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  1. I'm a lore lover, I love reading through other people's work on how they shape bits of Valucre. For locations or characters, I'd say go crazy. World/character building is good location to get all the details you desire in one place, so long as there is a blurb of sorts for those who want a quick break down. Personally, no such thing as to much details in my eyes, as long as it's neatly laid out and flows well. Issues only start to occur when layouts aren't ideal and people spend 10 minutes looking for basic info.
  2. It is related to the overall quest, but not directly to the break in. However, you can make it so that the restaurant is nearby. Because when it's written Avia is loud, I mean't he has a booming voice.
  3. Vito took his leave, the group of guards following closely behind. His meeting point was further in town, much to his dislike. Unlike his client, the raider dreaded the idea of having to deal with the locals and their spiritual obsessions. Unfortunately, business with such an individual came at a price. Swerving through the streets, it wasn't long till he came to his destination. A small restaurant nestled between two large homes, with an even smaller outdoor eating area. The shabby exterior and well decorated interior gave it a warm vibe, a clearly family run establishment. It was empty, other than the workers, having been reserved for the meeting. "You two, come inside with me. The rest can stay outside, for now." Vito ordered his guards, who followed without a second thought. Once inside, they were greeted by the owner who sat them down at a large circular table. It wasn't long till it was covered with plates of various meats and fruits, large bottles of alcohol quickly following behind. There was enough food to feed the entire Caiman, let alone two people. As Vito sat, pondering what sat in front of him, the door swung open with a powerful slam which shook the table. "HEEEELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO!" An extremely loud and flamboyant man burst through the door decorated in feathered metal armor, the feathers a mixture of pink and blue. Behind him stood two archers, their feathered leather armor a dark brown. 'Oh no.....NOT HIM!' 'HOLD IT TOGETHER!' 'PLEASE! NOT AGAIN!' "Hello, Avia. Old buddy, how goes everything?" Vito ignored Leo and attempted to put on his most polite tone, trying to stay strong in front of his old friend. "GREAT! WE'RE UP TO NINE KIDS NOW!" Avia reached out for a handshake, which Vito returned. The raider felt his hand crushed under the immense strength of the feathered warrior, trying not to flinch in pain. "That's amazing! Shall we dig in and get down to business?" Vito took a set and reached for some fruit in front of him. "OF COURSE!" Before Avia had even sat down, he'd already wolfed down two plates of food. "So, straight to the point. How many are we speaking here?"
  4. I feel like we're slowly creating the Valucre version of the silkroad, which in itself is pretty awesome.
  5. I'm happy to stop here, I think the threads done very well. But, if further dialogue is desired I don't mind continuing. As for future threads feel free to tag me in any if they come up.
  6. Asura was pleased to hear Heron's response, now knowing she shared an interest with the elder. Whilst her area of research was by no means disliked, attention was far from focused on it. Military might has and seemingly will always be the main focus as far as the young scientist was concerned, but it did not matter to her. She enjoyed the time, that was what she cared about. "Sounds to me like little has changed, but I will strive on regardless." It wasn't long till the native returned, granting the access they'd been seeking. Asura was surprised, not only by the presence of the shaman, but by how quickly they'd been accepted. Something felt off to Asura, the whole thing feeling far too easy. Regardless, she put her spider back and followed Heron's lead. They were lead through the forest, tailing just behind the shaman. He told tales of others, all but one meeting a gruesome end. "One was given access? Who was this one?" She questioned in her politest tone.
  7. Beyond them coming from an isolated tribe and enslaved, no. I've got some some basic lore written out in a doc, but I won't be expanding upon them until Hydra's Haven expansion. Got any questions on them?
  8. The day had been productive, bringing in large profits. The ore had fully sold out, most of the luxury items following closely behind and the kyuc driving it home. Other than a few locals getting into scraps over trivial matters, it'd been relatively quiet. Wrapping things up, Vito began organizing the tidy up which took little time. The raider yawned, watching the sun slowly setting behind the mountains. 'Now lets go get some blood on our hands!' 'When we return, there will be plenty of bloodshed.' 'These days have been far to quiet.' Whilst Vito didn't share the old gods desires for fighting, he will admit to the lack of action. Vito stood on the top deck, enjoying some solitude. The crowds had tired him, the noise far from his liking. But that was short lived, as a group of kraul shaman came to greet him. The old ones stood in a line, awaiting instructions. Their shells cracked from old age, filled and repaired with various valuable metals as a status symbol. Many had missing limbs, replaced with constructed new ones. "What info did you acquire?" "?¿¿???¿¿¿¿????" Anyone unfamiliar to the native tongue of the kraul tribe would hear little more than gibberish. Even after months of practice, Vito still struggled to understand them. "Understood, any idea on the location?" "¿¿" "And preventive measures?" "?¿¿¿¿¿¿????¿¿" They bowed in unison. "Understood, good work. Leave it at that, for now at least. But keep monitoring the situation, as best you can. Keep everyone on high alert, no exceptions. I have faith in your skills." Vito bowed back, showing respect for the wise elders. Once the group had left, Vito let out a large whistle. Floki coming to his side, along with 4 of his kobold guards. With one final gaze out to the town, he let out a sigh. Another day mean't new opportunities, new clients and new danger. Hand on his sheathed sword, Vito began making his way to the ship entrance.
  9. Asura was pleased to hear the natives were interest in domestication. Whilst it wasn't her primarily focused area for research, it was her passion. Holding the spider in her hands, she watched the natives wander back into the forest. Tho half tempted to follow, Asura stayed with her companions. Their blank expressions to Heron's statement suggested they had little interest in friendly negotiations, but preferred simple battering of skill sharing. "I love nature and what we can learn from it, the mysteries of what wildlife knows. Unfortunately, beyond the personal interest of some it offers little of practical use. Regardless, me and some from my division strive onward through personal en-devours." She pet the arachnid, feeling its fuzzy legs. "Do you share any interest in such things?"
  10. "No cost?" Grovel had yet to come across anything free, especially a service that'd take days. Tho it confused him, he graciously accepted it. "Ayy, yes yes. Thank you!" Placing his items back into his pockets, Grovel continued. "Investigated? Hmmm, maybe! The book is old and master did love reading them!" Grovel felt the book cover, the cold metal a reminder of the older glory days. He could still smell the coal and blood, forever lingering on the surface. "Why do I adventure? I wish to find a new master! A worthy master! More powerful than the old one! It is hard you see, I've yet to meet one of equal power! But I shall continue searching! A quiet life only once my job is complete!" Grovel paused, taking in a deep wheezy breath. "Why do you stay here? You're powerful, yes? Do people hunt you? Like they hunt Grovel?"
  11. I'm down for whatever you think is best, I'll be getting my post out tomorrow.
  12. Rabbit


    Welcome to the site!
  13. "Right behind you." Vito followed Caden through the alleys and a few blocks down the road, being lead to a hotel. Heading up the stairs and to a private room, Caden began sealing it. "I should let you know, I'm not cheap." Vito joked, trying to break the mood. With the flick of a match the room was lit up, spreading symbols across the walls. His partner proceeded to tell him of potential spies, being watched by other and the reasons why. "Being watched? No doubt. By The Dead? Potentially. We aren't exactly subtle with our movements, we'll need to consider aiming towards that department with future investments. Me and Ivan smell of necromancy, so trying to hide is a little pointless. Once we're done here, we'll head out and talk about this further. Without more knowledge on the maybe there is little I can do, other than put my guards on maximum alert. " #### Back at the ship, Vito continued organizing movements of goods. Keeping things in order wasn't hard, as most crew were well trained and loyal. It wasn't long before everything was in place, ready for the grand opening. Vito took to the top deck, ensuring all musketeers were on high alert. The top deck gave a perfect birds eye view of the market, showing the layout and best areas to stalk out potential clients. Two kobold dropped a banner from the side of the ship, promoting the market. A kraul officer approached Vito, reporting in on security. With all things set, the raider left to find his accomplices. "Ships checked and secured, market area as well, everything is set up and things looking pretty. How's everything on your end?"
  14. I'll be getting my post up tomorrow.
  15. Grovel stood, somewhat confused at the randomness before him. But adjusted quickly, as daily life had a habit of throwing such things the his way. He accepted the handshake, now in front of someone who radiated power. Grovel thought back to past days with his sword, trying to remember the various memories of his tampering of the blade. The question, unfortunately, would come back with an odd answer only the foolish slave could have. He rubbed the back of his head, unsure of how to respond. "Ahhh, yes. You see....I erm.....put a soul inside the sword. You see my pet...rat.....died, he was my best friend! So....I....err....put his soul inside the sword. Mr Fluffy does enjoy being in the sword, he's a rather sadistic little pet. Loves biting things, as well as cutting things, as well as blood.....and the tearing flesh. Often requests it if days goes by without battle." Grovel took out a vial of blood, pouring a small drizzle over the edge. The blade vibrated violently, the blood drying to a hardened state. "His favorite meal is the blood of avians and other flying beast! Tho Grovel struggles to kill them, always flying away!" He listened to what Arcmagus said, pretending to understand what he'd heard. Grovel had little understanding of the specifications of any craftsmanship, specializing in random jury rigging and spur of the moment creations he picked up along the way. Regardless, he was happy with the answer he'd been given. "A week, that's fine! Grovel will wander as he always does, maybe go explore the forests! Just some words of advice...don't put Mr Fluffy near water, he tends to bite if you try. How do I pay? More coin or some special things?" Grovel reached into his pockets, pulling out two handfuls of items in each one. In the left sat several black pearl, some of which were carved with odd spiritual symbols. In the right an old book, its metallic cover a testament to its incredible age. "The pearls were given to me by a tabaxi from other world as thanks! The book is from masters personal collection, but Grovel can't understand what it says!"
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