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  1. "By aboleths tentacles, have you been playing ninja lately or something?" Vito said, watching Caden head on in the tavern. The raider signaled for Floki to wait outside, as not scare the other patrons. Following closely behind when walking inside, he ordering himself a drink and took his spot amongst the trio. Vito raised his hand to his face, removing his mask and letting it rest on his lap. It revealed yet another identical mask underneath, only with cuts where the mouth should be. He was just about able to drink his rum through the holes, without making any mess to his joy. "I was informed by others my mask made it difficult for people to understand me, I hope these holes helps to you two and make it clearer when I speak. And where are my manners? Greetings to you, Ivan." Placing his bottle down on the table, the meeting finally got underway. "And more. I did some looking into the towns crime rates, trade history, etc. Areas tight, if we do something illegal it'll mean everyone will know within minutes. It's like a gossip club, but everyone's religious and on steroids. But, no way to vampire tap means competition should zero. Resistance will be another issues, but nothing we can't handle." "Politics, maybe. But there may be an easier way, that'll be religion. Politics around here is fueled by religion and spirituality, which in turn is fueled by the public's beliefs. Those beliefs are manipulated by the priests, monks, temples and whatever else you can imagine. If we target there, we should hopefully be set. What we do won't be 'Illegal', because so says those priests." Vito reached into his cloak and pulled out a leather pouch, an emerald cross marked on it. Opening it it up revealed a green wax like substance, soft to the touch. "I present to you the newest product, kyuc. Made a big leap in productivity, thanks to my settlement. This stuff is insanely strong, made from a herb found within the moss forests of Taen. Covens use the herbs to 'see things', messed up bitches also use it in warfare. They burns tons of the herb and blow the smoke in direction of enemies, gives the enemies one hell of a trip and leaves them defenseless. Then the coven go in and slit their throats, crazy stuff." Vito paused for a moment as a guard walked close to the table, waiting for him to leave eavesdropping distance. Then pulled out a candle, identical in color to the kyuc and placed it on the table. "We modified a recipe of theirs and made candles out of them, which'll put you in a trance like state when lit and give you potent hallucinations. When tested on people unaware of the candles material, people recalled omens. When tested with religious and spiritual folk, they associated the hallucinations with messages from their gods or deities. Thoughts on using this?"
  2. I'll be getting my post up tomorrow. @supernal Heads up, DMed you on discord.
  3. Just as a heads up, Vito's role here is complete. So I'll be leaving it there for now, but if you want something to push plot along or need a method of escape then feel free to tag me or just use the ship however you like.
  4. Vito witnessed the ricosha of musket balls fly back, deflected by some sort of orange. They made their way back towards the firing lining, bouncing off the shield wall or imbedding themselves with the scales of the kobold. The veteran shield was stood strong, whilst two adapt musketeers fell back onto the ground with a hard thud. A sudden explosion followed shortly, the devilish eye detonated and turned the mountain top to ash. The tremor made its way down the mountain, rocking the already destroyed town. Thankfully, the outskirts of the town did not receive the brunt of the force. It seemed a battle of patience was not going to happen. 'Sorry, it appears the world won't be taking it easy on you once again.' 'When would I ever be that lucky?' The shambling corpses that rose from the turned earth, whispering tales of guilt, seemed to be acting as a blockade to a spotted pelt bandit. With plenty of experience in necromancy, many kobold and kraul having religious beliefs surrounding it, the shield wall was left unfaced and held its place firm. With one raise of a hand, the musketeers retreated back and were replaced with spears. The group formed a phalanx like formation around the building, bellicose making his way back inside the building. Vito pointed his sword towards the bandit, who stood behind the marching dead. "You, pelt guy. I can't tell whether you've been divorced three times or just like cheetah pelts, but regardless. What's it that you seek? A group far more threatening march towards whoever's in charge, yet you play around with fodder and refugees? Are you low ranking and looking to make a name for yourself or just enjoying preying on the weak who are trying to run?" Vito focused his mind on the ground, casting fire to it, raising snakes of magma which danced around and acted as guard dogs and threatened any they dare the cross their line. "I will be leaving here and these people will be coming with me." Iohmer could sense an object pierce his back, but felt no pain. Turning his head, he saw the figure of an undead shamble in an attempt to kill him. But unfortunately for the dead, no physical force could damage him in this state. Turning his back, he assessed the damage with his summoned spirits. "?¿¿???¿¿¿¿?" @Djinn&Juice
  5. "HUUUH! Awww, so cute! They're just like mommy and daddy! I'm sure we'll get along just fine." She said with glee, her words reaching levels of squeakiness that should never be met. Her eyes brightened as she stared into the forest from a distance, trying to catch a glimpse of the potential cuddle monsters. She'd only met bugbears in combat, having never actually spoken to one. Were they loud? Angry? So many questions ran through her mind, her inner child trying to break free. But at last, she could see little. 'Where's the puppy!?' "Fiiiiine." Jester continued her peering, just hoping for one little glimpse.
  6. Vito listened to the little skavens story, her facial expressions showing what her mind was trying to collect. Her story was what was expected from the average skaven, one of mindless fighting and born into a role that was near impossible to escape. Something common in many species, especially high breeding and low life expectancy. Vito turned the fire with his sword, lifting the cauldron to the side and placing a pot of tea in the embers. Skewering the left over meat, he placed it near the fire to slowly cook over the night. The logs popped, spewing ember to his boots. "You can, it just takes time. I don't know if skaven culture stops you or your shy, but there are many willing to teach these skills. Smaller hands tend to be better for finer crafts. If needed, I can teach you. Plenty of opportunities back home." Vito reached town to the pot of tea sat by the fire, pouring himself a drink and taking a sip. "Yes, I've met many skaven on the road. Many are traders and many are bandits. I met an interesting one east, living in a small village near the hidden valley. A blind skaven, who knew pyromancy." Vito stopped, taking another sip. "He was the village guardian, watching over the halflings that once rescued him. He was beyond powerful, swords melting when swung at him. He could hear everything in the forest, so no one could ever sneak up on them. He smelled emotions, so you could never lie and always new your intents. He could feel what the earth and wind felt, so knew your every move. Truly an enemy to be feared, regardless of his injury." Vito remembered the village skaven all to well, a battle that ended in a humiliating defeat and later blossomed into somewhat of a friendship. Tho, the raider will always hold a grudge over the burns he received. "Many skaven take up fishing when settling in towns, like the ones north of Yh'mi that have joined a town by the rivers. They're popular with locals, supplying the town with enough fish to become nearly self sustaining. Plenty out there skaven, just gotta know where to look." There was a sudden clash of metal, louder and repetitive than the basic skaven brawls that had been occuring. In the distance, he believed he could see a gnoll swinging its axe about at what seemed to be a scrambling skaven. "I believe that's one of Veron's crew. He's the one in charge, so it's not my place to step in." Standing up, Vito threw the remaining drink onto the grass. "Tho, I don't think it's just practise at this point. So we'll at least try to see what's going on." Vito sheathed his weapon, making his way through the down and passed the many battle ensuing. He found himself by a large campfire, the gnoll seemingly sparing with one of the skaven. Nothing of an deadly nature appeared to be happening, for now at least. It was clear it wasn't a very well classed battle, one towering above the other. "My dear, Gnoll. I do remember you are a higher ranking member of your group, a good warrior as I saw on the battlefield. Rather than torturing a skaven, might I offer a much greater battle?" Vito placed his hand on the ground, his mind straining as he focused on the creation. From the earth three giant stone golems emerged, the gnolls head just barely reach their shoulders. "I will not force you to take the challenge, but they're here if you desire." The lumbering giants began making their way towards the gnoll warrior.
  7. "Impossible, no. Just very unrealistic. But in this strange world, a heavy drinker surely shouldn't surprise you." Tasz took out a large vial, which contained dancing blue orbs, and she began working on it whilst listening to the instructions. Cutting her finger, she added her blood which dripped down the side and formed a pool of red. The blue orbs sat at the bottom of vial, consuming the blood and turning purple in colour. With one final touch, Tasz added clear white liquid, dissolving the orbs and becoming a light purple potion. 'Ehh, not perfect but it'll do.' "I've dabbled in many elemental magics, wind being one of them. I'll tag along, see where we get." Tasz followed behind, somewhat listening to the conversation going on. Continuing her potion work, she made various vials and bottles of random goods. With the knowledge of wing magic playing a part in this little journey, she readied and prepped basic ingredients and mixtures for what could potentially lay ahead.
  8. Hey guys, life is starting to pick up IRL with uni work and general stuff. I'll still be active, but I will be slowing down for the time being. So feel free to skip me if needed. 


  9. I'll be getting a post up tomorrow.
  10. So....is the entire village now basically ash?
  11. The fires drew closer and closer to the groups location, the smoke of the flames blackening the sky. Slowly, but surely, their threat loomed over Vito's group. With a sight, Vito slammed his sword into the ground. The earth shook violently, lifting with a ear breaking screech as stone and soil turned over. Surrounding houses were crushed under the earth, consumed by its surface. The soil turned black and smoldered, the many bodies that lined the streets along with it. 'This battle goes nowhere.' 'We just need to hold on for a little while longer.' 'Time, it's not on our side.' Yet another wave of enemies approached, far angrier than before. Their numbers only grew and so did their anger, yet their motivation stayed the same. Unfortunately for them, the terrain change only work against their odds. With a clear opening and no houses to act as cover, the musketeers had a field day. Vito and Bellicose sent the first wave of fire, burning the enemies flesh to their weapons as they dropped to the ground. A volley of musket balls followed closely. Corpses lined on top of corpses, the down now holding more carcasses and live citizens. The tabaxi only continued to stare up at the sphere of energy that sat overhead, its presence more of interest rather than a threat to the strange felini. His eyes began to turn black, matching his fur in color. A moment passed before the surrounding area was filled with black spirit like figures, all humanoid in appearance. They all stared at the sphere together, pointing and making hand gestures. But they made no noise, merely staring in complete silence. The shadowy figures gathered in a circle, Iohmar casting his body fully in shadows and joining in the discussion.
  12. Thanks, good to have some insight into his history. I'm sure they'll be meeting on the battlefield soon!
  13. Yeah, I adopted it from Vielle's a little while back. I think the adoption thread is still open somewhere.
  14. "Shame, I love a good cliche. Oh well!" Tasz listened to the last of his words, finishing of her drinks and standing up. Wyrms, war and dragon-slaying weapons. She smiled, happy there was at least some cliche. Before he could finish, she'd already began packing her things and prepping rum for the road. "Nah, not a deal breaker till I'm either piss drunk or just plain pissed. I'll follow ya, for now at least." Tasz followed Madom to the camp, the journey nothing of interest beyond an old man who was apparently important. Tho Tasz didn't care, she merely focused on leaving the city behind. She sighed in relief as they got onto the roads, making it to the camp. It seemed that another member had dragged another new recruit along, his eagerness putting the white haired witch to shame. "Ain't nobody my drinking buddy till they prove they can keep up, I've yet to see that." She took a seat, leaning up against a log. She took out her alchemist kit, prepping potions ready for the road. "I can make these as we move, so just say the word and I'm ready."
  15. Post is up, just giving a little explanation as to how you guys get out.
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