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  1. lol yeah im just over here wondering how realistic this situation is its like this
  2. She had been thinking the past few minutes while Marcus was talking, she knew everything he had just said but was focusing on her thoughts. She had been thinking of taking a more hacking-like approach to the situation but having Emile go retrieve Fuller was probably better, the police on the other hand "confronting or going to the police could be a bad idea. They might have a human leak and going there would/could do multiple things, 1. Alert them that somebody is on the case 2. Give them the heads up and chance they need to remove certain information 3. Possibly even cause a shootout.” She paused “we have the legal ability to hack into their system without telling them so we should probably do that. I can also use the same strategy to bring in information on the fuller family”
  3. Xe almost spat out his soda then stopped hoping none of them had heard the noise. Jake’s dead!! This was a surprise to xyr, xe didn’t know Jake well as he was a kid who actually had or lived with their parents but that made it more shocking, house kids were less likely to die. I hope these guys can find who did it xe finished his soda and silently crushed up the can and put it in xyr backpack. Xe felt the button that provided his invisibility give a small jolt, nothing too worrying as that had been happening, xe needed to get a replacement as this one xe had been using for a very long time.
  4. “Yes” She said as she looked at the small wound. “ I appear to have injured myself Coming here though I’m not sure when” she looked in her satchel through the coins, tools, and small assorted weapons all neatly put in there and took out a small bandage roll and quickly fixed it.
  5. Reply coming soon! It will be short as I don’t have much to say so you guys can skip me if ya wanna post!
  6. "painting?" she was confused. it sounded familiar but she didn't know how. she thought about what to do next. one of the few introduction gestures that existed in Vervain seemed to also exist here, she thrust out her hand to shake and said "im dion, what is your name?". she turned to the waitress "no" she said simply. her right wing hurt and she looked at it, there was a small gash. she hadn't realized that it had gotten injured.
  7. You guys don’t even know how happy I am about how my writing skills have improved since I started forum roleplaying! ?

    1. amenities


      This was beautiful ?

  8. She curiously watched two new people walk in, it was the second one who caught her attention. She walked him walk in and trade in some knives, an odd act to her. And then she saw him pull out a pencil and then put it away in favor of a sort of brush she had never seen before as far as she knew but was attached to some vague memory. All of this caught her newfound curiosity and she for the first time wondered what she could do about it. She looked at her group, the man had distracted her from what they were saying “I will be back” she got up and walked over to the man. She then stood there and watched a moment before asking. Her monotone voice now taking a note of curiosity “what are you doing?” It didn’t even cross her mind that she might look intimidating in any way. As she watched the brush move the vague feeling became stronger but still the memory was kept just out of reach, it looked so familiar.
  9. escuse me i iz getting ham sammich obviously can you seriously imagine somebody sneaky spying with a meatball sub? also yes could u plz crack open the window that would be nice thank you
  10. *sudden realization* maybe i should have him get a sandwhich and then do some sneaky spying whilst nomming on a sandwhich! MASTER PLAN
  11. ok looks like its time to do some sneaky spying *mwuhehehe evil hand gestures* if there wasnt i was literally gonna have my character go get a sandwhich lol
  12. By any chance does the room you’re in have a window?
  13. Finally got my character to do something other than flop around which is basically what he’s been doing if I’m honest. Kinda wanna yell at him tone less useless but I’m making him do all that stuff he’s doing : P
  14. He woke up very startled and confused. Where the frick am I??!! he took a second to look around the room oh, a hospital yeah that makes sense. He remembered the night before, or however long ago it was. In all his panic last night he remembered one of the most basic magic forms he could do, illusionary magic. It was effective and took very little actual energy. It only took him 5 seconds to change himself. As far as anybody knew he was human in every way, they could even take DNA tests and wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Then he had finally passed out because of blood loss and fell on his face. He assumed somebody had found him and gotten him to a hospital. Then he heard all the noise and snapped out of his thoughts. I probably should get out of here he turned and sat on the edge of the hospital bed and put his leg down and he felt a sharp jolt of pain shoot up his leg. He smiled painfully ah yes, still injured luckily enough injuries didn't leak over when he turned into a shadow. He turned into a shadow and melted into the nearest wall. He went into the hallway not exactly trying to be inconspicuous but simply trying to get out before anything major shocked him out of it. He put his hand into the air, not actually doing that as he was a shadow but more mentally doing it. The air was thick with fear, literally. Waving it back and forth was like doing so underwater. Well, at least I've got the upper hand here. All this fear makes everything easy. The more fear the more powerful he was and he was practically swimming in fear. He cut through the physiology department. Lots of people there. Then he saw the grenade and then some woman shot the grenade. Frick. The suddenness of the explosion knocked him into the physical world no longer with the illusionary spell intact and caused him to fly straight into two people, one of which was the woman who shot the grenade. A shadow like a wall suddenly flew up in front of the grenade stopping any of the debris from hitting them but not preventing them from getting hit by the full force of the shock wave. He landed on his back and waved his hand causing the shadow wall he had subconsciously created to disappear, with the sheer amount of fear stuff like that could happen with little conscious effort. he looked at the two people he had gotten knocked into "can one of you tell me what the frick is going on?"
  15. Been working on a post
  16. There’s literally no reason for my character to be there
  17. Imagine if you will, a world where you are forced every morning to wake up at 5:30 am and leave by 6:07 am without even the aid of coffee or caffeine.

    my life is the twilight zone

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Coffee makes mah world go round

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      Coffee is a legal psychoactive drug ??

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  18. Alrighty im already changing my first post to fit the pronouns so I’ll fix the trench coat situation. As for running into each other my character’s got that figured out. When you leave the building my characters going to follow you in the crowd (after disabling xyrs gear) but purposefully doing a less than wonderful job in order to get your character to notice xem and hopefully your character will confront mine.
  19. Heads up about gizmo’s pronouns. im gonna attempt using xe pronouns. I’m trying to get myself used to how they work and it probably hopefully won’t take to long to my brain to get used to the aesthetics of this pronoun (choosing xe because I can pretend it’s pronounced similarly to he) Also please tell me if I mess up so I can fix it
  20. Fun fact:

    atheists can’t say goodbye.

    People used to say “god be with you” to say bye. Over time this got shortened into “goodbye”

    1. supernal


      Apparently influenced by "good day" and "good evening" though so an atheist can just mentally tell themselves they're using that part of it and not the theist interpretation part of it and thus allow themselves to say goodbye after all 

    2. Unicorgi


      Yeah that makes sense 

  21. fun thing to try

    step 1

    turn on classical music

    step 2

    imagine fight scenes and marvel stuff but they're doing it in ballet/interpretive dance

    1. Tyler


      Who needs interpretive dance when Classical Music goes perfectly with a normal fight! lol

    2. Unicorgi


      Well not any type of classical 


      like something you would hear during a battle scene because it doesn’t make sense


  22. (I’m not gonna reveal Shorty/gizmo’s age but he is young ((less that 14)) and he xe is my first attempt at a gender neutral character. I couldn’t imagine xem as a girl or a boy so I made xem gender neutral. I have never used gender neutral pronouns before so if I mess up I’m sorry.) Xe was hanging around a couple blocks from the police station literally hanging from the fire escape by xyr legs at least 15 feet up chewing on a big wad of bubblegum. Xe was watching people walk by. Xe was rather bored waiting for something to peak his interest. Then xe saw them. Some guy in a brown trench coat. Now THAT was interesting, nobody walked around in a trench coat like that without a reason. Xe flipped up to a sitting position and pulled on xyr two dark brown thin gloves and pulled down his goggles onto xyr eyes and turned them on. Xe pressed the button on xyr short black jacket for camouflage mode. It wasn’t incredibly enhanced, it made xyr invisible but if you focused you could see a definite shine. Xe swung up and clinched to the wall, the gloves gave xyr the ability to cling to walls like a gecko. Xe climbed up the wall and ran across the building careful not to lose sight of the trench coat man. Xe leaped to the next building calculating the distance with xyr goggles waving his arms and legs and xyr foot hit the wall so xe used that to propel xemself to the roof and continued like that till the man stopped walking. Xe ducked into an alleyway hanging off of another fire escape and watched the man walk into the police station. Xe hung there waiting for the man to come out. Xe could be patient and besides, this promised to be interesting. Xe pulled out xyr phone and called Andy “hey Andy how ya doing?” Xe said In xyr young boyish voice “that’s nice, I saw this weird guy in a trench coat today. Yeah I followed him I’m waiting right outside the station. No nothing wrong just thought I’d tell ya. No reason. Kay bye” xe hung up and waited.
  23. honestly, the closest I've gotten is reading a what come to think of it now was probably a steampunk book in elementary school (even though from my understanding steampunk is basically cyberpunk in reverse) I wish I could remember the title because it was really good if very extremely confusing for me. I honestly just remember myself being like "what?! that's not how history happened!" and not understanding alternate realities and stuff.
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