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  1. I did make a post a little while ago (Link) where I linked some things in the opening post which I found useful for new languages, might be worth having a look at them and the other comments.
  2. I was working on ideas for languages, but it got pushed back due to exams and assignments. Use of them? Unlikely, it's simply not of interest to most in stories and requires a lot of input by writers. Lore? Hell yes, to those who like reading and writing lore it'd be of big interest. The only use it'd be likely to receive in my opinion is if you were leading a story with a dedicated group. I'd personally say go for it if you want to write it, you never know when it might catch someone eyes.
  3. Taen Compendium Organizer An organizer, documenting all compendiums in one area. Taen Compendium I ~ Flora and Fungi Taen Compendium II ~ Fauna Taen Compendium III ~ Simics Taen Compendium IV ~ The Obyrith Taen Compendium V ~ The Automaton Taen Compendium VI ~ The Shifted Taen Compendium VII ~ Aspects Taen Compendium VIII ~ Races Taen Compendium IX ~ Languages Taen Compendium X ~ Settlements Taen Compendium XI ~ Materials Taen Compendium XII ~ Artifacts Taen Compendium XII ~ *Redacted*
  4. Grasses Name ~ Sigil Grass Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Common Habitat ~ Nutrient rich soils Location Found ~ The Wetlands. Details ~ Sigil grass is a pure black flora, growing to roughly ankle height and giving of a sickly sweet smell. It can often be found growing in large clusters throughout The Wetlands, found in northern Taen. It will only grow on the dryer surfaces, with it struggling to thrive in areas of higher water content. It has earned the name Sigil Grass due to its use by those who practice the dark arts, a common component in many magical crafts. Dangers and uses ~ Commonly used in magical crafts and rituals, Sigil Grass acts as a mild catalyst. Common exposure to or use of with exposed skin will lead to permanent scarring. Name ~ Behemoth Lemon Grass Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Rare Habitat ~ Warm areas, low moisture. Location Found ~ Throughout Taen, along river and pond banks. Details ~ Similar to standard lemon grass, the behemoth lemon grass seems to be a much larger relative. At roughly twice the size of a human, a lemongrass taste and quick growth has made this a popular treat for those who travel along Taens river systems. Tho rare, it is still popular and often demanded for delicacies. Easy to spot due to it's size and highly desired, constant harvesting is popular theory as to why it's rare and bordering on near extinct in the wild. Dangers and uses ~ Settlements near large bodies of water are attempting to cultivate this crop, with largely mixed success. Name ~ Fluxroot Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Rare Habitat ~ Grassy plains Location Found ~ Southeastern Taen Details ~ Often given different names by different communities. Fluxroot is also named gods eye, rainbow taunts, herd sweets and more. The fluxroot is a large, flux grass with an ever changing range of colors. The colors vary depending on the time of day and the climate. During colder periods the grass will start off purple in the morning, then gradually change to blue as evening approaches. During warmer periods the grass will start off red, then gradually change to green as evening approaches. At night, it is always white. Dangers and uses ~ Cultivation is being attempted, as it’s shown to accelerate the growth of livestock. Name ~ Plinatz Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Extremely rare Habitat ~ ??? Location Found ~ ??? Details ~ A mysterious grass, found by an explorer. The grass was brought forth to the library, asking if any information could be found on it. With little luck, as it is seemingly newly discovered. The plant was found in western taen, plinatz physically resembles a bland basic green grass. However, the simple act of making contact killed three explorers and permanently disable two. Experiments are currently on the plant and research into the area is being conducted, but the plant is theorized to be unnatural and man-made. Dangers and uses ~ Cause necrosis of the skin and flesh upon contact. Name ~ Wall-bastards Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Extremely rare Habitat ~ Yh’mi Mountains Location Found ~ Steep rock faces. Details ~ ‘wall-bastards’, as named by mountain climbers, are an explosive breed of grass only found on the mid-sections of the Yh’mi Mountains. Upon receiving contact of mild pressure, the grass will explode with enough power to completely remove an individual's hand. Due to the nature of the plant, only two plants are currently in possession and further research is of extreme difficulty. Wall-bastards appear as a common grass, with a light brown texture. Whilst it unfortunately blends into it's environments very well, it's thankfully and extremely rare plant. Dangers and uses ~ Will explode upon contact.
  5. Trees Name ~ Red-paw Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Rare Habitat ~ Grass plains and forests Location Found ~ Eastern Taen Details ~ The red-paw is a red leafed tree, featuring brown bark with distinctive glowing green markings travelling up the trunk and branches. These glowing markings are pockets of sap, come to be known as “green tooth”. Green tooth has a taste described as a mixture of oranges and apples, with an aftertaste of elderberries. Despite the sap having a taste loved by most, wildlife will not consume it. Dangers and uses ~ Green tooth can be harvested and processed to produce mana potions, but is needed in high quantities. Research is being carried out, trying to discover why wildlife will not consume green tooth. Name ~ Nari Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Rare Habitat ~ Area of high moisture content. Location Found ~ Throughout Taen, near lakes and rivers. Details ~ A blue bamboo like plant, found only growing in areas of high moisture content. The light blue plant is highly desired by many rich folk in settlements as individuals collecte and cultivated it, but no known cases of successful growth in settlements has occurred. The Nari seemingly has no limit to its growth, beyond the environment it sits in. Dangers and uses ~ Desired for its uses as decorative plants, sell for a high price. Name ~ Aza’hira Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Extremely rare Habitat ~ Small islands, surrounded by large bodies of water. Depth Found ~ Central Taen. Details ~ Aza’hira is considered a sacred tree by the many simic-hybrids that live within the abyss, the locations of the trees often protected by the societies centered around them. Little about this tree is known, beyond rumors from the few that have entered simic territory. The tree is rumored to be a grave mind, able to link the mind of any and all who consumed the fruit it bares. Diplomatic talks are currently in progress, so more knowledge on the tree can be discovered. Dangers and uses ~ No known uses or dangers.
  6. Moss Name ~ Amber Sickle Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Common Habitat ~ Cold, rocky terrain Location Found ~ Moss Forest Details ~ A fuzzy red moss, commonly found growing in colder rocky areas. The moss can only grow on gradual terrain, unable to make its way up steeper areas. The amber sickle is a moss popular amongst settlements that suffer from flora overgrowth issues, as other flora can seemingly not grow with the presence of amber moss. It also gives off a soft scent similar to cherries, making it both useful and desirable. A crossbreeding experiment is being attempted, to allow the moss to grow up steep terrain and aid with repelling a larger variety of undesired plantlife. Dangers and uses ~ Cultivated as a method to stop other flora growing within certain areas. Name ~ Si’ta’divina Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Common Habitat ~ Dam environments, commonly found on dead trees. Location Found ~ Moss Forest Details ~ A common looking green moss, found growing on dead trees. To most, this moss looks like nothing and offers no practical use. However, to insectoid races this moss is extremely valuable. Commonly used in drugs and medicine, this moss is often seen as a gift from the gods by insectoid races. Dangers and uses ~ Inhalation of smoke acts as a hallucinogen, recreational and medical purposes for kraul and other insectoid races. Name ~ Polysonia Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Rare in the wilds, common in settlements. Habitat ~ Anywhere Location Found ~ Moss Forest, Hydra’s Haven Details ~ A dark green moss, with light green sprouts growing from the top. Plysonia grows in large clusters when cultivated, but struggle to compete in the wild. The polysonia is considered a crop by many settlements, grown for its sprouts and are eaten raw or fried. The sprouts don’t have much taste, so are commonly seasoned with spices of one's own choice. Dangers and uses ~ Sprouts of the fungi are highly nutritious, so the moss is commonly grown by settlements. Name ~ Cristensis Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Rare Habitat ~ Lakes and streams Location Found ~ Wandering River Details ~ A green aquatic moss, Found only growing in shallow sections of water sources. The leaves and stem have a feather like feel to them, whilst the roots are glass like and extremely fragile. A species only recently discovered, more research is planned out. Dangers and uses ~ No known uses. Name ~ Grim Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Extremely rare Habitat ~ The carcass of brainstorm centipedes. Location Found ~ Yh’mi Details ~ Rumored to be the fungus that grows on death itself, the grim is a pure black moss that only grows on the carcass of a brainstorm centipede. The moss appears large and fuzzy like, that fully engulfs a brainstorm centipedes body in under a day. It produces a smell, similar to a rose. Extremely dangerous, caution must be taken. Dangers and uses ~ Kills the majority of individuals instantly upon contact.
  7. Flowers Name ~ Pepper bulbs Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Common Habitat ~ Higher regions Location Found ~ Grasslands surrounding kuiperal Details ~ Pepper bulbs are small flowers, similar in appearance to daisy's. Pepper bulbs will grow to the size of daisy's, but form in large clusters only limited by the season. In summer, peppers bulbs can consume roughly a mile of the landscape. One distinct difference is the abundance of small red bulbs that protrude from its steam. These small bulbs have an extreme spice to them, acting as deterrents to grazing animals. Dangers and uses ~ Good for seasoning and cooking, for those that want a spicy meal. Name ~ Ageir Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Common Habitat ~ Grows on paper Location Found ~ Urban environments Details ~ The ageir is a small blue petaled flower, that features a small green stem and long blue filaments. The head of the flowers glows a gentle blue, whilst eating a gentle hum. Its roots attach themselves to paper, seemingly integrating themselves into the mesh. When attached to a page it’s important to ensure the flower head doesn’t get stuck between the pages, or you'll risk killing it. Dangers and uses ~ Used in tea, produces a sweet and sour flavor. When grown on paper it’ll preserve it and its contents in near perfection, so commonly used in libraries and valuable books. Name ~ Phoenix Crest Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Common Habitat ~ Warm and well lit areas. Location Found ~ Urban environment, moss forest. Details ~ The phoenix crest has a pure red flower, along with a green stem. It radiates heat continuously and will continue to do so for days after being picked. Many locals will incorporate these flowers into their housing, using them as natural heat sources for both housing and crops. These can also be commonly found around settlement bathhouses, used as a natural method of heating up the various luxury areas. Dangers and uses ~ Used as heat sources. Name ~ Chrorief Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Uncommon Habitat ~ Swamps Location Found ~ Wetlands and Moss Forest Details ~ Many consider this flower to be a gem, unfortunately only found within the ugly swamps. The chorief is a blue and purple flower, found floating on still bodies of water. Its roots dive deep underwater, collecting nutrients and anchoring to other chrorief. The dirtier and parasite filled the water, the more likely the flower is to grow there. Dangers and uses ~ Often collected as decorations for households, sells for a respectable price. Name ~ House Morne Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Uncommon Habitat ~ Grassy areas. Location Found ~ Southern Taen Details ~ A beautiful flower, which displays a near perfect gradient from blue to yellow. It sticks out amongst its bland grassy habitat. Despite these features, it is disliked by nearly all living beings. The house morne emits a foul, near paralyzing stench that few can withstand. Once a common plant, it was nearly wiped out by local settlements, wanting to rid their lives of such a smell. It's unfortunately a hardy plant, making its comeback. Dangers and uses ~ Can be used as a natural way to deter potential threats, as most creatures hate its smell. Name ~ Bean Berry Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Uncommon Habitat ~ Warm, well lit areas. Location Found ~ Throughout Taen Details ~ Bean berry flowers are parasitic plants that attach themselves to vines and trees, wrapping their roots around whatever it can. The flower itself is tiny and pure white, with a large red bean growing on its base. This bean will continue to grow to nearly twice the size of the flower, which will then be plucked and consumed by birds and rodents. After consumption, it’ll pass through with the fecal matter and spend its juvenile stage growing on the ground. Once mature, it will be carried with the breeze and attempt to latch onto large plant life. Dangers and uses ~ Both the flower and bean are extremely toxic, not recommended for consumption by any race. Name ~ Triffid Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Rare Habitat ~ Anywhere Location Found ~ Eastern Taen Details ~ A carnivorous ambush predator, the triffid is by flora standard the apex. The plant is roughly 8ft tall, with four stumpy legs, 8 tentacle-like appendages and one center stem acting as the head. A large ‘tongue’ protrudes from its head, which is used as a method of tracking and neutralizing its prey, using the paralyzing nerve agent that coats its tongue. It’s usually found in groups of eight, using their numbers to ambush and capture larger prey. Dangers and uses ~ Highly carnivorous, triffids will attempt to kill and devour opponents via various methods. The ‘tongue’ of the plant contained a paralyzing nerve agent. Name ~ Tri-chain Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Very Rare Habitat ~ Areas of high rare ore content Depth Found ~ Cave systems of Taen Details ~ Nicknamed “Orax’s Eye”, the tri-chain to miners is a sight for sore eyes.The blue glowing flower places itself around ores of high rarity, for still unknown reasons. The tri-chain is a small green stemmed flower, with glowing blue petals. As it usually grows in rocky, dark areas, it is generally easy to spot and identify. However, it is only found within the deepest areas of the abyss. Dangers and uses ~ Used to locate rare ores.
  8. Vines Name ~ Pilots Bane Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Common Habitat ~ Cave ceilings, only high areas. Location Found ~ Taens underground cave systems Details ~ Seaweed like vines that hangs from the ceilings, the vines clump together in large clusters and sways with the breeze. Pilots bane seemingly has no limit to what size it can grow to, it's only limit being its environment and age. It has a slimy layer, giving it a shiny and reflective appearance. These large clusters are home to a large variety of lifeforms, acting as an easy hiding place from predators. Basic observations suggest this is a symbiotic relationship, as the wildlife found with the pilots bane clear it of parasitic insects and moss. Dangers and uses ~ Whilst difficult to get hold, pilots bane is an extremely nutritious plant. It has no flavour, making it very versatile. Name ~ Reaching Voids Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Common Habitat ~ Anywhere Location Found ~ Yh’mi Moutain Details ~ Titanic vines with a bronze bark like surface, which can seemingly extend any distance with ease. The reaching void gets its name for being one of few things that can survive making contact with a rift, able to fully be engulfed without being affected. These structures are frequently used as bridges to cross the great distances of the Yh’mi Mountain terrain, by adventurers and natives alike. Dangers and uses ~ The bark of reaching void can be used in both medicine and armor, as a way of lessening the effects of the rift. Many natives will grind the bark up and add it to drinks before venturing near the rift, or attached as plates to their attire. Name ~ Tad’see Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Uncommon Habitat ~ Warmer climates, growing on trees. Location Found ~ Throughout the abyss Details ~ Tad’see is a blue parasitic vine with blue flowers, found growing on most trees. The vine grows around the bass of the tree, slowly extending and growing alongside its root system. It’ll then leach nutrients. There has been a question as to whether this is a mutualistic relationship, as the tad’see has been theorized to kill other parasitic life forms and predatory pests. Further research is currently being conducted. Dangers and uses ~ Despite being parasitic, the tad’see can be used to kill other parasites. Consumption has been proven to kill intestinal parasites, whilst application to the skin has been shown to kill mites, further uses are currently under research. Name ~ Crux Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Rare Habitat ~ Stagnant water sources Location Found ~ The Wetlands Details ~ Crux is a thin mesh of vines, with purple leaves, that’ll grow around pools of stagnant water, but not inside of it. It is easily identifiable by its putrid smell, similar to decaying bodies and ever lingering in its vicinity. Crux can grow to roughly the size of an average human with correct conditions, but this is dependent upon food availability and commonly only grows to the size of a small dog. Dangers and uses ~ Tho many would rather drink dirty water or die of dehydration, crux can purify water sources. Depending upon the water quality, how contaminated it is and the quantity of crux beings used, it roughly ranges from 30 minutes to 30 hours. Name ~ Witches Tongue Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Rare Habitat ~ Low ceilings or tree branches Location Found ~ Moss Forest Details ~ Similar to the tad’see, the witches tongue acts as a mimic to its parasitic counterpart. One distinguishable difference to the tad’see is that the witches tongue will not grow around the root system of the tree. Upon approaching the witches tongue, it will sense the approaching target and lash out. It will attempt to wrap around its target, subduing them with a potent and corrosive poison. If the target in question does succumb to the poison, the vines will slowly dissolve and consume it. Dangers and uses ~ The witches tongue produces a corrosive poison, usable for a variety of craft. Name ~ Rift Silk Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Rare Habitat ~ Near bodies of water Location Found ~ Moss Forest Details ~ Rift silk is a long, near transparent vine that takes on a similar appearance to a sheet of silk. To an unobservant individual, it’d be easy to miss and become incapacitated by the vines. The vines possess an extremely potent nerve damaging toxin, which acts in seconds and is able to damage even the largest of creatures in under a minute. There is no known easy way to tell if the vines are in the immediate area, one must keep an eye open at all times to avoid it. Dangers and uses ~ Rift silk contains potent nerve toxin, highly lethal and assassins will purchase for high prices. Name ~ Ovana Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Rare Habitat ~ Dry, sandy areas. Location Found ~ The Barrens Details ~ Ovana appears as a dark brown root like vine, that grows along dry and sandy environments. Its most distinct feature is its blue blossoming petals, which grow along its body. However, these petals are not always present. Individual vines grow to upwards of 60cm, but in mass can grow upwards of 7 meters long and 3 meters wide. It's unknown why, but ovana will grow in one direct only. All theories on this matter have bee long disproven. Dangers and uses ~ The stem has a similar taste to ginger, popular for uses in tea and other recipes. Name ~ Demi-gravity Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Very rare Habitat ~ Anywhere Location Found ~ Yh’mi Details ~ A tiny, thread-like vine with a pure white flower bottom, that seemingly decides to live wherever it so chooses. So far, only 3 have been found. It’s a choice of habitat and method of spreading a complete mystery. The vine is as deadly as it is elusive. All attempts should be made to avoid the demi-gravity, as little is still known. Dangers and uses ~ Consumption of any part of the demi-gravity will rip the host inside out, instantly. Research into why this occurs is slow. Name ~ Rattle-vine Picture ~ N/A Rarity ~ Very Rare Habitat ~ Tree branches, warmer climates. Location Found ~ Northern Taen, surrounding Arcturon. Details ~ The rattle-vine gets its name from it’s similar appearance to a rattlesnake. Rattle-vine is a long green vine, that has rattle-like fruit growing from it’s vine types. It unfortunately does not produce rattling sounds. The vines can be found growing from tree branches, roughly 30cm long. The “rattle-fruit” fetches a high price as it’s loved for its rarity, similar texture to jackfruit and taste of summer fruits. Explorers believe it to be a vine going extinct, so many have taken steps into trying to raise its numbers. Dangers and uses ~ Produces a fruit, now dubbed “rattle-fruit”, which fetches a high selling price. Name ~ Divinity Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Extremely Rare Habitat ~ The corpses of kirins Location Found ~ Anywhere Details ~ An extremely strong vine that gives off a faint red glow, found only growing on the bodies of dead kirin. The vine encases the kirins corpse, engulfing it until nothing's remains and consuming it slowly. Divinity is a vine that is near indestructible, requiring both the strongest metal and wielder to destroy it. However, this rarely comes to be. By still unknown methods, the vine produces an aura that makes living beings in the area seemingly ignore its very existence. An individual will know it there, but always turn their gaze. This means that only those with extreme mental endurance and will power can focus their mind upon it. Dangers and uses ~ Said to cure any disease and extend one's life when processed into divinity tea.
  9. Fungi Name ~ Crying chains Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Common Habitat ~ Anywhere Location Found ~ Moss Forest Details ~ Floating egg shaped fungi that float around, being carried by the wind. They feature long, tentacle-like roots that can act as a method to grapple onto surfaces. The fungi acts as a floating light source, emitting a faint glow. Whilst the light source is weak on its own, large numbers gathered together can light up large tunnel systems. Upon contact with any surface, they’ll release a high pitched chime. It is unknown why they do this, but believed to be a method of locating another one of its species. When in large groups they frequently bump into each over, constantly emitting their signature chime. This is where they get the name, crying chains. Dangers and uses ~ Edible, the crying chains can be eaten, but it’s extremely bitter. There are no known effects, good or bad, as a result of eating them. It can also be used as a dim light source. Name ~ Voluna Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Common Habitat ~ Dry and dark environments Location Found ~ Eastern Taen Details ~ Voluna is often a large fist sized spherical ball of fungus, but does come in varying age dependent sizes. Its membrane is coated in scally like shell, the scales of which have a reflective pinkish hue. When the scales are removed it reveals a soft, white sponge like inside. Dangers and uses ~ The voluna is fully edible, but it’s recommended to remove the scale. The inside has a vanilla like flavour, highly prized by adventures as a moral boosting snack. Name ~ Stone Wart Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Common Habitat ~ Rocky surfaces Location Found ~ Yh’mi Mountains Details ~ Stone warts are small mushrooms, only 5cm in height. However, they form large clusters, when combined will engulf whatever stone surface they can. They’re extremely sturdy, easily able to be stood or climbed upon without breaking. Stone wart takes on the color of whatever surface it attaches itself to. Its surface feels rough and coarse, a fine layer often powder falls on contact. Underneath the cap is soft, with a thin layer of mucus that smells of lemons. Dangers and uses ~ Stone wart is flammable and an individual one will smolder for days when lit, making it an excellent tinder for long term travels. The mucus has a nice scent and acts as a natural balm. Name ~ Nomadic Fault Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Common Habitat ~ The underside of reaching voids Location Found ~ Yh’mi Mountains Details ~ A stumpy toadstool like fungi that prefers growing upside down, with a diameter of roughly 30cm and only 10cm tall. It is theorised that it grows upside down as a method of catching moisture droplets, as its cap is often filled with a layer of water. The water carries spores, which if consumed will cause disorientation. Dangers and uses ~ Both the cap and spores if consumed will cause extreme disorientation, the extent of which varies depending upon race. Beyond disorientation, no other effects are currently known. Name ~ Maidens Mushroom Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Uncommon Habitat ~ Skeletal Remains. Location Found ~ Anywhere Details ~ A long pure white mushroom, of which is only found attached to skeletal remains. It attaches itself with long translucent mycelium, which embeds itself within the bone and slowly consumes it. Many have theorized that the mushroom when consumed, kills the host as part of its life cycle. The theory states that mushrooms growing on the bones are consumed by herbivores, it will then later kill said herbivore. Meat eating animals will then consume the body, revealing the bones. Left over spores on the carcass then attach themselves to bones, using them as a nutrient source to mature on and repeat the process. This theory has yet to be proven. Dangers and uses ~ Extremely toxic, if consumed uncooked will cause death via cardiac arrest within an hour. If cooked, it is safe to consume. The mycelium is extremely acidic, and can be used for a variety of crafting tasks. Name ~ Mermaid Gills Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Uncommon Habitat ~ Damp, moisture abundant areas Location Found ~ The Wetlands Details ~ Mermaid gills are long, thin, soft ribbon like fungi that grow in large clumps in moisture abundant areas. They have a rainbow like pattern, which extends across its body. They grow to extreme varying lengths, seemingly dependent upon moisture available in the area, without any true limit to the length to which they can grow. Dangers and uses ~ Edible and tastes like peaches, but also a very good diuretic, consume with caution. Consumption is rumored to help an individual increase their lung capacity, but this is merely a rumor. Name ~ Red Star Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Rare Habitat ~ Dark Areas, found in fairy circles Location Found ~ Moss Forest Details ~ Red star gets its name for its night sky like appearance. It is a small bell shaped mushroom with a black membrane, featuring many small red dots along the surface. These red dots are leaking residue that has hardened, if removed will further leak more. The mushroom bell shaped structure holds said red substance, which has been named “red rum”. Dangers and uses ~ The membrane of the fungi’s cap has antibacterial properties, as well as a sticky texture, making it an excellent makeshift bandage or plaster. The red substance named “red rum” is alcoholic and extremely potent. Name ~ Rift Kettle Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Rare Habitat ~ Warmer climates, nutrients rich soils. Location Found ~ Anywhere Details ~ The rift kettle is a giant puffball like fungi, faded white in color. It’s an extremely fragile fungi, breaking apart in a powder like substance with minor impact. Rift kettle is unique in that they release a clear gel, which slowly drips down to the ground. This gel contains enzymes that break down nutrients in the soil, which is then consumed. It earns its name from the kettle-like sound it makes when near to a rift, an adaptive feature used to survive its harsh environment. When the rift gets too close, it’ll begin emitting a steam like spray and shrinks in size. Normally a rift kettle is equal to the size of a typical human, but can shrink down to the size of a thumb. When or how it regrows is unknown. Dangers and Uses ~ Highly poisonous, the body of the rift kettle is extremely dangerous. As it easily breaks up into a fine powder, inhalation of this will result in respiratory failure within minutes. Name ~ Cradle Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Rare Habitat ~ Well lit areas. Location Found ~ Eastern Taen, grassy plains. Details ~ Tentacle like fungi, that curls to form a ‘cradle’ like appearance. It has a dark orange color, featuring many spike-like gills along its form. It’s site unsettles most, as it looks rather disturbing. However, it poses no threat. There is little more to it, being a rather dull specimen, beyond its appearance. Tho, many have collected it for its rarity. Dangers and Uses ~ Edible, popular for tasting similar to steak. Name ~ Cadaram Picture ~ Link Rarity ~ Extremely rare Habitat ~ ??? Location Found ~ ??? Details ~ So far, only one cadram has been seen by adventures. The one and only found was half decayed, so details are scarce. The cadaram is known to be a purple, crystal like structure that is semi-transparent. It takes on the shape of a five armed star, covered in a gill like membrane. It is believed to be a desired treat for rift dragons, hence their rarity. Dangers and uses ~ No known uses. Name ~ Xeno’rit Picture ~ N/A Rarity ~ Mythical Habitat ~ ??? Location Found ~ ??? Details ~ Rumored to be a teleportation fungi, natives of the rift XX claim it to be a sentient fungi race that enjoys playing pranks. Little more is known, other than it apparently similar in appearance to white cap mushrooms. Dangers and uses ~ ???
  10. Taen Compendium I Flora and Fungi By Iohmar Lorcain The Taen Compendiums is a series of books created by the Mechanicus Library, dedicated to the research and logging of Taens various contents of interest. These contents are independently researched by members of Mechanicus Library and Hydra's Haven, with no affiliation with other organisations or settlements. All research is peer reviewed by Iohmar Lorcain and other members of the Mechanicus Library. Compendium I will cover the flora and fungi of interest discovered. Contents Table 1 ~ Fungi 2 ~ Vines 3 ~ Flowers 4 ~ Moss 5 ~ Trees 6 ~ Grasses
  11. Got some stuff coming up, so I won't be posting again till the 23rd or 24th.

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  12. Finding her next note at the location, Jorahel read and thought over the many possibilities of what the next beast could be. Many creatures used such elements for defensive and offensive purposes, it was nothing uncommon at the fantas-menagerie. However, the hint of the facial features and head structure was what gave it away. Once again heading off, Jorahel picked up pace and began sprinting to the next area. The firbolgs large size made each step that of a gazelles, letting her get to her next exhibit quickly. 'Prongs? What a weird clue.' It wasn't long till Jorahel found herself outside the exhibit, staring at the next beast. It was far more to her liking than the prior, something she felt she could take along on her journeys. After taking a good long look at the beast, she examined around for the next clue.
  13. Vito gave a slight chuckle, laughing at the truth of the situation. But in reality, the raider was merely honest and straightforward. In such an environment, the law was of little concern to him. As for getting dirty and hunting down potential sources, the raider was more than happy to get the group moving out on the road. He listened to what else he had to offer, already knowing much of the underground cybernetic industry. Swigging back more of his drink, Vito turned to the cyborg. "All too true, Rick. An orc and two human cops walk into a cyber cafe on an undercover mission, asking a smoking cyborg for illegal cybernetic in the hopes of arresting him. Please Rick, get real. Regardless, I'll tag along to this garage of yours. It'd be nice to see what else this city has to offer." With everyone else on board, Vito stood up and slid his stool in. "Sounds good, let get moving." The raider began following the group, signalling his men to follow at distance.
  14. "Hmm, its been a while since I've had a good holiday, let alone had a battle on the ground like this. Welp, this has dragged on long enough. Let us not keep the audience waiting." Upon his final words, his opponent leapt at him. The only thing left in her place was crater, the missing material of which was shot at him. Several of Vito's fae summons fell to the ground screaming, their skin searing and bubbling. The fae bodies quickly deteriorating, turning to a smoldering blue ash. Most of the boiling mud slammed into Vito's chest, the heat of which could easily be felt past his armor. The raider quickly brushed of the material, stopping it from damaging his armor further. 'See, this is where talking gets you!' 'It would appear the time for battle is now.' The fae surrounding Vito began speeding up as Vito began summoning and channeling his magic, his body illuminated at random in quick flashes colorful bright lights as they circled him over and over. The blue smoldering ash from the dead fae exploded, summoning forth replacements like phoenix from the ashes. The earth around the raider began drying up as heat built up, the mud quickly turning into cracking earth and steam merging with the fog. Fire began forming in his hands and his summons sang incoherent songs of burning settlements and foes.
  15. I've only just begun, but The Book of the New Sun series is definitely off to a good start. All online as well, so you can have a tester read to see if you enjoy it before buying it.
  16. Vito's pure white eyes met the empress's black void of a gaze, as few words thrown out as greetings got underway. Vito was unsure of how much Rozharon knew of his settlements illegal activity within her sons kingdom, but knew it wasn't uncommon knowledge. He had yet to receive any law enforcement arrive, so figured they just might not care. Regardless, he continued as normal. Vito gave his own small bow in return, then brought his hand to the hilt of his sword. "Sorry to disappoint you with my presence, I'm certainly not the most notable guest here. Merely tagged along with a friend, but I'll aim to give you a worthy duel." 'Introduction over, begin the battle!' 'Please be quiet and let the empress speak!' One by one, dancing lights began flowing around Vito as he summoned forth his faeries. Small giggles and chattering filled the air, the fae playing amongst each other and with Vito's cloak. Feeling his powers grow and ready, he pushed back the ones arguing in his mind and continued the conversation. "As for my little settlement, it grows steadily. A growing number of resources is exported every day, we're supplying many settlement across the world. How goes your son? Stressful work I imagine, tho I am glad to know he's aware of my little canyon home. You must also have your own important roles still going on."
  17. Jorahel didn't care much for the airship ride or getting stuffed alongside kobolds, of which nearly drove her to starting several fist fights with her furry companions. No, there was one thing and one thing she arrived for. The Fantas-Menagerie, her old place of work. As an old beast gamer of the menagerie, Jorahel new both the staff and creatures very well. Feeling as tho she had an advantage over the others, she aimed to take a prize for herself. After watching her old friend Idora give the intro, Jorahel began her little quest. 'Snout like snake, squirrel tail. Stripey, tiny, hardly frail. Sipping poison like it's wine. Wound or sickness? They'll be fine' Immediately knowing where to go, Jorahel made her way past the crowds and make a dash towards the exhibit. Each step was a walk down memory lane for the firbolg, every creature brought back it's own memory. Some good, some sent as shiver down her spine. She slowed down around the fierynx, giving a long glance to one of her old favorites. Tho it was destructive, it was also certainly a beauty to behold. Unfortunately, the hinted creature she got was one not on her good side. Continuing, it wasn't long before she was there and staring at the strange creature. "So we meet again, strange little thing." She mumbled to the creature in question. Standing before the exhibit, she scanned around for her next clue.
  18. The journey to the wedding had been nothing short of boring to Vito and his crew, a steady journey with nothing beyond the open skies to look at. They'd usually encounter other pirates and beasts roaming the skies, looking to steal and kill. But nothing had occurred, for the time being at least. Thankfully, upon arrival there was promise of combat, tho not what he had expected. As Vito walked across the muddy lands, he manipulated the earth beneath him to prevent him sinking into the fogged swamp. It almost looked as if the raider was weightless, hovering above the mud itself. Once far enough in, Vito stopped as he came face to face with his opponent. Not who he'd expected, but far from a disappointment. "Well well, what a pleasure. Empress, how goes it?" The raider smirked from behind his mask, a seemingly strange run in with one who sits at the opposite end of law and order. 'No need for introductions, let the bloodshed start!' Leo shouted from within Vito's mind, desires obvious. 'Hush, you rapid cat. I wish to hear what's going on.' Aries spoke softly, focusing on Rozharon.
  19. "I would hope they'd have the common sense to do such a thing, but hope is seemingly not around. Worst case scenario, we can jury rig it. I just need....." Iohmar stopped as a bright light emitted from a device held by the half-elf, lighting up the room."Well, I guess that is a good start." Iohmar crouched back down, beginning his work on the cable machine. His first job was removing the barnacles, which at first glance seemed easy enough. But as the tabaxi got further in, only realized the daunting task ahead. The barnacles were not the normal kind, but far more advanced in a manner. The first layer simply chipped off with a scrap of Iohmar's knife, but they got far larger and armored as he got further in. Any attempt to remove them seemed fruitless, even when attempted with a nearby screwdriver and hammer. The armored behemoths were determined to stay, threatening to block and clog the machine if used. The wind blowing through the hole in the water spat water at him as he tried to remove them, only frustrating Iohmar further. "This......shall not do." He muttered to himself in a grump. Iohmar took a firm grasp of the cable, then began emitting electric from his palm. It started of with low power, steadily growing. He focused carefully, ensuring he did not damage the machine or anything other than the barnacles. Within a few minutes the barnacles began spewing a black liquid, one by one falling off the cables. The tabaxi's natural night vision allowed him to see them fall as he put more power into the electric, barnacles dying off in an almost chain reaction like manner. "Perfection!" The tabaxi smirked at his own work, twirling his whiskers as if a villain. His next job was a far far more difficult task, rust removal. Something, unfortunately, bordering on impossible. The cables exited the building itself, travelling along the river to the other side. Scratching the cable with his claw, it was undeniably not in the best of conditions. There was maybe some hope, using electrolysis to remove the rust? A potentially option, that the tabaxi made a mental note of. If not he'd have to mention the cables condition to the group, if they decided to move on further with the journey. For now, all he could do is focus on the machine and get it in a good as possible condition. Wandering the store, he began scouring the shelves and boxes for the needed components and other useful items.
  20. @Csl I'll be getting my posts up tomorrow, let me know if there's anything you'd like or have planned.
  21. Sounds like an awesome idea 👍Would be cool to break the ice prior to competition.
  22. I'll be getting my post up later, I'll be continuing with the repairing of the engine.
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