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  1. I feel like you've pretty much summed it up, armchair experts and all. I also feel like the topic could be its own thread.
  2. Rabbit

    [GS] Aries

    'So.....what's happening? I figured this was your victory, you trapping me here.' 'It would appear we've merged, my soul bound to that sphere you created. And oh no, this is where you've trapped me. I simply brought you along in the ensuing battle, which may be a good thing. I'd like to get to know both my saviour....and enslaver.' Despite the gods real counterpart tower above the raider, making him a mere ant, in the evergrey of the sphere they stood at the same size. Despite the two both floating in the sphere reality, the god lowered himself to a cross legged sit. Vito remained standing, unsure of how to continue. 'So....what do you wish to know?' 'A leader, drug lord, killer, murderer, settler and more....You follow no distinct path, come to both kill and learn. Why? I sense no purpose, tho you used to have one. You wished to regain your honor and bring back you old group, what happened?'
  3. Rabbit

    [GS] Aries

    With the second battle ensuing, it became a mental tug of war. A battle of nine hundred vs one, now became a one on one. Even when surrounded by alise and mind linked to a fallen god, he was still alone. But in that particular moment of time, it was the least of his concern. Much like how the gods song has twisted his mind, so did this battle. Feeling his physical reality slowly begin to shift and merge with the gods own. 'WHAT ARE YOU......doing, boy? It's over. 'Leo?' 'Temporarily outspoken, but still there. So, it appears you've won. Congratulations, beating me two times in a row.' 'How......how was that a victory? You were winning, easily!' 'It does seems to just barely a victory, but one nonetheless. It appears my physical state and removal from my own plane has simply left me with little endurance. Little practise in that form, beyond smashing things. My own fault.'
  4. A lot of this simply comes down preference. I think the whole point of a fantasy is that it is......a fantasy. At the end of the day I don't sheath my sword covered in the blood of a slain god and then go drink ale (Tho I wouldn't pass the opportunity), but I can imagine in a fantasy scenario what it'd feel like. Same for being a king, magical bard, fencer, etc etc, but that doesn't matter. My main characters a drug lord and leads a settlement of random fantasy races, I know fuck all about drugs or leading! In terms of putting reality behind something, I don't think there needs to be much truth or research behind it. Can it help? Of course. But I'd rather capture the emotion, story aspects and ensure the person I'm writing with gets something out of it.
  5. Nearly two months, but my wifi has returned!


  6. So long as you don't expect me to actually write songs and poems, I'm happy to create one.
  7. Rabbit

    [GS] Cancer

    Vito listened to the child like being, as it circled like a shark and spoke of other beings that 'took' their god. A roar of cheers came from the many eyes that stare at them, seemingly desiring Cancer's death. Regardless, Vito decided push on...wary of the numbers he may face. Vito kept his eyes focused, ready for any attack. "To kill, that is not my desire. A change of mind does not mean a change of heart. I did not want to kill Leo, but a being sadistic as that cannot be reasoned with." Vito reached into his cloak, pulling out a sack of black ash and poured it on the ground around him. "This 'Úm' you speak of merely sounds like Cancer being manipulated by another force, not a new being. Cancer can be reasoned with as his mind holds strong, desiring to leave this land. Give me an opportunity to take him away from this land, then you'll never have to deal with him again. If by chance he does try something, me and my crew could kill him. If you joined in, we'd slaughter him." Vito waited yet again for a response, his last wish was more violence.
  8. @Agent Knockout basically recreated a whole army, still being expanded* Herbalism guide by @Off Topic My all time favorite, by @-Lilium-, the Fantas-Menagerie.
  9. Rabbit

    [GS] Aries

    Aries thought back, his soul refusing to be absorbed by the enchanted uru sphere. A mental game of tug of war ensued, VIto's head swirling in anguish. The gods ability of life manipulation only furthered the issue, his power outweighing the raiders. Even with the addition of the spheres enchantment, it was seemingly a one sided battle. 'STOP MESSING AROUND, BOY! CAPTURE HIM BEFORE IT'S TO LATE!' '........' Vito could not think, stopping him from responding. The mental strain caused his stomach to churn, nearly causing him to vomit. He could feel the flow of energy, wrapping around his body. It acted like a hand, grappling Vito's body in order to halt the process. Where Aries was physically weakened, it seemed to have little effect on his mental fortitude.
  10. Eldridge Gillick, the Eighth Dominion ►Basics ♦ Name: Eldridge Gillick ♦ Age: 21 ♦ Gender: Female ►Details ♦ Appearance (Image) : Eldridge is a small, pale, petite female with long black hair and blue eyes. She’s extremely beautiful and nearly flawless, to a seemingly unnatural standard. She wears a navy blue dress and witches hat, decorated with various charms and engraved metal pieces. She often carries a wooden staff with her and is followed by a flock of crows which she’d tamed for her circus performances. ♦ Personality: Quiet, shy, caring, but vain. Eldridge always seems distant, preferring to stick with her pets and other wildlife. She thinks highly of herself, always trying to avoid tasks that may result in her injury or people she doesn't like. Despite this, she always seeks out ways to help others where she can. ♦ Goals and motivations: Find out the history of her true bloodline, find somewhere to call home, change the attitude of the people towards magic and monsters in The Veluriyam Empire. ►Background ♦ Birthplace: On the roadside, bordering Gold Harbor. ♦ Current Place of Residence: Travelling carnival, starting point Gold Harbor. Travelling route: Gold Harbor ➨ Ilvor ➨ Andelusia ➨ Cal Eteris ➨ Repeat However, certain events may cause the path of travel to deviate. ♦ Current employment / role: Carnival entertainer and amatuer nurse. ♦ Family / close associates, if any: Family is limited to Anay, foster mother. associates with members of a small no-name travelling carnival. ♦ Affiliations (guilds, businesses, noble houses, etc.): Member of the No-Name Carnival and all members. The No-Name Carnival, which is its true name, is a small travelling carny group offering a variety of entertainments and other services. From games, shows, medicine all the way to smuggling of folks seeking refuge. The carny currently has 7 main member (Eldridge included), with a few ride alongs. Members~ Prince, owner of the carnival and organiser. A tall, slend male who always wears gold robes and welcomes all with a rather creepy smile. Prince inherited the business from his father, has now been running it for nearing 15 years. Ava and Ciel, twin gymnasts and failing chefs. Two mute small female, their favorite attire being leotards and clown-like makeup. They'll perform impressive feats of flexibility and acrobatics as carny acts, currently most popular members of the carnival. Unfortunately, their attempt of selling food fails at every attempt. Cecco, male guardsman and metalsmith. Ex-soldier turned hired guard and current metalsmith of the group, Cecco wears standard leather armor and loves nothing more than to chat and drink. Anaya, a woman of many skills. Chef, herbalist, nurse and general motherly figure for the group. Anaya was one of the original members of the group, having looked after it members for nearly 50 years. Legget, newest member of the group and currently trying to find his footing. Legget was saved from bandits and now a travelling member, but has little skills beyond lifting boxes. ♦ Mastery of dominion #8, the power to sculpt flesh and bone like clay: Current uses of her power extend to the acceleration of healing wounds, removal of minor disfigurations and self beautification ►Inventory ♦ Wooden Staff ♦ Medical kit ♦ Luck Necklace ♦ Leather Journal ►Threads
  11. Tasz watched Bobby's example, seeing the flour sprinkled like snow. Her experience with ramen was few and in between as it was, she was keen on learning a new trait and further mastering it. Reaching over, Tasz gave her hands a thorough wash and dried them. She then grabbed a rolling pin and sprinkled a layer of flour on top. "Okay, what's next?"
  12. Tasz stared into the bowl of dough, mouth watering. Despite her love of pastries and donuts, she'd never worked with dough before. However, a keen glimmer of hope could be spotted in her eyes as she looked back to Bobby. "No, please teach me!" Her voice raised and higher pitch than before.
  13. When creating threads around these characters, is there a specific tag or something you'd like put in the title for ease of tracking them?
  14. Tasz listened to her review with glee, happy with the praise. It was a recipe well adjusted, always populars with locals wherever she goes. She'd already knew her kitchen hygiene was not the best. Having spent her life cooking in the wild or at unregulated market stalls, it was definitely not something she'd focused on. She took a mental note to focus on it, whilst learning more from Bobby. "Hmm, I'll take a small, thank you." Upon receiving her new T-shirt, she'd simply place it over her current dress. "So, what're we up to next?
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