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  1. My ship is famous! Also, I'm currently working on VoES. It'll have it's own material list, would that also be added to the Taen material list?
  2. The mud quickly turned to red grass, the brush remained green. The land was warm, a fairly comfortable temperature. Small red particles began filling the air, lighting up the shadowed areas. Despite being so open, the land has little to no life. It seemed devoid, abandoned. It must not have offered much, catering to no one. Vito kneeled, his hand brushing over the crash. 'Doesn't seem harmful.' 'It most likely offers little in terms of sustainability, life not able to thrive in such environments.' The red particles appeared to be seeds, floating whilst releasing a bioluminescent light. It was faint during the daylight, but when under shadows it was strong enough to be seen from many meters away. Vito sat down, begging to right down notes on the obscure but basic environment.
  3. Vito watched as the shy girl suddenly ran up and back down the stairs in lighting speed, Kendra's little legs raising each other. With a heavy thud she came back downstairs with a large bag, eagerly ready to go. An older girl named Kendra came forward, giving Vito the papers to sign. Once all was complete, he stood up and gave the girls a pat on the head. "No problem. Thank you for everything, Dhizzandra. They'll be under good care, we'll make sure to come visit in the future. " Vito turned his attention to his now adopted daughters. "Come on ladies, let's go home. Jestaira, you as well." Vito held the door open, they all gave one final wave as the trio of girls followed him out. They began walking down the hill, the jester making the children laugh as they slowly got further away.
  4. Sarru ► Basics ♦ Image - Link ♦ Age: ??? ♦ Race: Avatar, takes the form of an aye-aye. ♦ Class: ??? ♦ Occupation: Trader ♦ Birthplace: ??? ► Looks ♦ Height: 50” ♦ Weight: ??? ♦ Gender: N/A ♦ Hair: Black ♦ Eyes: Green ♦ Voice: Low and croaky ► Persona ♦ Temperament: ??? ♦ Alignment: Pure neutral ♦ Traits: Curious, obsessive, greedy ♦ Likes: Items, stories, touching things with its weird finger. ♦ Dislikes: ??? ► Skills ♦ Magic // A seemingly endless magic potential. ► Equipment ♦ Black cloak // A thin black cloak that cover everything but its face. ► Past ► Threads Notes - Little to nothing is known about the trader, other than it's extremely powerful and loves items and stories.
  5. Ruby Amsen ► Basics ♦ Image - Link ♦ Age: 6 ♦ Race: Elf ♦ Class: Baker ♦ Occupation: Apprentice ♦ Birthplace: Izral ► Looks ♦ Height: 60” ♦ Weight: 40 lbs ♦ Gender: Female ♦ Hair: Red ♦ Eyes: Green ♦ Voice: High pitch and squeaky ► Persona ♦ Temperament: choleric ♦ Alignment: Lawful good ♦ Traits: Kind, clumsy, slow learner, obsessive ♦ Likes: Chocolate, friends, family, sweets ♦ Dislikes: Monsters, sleeping, loud sounds ► Skills ♦ Basic cooking// The ability to control and manipulate shadows ► Equipment ♦ None ► Past ► Threads
  6. "I wouldn't mind bringing some captives of my own back to my settlement, free labor can go a far way." Vito followed Veron, his boot caving the heavy wooden door in. Thril and Floki followed closely behind, ready in a fighting stance. There were a few screams as settlers attempted to further back away into their huddled masses. An older male lay on the ground in front of one of the groups, his sword held in a defensive manner. If there was an award for bravery in vain, he'd get it. A woman held several children in her arms, were they all hers? Another man lay in the corner not moving, his body covered in bruises and scratches. He'd seemingly been trampled to death in the panic, unable to get medical attention and left to die. The raider kicked the corpse onto it back, confirming his death. "Not the nicest way to go." Vito felt like a demon walking the isle of a church, each footstep making the residence flinch. Veron gave a small speech, a skaven holding his banner as he spoke. A few residence came out of hiding to try and hear what he was saying, the room at a near silence. He pull out a handful of nuts, the shell crunching like bone. Veron gathered the mass of people, grouping them into one big circle. The Black captain picked a bald man from the crowd, seemingly another noble. It was obvious the two had meet, having a close history together. 'Hmm, don't you love the smell of blood and drama?' 'Never gets old.' Vito raised his sword, the blade lighting up with blue and red flames. He brought it to the Lords neck, lightly burning his skin. "He cried about a women, his last thoughts most likely on her. I read through a few of his journals, someone named 'Maria'. He had a nicer death than most, able to both go out on his own terms and thoughts, not panicked and slain like the others." Vito brought the butt of his sword staff down on the lords shoulder, causing him to fall onto his knees. "Meanwhile you hide with the masses, so much for a lord." 'I'll never understand how you mortals pick your leaders.' 'We often don't have a say in the matter.' Vito turned to Veron, sheathing his staff. "I'll head upstairs, see if there's anything note worthy. Later I have something to discuss, future raids with far more certainty await us." Vito, Thrill and Floki made their way upstairs. They were greeted to cowardly guards attempting to hide from chaos, soon the meet their end with the smell of burning flesh following closely behind. The rooms were basic, mostly used for storage of random crap. Booting down the final door revealed an office, similar to Lord Iggo's, but far less decorated. It revealed nothing much of interest, most information that could be gathered was strictly limited to the town. But there was something of interested, a necklace sat on the lords neck. A coin, encased in a skull decorated seal. "Hmm, very nice."
  7. "Fighting someone head on is not my desired method of battle, first strike often means death so I'll be sticking to stealth. Unless she's enchanted her body, I'm doubtful she'll survive. I'll try to knock her unconscious, but I can't promise anything." As if on queue, the sudden sound of metal boots hitting the ground came into play. The echoes of metal hitting the ground got louder and louder, roughly three pairs of footsteps. Vito jumped to the wall and signaled aya to do the same, putting himself just out of view of the entrance. There was a sudden gasp of a female voice, the all movement stopped. The cloaked female figure came running out the the hole, followed by two guards. One of which was carrying yet another corpse. "WHERE THE FUCK I..." Placing his hand on the ground, Vito summoned three stone pillars which burst from the ground beneath the mysterious figures. The two guards were sent flying, blood pouring from their helmets as they crashed on the ground with a heavy metallic thud. The cloaked female figure had a blue light explode from her body upon impact, but was still sent flying. She slid across the ground towards Aya, groaning in pain and clenching her head. "As I figured, she's an enchantress."
  8. Basically most marvel or dc movies. Whilst I do enjoy marvel, I find dc movies really cringy (Not sure why).
  9. Kendra pondered for a while, before coming to a conclusion. FIlling the raiders heart with joy, she accepted. With the two now both having accepted the offer, Vito was happy to get moving. Walking over, he gave the two a pat on the head. Yet again, the desire of chocolate coming into play. Something Vito would have to have a ready supply of. "YAY!" Jestaira called out. 'Congratulations, you're now a father.' 'It's a good feeling.' "Whenever you're ready we'll head on out, take your time. I'll be wrapping things up with Dhizzandra." He said to the two girls, before walking over the the dryad. Vito placed a canvas bag of assorted gems on the table. "A donation on behalf of my settlement, is there anything else I need to do? Like sign any papers?"
  10. A lot of his images make me wanna create a floating circus of sorts. Link
  11. Kendra Amsen ► Basics ♦ Image - Link ♦ Age: 12 ♦ Race: Human ♦ Class: Summoner ♦ Occupation: Apprentice ♦ Birthplace: Izral ► Looks ♦ Height: 5'4" ♦ Weight: 145lbs ♦ Gender: female ♦ Hair: Black ♦ Eyes: Brown ♦ Voice: High pitch ► Persona ♦ Temperament: Melancholic ♦ Alignment: Neutral good ♦ Traits: Shy, untrusting, relaxed, introverted, quick learner ♦ Likes: Learning, solitude, her sister, close friends ♦ Dislikes: Large crowds, new people, loud areas ► Skills ♦ Basic summoning // Able to summons basic familiars. ♦ Basic artisan crafting // Basic skills in most crafts. ♦ Basic melee // Basic skills with bladed weapons. ♦ Tiddles the Gorilla // Her personal mount, Tiddles the bulking ferocious gorilla. ► Equipment ♦ Dagger // A basic steel dagger. ► Past ► Threads
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