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  1. If you end up back around these parts and are interested in joining a noble house in Terrenus, let me know! 

  2. “That’s what adventurers do, right?” Edric pondered Vivien’s words for a couple of seconds. That word “adventurer” is that what Edric was? He had awoken with no memory, with barely any skills, but with the tools to fight, to make something of himself. But was he actually a adventurer? Was that the life he wanted to live? What did he actually want to be? ”Aye, that’s what we do maddam!” Edric shouted with vigor and spirit to match, a small grin upon his face. He had decided, he was damn well going to be a adventurer! He would defend the innocent, explore lands both close and far, and make a fortune in the process! That was the life for him, a life that Edric was provided some insight into by the Gentleman’s Handbook. ”I am glad to have made your day better maddam. Though to be honest I didn’t know there were any maps either. Your request caught me off guard! How foolish I would have looked had that map not been at the bulletin board!” Edric awkwardly laughed, mimicking Vivien’s earlier experience. ”The pleasure is all mine maddam Vivien” Edric returned the bow. “I’m going to look over some of the bounty letters now, if you’re really ready to get moving you should...” Edric suddenly cut off, who were those strange people? There were two new strangers in their little corner of the tavern, and they were trying to get Edric’s and Vivien’s attention. Edric turned towards the newcomers alongside Vivien, his eyes narrowing in a similar fashion to hers. The first one introduced himself by explaining to the second one the overview of the Tavern of Legends. He was a strange one, everything about him was multicolored. His hair, his clothes, even his bloody eyes, it put Edric on edge. But Edric was still willing to give the walking rainbow the benefit of the doubt. The “rainbow” began to ask for “bodies” while implying he would lead them to a destination that needed cleansing. His message was clear to Edric. That second one was just as strange, she had white hair, and pale skin. She wore a black shirt, and pants with red outlinings. With a pair of red pauldrons, and a set of black boots with red lacing. Although the most peculiar thing about her was the large pair of wings stuck on her back. She introduced herself as “Dion Hyzenthlay” and Edric got to work introducing himself in turn. ”Well met miss Dion, my sympathies for the loss of your homeland.” Edric closed his eyes, and offered a silent prayer to the lost men and women of Vervain. “My name is Edric and this is maddam Vivien, we are adventurers” Edric offered a quick bow to the winged soldier. Edric noticed Vivien reaching for her blade, and quickly reacted by putting his arm in front of her torso. “Don’t react with violence yet maddam. Judging from his appearance I believe our multicolored friend is not from around here, I believe he is not yet well versed in our language. He offered to lead us on a quest, and is asking for bodies. I think he is trying to say that he just needs some adventurers, some fresh bodies to fight on his behalf. I believe it’s just a simple mistranslation.” Edric turned to the “rainbow” “That is what you want, right? You just want us to follow you and help you clear out some place?” @JellyEmi @Unicorgi @ODSTDRAGON
  3. As Vivien jumped up from her seat in fright, Edric put his hands up in a placating gesture. He didn’t remember much, but it just seemed to him to be just what you “did” when trying to calm someone down, he hoped anyway. “There is no need to fear me madam. I simply wish to help!” He spoke in a helpful tone. As she inspected him, he did so in turn. She wore a grey robe concealing white adventurer’s attire, brown leggings, and knee high boots. With a sword in its sheath on her waist, and a wooden shield on her arm. She was clearly the fighting sort, which confused Edric. The Gentleman’s Handbook had made it clear to Edric that women were not fighters, and required others to defend them in both matters of honor, and war. Perhaps that was true from wherever he had come from. But something told Edric that this woman could certainly hold her own in a fight. As Edric continued to wait for her to respond, he was shocked by just gorgeous the warrior was upon closer inspection. She had beautiful braided, scarlet hair, and a attractive pale face. Which Edric just couldn’t help but stare at for a few seconds. This was the first time he had really seen a attractive woman in the flesh since his “awakening” and he had no previous memories to rely on how to act. Feeling awkward, Edric got up from his seat and began to silently look around the tavern. His eyes moving to the barkeep he had previously talked with, to a band of ruffians at a table playing cards, and then to the bounty board he had pointed out to him earlier. The woman then spoke to him after what seemed to be a very, very, awkward eternity. Shocked out of his awkward eye wandering. Edric turned to the red headed warrior to catch her speaking, and bowing her head in apology, and then asking for a map. ”Don’t worry about it madam, I take no offense.” Edric said respectfully “I have no map of my own but I believe I can get one, if you will just excuse me for just a second.” Edric’s eyes began to wander once again. Where could he get a map? His first thought was to harass the barkeep about it, but then he decided against it. Edric belived he had already wasted enough of the barkeep’s time as is. Edric then turned to the bounty board and started briskly walking towards it. If there were quests to be taken, then there must be a map to direct one to those quests in the first place! Edric’s hypothesis was proven correct, and he grabbed one of many map’s of the area, alongside a handful of quest advertisements to look over later. Edric then quickly hurried back to Vivien, not wanting to keep her waiting. Edric wordlessly handed her the map, and then set the rest of the papers onto the counter. “I’ve been down south, near the great white tree landmark on the map.” Edric suddenly spoke facing Vivien. “And let me tell you that the lands from there to here are in a terrible state. Burned fields, destroyed houses, hordes of depressed poor villagers. There is a stench of death, a air of depression and despair. The people here are in desperate need of help maddam, and there is nothing out there for people like us unless we wish to bloody our swords in their defense.” Edric then smashed his hand into his forehead, chastising himself for apparent stupidity. “Here I am throwing the problems of the world onto a woman who seemingly has enough problems as is! I am deeply sorry if I have made your day worse in any way maddam!” He bowed in apology, and then continued to speak. “What would be your name maddam? It would be proper for us to know each others names. My name is Edric.” @JellyEmi ooc: Don’t worry about it Emi, post length dosen’t really matter as long as you give enough info for others to respond with I think. Sorry if my post is too long though lol.
  4. Edric listened thoughtfully to what the barkeep had to say. His mind was hazy, and filled with doubt. Edric desperately wanted to understand what was going on. Yet none of this made any sense. Apparently he was in the “Tavern of Legends” a sort of magical portal to other worlds, including this “Valucre” Edric didn’t know if he believed it, despite the fact that he remembered almost nothing. It was as if some echo of his lost personality was screaming at him. Denying the possibility with the conviction of a priest chastising a heretic. “Magic is not real” his mind screamed And yet the very fact that this tavern was so internally vast, yet was so small on the outside seemed to back up the barkeep’s claims. Only bringing more questions to the forefront of Edric’s mind. Deciding that questioning the reality right before him was counterproductive. Edric turned to where the barkeep was pointing, hoping to distract his confused mind with something to do. The barkeep pointed out a bulletin board, several individuals motioning towards them, a farmer, and a woman silently in prayer. ”Thank you good sir” Edric said to the barkeep with a quick bow “ You have been excellent help, and I wish to waste no more of your time, have a good day.” Edric looked over his options, and decided that the woman was his first choice to help. She seemed to be just as lost as he was, if the look on her face could tell him anything. Slowly walking towards the sword fighter’s corner, Edric sat on a stool right beside her. Politely waiting for her to finish her prayer. ”Sorry to trouble you madam, but you seem to be lost.” Edric quickly cleared his throat, then continued. “If there is anything I can do to help just ask.” @JellyEmi @ODSTDRAGON ooc: Don’t worry about it ODSTDRAGON
  5. Take all the time you need.
  6. Confusion, that was the only thing that he felt, confusion. He had awoken in this strange land, under a massive white broadleaf tree. With no memory of his past, where he came from, where he was, or even who he was. The first thing that he did was look around at his surroundings. It was a hot night, too hot in his opinion. He was under a truly massive white tree, easily 200 feet tall, which seemed to protect him against most of night’s heat. Surrounding this gargantuan tree was a small forest of much smaller trees, with a dirt trail leading to gods knows where. He then looked down at himself, he had pale hands, so he assumed his skin must be pale white. He wore a white shirt, with a brown vest, black pants, a loose hanging belt with some strange contraptions strapped to it, and a pair of black shoes. Nothing that he could use to determine who he was. Looking back at at where he woke, he found a leather pack just sitting there leaning against the tree. Strange, he didn’t remember seeing that there! Approaching the pack with some caution, the first thing that he saw upon opening it was food! Only now did he realize just how hungry he was! He quickly devoured a biscuit and a piece of dried meat, and then continued to rummage through the pack. Inside the pack he found more food, a strange circular thing made of gold, a tube contraption made out of silver, a few small boxes labeled “Cartriges” and a large book titled “The Gentleman’s Handbook” which seemed to be the most interesting thing that he had found so far. Upon cracking open the book, a small slip of paper fell out of it and began to fall to the ground. With almost lighting quick precision, he grabbed the piece of paper out of the air before it even touched the ground. Quickly putting the book back into the pack, he inspected the note, reading “Sir Edric Schafer, let this tome guide you in a land of legends.” Contemplating the note for a second, he came to a conclusion. “Edric...that must be my name!” he shouted out for all the world to hear. It seemed he was given this book by someone, but by who or what Edric could not say, though at the very least he knew his name! Now he was one step closer to understanding what was happening. Edric cracked open the book a second time, sat directly underneath the massive broadleaf, rested his back against its embracing trunk, and started to read. He read for hours and hours, absorbing as much information as possible. Inside the book there was no more information on where he came from. But there was plenty of useful information nontheless! The book explained to Edric how a proper man or “gentleman” was supposed to behave. Respect, duty, seflessness, humility, honor, and bravery, were the virtues that a “gentleman” must follow as outlined by book. The book also explained what the strange contraptions that Edric had were “The saber and flintlock pistol strapped to his belt, and the monocular, and compass found in the pack” as well as explanations on how to use them. Alongside this information the book also told Edric how a gentleman should behave, dress, talk, and eat. After reading through all this, Edric came to another conclusion. This book was a guide given to him on how to live his life. A guide that Edric decided would follow to the letter, since he had nothing else to go on and it simply “sounded” right. It almost seemed to Edric that someone had purposely abbandoned him here, without memory, but the tools to start a new life. Almost as if they wanted Edric gone, but were not willing to kill him, it was quite perculiar. With nothing else of interest around the great tree, and with Edric’s pack quickly running out of precious food, he strapped the pack over his back and set down the dirt path. Following it through the woods until he reached its destination, a wide cobblestone road going both north and south as far as Edric could see. Going north, all Edric could see was death and misery. Burnt fields, mass graves, destroyed and ruined villages. It was truly horrific. Whatever had happened here must have been horrible, and why Edric was in such a miserable place was beyond him. Asking one of the villagers for help, Edric was directed to simply keep going north until he reached the “Tavern of Legends” After what seemed likes months of walking, Edric finally reached this “Tavern of Legends” which was just as desolete looking as the rest of the land. A tiny shack that barely looked like it had been lived in at all. Still with nothing else to go on Edric opened the doors to the shack and stepped inside. Edric’s eyes opened with childlike awe, this “shack” must have been a hundred times larger inside than outside. How that worked was beyond Edric’s comprehension. Before he went insane trying to figure out how that worked. Edric walked up to the barkeep, walking past a singing bard desperately trying to lighten up a bunch of somber, depresssed, and very drunk people. Remembering how the “Gentleman’s Handbook” told him how to speak and act. Edric spoke to the barkeeper. “Sir barkeep! I am sorry for bothering you but I am desperately lost! Please could you tell me where I am?” Thoughtfully, after asking for help, Edric offered some in turn. “Barkeep I do notice that things are quite bad around here. even if I barely understand what’s going on, is there anything I can do to help?” (OOC : If anyone wants to rp with me go ahead and make a post introducing your characters to mine.
  7. Thanks for the welcome! I’ve already checked out the FAQ, but thanks for the link anyway ?
  8. Basic Information Name: Edric Schafer Nicknames/pseudonyms: n/a Title(s): n/a Age: 22 Race: Human Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Marital Status: Single Alignment: True Neutral Physical and Appearance Weight: 178 pounds Height: 5’10 Physique: Lean and muscular Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown, clean cut Complexion: Fair Voice: Prim and proper with a accent of the haughty upper class. Tattoos/markings: N/A Typical Attire: A white collared shirt, with a brown vest, black pants, loose hanging belt, and black shoes. On the left side of his belt lies the scabbard that holds his duelist’s saber, while the right side of his belt holds the holster of his flintlock pistol. https://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-29/bb-foreign-attire.html Psychological Information Demeanor: Rash, and alert, Edric is always one to rush into a situation at the first sign of trouble, often without fully thinking it through. He always tries to behave as a gentleman, respectful, humble, brave, dutiful, and selfless. But often falls short of these virtues, his inner selfish, cowardly, and vengeful side often conflicting with what he considers to be the “right” way to behave. Strengths: Resilent, intelligent, quick thinking, dependable, always follows through with a promise. Weaknesses: Quick to anger, rash, headstrong, quick to act, can hold a grudge. Quirks: Will challenge those he sees as slighting him to a duel of first blood. Likes: Mild tempatures, respect, meat, friendly sparring, hunting, reading, hikes, exploring, adventure. Dislikes: Extreme tempatures, disrespect, vegetables, manual labor, repetitiveness, boredom. Equipment Mundane: Compass: A simple gold compass, with arrows facing north, south, east, and west. Monocular: A silver monocular, with decent visual magnification. Pack: A brown leather pack large enough to carry a couple day worth of food, spare pistol cartridges, the Gentleman’s Handbook, and the rest of Edric’s mundane tools. The Gentleman’s Handbook: The only book that Edric had on him when he appeared on the road to the Tavern of Legends. It is a 217 page book that outlines how a man should behave, dress, talk, and fight. Edric, knowing nothing else, tries to follow this books advice to the letter. Though often falls short. Weapons: Dueling Saber: A mundane dueling saber of three and half feet. It’s hilt is embroiled with gold, and it is of excellent craftsmanship, but it has no special qualities of its own. Flintlock Pistol: A standard, single shot, flintlock pistol with nothing unique or visually distinct about it. Is prone to miss, missfires, and general unreliability. Other: Skills & Deficiencies Mundane: + Educated - Edric can read, write, solve basic math problems, and understand the basics of science. + Fitness - Edric has great dexterity and can use his hands in work to great affect. Alongside having the endurance and strength to keep on going where others would fail. - No real skills - Edric does not know how to do most “mundane” tasks competently. either having known more skills but forgetting them during his “journey” to the Tavern of Legends, or having never learned anything of the sort at all during his life. Combat: + Fitness - Edric is extremely physically fit, and dexterious. Giving him a slight edge in combat. - Inexperienced - Edric has never been in a actual fight as of his current experience. Any experience he may have had before the journey is now lost, he is as fresh as a newly recruited conscript. - Untrained - Edric does not know how to properly fight, his only knowledge being the limited passages on fighting found in the Gentleman’s Handbook. - Muggle - Edric does not have the capability to learn spells. Abilities Class: Mortal Duelist Capabilities: Weaknesses: Miscellaneous:
  9. Hello, newbie here. I’m not super experienced when it comes to roleplaying and such, but i’m excited to start with you guys.
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