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  1. OMG I JUST FOUND my laptop and its charger. T_T i hope i havent missed too much. Im so disorganized.
  2. She was confused, there was a swine that spoke, a dog that acknowledged her. But this dog spoke and looked almost humanoidish. So confusing. The rest of the group wasnt too different than to be expected. She knew by looking at the human she was a warrior, skilled and trained, she tucked that away. The dog like one was injured already, 'stupid, you should heal first or you'll only be a hindrance', her thoughts were aggressive because she didn't want to die, the cloaked one, judging by her hands of a higher class than any of them, 'spoiled', she classified them all in her mind before she tuned in just enough to hear the cloaked one speak more. The person in charge spoke but she wasnt paying that much attention, her senses were reacting to everything. Her warriors flight or fight was kicking in hard, her hands strayed to her cross bow. Money. The thought made her hand pause. No, she couldnt kill them she needed the money. To cover her original intent she would once more rip a strip of cloth from her cloak, she would weave a small, or so she thought, spell of water to dampen the cloth betwixt her fingers. The spell completed however instead of the cloth becoming moist, everyone in her party would suddenly be soaked as a random splash of water landed on them, as if someone poured a few buckets over them. Her eyes widened behind her strips of cloth and she took on the most innocent face a drow could have, then began too look around for the source of the water as if it wasnt herself. Well, she took the opportunity ad used the moistened cloth to remove the blood from her face, lifting the cloth over her eyes to wipe that blood as well.
  3. wait... i know its been almost two weeks and im supposed to post but should i wait for them? I finally know what im gonna do and finally have the time....??
  4. that moment its your post....and you forget...
  5. ehhh, i'm here to have fun build ocs and the such.
  6. Beltana sighed heavily as the lectures continued to reign down over her. She was tired of being kept down below and wanted to travel and see what else was out in the world. The colonies biggest issue with her leaving was only that she was the rarest spell fighter that they had. With huge magical potential if she actually applied herself to her studies. She just didn't see the value of studying, it was boring and repetitive. She just wanted to use her magic right away and learn as she goes. She had found a slip of paper looking for people to help with a quest, it was vague in exactly what this would entail but it was a reason to get out of here. It promised money of sorts so if she didn't return home she would be able to support herself in needed situations. She packed her bags with plenty of clothes and supplies, food and her favorite books. Now, Bel was young for a Drow, very young, just grown enough to be called an adult but still naive enough to think she knew all there was in the world. So began her trip from the Underdark, unprepared for the world above and soon to come. The Drows had many a tunnel under the new world above, allowing them to never have to breach the surface, she how ever was going to do the one thing no Drow has done in the entire time she herself had been alive. She was going up top. She followed the long dark winding path under the city maybe two. Their caves wove in such a way that the Drow would always arrive to their destination at mid night. She stood before the doors to the bar. The city dark behind her, she tugged down her long hooded cloak, her chest filled with excitement, Drows didnt acknowledge fear. The pale haired azured eyed Drow would push open the doors. The sound of the busy bar and patrons rushed over her surprisingly sensitive pointed ears, causing a hiss of pain from the lass. The lights caused her to throw her arms up over her face. She growled low in pain as she swore to her Goddess in harsh tones. She couldn't even open her eyes, the dimly lit bar was super bright to her. She kept them tightly closed as she quickly stumbled around the bar until she ran into something. No, no, not something, someone. Her hands boldly reached out to feel what she landed against. Hands finding firm flesh, she stepped back. At first she spoke in Elvish only to remember she was above and not below, so then she quickly reworded her words a heavy thick and gruff accent flowed forward, some of the words were different from normal common but the words held the same meaning, "I hope you've come to no harm from this person" she pulled back a few steps to raise her doll like face towards what smelled like a Golem. She carefully schooled her face, not sure if they were at war with her kind as they were down below. She was also at a huge disadvantage, not being able to see. Bel felt a female presence in the booth or table near by, however she noticed her cheeks were wet, raising a hand to her face she would touch the wetness and bring it to her nose. 'Blood' she rubbed her finger tips together to rid them of the blood, reaching down she gripped her cloak and tore off multiple strips off so she could tie them around her eyes, she did this and after each layer she would open her eyes to test the brightness, six thick strips later she would finally see. though her eyes burned. Turning to face the strange group she had run into she would pull the ad from her satchel. "Have you word of this?"
  7. Template made By Lord Mercury disclaimer: This oc and its stats\lore all belong to the AD&D makers. I only own her character personality and action "There were two undeniable truths in the Realms: It was very easy to overestimate a Drow and even easier to underestimate a dwarf." NAME Baltana of no house worth mention Nicknames Bal Titles The Lazy One "A third [of three] had died in his bunk of natural causes-- for a dagger in the heart quite naturally ends one's life" Personality She's modest and calm, cool and collected. She doesnt like to do much that would be considered troublesome, and she does her best to avoid conflict even so far as to get some one else to do something for her so that she doesnt have too. Gender and Sexuality Female, Straight Likes and Dislikes She loves her some whiskey, its one of her favorite pass times, she loves sleeping, the more she gets the better she is to handle. She hates anything that require work and will often be stubborn or petulant about doing it. She absolutely hates dishonorable people There is a catch to her laziness, if she really enjoys/wants to learn nothing will stop her and she will do all the work until its complete. Looks Her eyes are an azure blue that glow when she evokes her magic. Her skin the dark black almost purple hue of the Drow. Her hair is long and white, straight flowing down her back, sometimes she wears it in a ponytail, others she just wears it down or in a simple braid. Her body is slim fit athletic. She left before she became a fully fledged mage, she does however have her first mages circle under her eyes, which glows when she uses her magic. Age 20 Class Spell fighter (Rare) Species Drow aka dark Elf Weight 125lbs Height 5' 4" Skills Perception +4 Stealth + 10 Darkvision 120 ft Languages Elvish, Undercommon Challenge 5 (1800 xp) Fey Ancestry She has the advantage against being charmed and she cannot be put to sleep by magic. Innate Spellcasting her ability is based on her Charisma. she can innately cast the following spells with no material components at will: dancing lights 1 day each: darkness, faerie fire, levitate (only her) Sunlight Sensitivity she loses her advanatge on attack during the day along with vision checks that rely on sight. Actions Multi-attack She makes two short sword attacks Shortsword Melee weapon attack: +7 to hit, reach 5ft, on target. hit: 7 piercing damage plus 10 poison damage Hand Crossbow Ranged Weapon attack: +7 to hit, range 30/120ft, one target Hit: 7 piercing damage, and the target must have enough constitution to handle or be poisoned for one hour "Procrastination is my sin, it brings me naught but sorrow. I know that I should stop it, In fact I will- Tomorrow" Backstory Baltana is new to the outside world, shes looking for adventure to get away from the oppressive society she is apart of. She grew up with both parents and is a rare Spell fighter for her village. She is brand new and will be played as such. I will add to her backstory and history and experience as she is played with.
  8. Hey, I'm new and referred here by Tex, I'd love to jump in with my Drow Baltana, if possible?
  9. I'm Bal, Ivy, Ame, Rest, ya know whatever anyone has ever run into me as. My screen name is normally the persona I portray on the daily while online. I was referred here by Tex, for plot based oc building. Let me tell you I'm HYPE to be here. XD a little about me: Im 29 (almost just 3 more months so close enough) Im a mom, so sometimes i have some struggles making a post. Four kids will do that.... z-z I work Mon, Tues, Thurs 7pm-11pm eastern and Friday-Sat 11pm till 6 am Last but not least, Im anemic so i take random body forced naps. forgive me. I have a few characters I could bring over but i think I want to focus on just the one for now. Ill post her as soon as i figure out where. p.s. im lazy with punctuation/grammer. much love Bal~
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