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  1. "Good to know you understand how things work, pleasure working with you again." Vito stood up, tossing the pouch to Avia. The second he caught it the doors were kicked open, Vito's guards impaling Avia's own henchman before he could react. As the feathered warrior turned to meet the bloodshed, Vito draw his sword and sliced off the hand which held canvas pouch. The heat from his sword instantly cauterized the wound, the smell of searing flesh filling the room. 'Finally, some blood!' "AAAAAAAHH!" Avia's bellowing soon subsided to loud grunting and panting, his eyes meeting the raiders. His face was one of disgust and sadness, unflinching as Vito brought his sword closer. "You've come a long way from being a brother, a warrior who'd be at someones side. What's changed you, sunshine? The coin or the drugs?" "I've always been a back stabber, I'm simply being a little less selective. But don't fear, you'll still be put to good use." Floki walked in, pacing over to Avia. The drakes jaw crunched down onto the feathered warriors neck, who struggled in vain. Floki's venom made quick work, killing the warrior in seconds. Vito sighed before turning to the store owner, the old man sat emotionless in the corner. "You know what to do, you'll be compensated upon completion." The old man nodded, signalling his staff to begin clean up. Dusting off his cloak, they proceeded to leave the building. With another heavy sigh, the raider pondered on what to do next. But before he could even begin to think he was met by a kraul, a shaman apprentice bringing news. 'Hmmm, maybe I'll be feasting some more!' 'Quiet, you're getting greedy!' "?¿?¿¿¿¿????" The kraul flailed his arms, trying to get the bad news out. "What the fuck do you mean he left his body?!" Vito tried to keep his voice down and keep the angry tone to a minimum, despite the street being empty. "¿¿???¿?" The kraul continued flailing, lowering his head in shame afterwards. "No! People don't just suddenly leave their bodies! Was it the soul or consciousness?" Vito signaled his guards to get ready. "¿?" He kept his position, head lowering further. "Fuck! Begin the distraction, we're heading out. Lead the way." Hand on the hilt of his sheath, Vito followed the kraul with a fast march to his companions. ~~~ Sat on top of the marble manor sat a female skaven, her eyes peeled onto the airship. Small flashes of light beamed from it, signalling for her to being. With amazing grace and flow, she leaped from atop the roof and entered through an upper window. Once inside, she began a small rampage. Knocking things over and clanging her shield together, charging through hallways and rooms in an attempt grab all attention. Mere paces down the road sat various carts and humans, ready to cause a commotion if guards were spotted approaching Caden's and Ivan's location.
  2. I'll be getting a post out tomorrow eve.
  3. Rabbit

    Favorite dragon?

    Chameleos, from monster hunter. I remember fighting this beautiful creature back in MHFU, I absolutely love the design. Had the full armor set and wore it through out, all the way up till Fatalis that is.
  4. The feathered knight just barely managed to speak between each mouthful of food, the crunching of bone clearly making the hosts uncomfortable. He nodded, slamming a candle on the table. It'd been used, melted around the edges and the wick already burn't. By simple observation it seemed well used, coming to the end of the products life. With a mouthful of beer, Avia finally mustered the manners to speak without his mouthful. "AAAHHH, GOOD STUFF!! HAHA! NOT AS STRONG AS I'D LIKE IT! BUT IT'D SATISFY MOST COMMONERS!!" The foam from the beer sat around his lips, which he'd lick away after speaking. "As for in town trade and exportation?" Vito twirled a piece at the end of his knife, dropping the slice into his mouth. "By your desire to see me I'm guessing you've brought good news, or at least hope so." "THEY'VE ALREADY BOUGHT IT! TRADE WILL FOLLOW SOON WITH OTHER RELIGIOUS TOWNS! IT'LL ALL BE LEGAL, MAKING THINGS EASIER!" Vito nodded, grabbing himself a bottle of rum and picking grapes off the vine. After many days of having to fight to move the product from town to town, rather than by himself, it'd finally seen its realization. Much like any other popular product, things start off small and local before expanding on trade routes to other areas. "We just need one more thing, a brand name." "AND WHAT'S THAT GONNA BE!" "Don't know, I'll have to talk to the others about it." "GRAND WORK!" "For now we'll finish up here. But of course, my end of the bargain." Vito reached into his cloak, pulling out a canvas pouch. "With no links to me you've done some good work, now you just have to keep quiet. Understood?" Avia nodded in response, for once actually quiet.
  5. Rabbit

    [GS] Cancer

    Vito found it strange, not only because he was talking to a still living god halfway through a puddle of water that was on the run from hunters, but also the god referring to an aspect as if it were a god itself. It was clear as day that Cancer was in no shape or form to fight, neither was Vito or his crew. Both had been battling, whether it be for glory or survival. 'Looks like I got off easy.' "Based on your condition it would appear you taught them too well, but that could also been seen as a good thing. Even without the gods, they could still live on and defend their land. Tho I do have my concerns about the future morality of the land, especially if this is the base of it." The gods self control seemed to be the greatest out of the lot, with most entering a rage beyond reason. The battles could be heard echoing across the land as Aeris stomped on foes, the waters raging around the island as Aquarius summoned storms, the skies crackling with thunder as Aestus clashed her swords and forests freezing over as Pisces traveled Renovatio looking for prey. Cancer grunted and flinched in pain as he spoke, making the raider worry for his safety. 'Hold strong, brother of war. We're not dead, merely pushed back. Our time will rise once more, as it should.' "More hunters come, many of which have both greater power and numbers than me. I killed Leo's physical form, but I let his soul live on." Vito held out a carved uru sphere, holding Leo's very essence, in front him for Cancer to see. "The next lot may not be so merciful, you'd be smart to leave the land. This is no longer your home, it's a hunting ground." Vito stood, trying the fight the numbness in his body. "You may join me and my crew, we hold no affiliation with the rulers of the land. Rather, we oppose them and their laws. You'll be welcomed, especially among outlaws such as ourselves." 'Come, Cancer. What more do we have to lose? Let these new lands be our grounds for a new kingdom, many will welcome our teachings.'
  6. Rabbit

    [GS] Cancer

    'He's coming.' 'Who?' Vito in somewhat of a trance didn't make out Caners initial words, lost in his own thoughts. Mere seconds later, a figure form in the center of the room. As if from the water itself, a centaur stood tall. Its frame towering, easily recognizable from the many artists who'd painted the gods. But one things was clear, whether it be from the way he stood to how he'd spoken, the injuries that'd been inflicted were harsh and potentially life threatening. Regardless of his presence, Vito remained seated in the pew. "I have no more desire to kill, my work here in these failing lands is already complete. I'll be leaving soon enough." Vito took a brief pause before continuing. "Tell me, Cancer, why do you still live? Many of your kin have fallen or are to fall soon enough, how have you survived?" Floki swerved through the isles, leaning up against the raiders leg. Even after the days of travelling, the smell of blood lingered however far out he'd traveled. "The land is bleeding, the smell of blood lingers."
  7. Rabbit

    [GS] Cancer

    Cancer Characters - Vito Summons - Floki Tags - @Meraxa Music (If you so choose) - Link Background Image - Link Vito, accompanied by his mount, had wandered off from his group. Both were still injured from their prior encounter, their wounds slowly healing. They'd felt the need to take a break from the freed slaves, currently partying and celebrating their newly found freedom. He'd found himself roaming the surrounding area, following a trail of old stone constructs. Their surfaces were mossy, decayed and left to be re-consumed by the forest. Drawing his weapon, he cut and hacked through the vines and overgrowth. Despite clearing a path, the dry earth quickly turned into a bog, with each footstep now splashing in green water. 'I have no memory of such temples being in this area of the land.' 'So, it's not one of the gods?' 'Unsure, many gods never showed themselves to the outer world. Preferring a simple life of solitude or allowing small followings.' 'I pray we've merely discovered an abandoned temple, I'm in no condition to fight another god.' 'Many gods had more than one temple, so tread carefully.' Weapon ready, the raider pressed forward. The further he got in, the less life he could hear. As if the wildlife had evacuated the area or hid from whatever lurked further on, a sense in which he wished he could share. It wasn't long till the constructs had brought him to the front of an abandoned temple, which shared a similar fate. He placed his hand on the building surface, feeling the stone crumble to dust under the light press of his fingertips. The many carvings and inscriptions had faded, far beyond translation. Walking through the broken metal doors, the inside fared no better. The light just barely enough to illuminate the first room along, Vito scanned his surroundings. Having been left to nature, a large pool of water formed in the center, swallowing much of the temples items with it. The metal work and glass either shattered or rusted, giving an echoing crunch under each footstep. Skeletons sat in the pews, vines and moss holding their skeleton in place, forever left in a preying position. The raider took a seat next to one, lighting the blade of his swordstaff in a ball of fire which lit the room up in a flickering light. He sat for a while, feeling a mixture of emotions. "Is this the fate of the forgotten gods?" Unknowingly, Vito had spoken out loud. 'Yes, unfortunately. Power, it is the only reason we were followed. With that gone, many view us as nothing more than beasts for the slaughter.'
  8. 'MY EARS!' 'What ears?' Vito dinned on the various cheeses and fruits sat in front of him, pouring himself a glass of wine whist he watched his friend scoff down yet more plates of meat. Despite the sight, his guards had clearly witnessed such things on many occasions. The once clean table set up had become a bog of flesh, threatening to pour over to the raiders side. Pushing the mess to the side, he awaited a response. "5 UNITS! ALL MEET THE SPECIFICATIONS YOU GAVE!" Avia stopped eating, leaning back in his chair as if to gauge a reaction. "And price?" "850,000!" Placing both hands on the table. "That's asking for a fair bit, but as to be expected for such things. They're all ready and waiting?" The raider would never tell, but he was happy with such prices. Taen wasn't known for airships, good deals were extremely rare to come by and bordering on the impossible side. "OF COURSE! I JUST HAVE TO GIVE THEM THE WORD! AND OUR DEAL?" "You'll be placed in charge of one and have free range, so long as you're not rusty. What about trade negotiations here?" "SO HARSH! A REGULAR SHIPMENT AND FUTURE PROSPECTS ARE LOOKING GOOD!" "Good, all is on course for the time being. Let us enjoy our feast, then once business here is complete I'll call upon you." Avia gave a simple nod, returning to his feast. Vito pulled out his journal, taking notes of the prices and requirements. Once done, returning to the meal. It'd been a while since he'd sat down and discussed business with Avia, an old partner in crime lowered to basic trading and smaller scale jobs. Life was harsh and unforgiving, but a warrior such as him always bounced back sooner or later. "I'm guessing you've already tried some of our new product?"
  9. I'm a lore lover, I love reading through other people's work on how they shape bits of Valucre. For locations or characters, I'd say go crazy. World/character building is good location to get all the details you desire in one place, so long as there is a blurb of sorts for those who want a quick break down. Personally, no such thing as to much details in my eyes, as long as it's neatly laid out and flows well. Issues only start to occur when layouts aren't ideal and people spend 10 minutes looking for basic info.
  10. It is related to the overall quest, but not directly to the break in. However, you can make it so that the restaurant is nearby. Because when it's written Avia is loud, I mean't he has a booming voice.
  11. Vito took his leave, the group of guards following closely behind. His meeting point was further in town, much to his dislike. Unlike his client, the raider dreaded the idea of having to deal with the locals and their spiritual obsessions. Unfortunately, business with such an individual came at a price. Swerving through the streets, it wasn't long till he came to his destination. A small restaurant nestled between two large homes, with an even smaller outdoor eating area. The shabby exterior and well decorated interior gave it a warm vibe, a clearly family run establishment. It was empty, other than the workers, having been reserved for the meeting. "You two, come inside with me. The rest can stay outside, for now." Vito ordered his guards, who followed without a second thought. Once inside, they were greeted by the owner who sat them down at a large circular table. It wasn't long till it was covered with plates of various meats and fruits, large bottles of alcohol quickly following behind. There was enough food to feed the entire Caiman, let alone two people. As Vito sat, pondering what sat in front of him, the door swung open with a powerful slam which shook the table. "HEEEELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO!" An extremely loud and flamboyant man burst through the door decorated in feathered metal armor, the feathers a mixture of pink and blue. Behind him stood two archers, their feathered leather armor a dark brown. 'Oh no.....NOT HIM!' 'HOLD IT TOGETHER!' 'PLEASE! NOT AGAIN!' "Hello, Avia. Old buddy, how goes everything?" Vito ignored Leo and attempted to put on his most polite tone, trying to stay strong in front of his old friend. "GREAT! WE'RE UP TO NINE KIDS NOW!" Avia reached out for a handshake, which Vito returned. The raider felt his hand crushed under the immense strength of the feathered warrior, trying not to flinch in pain. "That's amazing! Shall we dig in and get down to business?" Vito took a set and reached for some fruit in front of him. "OF COURSE!" Before Avia had even sat down, he'd already wolfed down two plates of food. "So, straight to the point. How many are we speaking here?"
  12. I feel like we're slowly creating the Valucre version of the silkroad, which in itself is pretty awesome.
  13. I'm happy to stop here, I think the threads done very well. But, if further dialogue is desired I don't mind continuing. As for future threads feel free to tag me in any if they come up.
  14. Asura was pleased to hear Heron's response, now knowing she shared an interest with the elder. Whilst her area of research was by no means disliked, attention was far from focused on it. Military might has and seemingly will always be the main focus as far as the young scientist was concerned, but it did not matter to her. She enjoyed the time, that was what she cared about. "Sounds to me like little has changed, but I will strive on regardless." It wasn't long till the native returned, granting the access they'd been seeking. Asura was surprised, not only by the presence of the shaman, but by how quickly they'd been accepted. Something felt off to Asura, the whole thing feeling far too easy. Regardless, she put her spider back and followed Heron's lead. They were lead through the forest, tailing just behind the shaman. He told tales of others, all but one meeting a gruesome end. "One was given access? Who was this one?" She questioned in her politest tone.
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