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  1. 😅sorry for my spontaneous hiatus guys! im honestly not going to be able to get post till tomorrow I feel like such a flipping idiot!
  2. I know arghhhhh I’ve just been putting it off and I’m an idiot. I really need to get on that. dudnt realize wades character was from the 17th century “cream faced loon”? I’m definently gonna use these the second I get a chance. Expecially the second insult.
  3. I wasn’t trying to get noticed outside the window.
  4. Yeah I should have previously planned this out. Also I know very little about pubs and bars having only entered one once and that barely even counted. Lets see what the other guy has to say on the subject. His character seems like me might notice stuff more that your character does
  5. Um my character’s less that like 13. I doubt there is any reason they could blend in at a BAR. Also my invisibility button broke if that’s what you mean by incognito. i was also planning on him blending in with the crowd of walking people. Y’all’s habits of entering buildings is really throwing me off Yknow.
  6. Well the plan was for my character to do a poor job at keeping unnoticed while tailing you on purpose then you character confronts him. Maybe the other guy will notice gizmo?
  7. well i was going to start following you guys as you walked to the bar but i guess ill have to change my plans now. i cant imagine any reason for my character to walk into a bar and his plan was to get you guys to confront him. any ideas? mayhap i make him go just outside the bar and one of you guys notice gizmo and having seen him back at the station and think that maybe hes following you and confront him?
  8. Xe had to go. Xe straightens xyr legs and fell to the ground flipping midair to land on xyr feet. Xe turned off xyr invisibility button which promptly broke. Xe ran out to the sidewalk and leaned against the police station waiting for them to go where they were gonna go, obviously xe was gonna follow.
  9. i shall try and post soon!
  10. Alright. I’m gonna wait for somebody else to post,
  11. She walked back. “Where are you from?” She stopped when she made it back to the group “hello I’m back.” I wonder if this new person will join our adventure.
  12. Well ok then I don’t have a battle axe strapped to my back.
  13. Do they ask her to take off all weapons or ask something like “please turn in your axe?”
  14. Oh noe the question is does my character take off all of the around 25+ various hidden weapons on her or just give her obvious battle axe?
  15. (Lol I think I remember saying that she had a battle axe strapped to her back in the cs I posted in the ooc) “Yes if you wish we could go there” she waited for him to stand up “I’m practiced in most existing martial arts and can fight in most styles and with most weapons though I’m sure there are some I don’t know of”
  16. starts violently chucking tophats at everyone
  17. "i am a soldier of Vervain" she thought for a moment "though i guess i am no longer anything as the country of Vervain is dead. showing your lack of weapons could also make you a target. what is your prized weapon? are you a warrior?" she was interested to learn more about this new stranger, everybody seemed odd to her. she looked back at the people she had been talking to them back at Arashi.
  18. (this is exactly my face reading this) i am so confused *sees the character options* yeah this seems legit ill join! LETS DO THIS!! *sounds really low energy trying to be high energy but has headache and brain fog*
  19. She looked back at him “probably a storm of some sort. Why did you turn in your weapons? I see no logical reason to do so." Why would anybody go anywhere weaponless? Maybe it was a tactical thing and he did have other weapons on him.
  20. I second that friendly reminder!
  21. I’ll try and post soon
  22. Talking to my friend about how random this situation is and explaining the city and he said “so it’s basically Detroit?” Then he told me a story about how somebody got their porch stolen how does that even work?! LOL
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