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  1. "Gather your courage, crew. Let us plunge into whatever this mist is." The witch began walking, as did Cecco follow closely behind without a word. The walk to the mist took a only few minutes, but felt long and daunting to Eldridge. She had to muster much determination to not look back, seeing her fellow carny slowly get further away would only lessen her courage. A few crows followed closely behind, the only ones willing to also take the plunge. Cecco drew his sword, seemingly both willing and ready for combat. "??? to death ???" Cecco mumbled, handing both Arty and the witch an end of a long piece of rope. "And so let it take us!" The witch responded with eagerness, taking her end. "Isn't that right Arty!?" As the two moved into the mist, a sudden chill and lack of visibility fell over them. There was no adjust time or steady movement into the wall of mist, it was a sudden punch to the senses. The witch gripped the rope tighter, leading the three further and further in. There was no noise, no smell or even any wind movement. It was still. Just ever still. There was a sudden small incline in the terrain, leading them up a hillside path. "Hmm, hold tight and be on the look out for anything. Anything at all, call it out. I remember some of this path, but not all."
  2. Iohmar was slouched by the violently shacking engine, both mentally and physically weary. Between the stress of fighting and trying to fix a machine older than himself, he was just about ready for a long evening of drinking. But despite the events and current mood, Iohmar was still driven to get to the other side. It seemed the worst was over, for the time being. He was soon joined by Maat, who'd joined Iohmar's tired slump on the ground. The tabaxi wasn't sure what to say, so was thankful when Maat spoke up first. "Well, you have two choices. You can sit by this warm pipe to dry off, but you'll stink of the fishy fuel. Or you can sit there all wet and smell..." Iomhar took a quick smell of the air. "Relatively better." It was one of the few times Iohmar would joke outside of his usually group, regardless of how mild the joke was. "It's old, I would say comprised of many different brands and parts." Iohmar pointed his claw to the engines hull, what seemed to be there area of an engraved logo now worn beyond recognition. "Years of use and abuse, seems to have slowly been turned into a mish mash of different parts. Who knows, maybe this wasn't even cable engine when it was first purchased." Iohmar gave the machine a quick punch, knocking a belt back into place. Maybe mish mash was an understatement in the tabaxi's eyes. He'd gotten use to machines and instruments created to his exact specification, that such a contraption was an abomination in his eyes. He tutted and sighed, wishing he'd brought another of his clan with him or at least a decent weapon. "A decade of helping to run an airship paid off, you learn to jury rig these sorts of things. It's either that or crash. As for save, I think we all saved each others hides tonight." Iomhar meant what he said. As without running away, few could survive such an ordeal by themselves. "As for the ferry, I couldn't honestly say. My guess is something big, by the way the machine is straining. Despite its crappy appearance, this should be able to haul a light to medium ferry across without issue. If not, then it could just be debri and the weather causing issues." The rain, thunder and rattling engine that once drowned out all other noise was suddenly dwarfed in comparison as distant fog horn could be heard. His mind raced at the thought of there being another on board the ferry, just hoping it wasn't automated. Even with his new acquaintances, he just hoped to see signs of others on the other side. Some survives to ease his worrying mind. "Then let us be ready for the worst and hope for the best." He spoke as if praying. He walked out into harsh rain, each drop stinging his skin as each cold impact threatened to put him down. In the distance, a gargantuan object slowly pushed through the darkness and weather. A ship? A creature? Whatever it was, looked far to big to the tabaxi to be a ferry. He looked back to the shop, thinking of retreating. But it was too late, the earth cracked beneath his feet and everything for Iohmar went black. Upon awakening, he found himself swinging side to side in the strong winds. His body felt numb, shaking and hard to move. Extending his arm, a sharp pain shot through it as his near frozen body struggled to cope with the weathering it had endured. Looking around, he'd found himself in what appeared to be a large net, dangerously hung from the side of the vessel. The net of which, was attached to the lifeboat. The tabaxi tried to sit up, grunting with each painful movement. Pulling out his belt knife, he tried to grip the handle, his cold fingers unable to get a good enough grip on the handle. He held his hands under his armpits, attempting to warm them up. Each breath was short and frigid, his lungs dry. The lifeboat creaked and swayed violently, threatening to drop Iohmar to the waters below. "Fuck...."
  3. Well damn, this is a fine pickle the (Insert our gang name here) have gotten themselves into. I'll be getting my post out tomorrow.
  4. I figured because I posted prior I wasn't needed. I can be skipped this round.
  5. The spirit has spoken, let's get high.
  6. "I'm well aware of your "usage" and it's extremely worrying. There's a border that cannot be crossed, you're stood close enough that you might as well be on a shearminx's most wanted." The raider pointed to his eye, the pure white spheres ever still. "Don't fuck up like I did." Vito's tone had no emotion, a simple warning with no threat. A genuine worry, but one he'd pursue no further. "Hmmm, I'll document this occasion and add it to the Mechanicus Library." Vito jokingly pulled out a journal and began scribbling. It was a moment he'd genuinely never expected, the closest thing they'd get to an apology. "What do you mean 'so'? We're at the border, LET'S JUMP THE FUCKING WALL!" Vito's tone perked up as he reached into his cloak, pulling out a gold threaded canvas bag. Dropping on the table into front, as it landing it let a high pitched chime. "Come on, let's go to depths never reached before." "You wanted stronger, I'll give you stronger. What you see before you is kyuc, ground up with the tusk of the fallen god, Aries. Well known as part of the celestial body and life energy manipulator. Unlike Kyux, this is actually taken by rubbing it behind the eyelids..." Vito left a pause as he awkwardly explained it. "It's also received very little testing...." Another pause. "And killed 95% of all participants." Another one. "By separating their souls from their bodies." Yet another pause. "Separated with such force that not even my shamans could stop nor retrieve them." And another pause. "Like, enough force so that they couldn't even be tracked or find traces of their souls, pretty much to the point that they never existed." The raider let out a quick sigh. 'Maybe I shouldn't have mention that.' "But on the good side, those that survived reached extremely high levels of situational and mental clarity. They returned from the dream realm, knowing everything they needed to know about what they seeked." Vito stopped, allowing the others to take in what he'd presented.
  7. Rabbit

    General chat thread

    I usually don't live by quotes, I find them to be often over used or not apply in most real world situations. But I really like that quote, definitely applied to me at one point.
  8. Rabbit

    General chat thread

    “Half of life is lost in charming others. The other half is lost in going through anxieties caused by others. Leave this play. You have played enough.” - Rumi
  9. I'll be getting a post out later, is there any specific direction in which we'd like this pushed with the debrief or are we going with the flow?
  10. Insult my babies then ask for some of them, how rude!
  11. Rabbit

    General chat thread

    That's like, 50% of vals long term members. You're gonna need to be more specific.
  12. 1) Don't insult my children! 2) So likes Vito's sensory scrying! And yeah, i'm okay with this. 5) I hate it when things numerically fall apart. 24) Sure thing. Like Supernal said, Vito doesn't really take off his mask. But I doubt it matters, because it's how most people recognize him wherever he goes.
  13. Vito watched from outside, sensory scrying random kobolds at will. It provided him some insight into the ongoing, from a safe distance. Some of his men lasted longer than others, with most ending with a single blade swing. The battle went both as expected and desired, mass death and allies breaking through enemy lines. Limbs flew as his soldiers threw themselves at the skeletons as if they wanted death, with the thirst for blood coursing through them. His allies had created further entrances, only catering to the hoard flooding inside. Blood began soaking the streets outside, the pavement quickly becoming a dark shade of red. Mass death was to be expected, along with mass mess. Even with but a few minutes going by, the number of combatants seemed to drop quickly. Vito's left eye began twitching, a slight twinge of regret nibbled away at him. Knowing that many of his people had died in an avoidable conflict, something that always came about such battles. But deep down he knew such a sacrifice could serve a greater purpose. "Serve the cause, serve the one who waits for you and serve your clan. The dead are but examples of what you'll avoid if you battle on." Vito whispered, his voice echoed by his shamans to all of his warriors. The soldiers let out a second battle cry, fusing all their weight once again to push enemy lines further. A temporary, but effective measure to ensure his position in the engagement. The wave crushed a portion of The Dead's foot soldiers, torn apart by a flurry of claws and crude swords. But the swarming tactic could only last so long before the enemies organised tactics took control, leading to yet another back and forth battle line. 'I knew we should've just bombed the place.' As time progressed, the raider began questioning the tides of battle. His number of soldiers dwindled further and further, he'd lost sight of Liam and his men as they broke enemy lines. He could sense waves of magic being cast, with no way of knowing whether or not it was a killing blow. Was the raider going to have to join in the bloodshed? Would it even make a difference at this point? But as things seemingly always go between the two, Caden somehow managed to escape the hoards of enemies half alive. With an obvious queue, Vito leapt down from the building and began making his way towards the others. Upon reaching the exit, he was presented to the now unconscious bodies of Caden and Liam. The remainder of his men seemed to be finally retreating, knowing their mission was complete. "Okay, I think it's home time." With a second thud of his sword, it let a similar but higher pitched hum. From a distance, it would appear that a large black cloud had begun descending. But from inside, an enormous swarm of kraul nymphs began to take over the area. They scavenged the dead bodies, tearing flesh and drinking the bodily fluids. The dead kobold bodies were reduced to shards of bone and scraps of organs. Little trace of the raider men remained, with even the blood soaked floors near clean. The Dead's foot soldiers gnawed to nothing, with little but bone dust remaining. Even at such a young age, the natural scavenger tendencies and hive mind caused the nymphs to loot the area. Taking any objects that were shiny, metallic or remotely abnormal. From shards of glass, gems, swords to pots and pans. Even some dead bodies were brought up, much to the raiders dislike. The many tiny kraul surrounded the remainder of Caden's forces, gripping them with a thousand tiny hands. With the combine numbers of the kraul nymphs, the survivors were flown upwards to safety. Even some foe's were dragged upwards, unwillingly brought along. An airship waited above, a near identical one to that of Caden's own. With some of the dead foot soldiers being dragged upwards and later secured. Once safe inside, the group was transported to the Vilads safe house. Vito kept the ship slow and silent during its travel, stealthy enough to ensure they couldn't be tracked back and current location unknown. Vilad Safehouse Vito sat in silence, unsure of how to proceed. He simply sat, waiting for the others to talk.
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