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  1. Rabbit

    General chat thread

    Fudge brownies are the gateway, they are the transcendence.
  2. Rabbit

    General chat thread

    False. The power of cookies extends beyond regular physical boundaries, you merely lack the intelligence and will to comprehend such power.
  3. 'Bitter business?' The witches mind wandered at the delight, having already decided she both liked the new boss and the potential chores that'll follow. The witch was by no means a malicious individual, as she had no desire or like for harming others, but was not afraid to do certain tasks in order to progress or gain something she wanted. But from the sound of things, it was a pretty simple job. Sitting silently, Tasz listened to the instructions at hand carefully. They seemed simple enough, far from complicated. Not to say it wouldn't later down the line, even one wrong move in an easy job can cause things to go south. But setting books on fire felt somewhat...sinful to the young witch. Regardless, it presented an opportunity to essential add some to her own collection in the chaos. "So, burn other peoples things and protect yours. I'm in." The witch finally spoke up.
  4. Boots half filled with mud and swarmed by insects, Grovel pushed his way forward through the forest. His cloth clothing had caught on much plant life, which in turn was slowly being collected and dragged with him. After the day had nearly passed and the sun was beginning to set, he had finally found his way to Haku Corporation. As always, the strange slave was impressed with what he saw. "OOooh, pretty uniforms!" Grovel said, hidden within the forest line. Eyeing up the various attires worn by the workers, trying to imagine himself in one. He emerged and began making his way to one of the miners, who was clearly confused with what he saw. A small branch was attached to his leg, scuffing against the ground as Grovel approached the man. Within reason, the miner seemed hesitant of Grovel. It took a while before the could be convinced that he wasn't there to cause trouble, with the strange slave finally being pointed in the right direction. But even after the way being pointed out, Grovel still couldn't manage to find who to talk about becoming a guard. And with few workers willing to talk to the 'deranged homeless monster', another aimless wander around the site began. "Hello? I wish to help!"
  5. "Hmm, maybe paranoia got to me. But as the hours go by, I can't help but feel that it's." Iohmar's ramble got cut off by a sudden thud. Iohmar came to the sudden realization that his companion was currently being abducted, the assistant now dragging his prey towards the opposing door. Quill seemingly out of it, the impact greater than the tabaxi first thougth. Frantically gaining his composer, he began a sudden sprint towards the door. His bare claws scratched and slide across the hard metal surface, fighting to gain grip on the damp ground. 'I've seen it bleed, therefor I can break it once again.' As Iohmar approached the door, he finds himself within arms reach of the deformed creature. Yet another crew member sentenced to a cruel fate. Whilst some had been turned into monsters or turned into tortured meat puppets, this one seemed to be a mixture of both. His face that of a silent scream, tape real dug into its face that endless, with tentacles further protruding out limbs. It was a strange mixture between monster, machine and man. Only once Iohmar reaches the door does he finally hear the scream from within the mass, sounding somewhat unnatural to the tabaxi. Using all his momentum Iohmar slammed the heavy door on the monsters limb, resulting in an echoed bone splintering sound throughout the room as it separated. The severed limb continued to wriggle and spasm, not stopping its rampage. Rather, the limbs only began to further evolve, spewing wires and tendons. Spider like limbs started emerging as the limbs now begins to lash out randomly, still attached to Quill. "BY THE SPIRITS, GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!!" The tabaxi let out a roar, wanting to remove Quill from its grip. But his body refused to move, as if turned to stone. Pain turned him to stone, as an indescribable scream found its way into his mind. The mute beast with no mouth somehow let out such a sound, as if each vocal crawled into the tabaxi's ears. All he could do was stand in pain and watch.
  6. I'll be getting my post out tomorrow evening 👍
  7. The day was young, but Tasz was already pissed. Not the pissed she wanted to be, with a bottle in hand and bloodied fists. No, the type of pissed that occurs when some random bitch was touching you up. The young witch was unsure of whether or not to make a break for it, or just accept fate of being 'measured'. She grit her teeth, knowing she needed the work. She let out an internal sigh and progressed through the system, which felt like an eternity to the antisocial young one. Once through, Tasz couldn't help but admire her surroundings. Luxury was far from common in her world, having lived a life in the wilds and on the roads. Even the boastful witch couldn't deny she liked what she saw, seemingly taking some comfort in her new potential work environment. Not wanting to be any later, Tasz stopped her gawking and entered the office. Approached the headmistress and taking a seat, she waited patiently for things to begin. Tasz went to reach for the drink, but stopped at the mistresses words. As much as she'd love to truly 'help herself' to her hearts content, she new what the best option was. She retracted her arm and remained silent, knowing she could simply indulge later. Despite this, her eyes did occasionally take tempting glances at the offerings.
  8. Character sheet below and I'll be getting a post out later today. My character is Tasz, the Nomadic Witch, very bottom character (Just in case it doesn't automatically scroll you too the bottom).
  9. The churning waves and harsh winds knocked the small fishing vessel side to side, the ship in no way shape or form suitable for the trip it'd been through. None the less, Grovel took what he could first find. He'd been sat on top deck for five days straight, braving the harsh weather on his bare skin. The elements had not been kind, trying their best to wear him down. But he did not care about such things, for he had the stow away rats to keep him company. A pair sat nestled on his leg, each taking turns nibbling at pieces of bread he'd been giving them. "Oh yes yes, feed my friends. Become big and strong!" The strange slave spoke quietly to his little friends, whilst receiving strange glances from deck hands. "Yes, you may join me on my adventure!! Oh, yes yes!" Land was now within reach, the ship pulling up to the side of a makeshift dock. The old foundation barely intact, the rotting planks of wood covered in moss and algae. The deck hands argued over which pole to tie down to, trying to find one which look like it would snap or break off. Once finally docked, Grovel took his new friends and ventured onto shore. Giving the fishing boat an overly excited wave goodbye, which was not returned. "Okay little friends, where do we start?" Reaching into his pocket to pull out his advertisement note with the location of work, but was met to nothing but crumbs. Only now realizing he'd left it on the ship, which had already sailed back out to the sea. "Oh dear...ermm.....it was...east....". In an attempted to gain his bearings Grovel began heading in a random direction and, whether it be luck or fate, managed to somehow find himself heading in the right direction.
  10. Rabbit

    General chat thread

    I have the same attitude like this about days in general.
  11. Rabbit

    General chat thread

    The internet is getting fat and needs a diet.
  12. I'd like to throw Grovel into the mix for the trader protection one.
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