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  1. Thanks for keeping this thread fighting on, it's been my longest running thread on this site!
  2. Focus on slower, solo, more character driven threads. My main goal is to have a 3-4 person IC settlement building thread. Gonna start thinking a few ideas up on how to go about it next week.
  3. I think this is a good thing. After RPing for now 15 years I've watched a lot of sites, groups, etc die off due to stagnation or those running them having personal issues with the way in which they're going. A fresh start will do some good IMO, especially since those active on the site can take their stuff over if desired and the guy running the show seemingly feeling good about such change. I've only been on this site for 2 years, but I hope to see those I've met along the way come on over.
  4. My brain is telling me I should move my stuff over to the new site, but my heart is saying I should fully start over 🤔
  5. I've just added myself to the new site, personally think it'd be smart to finish this current chapter on this site if we can, then start the next chapter on the new site. But I'm honestly happy with whatever is chosen.
  6. Listening to the request, Tasz gave a small smile in response. "Yes, that will be no problem." As she finished, she gave a small wave and a flick of the wrist. Slowly a vale of reflective light coated her partner, giving Ruby the appearance of a bronzed skinned elven female, with dark curly hair and fancy traders outfit. "There, good as new. You're but a fancy trader or maybe negotiator, or whatever else you can think of. The illusion 'should' last the rest of the day, so long as you don't get struck by destructive magic." Her tone perky. Once the carriage had reached its destination and her understanding of the library decent enough, she exited the carriage and followed Zalygos' lead. But unlike him, Tasz would take advantage of the distraction and head directly to eyeing and examining the books. She liked what she saw within the building, a little family-run like business. Unlike most newer libraries, this one had the nice smell of old wood pulp and linen. If she wasn't on such a mission, she might have spent time relaxing here. She'd pick up books at random with a happy expression, checking for titles and authors. When she found ones she wanted, she would pretend to put it back down, but instead replace it with an identical specter copy. With the desired copies hidden on her person, she wait for any signal to either get out or begin saving.
  7. I believe i'm next, I'll get a post out tomorrow.
  8. Rabbit

    General chat thread

    I'd certainly be earning more that way 😂
  9. Rabbit

    General chat thread

    I had someone tell me that working with animals is a luxury and that I'm very lucky, whilst I was covered in shit. We must have different ideas of what luxury is.
  10. Grovel ruffled his coat and twitched his fingers, ready to get to work. He'd somehow already found great joy in his new little home, smiling at the simple thought of sleeping indoors and being given a new purpose. Being around others gave him determination to venture forth, in whatever task he may be given. Giving himself a quick pat down to ensure his small friends were still there, the slave followed his guides lead closely to be briefed. Entering the room, Grovel gave an overdone greeting and sat down with eagerness spread across his face. He eyed the maps, having no understand of what he was looking at. To the strange slave, it was merely pretty squiggles and funny words. "Oh yes! Let's begin!" His eagerness spread across his face matched the jolly tone.
  11. Rabbit

    General chat thread

    Ahhh, the fifth element. My first step into the sci-fi genre. Not the best step, but a step nonetheless.
  12. I'll be posting tomorrow evening then, unless asked otherwise 👍
  13. Rabbit

    General chat thread

    "To be inducted into the Oathkeepers, one must seek out an Oathmaker, where you will become an Initiate." Ahh, yes. How all good fraternities start.
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