I know how you feel all to well. A little fact about me, I was born into a large family, thirty-six siblings. Do you know how hard it was to impress my father with that competition? Pretty fucking hard. When I set out to my first battles with him, each one made me feel like stone. Your position is no different, each journey a battle." Chinafel turns his back to Uldwar wizard and begins walking towards the market "But do you know what makes me feel batter? FOOD!" "FAAAA!" Shaka screams, still mounted on top of his masters bag. "So I'll take you up on that offer, show me the local foods as I don't know much about this place. We'll also need to further discuss your new familiar and the plans for it at some point." Chinafel waves for Luis to follow "Hurry boy, I don't want to get back late." 'This should be fun'
  3. @SteamWarden Yes, your own blood can be used. So with blood you'll probably end up with a Bound By Blood Dire Wolf companion. It'll have great resistance to any cold affect, extreme loyalty and inherit many of your strengths and weaknesses
  4. @Grubbistch Ahh, that makes more sense. I thought the way it was written seemed strange. I've fixed the mistake.
  5. Pitch black, the strong smell of damp dirt fills the air. Cold walls surround his aching body, the crackling of firewood can be heard in the distance. With a stretch and a grunt, Chinafel slowly follows his whiskers, traversing the crumbling tunnels. His feet splashing through ankle deep water. A faint light can be seen in the distance, the scent of smoke wanders in the air. "Cha cha cha le le cha da” Over and over, the strange squeaky voice repeats it. Chinafel emerges from the underpass, greeted with the blurry vision of a makeshift camp. A small campfire lay in the center, various camping equipment spewed around in a disorganized manner. A dirty canvas tent barely held up by a bending stick, looking as tho it will snap any minute. His backpack leaning against a wall. By the fire, a stew pot lay on it’s side next to his green menace, it’s frothy remains leak out onto the ground. His companion shakes it’s sword up and down, mesmerized by the rhythm. Chinafel slowly inches his way closer to his strange green companion, before belting it round the head. “I TOLD YOU TO WAKE ME UP AT SUNRISE! WHAT DO YA CALL THIS YOU STINKIN GOURD HEADED GOBLIN!?” The elderly badgerfolk bellows, rushing to pack his junk. “AAAAAAAAAAA” Shaka holds his head in pain. Chinafel marches his way through the docks, his aching bones cracking with each step. His over sized backpack dwarfing him in comparison, Shaka riding on top. 'This is what I get for sleeping in cold areas and leaving this moron in charge' "Ya see them, Shaka?" "NAaaa" His own personal summoned companion held it's hand over it's eyes, as if it new what it was looking for. The duo drifted around the port searching the various docks. Asking the local merchants and sailors if they had seen the boys, only resulted in wasted time. sniff "Hmm" sniff sniff "Shaka, I can smell wizards." The badgerfolk followed his nose, Shaka responded with curious looks. The scent lead him to the contact, the man he only new as Luis. Chinafel moved straight to the blue eyed male. sniff sniff sniff "You must be the wizard looking for his new familiar! DON'T LIE BOY! I can smell the magic on ya" He slowly raises his paw. "The names Chinafel Gurup" Chinafel Shaka
  6. @SteamWarden It follows the same principles. Requiring materials to create the charm needed to summon said companion, the materials used will affect the companion (looks, power, etc), with the difference being that this creature is living. So it will require items such as hides and hearts, so unless you have them on you we'll need to hunt them. For a basic dire wolf like companion we'll need a hide/pelt, a heart, gemstone/crystal and a soul. Plus whatever else you want added to the mix.
  7. @SteamWarden Yup, that can be. Creating a living companion is slightly harder than creating something like a golem, but not by much. Would you like to discuss the process in this thread or in an RP thread?
  8. @Grubbistch Awesome, I'll allow you to start so you can pick the setting. Chinafel is the charms maker and also travelling merchant. So wherever you pick will make sense given his job. Let's us have a grand adventure Mr Suit of Armor, plus do you have a link to your character? I couldn't find it on your profile.
  9. @Grubbistch So by essence I mean some sort of life force or energy to power the golem. E.G. Electric essence will give you an electric golem. Soul of a griffin will give you a more noble and flight capable golem. Hell, sacrifice a little of your own soul/essence to be connected to your golem if you so wish.
  10. @Grubbistch As this thread will be for you, I'll allow you to have that choice. Based on what you want these materials are gonna be hard to get and it's gonna be a long thread, we can either tank straight into this or wait for some back up. Unless you just so happen to have these materials lying around.... We'll be needing the materials you want the golem to be made from, a soul gem/rare crystal, high level essence and the facilities to process the materials. Plus whatever extra items you want to add into the mix
  11. @Grubbistch Yup, this can be done. All resources added to the charm will be picked by you, and will affect the outcome of your new companion. If you're looking for something to counter/tank spells then you'll want it to have a conductive nature, so you'll need resources for that.
  12. I've recently made a character who can create summoned companions using charms and I'm looking to test him out. The charms in question are not cheap and will require certain materials, of which will affect your newly summoned companion (Your own personal traits will also affect this companion). The nature of this quest is something that I'll leave up to whoever wants to join me. Want a small rock golem companion? Then it'll be a small light hearted quest for basic resources. Looking for something with a little more oomph, then it'll be a longer quest to scavenge rarer resources. I'd prefer to keep this to one thread with maybe 2-3 people, but I'm always open to new ideas. Thanks for reading!
  13. Shaka Origins - Monster Hunter 2 Description Shaka is a small goblin like creature, who's only apparel is a small loan cloth and helmet made from an unknown vegetable. It wields a small metallic sword, which it swing wildly at anything perceived as a threat. It's personality can only be described as similar to a wild animal, with just enough intelligence to use basic tools.
  14. Image of Badgerfold by Dark Sword Miniatures [General]First Name: ChinafelSurname: GurupNickname: ChiLocation: XAlignment: NoneRace: BadgerfolkMarital Status: MarriedGender: MaleAge: 60Status: AliveJob Class: Charms Merchant / Regular Merchant[Physical]Voice: High PitchEyes: BrownComplexion: FurryHeight: 3 feetWeight: 20 kgBuild: Short and Saggy SkinHair: Full Body.Defining Features: Badgerfolk represent short badger like bipedal creatures, no striking features are usually found on Badgerfold. However, as males get older, their mustaches will get longer. Often left to grow out as a show of their pride. Chinafel is an elderly hunchbacked Badgerfolk, who can often be found carrying a giant backpack. Summoned Companion - Shaka [Mental]Nature: Calm. Personality: Chinafel is a calm and friendly elderly Badgerfolf, often found lost in his own thoughts. Mental State: Normal. Good Traits: Old, wise, calm and experienced. Bad Traits: Pac-rat (Enjoys hoarding items), easily injured due to age, has a potent smell. Hopes: Find more shiny items.Fears: None.Likes: Food, items, shiny things. Dislikes: None, he merely ignores that which he does not find entertaining. [Gear]Head: Old Iron HelmetTorso: Leather VestLegs: Cloth TrousersFeet: Padded Leather BootsHands: None Other: Giant Backpack, random belt pouches, goggles.[Weapons] Steel Pole-arm Boot-knife[Magic] Fireball (Basic) - Caster throws a ball of fire. Candlelight (Basic) - A ball of light hovers above the caster. [Abilities] Digger - Strong arms and giant claws allow for easy digging Acute Smell - Badgerfolk have an acute sense of smell. [Weakness] Poor eyesight - Badger folk have poor eyesight. Elderly - Chinafel is very old by Badgerfolk standard, meaning he is physically well beyond his prime. [Inventory] Companion Summoner Charm - A charm that allows the user to conjure a companion, the companions traits in question will vary on the user own traits and materials used in creating said charm. The charms do not come cheap and can be customized to provide different outcomes, many issues and unexpected outcomes can occur. Various Other Charms - Random charms of questionable value and use. Warning, certain charms may not actuallydo anything. Bartering Items - Various Junk [Lineage] The 42nd Child of Liyna the Sharp [Family] 1 Wife, 32 Children. [Property] Multiple holes in the ground. -Background- A drifter born into the life of a Badgerfolk war clan, bordering on the outskirts of Terrenus. Chinafel left the life of a soldier to pursue his dream of hoarding items and making charms.
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