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  1. Hello! nice signature unicorgi, explorer of the internet
  2. well i mean if you heard somebody cursing their broken leg you might be inclined to see what was going on.
  3. I friggin broked my leg to make an escuse for one of u people to find wtfrith. Maybe maybe one of ataraxys characters.
  4. Also just a heads up if somebody could find my character that would be great. I mean it’s not like I broke my leg for no reason
  5. She waited at the door to the civic safety & defense academy. It was her first assignment and she didn’t want to mess it up. Today her hair was short, spiky, platinum blond with streaks of icy blue. She likes having the ability to change her appearance even if that was small and currently limited to hair she had fun with it. She saw Marcus walking towards the building and without thinking about it telepathically communicated him (FYI when I use italics and “” it means I’m communicating telepathically) “hey Marcus!” Then she realized she hadn’t told him she was telepathic yet she thought “aw frick I didn’t tell you I was telepathic yet, darn it the connection is still open and you’re hearing my thoughts frick! Sorry it’s just me yzzy” she kept the connection open to hear his response, he was still a good distance from the building but he could definitely see her “I’m the one with the spiky platinum blonde hair FYI” Well this was a grand way to start the assignment, possibly freak out your partner, she hadn’t even read his mind at all yet so she didnt have much of a clue on how he might react.
  6. Jonathan was hanging in an alleyway at the moment as a shadow. Turning into a shadow was a skill he had learned after being exiled and it most definitely came in handy even though if suprised enough he would go back to normal and the odd chance a human saw a “shadowy figure” freaked them out and it had grown into a pretty common rumor that something like a supernatural shadow had been hanging around in alleyways which occasionally caused masks to come looking, but evading them was never a problem. Usually anyway. There was one of them (naomi) who had come particularly close at times even if none of those times Jonathan was pretty sure they weren’t looking for him. The problem was that she could phase through walls and it was pretty alarming to have a person phase right through you even if you were just a shadow, he had almost transformed right back to normal when it happened which would have been alarming for both of them. Then suddenly interrupting his thoughts sudden shouting on top of a rooftop alarmed him into his normal form and he tripped over a brick landing face down on the pavement. Pain shot through his leg and he heard a crack he got up and stumbled backwards doing even more damage. He sat down next to a dumpster and leaned against the wall so he couldn’t be seen from the street. He closed his eyes and sharply inhaled trying not to scream at the searing pain in his calf and he quietly cursed and looked at it, was that bone?!?! He had bones?!He had purple blood? It was impossible to get injured in the nightmare realm so he didn’t know what to do, he tried pressing his leg down. Nope wrong thing to do. He sat there breathing sharply and muttering in pain trying not to draw attention although he was pretty sure he was gonna fail, probably one of those “masks” would find him not to mention he had smashed his face right into pavement and it wasn’t doing to hot either. Yeah this night had took a sharp turn to horrible. (Sorry for my poor grammar and writing skills, I’m writing this on my phone and it ain’t got no grammarly)
  7. Valucre plz don’t get mad at me this wasn’t my original plan
  8. It’s a vampire, werewolf, ghosts kinda supernatural
  9. Oh whoops I should have mentioned, I’ve posted this roleplay on multiple sites and one of them got enough people so I’ve stopped it on the others here is the link
  10. Yeah, I wanted more human characters but what do you have in mind if you’re set on being supernatural?
  11. eyes light up time for a bit of messing around with a song to fit what you said original song-the dragnets are coming from wings of fire [Verse 1] The villians are coming Their coming to end the day! Their coming to fight For they know what's wrong! The villians hooray! [Verse 2] The villians are coming Their coming to end the day! Their coming to fight For they know what's wrong! The villians hooray! [Verse 3] The villians are coming Their coming to end the day! Their coming to fight For they know what's wrong! The villians hooray...? The villians hooray! HOORAY!
  12. Ok then! I ain’t never played that in my life so I wouldn’t know
  13. The character will spin wildly for the next 4 turns
  14. She thought about it, she would probably need to fit in or be more like the people around her. She turned to the female warrior and asked “what are your skills?” Maybe they had more skill than they looked. She also tried smiling which is something they did but she had never seen before
  15. Who’s turn is it to post next? When do I go?
  16. Looks at him with confusion but yet again nods. She said “so skills are needed for a quest” she looked around at the group, they didn’t look particularly impressive or soldier like
  17. (Hair is ombré from white to black and is anybody getting my references to watership down the best book ever?! Also side note all the clothing she wears is a type of armor) She nodded as she usually did when somebody spoke to her, it was how you were supposed to confirm you had heard them. She said again in her emotionless tone “what is a quest?”
  18. She now named díon sat there confused at the parts of the conversation that were seemingly meaningless, why would somebody speak if it was unnecessary? Here it seemed people introduced themselves so she tried it “I think my name is díon Hyzenthlay, I was a soldier of the country Vervain but it was destroyed by a unknown volcano”
  19. “I don’t understand your request” she said simply. Am I having trouble keeping memories? I didn’t even know I had these in the first place
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