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  1. @Thotification @Chemister_Kaane @Vilhardt Does anyone have plans on posting soon?
  2. Grovel moved without hesitation, grabbing a nearby water bottle and splashing it over the man. The stranger murmured for a bit before waking up, his eyes wide with confusion. He looked around for a few second, giving both Grovel and Jenny a dirty look once he realized the situation. He spat on the ground, blood in his saliva. The room was silent for a moment before Jenny kneeled down before the man. "What's you name, stranger?" "Irrelevant." "So is your life, my friend here will agree." "I like skulls, yes. I want yours, resurrect you from the dead and torture you for answers. Some people are made to be tortured, you are one of those people." "You and your broken monkey are chasing the unicorn, my employer already knows of your location and will not hesitate to send others. If you have any common sense, you'll do yourself a favor and hand yourself over to me." Grovel brought his sword down, digging itself in the ground an inch from the mans foot. He flinched and reeled back his legs in a panic, letting out a small squeal. Grovel then grabbed the mans remaining hand, raising his sword for another swing. "Name?" Even with the threat of loosing another hand, the man still didn't budge. He simply sat shaking. Grovel brought his sword down, but was stopped halfway by Jenny. "No more need to keep him around, Grovel. I just don't feel comfortable with him on board, he's obviously been sent by father and that's enough information for me. I think we should just get rid of him. " Jenny walked over to a porthole, opening it up whilst looking back to the stranger. Grovel grabbed him by the neck and dragged him over to the porthole. The stranger struggled, but it was all in vain. Lifting him up, Grovel held the stranger out the porthole by his legs. He flailed around, the blue sea below threatening to swallow him whole. "Goodbye, bad-man." "VICTOR! MY NAME IS VICTOR, YOU FUCKING IMBECILE! YOU FUCKING IDIOTS! I STILL HAVE INFORMATION!" Victor's voice was just barely audible over the heavy winds and battle happening on the top deck. "You were sent by my father, what more do I need to know? Are you with the pirates? How many others? What else?" "I was sent by your father, but I'm the only one. More are coming, I don't know much else. But I'm not with the pirates, I'm alone for now. Please, let me back in." Giving a glance to Jenny who gave Grovel a quick nod, he dragged Victor back inside and closed the porthole. Jenny grabbing a wrench, knocked the Victor out for a second time. "Leave him in the corner, we're best off leaving this to the captain. I'm sure he has better ways to get answers."
  3. Farewell and best of luck. Tho we did few threads together I did enjoy them! Stay safe.
  4. I'll have the post up tomorrow evening.
  5. "Understood. I'll be following the scouting party from a distance, just in case someone might see me moving with the cart and suspect something. I'll then position myself within the city so when the raid begins we have someone on the inside. Any resistance your troops encounter, I'll dispose of the enemies from behind their lines. See you on the other side, Seer." Thril took her place next to her fellow gutter rats, their little platoon back to its full glory. Vito followed her lead and positioned himself near Veron's cart, ready to follow it to the targeted town. Once there he'll most likely find a inn or tavern, wait out their till the party begins. Cookie had perfect timing, swooping in and perching on the raiders shoulder. The raider pulled out a chunky strand of jerking and gave it to the familiar, allowing his pet to tear it apart. 'Finally, its been a good while since I've seen some bloodshed.' 'A good while to you is three days.' "Indeed, Thril. I'll see you on the battle field, we'll be feasting on our bounty of war in good time."
  6. Would Vito be able to plant himself within the city so when he battle begins he's already inside? E.G. Go visit a local tavern or bar and wait for the battle for begin.
  7. A twenty sided dice. So 2D20, you need to role 2 x 20 sided dice. There's the dice rolling thread or you can google 2d20.
  8. "The prize would be enough explosives to level Hell's Gate, with enough left over for a fireworks show. I'm exaggerating of course, but you get the point. The fort wasn't designed to last very long, but rather deal as much damage in as short of time as possible. The fort itself can no longer support the use of the weapons due to age and poor structure, so all of it was just stored below. The noble also takes 5% of all crop harvests, so there is a small store of food inside." ~~~ Vito's other eye was in the skies above, flying over the northern terrain. The raider was used to travelling light and fast by mount, not with convoys. Whilst the harsh terrain wouldn't be an issue by mount, it'd prove extremely difficult for wagons. Just north before the city he spotted a large amount of moved earth, what appeared to be a dig site. The tents and basic tools suggested archaeology over a long term mining site, highly peeking Vito's curiosity. Further on a few homesteads placed here and there with basic fields outback, the profit looking to be low. He eventually came across the town settled by an old fort, its smoke and buildings visible from far away. Unfortunately, it was not the right season to raid. 'Just our fucking luck. Cookie, return now.' "Sorry, Seer. Looks like it's not harvest time yet with the northern target. Even if so, the terrain would prove to be a true test of determination. There's also a dig site north if it peeks anyone's interest, didn't see much however. Archaeologists, they look well into their work."
  9. Rabbit

    A Lost World

    Asura followed behind Sebastian, her little legs struggling to keep up. As the group got further into their journey the humidity dropped, something most would be thankful for. The little halfling greatly enjoyed the cold, the chill cooling her off. They approached a campsite, its remnants tell a clearly story about it being abandoned at a moments notice. There didn't seem to be much of value left behind. "understood." She stuck around the camp, looking at the nearby shrubbery and rocks. Something appeared to have grazed around the area, but based on this she couldn't determine much. Looking back at camp, Asura noticed the rock face had large abrasion marks travelling across the side. Whilst she couldn't assess when or what, it was clear that the marks were not the result of weathering. Something big had repeatable passed through, causing the markings. They resembled spikes or claws, potentially a predator grooming their claws or an armored creature simply being clumsy. Either way, a good start. "Sebastian, I think I found a clue. These markings could be a good start. Something big has been passing through on repeated occasion, but it's hard to say what."
  10. Vito stood at the entrance of the ship eagerly awaiting the outsiders, one of his favorite parts of his job was greeting the strange and random people that came to the small settlement. Encounters were a blessing, one he firmly appreciated. It wasn’t long till a young dwarven girl approached the ship, a large smile on her face. He looked around, examining the kobolds expressions. None looked hostile, thankfully she was tall enough not to be mistaken for a gnome. Something that has unfortunately happened in the past. Regardless, her bubbly nature pushed all of Vito’s worries away. ‘Been a long time since I’ve seen a dwarf, at least one not overly intoxicated.’ “Wendolyn, lovely name. And Rune Hammer? Sounds like an honorable title, you’ll have to teach me its meaning at some point. We’re just waiting for three others, then I can begin the meeting.” It wasn’t long till he was approached by what he thought was a well decorated kobold, in the confusion he almost didn’t realize it was more human in personality. Well, its soul was human, but body was draconic. Tho greatly confused, he ignored his own thoughts. The draconic mans voice full of joy and huffing away, he greeted the two. “Welcome, Dr. Ouros Lugoff. Glad to see someone of scientific prowess, I can assure you there will be plenty of fun and discover ahead. I have my dragon upstairs on top deck, I’m sure you two will have fun conversations.” ‘Hmm, I’ll need to keep track of this dragonic one after this expedition. He’ll be useful for future familiar projects.’ The third to join was a human, or at least looked human. The woman even from a distance had noticeable burn marks that seemed rather severe. But Vito had little care for such things, he fared no better underneath his armor which hid his war wounds. ‘Holly the Farmer, nice and simple. I like it.’ “Welcome aboard Holly, one more person and we’ll begin this meeting. Based on looks, I’d say this man here is our last one.” The last one to arrive was a tall man with white hair, he quickly greeted everyone before giving his name. ‘He lies.’ ‘I’m aware of that.’ When you've been a raider your whole life, over a year of experience in the heavy drug trafficking business and your partner in crime is a master of forgery you learn to pick up on lies quickly. It’s something that has saved the raiders life on multiple occasions. But Vito didn’t care much, people had many reasons to hide their true name. Some good, others bad. With everyone ready, he began the meeting. “Okay, so you all know why you are here. We’re going to a valley east of here, which has been named the Valley of Elemental Stone. Reason for its name is fairly obvious, LOTS of elemental stone which has made the terrain very anomalous. We will be going to research the geography of this valley, this will be a roughly two day trip. From what we know the fauna is relatively tame and not too dangerous, but it’s recommended you still keep your distance if you can. Little is known about the flora, so be wary. It’s the terrain that’ll get you, one minute you’ll be walking on mud then it’ll water. Be cautious, always watch your footing. That’s it for safety.” Vito took a brief pause to catch his breath. “First floor starting from the bottom of the ship is just storage, nothing special. Second floor is crafting facilities and canteen, you’re free to use them at any point. Third floor is the cabins, this is where you can store your gear and rest. Top deck is where I’ll be situated, controls and captains cabin is there. Feel free to relax up there and enjoy the view, Aeris always loves a good conversation.” Vito pulled out his logs and began flicking through the pages. “Wendolyn, your room number is 15. Dr Ouros, room 22. Holly, room 34. Jonathan, room 45. Any issues or questions then come to top deck and speak to me, there are also two kraul guards by every door and entrance so don’t be afraid to request their help. We’ll be leaving in 20 minutes, so get comfortable.” Vito teleported to the top deck and entered the control room, he gave everything another double check and prepared the engines. He looked out to the deck to see Aeris still talking to the kobold, rolling his eyes at the talkative summon. Starting the engines, there was a lovely roar as the ship vibrated. With everyone on board and final preparation complete, he shut all external doors and hatches and began to gain altitude. The ship raised higher and higher, the city and trees merging into one blur, once high enough he began acceleration. The group was now officially on the move. Vito pulled out the speaker and began announcements. “Good morning to all crew on board, this is your captain. We’ll be arriving at our destination in roughly one hour, the expected expedition time is two days and today's dinner choice is fire opal stew or tusken salamander kebab. Dessert will be a mixed fruit bowl, all source from the local forest, or moss goat cheese cake. Thank you all and work safe.” Leaving his co-pilot in charge for a while, Vito went out to the top deck and observed the Taen scenery as it flew by.
  11. No problem, as long as everyone is aboard then all is good.
  12. One minute he was tending to his wounds, the next he had naked shambling bodies wanting to wrestling with him. Despite how this sounds, this was what standard business brought in Last Chance. He drew his spear and threw a firestone on the ground, heating the end of his spear till it turned a near white color. With a quick swing he removed the legs of the first corpse before driving the spear tip into its brain, the heat instantly cauterizing the wounds. Floki had already taken out two, crushing their skulls with his jaws. One by one the duo took them out, letting the blood lust take over. This wasn't his first battle with the undead, he had plenty of experience thanks to the Forbidding Hills. One by one their heads dropped, their internals lined the floors and brain matter splattered like confetti. However, this was a small place and their numbers were great. He could teleport out, but he didn't want to waste his last resort on small prey. 'Why the actual fuck do they have machines up their assholes? What kind of sick bas...' He felt a hand firmly grasp his shoulder, with out a second thought he pulled out his bowie and drove it through the corpses neck. He pried it upwards, severing the spinal cord. Its body dropped, an heavy thud as it slapped against the floor. With the rest distracted by Floki running circles round them, Vito drew his crossbow and took the rest out from a distance. As a final measure, he went round and severed the spins in several areas. If there was one thing he'd learned from past experiences, down doesn't mean downed. Once all was done and dusted he looked around, the room looked like a butchers shop ran by a feral goblin. Pieces of bone were scattered everywhere, intestines hanging like party string and there was a lovely smell of seared flesh. He riffled through a box of plastic gloves and promptly put a pair on, with absolute regret and disdain he pulled out the prob from the corpses rectal area. 'This is just plain weird, why do they want zombies? WHY AM I TOUCHING THIS!?' He threw down the prob and ripped off his gloves before grabbing canisters of compressed air, he lined them up by the door. Flipping over a distant table to give himself cover, he fire a bolt towards the canisters and detonating them. The explosion caused a deafening ringing in his ear, but also gave him freedom. Mounting Floki, he turned right and began flooding the hallways with a mist of venom. With no care in the world for others, he just wanted to regroup. He found himself stood outside a locked door, with one final grasp of his demon fog he crushed it between his hand and teleported to the other side. He found himself outside of the building, feeling both regretful and relieved. Did he return to his comrades or leave the shit show behind? At this point reinforcements had to be on their way, he didn't even know what they were after at this point. He patrolled round the building, pondering what to do next. 'There is nothing to gain from this beyond chaos.'
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