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  1. "Side by side it is, let the hunt begin." Vito whistled and pointed up, Floki climbed the nearest building to act as a guardian from above. Walking though the dark streets, cloudy skies overhead and hunting drug dealers in order to replace them. Vito did not picture himself here ten years ago, but did not hold any regrets. As they head further towards the docks, things became a little more greasy. Less working lights, trash became more abundant and a clear lack maintenance. Being closer to a large open water source brought in the cold winds, a bitterness filling the air. Perfect hunting grounds. "I heard Sidereal lake was mean't to be ridiculously deep. Without trying to sound too grim, I wonder how many bodies are at the bottom of it." Vito scratched under his mask, a question that brought genuine curiosity to the raider. Scanning the area, it was dead. No people, animals or joy. In the eerie silence the light sound of music could be heard, a faint light flicked in the distance. A bar sign swung in the breeze, its text just barely readable in the darkness. "Lost Waves Bar". Vito looked at Caden, then nod towards the bar. Now outside, the building stood out. It was well maintained in comparison to the surrounding buildings. Its colors were bold and slick, giving it a classy vibe. Vito brought his hand up to the door. 'Out of place, well kept and unguarded. Confident or just stupid?' "You ready?"
  2. Art by Camille Bachmann Character - Vito Summon - Floki Background Music (If you so choose) - Link Quest - Outpost Mercy Vito had only recently acquired his ship and had been in the drug dealing business for less than a month, but he already felt the need for a back up plan. Whilst conflicts were rare in this buisness, they are also inevitable. Whether it be competition or guards, Vito wanted a back up plan, a place to run and seek shelter. So far business had taken him from Blairville to Cavecrest and all the way to Hell's Gate. The further out he went, the more issues that arrived. His home and battlefield were the mountain ranges, towns and fields were alien to him. So, after much debating and planning he'd finally decided to set up outpost Wasteland borders. 'Let us start with the big boy, fucking Hell's Gate. Not cut out for this high tech shit, but it's an open market with little activity.' Vito drifted just above a forest west of the Forbidding Hills, searching for a break in the tree line large enough for his ship to land. After an hour of searching for a suitable location, he eventually found a large enough break. After landing, he immediately shut off all systems and went on deck to examine the surrounding area. The forest density was rather low, brush and foliage was as well. A likely result of prior war, a battlefield still recovering. Facing south was a large rocky hill, providing cover over the soon to be camp. The raider spent the next hour planning and prepping before getting into the dirty work. 'Okay, let us start with clearing a better landing for my ship. The resources from that can be used to build the shelter, from there it's comfort stuff.' Taking an axe, saws and other various equipment Vito began to thinning out an area surrounding the ship. His aim was to remove enough greenery to make landing his airship easier, without removing to much and removing the outposts cover. The job was tedious, the trees being of all different sizes and types made it a mentally demeaning chore. But after nearly two and a half hours, Vito had successful created a safe landing zone and collected a decent amount of wood. However, day was quickly turning into night. Deciding to call it a night, Vito returned to his ship to recover. 'Good days work, guess I should check Ye and call it there.'
  3. No matter how many times he's done it, traversing through the clouds always brought joy to Vito. Watching the mountain ranges slowly disappear, slowly replaced by greener pasture. This would be the raiders first time visiting Norkotia, he'd always stuck to the wilds and smaller towns. It wasn't long before the two were nearly at their destination, with Siderial Lake coming into view. Slowing down, Vito brought The Pathfinder down for landing. A gentle thud as it made contact, shutting the engines. 'And just like that, we're here.' By the time the two made it into town it was already evening, the streets dimly lit by overhead lights. Vito contemplated whether or not to rest up or get straight into work, which only had one good answer. "Let's get straight into work, sooner we start the better. Even if we don't complete our tasks tonight, at least we'll get some intel. I'm thinking to start at Arkholm then make our way towards metro, it'd make sense for drugs smuggling to start around the port area." 'Both those area seem to have a high population density, gonna have to be a quiet approach.' Vito reached into his cloak and pulled out two smoke bombs, handing them to Caden. "Made from the venom of Floki, it'll knock out most people but won't kill them. Just in case we need to be non-lethal, but I only have a small amount so make them count. How would you like to approach this? Side by side or want me to watch from above? Either way, Floki will be sticking to the building tops, so we'll always have a birds eye view."
  4. With the fight over, Chi reclaimed his gear. "Of course, skinning is an all to common job for me." He pulled out his boot knife and began the process, starting from the neck and slowly making his way down towards the rear. Being careful not the break into the bowls, the last thing he wanted to have to clean off his own fur was wolf innards. Once he reached the base of the tail, he began cutting his way up the legs before slowly peeling the skin back. Once he got to the head, it became a much more gentle job. Inverting the skin, Chi careful peeled and cut around the skull. Finally giving him the much needed product. "One down, six more to go." 'I know what I'm gonna be eating for the next couple days! Wolf meat, wolf meat and maybe some more wolf meat.' After 30 minutes of skinning, he ended up with seven fine fur pelts. Dragging the bodies into a line, he reached inside their chest cavities and ripped each heart out and lined them up. "Welp, we now have seven fin fur pelts. Each one being of surprisingly nice quality! The last thing to do is pick a heart, I'll leave that to you as it's going to be your companion. You've got seven to pick from, which will it be?"
  5. Floki - Vikings Given Name: Dusty Varanger Alias/Assumed Name: Scrilly Actual Age: 75 Physical Age: 75 Mental Age: 75 Gender: Male Gender Role/Expression: Male Species: Human Hometown: Cavecrest Appearance Hair: Bald Eyes: Blue Facial Features: Long bushy beard Physical Impairments: None Build: Lean. Clothing: Light leather armor and leather cloak. Accessories: Bone jeweler Other: N/A Weapons - Main: Enchanted staff Secondary: Hatched Other: None Personality - Top Three Defining Strengths: Wise, experienced, master enchanter Top Three Defining Flaws: Jealous, bad hearing, vengful Material Fears: None. Emotional Fears: Loosing friends. Abstract Fears: None. Material Desires: None. Emotional Desires: Helping townsfolk Abstract Desires: None. Large-Scale Aim: None. Small-Scale Aim: None. Description - Owner of the Scrilly Isles Enchanter and closest friend of King Fafnir, Scrilly is a well known and beloved member of Cavecrest. The master enchanter can often be found either at his store or performing grand enchantment with King Fafnir, his services are often called upon. Old and wise, citizens often sought after his advice. The elder has a dark side tho, vengeful in nature, he'll do anything to get his revenge. Whether it be harming the townsfolk or a friend, they'll become a mortal enemy.
  6. The Innkeepers Wife by Khorghil Given Name: Fat and Kat Alias/Assumed Name: N/A Actual Age: Both roughly 50 Physical Age: 50 Mental Age: 50 Gender: Male and Female Gender Role/Expression: Married couple Species: Human Hometown: Cavecrest Fats Appearance Hair: Balding black hair Eyes: Brown Facial Features: Long rough beard Physical Impairments: None Build: Tall and fat Clothing: Leather tunic Accessories: Random jewlery Other: N/A Kats Appearance Hair: Long wavy brown Eyes: Blue Facial Features: N/A Physical Impairments: None Build: Tall and slender. Clothing: bar maids dress Accessories: N/A Other: N/A Weapons - Main: None Secondary: None Other: None Fats Personality - Top Three Defining Strengths: Good listener, photographic memory, silver tongue Top Three Defining Flaws: Gossiper, untrustworthy, criminal activity Material Fears: N/A Emotional Fears: N/A Abstract Fears: N/A Material Desires: N/A Emotional Desires: N/A Abstract Desires: N/A Large-Scale Aim: Expand the inn. Small-Scale Aim: N/A Kats Personality - Top Three Defining Strengths: Quick learner, beautiful, silver tongueTop Three Defining Flaws: Flirty, untrustworthy, criminal activity Material Fears: N/A Emotional Fears: N/A Abstract Fears: N/A Material Desires: N/A Emotional Desires: N/A Abstract Desires: N/A Large-Scale Aim: Expand the inn. Small-Scale Aim: N/A Description - A well known couple and owners of the Fat Kat Inn, these two are hard miss. Most adventurers who come to Cavecrest will meet the duo, slowly grow to love their outgoing nature and grand inn. However, don't say something you don't want everyone to know. Well known for being the gossipers of town, these two hear all and tell all. Able to spread any rumor or secret, unless given ulterior motive they won't stop talking about it for weeks on end. From The Ouread to Renovatio, it'll spread. This is not all bad news, for the couple have connection all over the lands. Whether it be criminal activity or bounty hunting, they have ties to them.
  7. Owl Griffin Color Design By RobTheDoodler Creature Name - Scowl peryton Nickname - N/A Creator - Chinafel Owner - N/A Physical Description - The Scowl peryton is essentially the hybrid of a sabrecat and owl, fused through the use of charm magic. The summon is a bipedal owl like creature, the same size as typical house cat. The colorations are similar to that of a barn owl, with predominantly more white. Its ears are much larger than in comparison to the head than that of a sabrecat, reason for this development is unknown. The eyes are large, following the typical trait of most owls. The wings of the scowl peryton expand to great length, with a wingspan of roughly 190cm. Despite having the paws of a typical feline, the claws are owl like. Longer talons than most creatures, it's amazing that they can be sheathed. Nature - It's curiosity and friendliness make this summon quite the extrovert. Playful and nosy, this companion will require a good bit of stimulus to get rid of pent up energy, not meeting these requirements may result in destroyed property. Whether that be your own or someone else's, you have been warned. Despite this energy, it greatly enjoys sleeping. Combat Description- This summon is good for taking on smaller and faster prey, but will struggle with bigger foes. It small frame and light build give it low durability, stronger attacks could easily take it out. However, if use properly then it can be effective. It's flight, speed and great talons could become lethal. Used to blind, mane or even slit the throats of enemies. However, it is only recommend for smaller faster foes. The Scowl possesses amazing hearing, sight and smell. Great as a watcher or hunting companion. Strengths - Speed and Agility - Possessing the speed of an owl and agility of a cat, the two traits make it a great hunter. Talons - The primary weapon of the scowl is its great talons, a grand total of 18 talons for effective cutting. Senses - It's primary senses are smell, hearing and sight which are far more enhanced than most creatures. Trainable- Due to behavioral factors and high enough intelligence, the Scowl Peryton can be trained. Weaknesses - Light Frame and Build- The light frame and build of the scowl give it low durability. Weather Dependent - Due to not being its feathers not being water and lighter weight, the scowl may struggle to fly in rain and strong winds. Materials used for Summon - Sabrecat Hide Owl Feather Owl Eyes Jewel Manamoss Visionplant Creation Story- Part 1
  8. Character - Chinafel Summon - Shaka Tags - Background Ambience (If you so choose) - Link Quest - Journey for the Perfect Companion: Scowl Peryton Over the course of his lifetime, Chinafel had created hundreds of companions. Most were for people simply seeking companionship, others wanted something for protection or to cause harm. Chinafel sought after the first, something to keep you company by the campfire was always a bonus. To watch your back in a cave, to help you with work or whatever else a person desire Chi could deliver. The day was slow, really slow. He hadn't had a customer in hours, most of the other stalls already packed up or using the bonus time to work of other projects. "You've been slow as well?" One of the other regular sellesrs asked. "Yup, only sold some herbs today. Guessing you ain't had much luck." Chi raised to his knees and began packing up. "Nothin, literally nothin. Not a pelt or paper, but that's part of business I guess." Chi walked over an examined his stall, feeling one of the fine hide. "Pretty small, this some sorta pet?" Lifting it up, he could feel the great quality. "No, was a sabrecat, someone ordered a small patch for a pouch, but never actually picked it up. Weird guy, but you get nutjobs like that. Got plenty of stuff like it if you'd trade, I could use some helping hand around the house. Those lil golems seem nice." After much negotiating back and forth, the two came up with a deal and shook on it. Chinafel gave up 5 woodem golems for a sabre hide, owl feathers, owl eyes and ground visionplant. The two parted ways, leaving Chi to pack up his remaining gear. 'I wonder, oh I wonder what I could make from you.' Finding his a work spot, Chi began drawing up plans for a summon. Contemplating big or small, simple or complex. Deciding he had neither the energy nor time, he decided small and simple. A cat owl mix came to mind, small and cute. Grabbing his stuff he sought after a work space, which thankfully unlike his other stuff did not have to be advanced. A mortar and pestle, some cutting tool and a clean surface and he was ready to go. After finding an inn and renting one of the empty rooms round back Chi began. Washing the surface with salt water and drying it, he proceeded to get out his ingredients and equipment. Taking the ground visionplant and mortar n pestle, he slowly grounding the mixture with water. It slowly turned into a pant like consistency, still slightly grainy in consistency. Once right, he took out the cat pelt and began marking summoning symbols on the hide. Once complete, owl feathers were thread through puncture holes. lastly, owl eye, a jewel and manamoss were added to the pelt underside before being sown shut. Creating what could only be described as a feathery egg, which the elder would have to wait to see if it took on life. Ingrdients Sabrecat Hide Owl Feather Owl Eyes Jewel Manamoss Visionplant After a week of patiently waiting, Chi could confirm the egg had taken on life. It wasn't a grand soul, but a good one none the less. Based on current movements Chi estimated it'd be two weeks before hatching, depending on numerous factors. Chi took a seat next to the egg, taking pride in his creation. Regardless of the scale or price, he felt connected to each one. 'You'll be a fine friend to someone, just gotta make sure we find you the right one.' Summon - The Scowl Peryton
  9. Grovel stared out the window for an unknown period of time, not even the sound of passing crowds snapped him out of his trance. Only once he could hear the faint sound of turning cogs and clanging did he avert his gaze, curious of these news sounds he proceeded to try and locate them. Once again, for the hundredth time, he slowly drifted his way through the halls. 'That sound, what is it. Clinging and clanging, was that a whistle?' The further he traveled towards the rear of the ship, the less people he saw. No more passengers were around, just a few staff passing by. Grovel eventually came to a heavy metal door, which he tried and failed to open. Peeking through the port hole, he saw numerous metal pipes and gauges. Further peeking is interest. Knocking on the door, he waited for a response. "Hello?! I wish to learn of the metal and its works! I like the sounds!"
  10. Vito found the handshake to be, in the nicest sense, awkward. But Caden got his point across. Once the two were ready they made their way out the room, Floki eating the treat off the table once the two weren't looking. The Vito nodded to Fat, letting him know the two were done with the room. Walking outside, they were met with an enormous gust of wind, Vito shivered and draped his cloak around his front. The raider began leading the way to the docks. 'Another bitter day in Cavecrest, just how I like it.' "I came into possession of this ship and the maker during a raid a couple months back, I've began making modifications as I've gone along. I've upgraded the engine, making it faster. I've also changed the flight control surfaces, making it far more maneuverable. However, I still need to change the ballonets. Nothin wrong with them, but improvements can always be made." As they walked onto the docks Vito pointed to the far side, towards a larger battleship. "It's just over there." As one got closer, they could notice its intimidating nature. Its metallic plating reflected everything to perfection, the bowsprit featured a serpent like creatures with green scales. The gun ports had several canons and ballistae pointed out, armed and ready for whatever came its way. Crew members hoisted cargo on and off, clearly making a good living. "My ships docked just beside this one." As they walked just further along, Vito's ship came into sight. A dingy sat beside a titan, its small wooden frame dwarfed in comparison. "Welcome aboard The Pathfinder, my little home on the air. She may not be a dreadnaught or battleship, but she's fast and will get you anywhere, anytime. Make yourself at home, there ain't much on deck, most is down in the cargo hold. I'll get the ship started, we'll be leaving 10 minutes." Vito began making his way towards the rear of the ship, towards the bridge. "Just don't disturb Ye, he's in the engine room. He gets overly excited real easily, it gets messy. I mean REALLY messy." Vito entered the bridge and started his checks.
  11. Glad to hear that his gift pleased the dragonborn, he released a heavy sigh. The old timer was tough for his age, but could never defeat a prime dragonborn who also happened to be a vampric. But he could not deny, he may have to join in this hunt if he gets time. Examining the scales, Chinafel questioned how the vampiric nature may affect the summon. Chi had worked with vampiric elements, they were always full of surprises regardless of how you used them. 'Nice quality, prime structural material.' Followed the young man out the battlegrounds, they now entered what was refereed to by the old timer as an extremely uncomfortable experience. Loud music and and far to much energy for the elder to deal with. "I prefer the prior area I must admit, but I wouldn't mind a drink." The two walked over the bar, arcane equipment lined the work surface. The bartender, young and vibrant. "Hello there, barkeep. Got anything with rum in it?" Chi put several gold coins on the counter.
  12. Vito eagerly listened to the plan, examining the layout of the building. However, he found feeling uneasy towards the end. Whilst there was some logic behind it, walking through the front doors like some thug in Last Chance was not his idea of fun. Vito was all about hit and run tactics, up close and personal was another story. But a raid was a raid and pay was pay, not much of a reason to complain. 'I'd much prefer to smash my way in through the roof, but fuck it. I just hope everyone is not underestimating the enemies.' He was then presented with balm, apparently having properties similar to that of pure Phoenix tears. Opening the case, he smelled the balm. A unique smell, one that the raider could not connect to anything else. Resealing the case and tucking it into cloak, he proceeded to follow the others outside. The crew began making there way towards the building. Jumping on his mount, Vito began to follow Doc whilst pondering the best way to go about things. He couldn't use Floki to the fullest extent, as his venom would kill most people. Whilst he will not allow harm to come to him or his team, civilian deaths is something the raider did not want. He'd have to use it for intimidation purposes for anything other than guards, something that always helped to keep his kill count down. "Hey, Doc. How're we dealing with civilians? I don't mind killing, but I hope you're not planning on causing to much harm in that regards."
  13. Is there an order to when everyone posts or is it just free for all? Because the order has changed second time around.
  14. Vito watched as Caden examined the bags, confident in the quality of his products. It was very rare to meet someone with issues towards them, with a majority of the issue being some junkie looking to get hold of a free trip. Vito sat back and listened to the gang leader, pleased to hear of his offer and plans. However, as a seasoned hired sword he knew what was to come next. 'And now comes the story and fighting.' Caden mentioned taking on bigger fish and combat came into play. His desire to retrieve his kingdom back was clear as could be. Whilst Vito shared none of his desires, he somewhat understood his wants. A small giggle came from the raider, scratching under his mask. "There is no need to question where I'll stand in a fight, I hit first and have no plans to sit in the rear lines. I come from above and leave nothing but a nauseous cloud of venom behind. Hit and run tactics are what got me here, they're how I plan to move forward. Guerrilla tactics is what my summon was created for, it's his lifestyle." Vito pat his mount on the head, which was met with an emotionless blink. 'Grumpy prick.' "I'm not afraid to fight dirty, I believe it's a given with the path I've picked and there's no going back on that. I won't claim to understand you're desire to reclaim you kingdom, I can say I understand the desire to build one. The will to get rid of those in the way is something I'm sure we both share, maybe even enjoy. I'll gladly join this battle alongside your group, I only hope to see you joining me on the front lines." Vito raised his arm for a handshake "I'm ready to start whenever you are."
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