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  1. Hey Wabbit!

    What kind of RP are you into?

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    2. supernal



      Gotta keep an eye on this one, make sure I don't miss out on the lols 

    3. amenities


      I am quite an embattled fellow, but I do it so our rabbits can be communists or fascists, throw tea parties or fight over carrots!

      What others do is no hare off my skin; it's not my place to tell anybunny what to do; but I wouldn't mind running a story with you to get ya wrapped into something!

      Do you just wanna do a lighthearted menagerie dive with me? Menagerie below


    4. Rabbit


      Rabbit shall join you on this journey, I've finished up with my first character so maybe you could be the person who finds and helps Grovel?


  2. Rabbit

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    Thanks for the intro and support!
  3. Rabbit

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    Hi, thanks for the intro! I've read through the guides and I really like the look of things here. I've planned to go the down the fantasy route with some slight science fiction, and so far the Badlands of Terrenus has stood out the most to me. I've wrote up a basic WIP character and I think it suits his style, but it's still a basic outline so things might change.
  4. [General]First Name: UnknownSurname: UnknownNickname: GrovelLocation: XAlignment: NoneRace: HumanoidMarital Status: NoneGender: MaleAge: UnknownStatus: AliveJob Class: Servant[Physical]Voice: Slightly deep and wheezy.Eyes: BlueComplexion: XHeight: 6 feet 5 inchesWeight: 60 kgBuild: LeanHair: None.Defining Features: Grovel is of humanoid origin, due to his entire external body being composed of thick deep scar tissue it is hard to tell exactly which race he is. He is also covered in deep black tattoos of seemingly randoms shapes, that when damaged will slowly reform. [Mental]Nature: Ever changing. Personality: Grovel has little to no social skills and is mentally unstable, often found groveling and fidgeting. Easily exited, even the slightest bit of kindness can result in great joy. But also easily scared, the slightest hostility may result in fleeing or combat. Mental State: Unstable. Good Traits: Undying loyalty to those he considers friends or his master. Bad Traits: Plenty. Hopes: Find a master.Fears: Not finding a master.Likes: Master and bread.Dislikes: Masters enemies.[Gear]Head: Cloth HoodTorso: Cloth CloakLegs: Cloth TrousersFeet: NoneHands: Cloth Gloves Other: Small Makeshift Backpack[Weapons] Rusty Short Sword Small Knife[Magic] Self Curse - Slave Shield - Any and all damage taken is also dealt to the attacker, but damage taken by the caster is seemingly doubled. Self Curse - Black Ace - Temporarily sacrifice two senses to heighten one. Self Curse - Blood Angel - Heal a target's wounds, but the caster will take on those injuries. Self Curse - Demon Seed - Target gains demonic like strength and endurance, however caster enters a state of paralysis.[Abilities] Berserk - When near death Grovel will enter a berserk like trance, which only end with time or death. Extreme Endurance and Strength- Years of use and abuse has left grovel with extreme endurance and strength, capable of taken high amounts of damage and can carry whatever needs to be carried. Jury Rigger- Over many years of being a slave, Grovel has learned to fix and repair many items with little to no equipment (Only applies basic items like swords and lanterns). [Weakness] Mentally Unstable - His mental instability makes him unpredictable at times and borderline paranoid, he could flee halfway through battle or begin to get angry at seemingly nothing. Over Reliance On Others - Grovel struggles when by himself, he always like to be following someone. Being by himself only encourages his mental instability. Self Curse - Can only learn self curse magic. [Inventory] A rock called Fluffy that is somewhat shaped like a rat (emphasis on somewhat). Master's Ring 13 x Loaf of Bread. 1 x Sheet of Cloth. 1 x Walking Stick.[Lineage] Unknown[Family] Unknown. [Property] None. -Background-
  5. Rabbit

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    Hi, Been away from online roleplay for a while and now looking to get back into it, can't wait to join you guys out there! -Rabbit