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  1. Prince listened to Arty's tale, something not too uncommon in the lands. Thieves, guards and fighting was a near daily occurrence. Even on the roads this could be seen, all coming with mixed endings. He was glad to see Arty survived his ordeal, both with the guards and the drunken witch. Prince decided that the thief was of no threat, for the time being at least. But prince did take kindly to the thieves manners, an introduction between the two long overdue, along with the fury companion. "Wouldn't matter, nothing here worthy of theft. Tho you'd still be smart not to, even if it seems little. Our little witch there is but the first danger, we aren't the most mentally stable lot." Prince said in a monotone voice, stating a fact which was a fundamental part of their little group. "As for me, I am nameless. But I am titled prince, as such it's what people call me." Once the two were done collecting the stolen goods, Prince stood up and brushed off his knees. "Travel with us, you may. Work, unlikely. With war brewing I'm afraid places are likely to turn us down, work may be hard for a while. That's why we're leaving this place so early, they said we can't have our little show going on. We have plenty of food to last us, so you'll be well fed so long as you help around with chores." Prince reached a top one of the wagons, pulling out a large sleeping bag and tarp. "You'll have to sleep outside, just for tonight. We'll find you someone to share a wagon with tomorrow, it's bit late to be knocking on doors. Tomorrow come meet me on the front wagon, we head out at first light. We'll be travelling along the northern coast, towards The Gully. Goodnight, thief and monkey friend." Once all was settled, Prince would return to his wagon until morning broke.
  2. Rabbit

    Hydra's Hub

    The next morning was like the other, the hustle and bustle was louder than ever. Despite the heavy drinking the night prior and many hangovers, the town was more excited for the great accession of the platform. They cheered the many pilots that walked to their ships, who slowly became celebrities as they one by one earned their license. Many flowers sat of the road, thrown by the humans. Coin were also scatted, a gift of the kobolds. A rare sight to see kobolds give wealth or shiny objects, but even they were in the mood. "Looks like the second day will offer as much as the first, you two ready for it?" The raider turned to his companion, both chugging coffee with as much will power as they could. "Do you not have a spell that can cure hangovers?" The firbolg turned the tabaxi, who had yet to stop drinking. "What do I look like to you? A convenient spell machine?" He replied with spite, mind numb and head thumping. "YES!" Both turned away, trying to soothe their pain. 'This...is going to be a long day.' They all thought in unison.
  3. Both Prince and Eldridge watched as the boy fell, revealing a small hoard of precious jewelry and gems. Whilst Prince seemed unfazed by such a sight, the witch only grew more angry. Assumptions running through her head of what the thief wanted, potentially trying to steal her trinkets and booze. She simply continued to swing the broken bottle around in an enraged state, spitting and screeching. 'Oh no, here we go.' "IF YOU THINK YOU CAN STEAL MY BOOZE, YOU'RE DEAD WRONG!" With a second large thud, she returned inside her wagon and slammed the wagon door shut. Some muffled cursing could be heard inside, followed by crows landing around the wagon and entering through the open window. The muffled cursing was eventually replaced with a light snoring. Prince knelt down by the boy, understanding of how he felt. "I tried to warn you, not even a thief is deserving of such a death. We don't really care about criminality here, so long as it doesn't affect us. Just don't do anything stupid and you won't end up with a glass bottle in your neck....or worse." Prince started collecting the dropped stolen item and handing them back to Arty. "So, what brings you here?"
  4. [Prince's POV] Both the day time and early night time had been a drag for the prince of the show, his energy had been spent on ensuring negativity was kept at a minimum. He walked the site, ensuring everything was put away and locked up. Other than a few beams of candle lights coming through windows of the wagons, there seemed to be no signs of life around the camp. Except for the sound of two twins sneaking about, somewhat caught red handed in whatever activities they were doing. But he didn't need to see to know, time had a funny way of letting someone know these things. "You won't get another warning, head to bed or I'll tell Anaya about what you've been doing." The prince said, his tone firm and unwavering. He could hear them run away, the distant sound of a door opening and then shutting with great force echoed. What were they up to? He had no idea. But as somewhat of a father figure to the two, he deemed it his job to ensure they didn't stay up and cause issues. But despite the sound of the twins disappearing, he could still make out movements on the outskirts of the site. 'Hmmm, maybe dinner has come to me.' He thought, hoping for an easy meal. Following the sound, it wasn't long before prince came across the culprits. An individual and his pet seemingly trying to break into one of the wagons, a fatal mistake for someone who wasn't aware of the evil beast that slumbered behind the wagon door. Despite wanting to see the fatal mistake take place, he decided such a fate wasn't due. Pulling out a bell that sat attached his belt, he introduced himself. "Hello there, my unfortunate friend." His voice was loud, aimed at Arty and bordering on shouting. "I wouldn't open that door, what lay inside could get us all hurt. How about we talk this out and I don't ring this bell, rather not have the guards around. I'm very reasonable." But little did he know, it was already to late. With a great thud, the door to the wagon swung open with tremendous force, stood in its place was Eldridge wielding a broken glass bottle. The smell of booze poured out of her wagon, with several crows flying out from behind her as she took several steps outside. "WHO THE FUCK WOKE ME UP!? I NEED MY BEAUTY SLEEP! FUCK OOOOOFF!" Her was hoarse, screeching like a banshee in the night.
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  6. Dealing with such an enemy wouldn't be easy, a veteran to say the least. A storm gathered around his opponent, sitting within the eye of power. The raider remained steady, waiting for a move. The empress made her move, sprinting towards the raider. As she did, Vito began letting out a chant in the kraul's native tongue. A series of chittering and clicking sounds, raising his hands now covered in fire and body emitting a blue smoke as the faeries began burning up. "??¿¿¿???¿¿" When the chant ended a large moat of magma began forming around him, quickly expanding outwards. Magmata snakes were diving in and out at great speeds, each one diving towards the empress in the hopes of an easy meal. The lights spinning around the raider began glowing a faint red, the smoke being emitted from his body growing greater and greater in size.
  7. Vito was somewhat disappointed that the group didn't barge their way in, a battle was just what he needed to truly put this boredom to rest. But at least it kept the potential of casualties to a minimum...for now. Upon entering, Vito kept himself silent whilst following the others. He focused on observing the environment, looking at the various wares and people that work within the facility. 'Hmm, seems like one hell of a mixed bag.' With most wares being illegal, there was bound to be products that had earned this status due to them either being unsafe or downright deadly to the user. Whilst Vito had little experience with electronic and highly advanced technologies, cybernetic wares were not all that different to artifact enhancements and equipment. They followed the same basic premise and design, just different power sources and materials. 'Junk...good...below junk...hmm, pretty good.' Each and every stall was given its own rating in his head, Vito's picking up small trinkets as the group made their way through the market. None of his items had particular use, other than some explosives he'd picked up. But he liked small pretty things and things that go boom, as did his minions. Xavier had seemed to find something he liked, the trader doing her best to smother her customer. "Not too much, I'd hope." Vito stepped in before she could state a price. "It's a very basic piece of equipment, just sensors that monitor hormones and syringes to inject substances, accordingly to the readings. Based on watching you retrieve this thing, safe to assume you haven't been storing this thing in a sterile environment either. Dirty needles like could lead to an infection or worse, would be a real shame if it killed someone important." His tone was firm, but not aggressive. Vito put some currency on the table, believing it to be a fair price for the device. "How often do you run safety checks on this device? Is it charged? Is the software up to date? Has it been tested or used?" The raider kept the pressure on, even after paying, pushing her into taking the offer whilst she could. Meanwhile Vito guards stood outside the door, trying to get the guards to let them in. They'd straggled behind, now unable to enter the market. They tried their best to communicate with the guards, but their lack understanding and ability to speak the language prevented them from getting anywhere. They grew frustrated, unable to fulfill their duty. They kept flashing money at the guards, but getting nowhere. Two bystanders stood just paces away, watching the whole ordeal. "Hey, you think those things might be cops?" Asked the first bystander. "No, don't be stupid. Kobolds can't be cops." The second bystander said, swigging his drink.
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  10. All are welcome into my thread if they so choice (Link), but just know that the path is set for the fenwyld. Eldridge is in a moving carny caravan, so you can jump in at any point you desire.
  11. The remainder of the day was filled with saddened hearts and packing of items, the two girls silent through most of it. Prince attempted to keep morals high, providing music and good for his people. Whilst succeeding in many regards, there was an inevitable low moral spread around. Despite this, Prince continued his efforts through the day and night. Towards the end of the day the twins, Prince, Eldridge and Arya sat around a camp fire. They dinned on a basic meal of bread and spiced soup, a light chatter between them. "So the war rages on, getting closer and closer. I know little about the important details, merely propaganda being thrown back and forth." Princed kept his voice bright and perky. "So, that's why the mayor told us to pack up and leave? That makes no sense, what would we have to do with the war?" Eldridge's voice was bordering rage filled, angered at the loss of work. "I don't know, but we can't just defy what he requested. We'll leave tomorrow and make due, not like we're low on any necessities." His tone clearly signaled the end of the conversation, a rare occurrence from the jolly tiefling. The silent twins merely threw glances and smiles around, every replying with their own forced ones. Even at their ages, they understood the severity of what war tor lands can bring. Minutes later everyone had returned to their wagons in silence, Arya and Eldridge now sharing a bed. The witch spent the night staring out the window at the stars, the clear sky on the shoreline calming her down. 'Fucking idiots, putting war before their own people...'
  12. Rabbit

    Hydra's Hub

    [No specific pov] The day quickly drew to a close, the many citizens retiring to their homes or relaxing in the street with friends. Tho many chanted and drank, many more were seemingly to exhausted to so much as lift a finger. The guards had changed other, always on the watch for trouble. The three friends sat at their usual spot, over watching the town from the highest spot available. Few words were exchanged between the three, all to tired to keep a conversation going. A large bowl of Taen cherries sat in the center, plucked one by one. "I've never been so tired of speaking to people before, this is new levels...even for me." Jorahel spat a cherry stone off the tower, a light tap as it hit the ground. Both the men simply nodded, know the feeling all too well. The bottles were passed back and fourth, eventually becoming 12 empty bottle sat dangerously close to the edge. It wasn't long till they either passed out or fell asleep due to exhaustion. They lay there till morning, eaten alive by insects and smelling of sweet. They woke up once light broke the horizon, filled with regret on how'd they'd start their next day.
  13. Rolling D3 for winner of [TAoE] 1st Round: Vito vs Rozharon Parálios.
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