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  1. @Milke I'll be getting you a post out tomorrow 👍
  2. Dealing with such an enemy wouldn't be easy, a veteran to say the least. A storm gathered around his opponent, sitting within the eye of power. The raider remained steady, waiting for a move. The empress made her move, sprinting towards the raider. As she did, Vito began letting out a chant in the kraul's native tongue. A series of chittering and clicking sounds, raising his hands now covered in fire and body emitting a blue smoke as the faeries began burning up. "??¿¿¿???¿¿" When the chant ended a large moat of magma began forming around him, quickly expanding outwards. Magmata snakes were diving in and out at great speeds, each one diving towards the empress in the hopes of an easy meal. The lights spinning around the raider began glowing a faint red, the smoke being emitted from his body growing greater and greater in size.
  3. Vito was somewhat disappointed that the group didn't barge their way in, a battle was just what he needed to truly put this boredom to rest. But at least it kept the potential of casualties to a minimum...for now. Upon entering, Vito kept himself silent whilst following the others. He focused on observing the environment, looking at the various wares and people that work within the facility. 'Hmm, seems like one hell of a mixed bag.' With most wares being illegal, there was bound to be products that had earned this status due to them either being unsafe or downright deadly to the user. Whilst Vito had little experience with electronic and highly advanced technologies, cybernetic wares were not all that different to artifact enhancements and equipment. They followed the same basic premise and design, just different power sources and materials. 'Junk...good...below junk...hmm, pretty good.' Each and every stall was given its own rating in his head, Vito's picking up small trinkets as the group made their way through the market. None of his items had particular use, other than some explosives he'd picked up. But he liked small pretty things and things that go boom, as did his minions. Xavier had seemed to find something he liked, the trader doing her best to smother her customer. "Not too much, I'd hope." Vito stepped in before she could state a price. "It's a very basic piece of equipment, just sensors that monitor hormones and syringes to inject substances, accordingly to the readings. Based on watching you retrieve this thing, safe to assume you haven't been storing this thing in a sterile environment either. Dirty needles like could lead to an infection or worse, would be a real shame if it killed someone important." His tone was firm, but not aggressive. Vito put some currency on the table, believing it to be a fair price for the device. "How often do you run safety checks on this device? Is it charged? Is the software up to date? Has it been tested or used?" The raider kept the pressure on, even after paying, pushing her into taking the offer whilst she could. Meanwhile Vito guards stood outside the door, trying to get the guards to let them in. They'd straggled behind, now unable to enter the market. They tried their best to communicate with the guards, but their lack understanding and ability to speak the language prevented them from getting anywhere. They grew frustrated, unable to fulfill their duty. They kept flashing money at the guards, but getting nowhere. Two bystanders stood just paces away, watching the whole ordeal. "Hey, you think those things might be cops?" Asked the first bystander. "No, don't be stupid. Kobolds can't be cops." The second bystander said, swigging his drink.
  4. I've got some group threads due, I plan on getting them out tomorrow 👍 

  5. All are welcome into my thread if they so choice (Link), but just know that the path is set for the fenwyld. Eldridge is in a moving carny caravan, so you can jump in at any point you desire.
  6. The remainder of the day was filled with saddened hearts and packing of items, the two girls silent through most of it. Prince attempted to keep morals high, providing music and good for his people. Whilst succeeding in many regards, there was an inevitable low moral spread around. Despite this, Prince continued his efforts through the day and night. Towards the end of the day the twins, Prince, Eldridge and Arya sat around a camp fire. They dinned on a basic meal of bread and spiced soup, a light chatter between them. "So the war rages on, getting closer and closer. I know little about the important details, merely propaganda being thrown back and forth." Princed kept his voice bright and perky. "So, that's why the mayor told us to pack up and leave? That makes no sense, what would we have to do with the war?" Eldridge's voice was bordering rage filled, angered at the loss of work. "I don't know, but we can't just defy what he requested. We'll leave tomorrow and make due, not like we're low on any necessities." His tone clearly signaled the end of the conversation, a rare occurrence from the jolly tiefling. The silent twins merely threw glances and smiles around, every replying with their own forced ones. Even at their ages, they understood the severity of what war tor lands can bring. Minutes later everyone had returned to their wagons in silence, Arya and Eldridge now sharing a bed. The witch spent the night staring out the window at the stars, the clear sky on the shoreline calming her down. 'Fucking idiots, putting war before their own people...'
  7. Rabbit

    Hydra's Hub

    [No pov] The day quickly drew to a close, the many citizens retiring to their homes or relaxing in the street with friends. Tho many chanted and drank, many more were seemingly to exhausted to so much as lift a finger. The guards had changed other, always on the watch for trouble. The three friends sat at their usual spot, over watching the town from the highest spot available. Few words were exchanged between the three, all to tired to keep a conversation going. A large bowl of Taen cherries sat in the center, plucked one by one. "I've never been so tired of speaking to people before, this is new levels...even for me." Jorahel spat a cherry stone off the tower, a light tap as it hit the ground. Both the men simply nodded, know the feeling all too well. The bottles were passed back and fourth, eventually becoming 12 empty bottle sat dangerously close to the edge. It wasn't long till they either passed out or fell asleep due to exhaustion. They lay there till morning, eaten alive by insects and smelling of sweet. They woke up once light broke the horizon, filled with regret on how'd they'd start their next day.
  8. Rolling D3 for winner of [TAoE] 1st Round: Vito vs Rozharon Parálios.
  9. The two made there way through the workers moving around and sorting out their goods, Eldridge leading Arya by her hand. The witches flock of crows followed them behind, hoping along the grounds or flying from roof to roof. Unknown to the redhead, the witch was rather confused. It seemed people were packing up, rather than preparing for the upcoming customers. She'd eventually run into prince, who'd already spotted her confused look from far off. "Want the quick answer? We're packing up and going, with the war brewing the major has politely asked us to move along. Don't blame him, he simply want to ensure security." "War? What stupid war is going on now?" She said in anger, unknowingly squeezing Arya's hand with much force. "Apparently, certain factions are going at each others throats and hunting down people of certain 'capabilities'." He turned his back, moving on to help others. "Pack up and be ready to move out in an hour, just means we'll get your friend to her destination sooner." 'Fucking....idiots....' "Sorry to hear about this, I was looking forward to seeing your act." She said, her voice soft and low. "We can mess around with my act on the road, let's help the other pack." Tho she was happy they could help Arya sooner, the thought of loosing import pay and a fun night drove her to nearly screaming.
  10. Rabbit

    Hydra's Hub

    "Impressive." Vito walked to one of the many airships, eyeing it up as he circled around it. "All up to standards?" "Yes, all requirements have been met and all security procedures have been complete." The kobold presented a large piece of paper, a highly detailed checklist with various instructions. "Good, reliable as always my old friend. Based on my little birdies, you're currently one of few on track." "Old? Please, I'm only 100. Still in my prime!" She jokingly pushed her checklist into Vito's chest, before leading him further down the production line. "So, when will they be ready to begin the great lifting?" "On time, by tomorrow. All we need is the day and the crew." Vito gave a nod, then began examining the ships. Each one was perfectly identical, the settlements banner beautifully hand draw onto each one. Many crew were polishing the ships, which the raider assumed to be their soon to be working environment. Many of the unemployed settler took great liking to the current movement, finally able to work after many years of hardships. Even with the intense management the settlement had, it didn't add in little work opportunities. 'Took longer than expected, but we're getting there.'
  11. Arya, still in her hungover state, sluggishly played with Eldridge's many decorations. Many necklaces and charms dangled from the ceilings and walls, small pictures and statues to accompany them. Her room was entirely comprised of items which had story's, some small and some large. 101 novelties and still growing, all of them small and cute. Each one had a crows feathers to accompany them, a blessing from the witch to her items. "Like them?" Eldridge gave the red head a pat on the shoulder. "Yeah, reminds me of my old place. Momma enjoyed collecting random oddities." Her face was red, tears almost breaking loose. "No time for crying, just drink this and meeting me at the wagon beside this one." Pushing the drink upon Arya's chest, Eldridge went to the leave the wagon and get to work. "What is it?" She asked, flicking her hair out of her eyes. "Something that'll make you feel better." Arya sipped on the drink, letting the flavor sit on her tongue. After only one sip she fund herself instantly infatuated with the taste, the sweetness just to her liking. Only minutes later her hangover had vanished, leaving her feel refreshed and energized. Her sadness still remained, her throat dry and eyes sore. Despite this, she couldn't bring herself to cry, Only desiring to follow her new friend and begin what could be a long friendship.
  12. Rabbit

    Hydra's Hub

    [Vito's POV] Unlike the other two, Vito did not have to worry about civilians pestering him for random reasons. His kraul guards were extremely protective, not allowing anyone with a certain distance of him. Some chanting was sent his way, everyone excited and eager for the project to finally reach completion. They carved a path through the crowds with great efficiency, allowing Vito to return to the landings quicker that both his companions. "Well done as always, royal guards." He congratulated his guards. Whilst this may seem as a minor compliment to most races, the kraul saw any compliment from higher authority as a great gift. 'Now this is a great gift.' Vito stared up at his newly built ship, dwarves in stature when compared to his personal ship. But that needed, his oversized ship simply not suited for the vast majority of missions. Whilst it'd been a great vessel to take into battle, it needed to be kept on site from hence forth. Vito strolled into the working area, many kobolds and humans working side by side. They'd slowly built the ships, ensuring each one had been built to perfection. "Welcome, Sir Vito. Thank you for coming, I hope our work is to you liking." An older female kobold greeted him, decorated in a large collection of gems and rare metals.
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