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  1. It was interesting how it seemed the bulk of car travel was actually above the actual streets, perhaps to provide more foot traffic and more space for everything below. But it also throw a lot of other questions into his head like how did people know where to go or how to drive when there were no rods to follow? It didn't take long for the car to arrive at its apparent destination, and slowly lowered itself back onto the side of the street to properly park in a temporary parking slot. When the two got out of the car, it was noticeable that the rain had picked up significantly, adding a cold chill to the streets and illuminating the neon lights and colours of the beautiful city even more. Before they enter, Tabitha pauses, turning towards him with a thoughtful look. "I just want to let you know beforehand that the owner of this building is a bit fretful in nature. Do not worry if you somehow startle him, it isn't your fault, nor does it have anything to do with your countenance." And with that, her heels click along the wet pavement as she leads Silas into smaller building than he had expected. It has long green neon windows on both sides of the little door, showcasing an array of jewelry and accessories. in them. The interior is small but comfortable. It's a far cry from the exterior of the cold and dim city. Warmth spills through the small room from a light bulb hanging, exuding small particle of light that seem to drift and float dreamily around the area. The place is incredibly clean, but doesn't feel cold or lacking, the soft neon green lights from the ceiling also wash the room in a bit of its hue. There is a counter on the far end, and the rest of the area has bookcases and stands of accessories and jewelry. There's a man behind the counter with dark brown hair that reached just past his shoulders. He's wearing a dark emerald green cloak but that's about all Silas can discern just from looking at the other's back. "William." Tabitha greets, earning a startled yelp from the man behind the counter. William, apparently was more than 'a bit fretful', in fact he seemed positively skittish. Silas watches him accidentally throw whatever book he was reading into the air on surprised instinct and then duck down behind the counter. It's only after a moment of Tabitha clearing her throat, moving over to pick up the poor book that went flying across the room, and then approaching the desk does he dare peek his gaze above the desk once more. Now that a bit more of is face is shown, Silas can see that he is unnaturally pale with dark circles showing a sleepless countenance. He has disheveled longer brown hair, one wiry long strand falling directly into his dark eyes as he looks up at the two. "Ah...Tabitha." William calls in sheepish embarrassment, eyes swiveling over to Silas before eventually moving back up into a stand and dusting off his sage green clothing. "Y-Yes Mr. Locke did tell me you'd be arriving around this time, didn't he?" he says softly, a posh accent lightly toning his words. "Yes. Mr. Coleman here will simply be needing his information authenticated. I discovered he already has information registered in the system as it is not technically his first visit to the city. So, we will just be needing to update any C.A.R.D. information and then choose a identifier if Mr. Coleman prefers." Tabitha explains with a nod, stepping back to let Silas move closer to the counter. "But if you will excuse me, I will need to make a call at this time. You're in good hands Mr. Coleman. No one is better than William with the integration of an identifier." she assures Silas before heading outside with a short greeting to whomever was on the other end of her call with a hand moving to her ear. William stares up at Silas for a moment before a smile lights up his face, erasing any weariness or gauntness in his cheeks just moments before. "I am very sorry for my poor manners Mr. Coleman." he greets, holding out a hand for the other man to shake. "I'm just a tad nervous in composure you see." he chuckles nervously. "I hope you can forget any silliness I may have displayed and know that I will do my best to serve you. My name is William. William Mayfield!" he chirps amiably. There's no hesitancy in his voice, just a bit of nervousness which might just be the poor man's regular state of being. Still, he seems plenty genuine and his friendly attitude is welcoming to Silas, even showing no caution about offering a handshake. "Now! I hope you don't mind if you confirm a couple questions. All very basic for identification mind you, but very important to make sure your C.A.R.D. is renewed so you can be off running along the bustling streets of the city." he titters, hands typing rapidly along a glowing green keyboard hologram in the air. The questions were all simple enough. Height, Weight, Eye Colour and the like. There were also questions a bit more in depth like his current occupation and a thorough look into his history with the law. It didn't take long to get the questions squared away as it seemed Fain had already uploaded and even updated most of the information already. "And then all that's left is to choose an identifier, if you'd like one." William says, hands hovering over the keys as he turns to look up at Silas with a curious smile. "Most seem to like it on their jewelry or rings but really there is quite a lot of freedom in it. Is there anything you'd like your registration data to be embedded in? I for one think you seem like a very interesting fellow, so I'd be quite curious on what you decide your identifier could be. Oh-not that I meant to say that there is something bad about being interesting but just that oh-well-I mean-" he fumbles with a nervous laugh, wringing his fingers. "Wh-What um do you think? Anything you'd be interested in Mr. Coleman?" he asks with a wobbly smile, his finger reaching up to fiddle with the emerald broach that kept his cloak connected around the front.
  2. The trip was long. Silas could only be grateful that somehow on this train that everyone had their own room. He didn't even think a train express could be big enough to provide suites inside of a moving vehicle, it truly is a wonder about what money can buy. Food was delivered, walks were taken, the express even had a cafe and store in side of it. Just as he was starting to get a bit stir crazy after spending a entire day on the journey, that same feeling of anticipation began to grow in his gut again once the rolling hills started to disappear from the windows and the cloudy day began to turn to evening. Looking out the window, the small smattering of rain drops begin to fall as if signifying his arrival. He finally had made it to Cradle. The city is absolutely gigantic, one of the biggest hubs for transportation and magi-technology in the country. It had its own weather and subsystem of economy because of how gigantic and bustling the area is. Entering Cradle was like entering a new land full of neon lights, skyscrapers, and sound. Silas can't help but feel absolutely awed watching the train pull into the city. Even the people were all shapes and sizes, the diversity only proof that this city is the root of travel and business for all, if you have the proper identification that is. By the time the express finally pulled into its station, Silas had his banged up suitcase and bag at the ready, adrenaline already kicking in at the anticipation of the heavy crowds. 'Thank you V.I.P. members, for riding on the Silver Express. We hope to see you again soon!' the cheerful voice chimed over the intercom as the train doors automatically slid open. Silas is immediately assaulted with the sounds, sights, and lights of the city. It's overwhelming in a terrifying but wonderful way. Stepping off, he only then realizes how few people were actually on the train. The intercom mentioned something about them being special members, maybe that was a purposeful choice by Fain since he knew it was bound to be a bit crowded and miserable for Silas travelling a regular way. Even just his looks could make people wary. And yet, somehow with his meager luggage and his strange looks, he didn't feel eyes on him as he walked to the only gate to exit that he could see. Maybe strange looking people and expressions were simply just common in a large city like Cradle. He only had made it three steps away from the train when his name rang out clearly among the small throng of people. "Mr. Coleman." repeats the voice and it belongs to what can only be described as a tall female android. "Welcome to Cradle. I am Mr. Locke's assistant, Tabitha. I am here to get your C.A.R.D properly registered and then will take you to see Mr. Locke and the young master Locke." She explains succinctly, her bright cyan eyes glowing lightly even in the dim lighting of the station. Tabitha is smartly dressed and radiates power. It seems anything related to the Lockes has a certain air about it that can't be denied. Her unsaturated platinum hair is pulled up into a low bun with two spiraled strands framing her face and plum-coloured lips. Her skin is smooth but her eyes are unnaturally bright, and there are two lines running down from them, breaking the illusion that she is a human. She's wearing a deep blue turtleneck dress that cinches tightly at the waist by a delicate silver band. Her silver stilettos and silver pearl hair clip tying back her bun complete the look in an effortlessly simple but standout look. "Come. We mustn't waste time. As we go I will explain to you the logistics. You were given a C.A.R.D. by the young master. This is your identification in the city. You must never lose it. For efficiency and convenience, your C.A.R.D. can be transferred into something that can be scanned." She explains lightly, leading him through the security gate with a single glance to the guard and over to a black vintage car that doesn't appear to have wheels. "This could even be materials or clothing such as a ring, earring, necklace jewel, contact lens, cuff link, the list continues. If you would like to transfer your C.A.R.D data into a material instead of carrying the item around, we will be able to do that during your registration. I would suggest you think carefully about what sort of accessory you wish to have as your identifier, as it should be something you always carry with you or will remember to bring with you outside." Silas is able to chuck his luggage into the trunk before he gets inside the car. The black leather interior cushions his back tenderly and the luxury treatment definitely has already paid off at least where his back is concerned. Sometimes public travelling can be such a hassle for someone of his larger stature. Tabitha sits at the driver wheel and its only then, when the car starts to strangely shift vertically that Silas realizes the car doesn't have wheels because it levitates off the ground. Technology really is something.
  3. A blue sky and a the kind sun beaming down on the rolling grassy hills are what Silas could consider a normal day on the farm. Peace and tranquility was bountiful, even during days of hard labor. It only made the end result more satisfying when he got to put his feet up and toe off his heavy working boots. It was a simple life, no complications really besides the uncertainty of how well the crops would grow during the off seasons. He thinks he could be happy just spending the rest of his days doing this. Sure, it wasn't anything special, but he made things happen with his own two hands, had food and a home, and most importantly, a family who loved him. But, just maybe, the smallest part of him wanted something more than this. Back to the crowded streets and the activity. It was busy, it was more than a little stressful, but it was memorable. He can recall doing the odd job here and there like a mercenary for hire. It wasn't incredibly easy getting work because of the way he looks, but the people that gave him jobs were always memorable. Especially the situation he stumbled into accidentally, becoming a bodyguard of what seemed to be a kid, a noble at that. Those days he can recall with vivid sparks of colour, running on the pavement harshly, chasing after criminals, and shielding the young man that seemed to embrace trouble like a lover. Eventually, like he always did, he had to move on in his travels. Days on the farm blur by, the same day in and day out motions of labor not giving him any sort of purpose other than to simply continue the grind. He could be happy here, he forcefully thinks this every day. He also knows that if he were a little braver though, that maybe he'd step out once more to follow the wind of adventure. It was mainly his looks and health that lead him into wishing for a more peaceful life. He remembers a time when all he had wanted was to feel content, and at peace, to not be judged and to be happy. And now, where he can finally have this, he can't decide why he even wanted it in the first place. So when Silas steps outside and sees the greyness of the sky and feels the smallest chill of approaching rain, he can feel something turn in his gut. The familiar feeling of anticipation. Something would change today. He trudges along the dirt path, gravel crunching under his feet as he moves to the rusted silver mailbox at the front of the fence. There's a pristine envelope inside free of the dirt and mess that usually comes with the farm life. It's silver in colour, the smallest of glitters embedded into it making it look like snow when he pulls it out of the mailbox and into the sunlight. He flips it over, eyes the crest melted into the seal of the royal blue wax and promptly flips the letter back over with energized expectancy. In a similar royal blue ink, he eyes the delicate cursive scrawl of his own name on the from. His eyes swivel over to the sender and he can't help but exhale out a chuckle. Fain Locke's name stares back at him like a call of the siren luring him back into a life he's so missed. He wastes no time taking the letter out and reading its contents: Dear Silas, I trust you are well. I do hope farm life is giving you the proper rest and peace you deserve and desire. I also hope however, that it might not be treating you as nice in the hopes that you would be swayed to come assist me in the city of Cradle. To put it shortly, I would like to hire you for your previous services and aid. There is dissent in the city concerning the automated security system agents and I write to you today because I know you are a person I can put my trust and safety in. I have been assigned a very important task related to the safety of the city itself. I do wish I could explain in more detail but if I have caught your attention in such a way, we may converse more about such matters later. If you are partial to being hired, I truly would appreciate your presence. Please arrive at your at your soonest convenience. I have provided a temporary C.A.R.D. inside along with travel finances to properly fund anything you might need. After you prepare your things, simply tap upon the wax crest at the end of this letter three times and transportation will be sent to pick you up. Should you wish not to join me in this endeavor, I insist you keep the payment either way and give your family my regards. Sincerely, Fain Locke P.S. Are the badgers on the farm giving you much trouble? I surely hope not, I hear they can be quite a nuisance if not taken care of quickly for the crops. Do be careful about where you tread. @Djinn&Juice
  4. Rain takes a moment to look at the hidden pride shining through his brother's eyes. The man is so proud of his home, the things he's purchased, the staff he's hired, the wealth he's accrued. Rain is happy for his brother. It isn't what he thinks happiness would look like, but he supposes it's different for everyone For the first time in a long time Rain feels strangely hopeful that such a bizarre and new surrounding might be just the thing he needs to keep his spirits up. It's hard some days living alone, regardless of how beautiful the cottage is, Rain likes company. He likes knowing there is a presence in the same home as him. Even after all this time, he still feels safest around his brother. Rain turns when Constantine asks the question. Is it acceptable? Rain wants to laugh. He thinks they both know the answer to that question. He has absolutely no idea how they got to this area. The hallways seem endless, and the corners numerous. It really is like a bizarre scenario through the looking glass. There's a warmth in his heart that is a familiar fondness for Constantine and the restraint he has kept up all morning simply withers away as he smiles tenderly at the man. He leans forward, enveloping Constantine in a hug and closing his eyes at the familiar warmth. It feels like it surrounds his bones softly, the breathing and warmth of a living person. He hugs his brother a little tighter, trying to convey his gratitude and sincerity at all of his help. Never in a million years would he have thought he'd stay with Constantine in such a place. He thought that ink had been forever scratched out once they were separated in their youth. Rain exhales softly, lightly pushing his cheek into his brother's suit and feeling one of the golden buttons slightly press into his skin before pulling away with a smile. "It's perfect..." He watches with a small amount of concern as the phone rings and soon enough Constantine is out the door. Rain gives him a wave in departure, looking around his new quarters with an exhale. Maybe he better start walking now to meet up with him by dinner considering how big these halls were! Who knows where he will end up. Rain chuckles at the absurdity of it all, internally joking at the sheer audacious size of the place. And yet, a small part of him is curious, about how it is to live like this. What an average day is like for his brother, and if he too might start to see the appeal of all this grandeur. Only time will tell, he supposes!
  5. "Oh please don't be nervous. You know I support you Constantine, in anything and everything." he smiles softly, dark eyes shining with genuine admiration for his brother. Rain looks at the sprawling palace of his brother in contemplation, an awkward smile forced on his face as the looms closer and closer. He's a bit in disbelief at just how enormous the place is. The building never seems to end, seemingly to go forever as they drive up to it. Constantine must think his nice established cottage outside of the city is pathetic in comparison. It wasn't as if he didn't have money, or rather, when he first purchased his house he had plenty. He could have gotten a manor of his own he supposes, but for the life of him he didn't know what he would have done with it! Sometimes a nice view and nature were all a man needed to enjoy life. Though apparently, his brother doesn't' seem to agree with the notion. It's very...what's the word. Established. Grand. Embellished? Enormous. A trite over the top...? "Oh Constantine it's..." he breathes faintly, speechless in disbelief that everything here belongs to his brother and his brother alone. But, if this is what his brother wants and what makes him happy then nothing is too much really, he supposes. He has not a single idea what Constantine does with all of the room though. The man lives alone after all. Still, Constantine has worked for years to get what he wants. If an enormous living space fit for a king is what makes his brother smile, then that's all that matters. There's a lot of help. A lot of it. Maids and butlers and outside decorators and hedge cutters every which way. Rain hopes that Constantine doesn't get lonely in such a big space, maybe some of the helpers he's made some friends with? A small part of him knows better. Still, there's an excitement that thrums and sings in his veins. It's a different change of pace, a new place to live! There's going to be so much to explore and experience. He thanks the man who opens the car door for him, stepping out with a roll of his shoulders. They move inside and even that is a show in itself just watching the giant golden doors being opened. How heavy are the doors, he wonders as it seems that that is made of pure gold. There had to be some sort of magic or enhancement to make them open easier. Gold certainly isn't light. His mind is already whirling at that, but the colours and the embellishments and decor, it's all just so much! There's so many places to look and everyone is running around, the palace a flurry of activity as Constantine glides in like a prince. He supposes he could have had this in a different life. Rain swallows thickly, wringing his hands as he moves a bit closer to his brother's side, slightly intimidated by all of the unknown factors. He doesn't want to lose him in the sprawling hallways or interrupt any of the workers. They look a little apprehensive, and are moving at a very brisk pace. Constantine sure knew what he was looking for in his helpers, Rain supposes. Professional, curt, and effective. It almost feels like a different world all together, being in such a grand place. It's like stepping into a royal fairytale. He wonders if his brother wanted it for that very reason. That the man worked and worked so dreams and silly fairytales weren't just stories, but living in embellished breathing gold and wide knowing hallways. Constantine didn't need dreams, because he had already purchased them.
  6. "Oh they've all been so kind!" Rain assures his brother quickly. "Mr. Alderose especially seems like such a nice fellow." Rain smiles, settling back more comfortably in his seat. "I'm-looking forward to seeing your home, Constantine. I can't thank you enough for your kindness in letting me stay for awhile." he smiles, glancing out at the moving countryside. Rain has to admit all of this consideration about the move has him feeling a tad spoiled, and perhaps even a little guilty. He hopes this all isn't too much of a burden or hassle on his brother. Constantine really is always busy or working it seems, and Rain doesn't want to hinder any of that. He knows how hard his brother works for his lifestyle. Still he can't help but be a little hopeful about being able to stay with him. Maybe it will help them grow closer. His dark eyes easily catch the light stiffening of Constantine's hands, and he suddenly feels self-conscious. Did he say something that already exasperated him? His fingers interlock on his lap and he fiddles lightly with them before he looks back to his brother. The tunnel blocks out the morning light and Rain resists the urge to childishly hold his breath like he used to when he was younger as they drive through. "Is something the matter?" he asks softly.
  7. "Until tomorrow..." Rain echoes, hearing the line drop afterwards. He hugs the phone to his chest in sighs in elation, tilting backwards until he's flopped onto his bed and smiling at the ceiling. Somehow those simple words have made him feel more alive than he has in years. It wasn't from his siblings bonding together, it wasn't from Marigold's return, it wasn't even from the sliver of hope that he might get a new heart no. It's the simple roundabout way that his brother told him he loves him after all this time. Something so simple, something that he should have already known but the threads of darkness that clung to his heart wouldn't allow him to hope. Rain promises himself that he will try not to get in his brother's way when he stays with him. Even though Constantine is the one who offered, Rain knows well enough how busy the man is, and he doesn't want to appear clingy. Constantine hates clingy. He will do well and respect the boundaries and rules the house lays out for him. It's a privilege to even get to stay with Constantine for a bit regardless of the duration of time he will be there. And...it might be nice to have some company finally. It's been hard getting out of bed lately, for many reasons. --- Tomorrow comes in a blink of an eye. Rain had spent the rest of the evening packing and preparing the things he wanted to take most with him. The endeavor had left him achy and happily falling into his bed after a warm shower. But now as the sunlight streams through the early windows and he watches the help move his stuff he can't help but feel a thrum of adrenaline sing through his body. The head butler, Rain pondered, is a man that he hadn't exactly expected to be the sort of man that Constantine would have taken in. Rain assumed initially that most of Constantine's servants and help would be just as beautiful as him. His brother was always rather picky about that. He liked to surround himself with beautiful people, but not too beautiful as he didn't want to be threatened. Maybe Rain was just being unfair. Regardless, the kind older man is someone Rain really wants to get to know more. "O-Oh thank you very much, I am humbled by your care. Might I know your name, sir?" he asks politely, giving a soft thanks in appreciation as he is served tea in his own house. He feels bad, maybe he should offer everyone working a small break and a drink. He isn't being a very kind host is he? But they had all come in so fast and had gotten right to work, he had been a tad overwhelmed. Rain himself didn't have servants besides a single maid that came every other first day of the week. Sometimes she would pick flowers from her garden and place them in a vase for a lovely centerpiece for his table. She was so very kind. It just helped to have the place clean at times, sometimes it got hard for him to muster the energy to. He would still pay her for her service even when he wasn't living there. Rain enjoys the warmth of his tea, stiffening at the telltale sound of Constantine's vehicle. It really was rather loud but his brother seemed to have a soft spot for his car. Rain takes a seat, shutting the door behind him as he turns to level Constantine with a sunny smile. He feels different today. Less tired, more excited about the future. He hasn't felt this way in a long time. "How are you?" he breathes out the question kindly, wanting to say nothing at all and yet so very much to his brother all at the same time. Mainly he really just wants to hug him, but he will try and respect his brother's boundaries. At least out in the open..
  8. Rain clutches the phone to his ear tightly, willing Constantine to repeat his words or unconsciously hoping his brother's words will somehow be ingrained into his brain. His wide eyes blankly stare down at the floor as he tries to decipher his brother's words, repeating them over and over in his mind. He can't remember a time Constantine even acknowledged, however vague, that he might have an inkling about what could have even upset Rain. The fact that the man had a clue about what had him asking such a question in the first place just proves that his brother is considerate, or at least understands that what he said could have been upsetting. Rain nibbles on his lip, biting down a teary ecstatic grin that slowly grows on his lips as he slightly hunches in on himself. It's been so long since he's heard anything positive about himself from Constantine, or even just to know that he isn't the source of his brother's frustration in life. And even better is that Constantine didn't remain neutral. His brother enjoys his time! Enjoys it! To know this is more relieving than he could have ever possibly imagined. It's as if a weight is lifted from his shoulders and an anchor tied around his ankle has disappeared. Rain feels lighter than he has in years. All because of a couple simple sentences with inklings of appreciation hidden in the phrases. That's all it took. His brother loves him. He loves him! "...When can I move in?" he says after a delayed pause, not a single doubt in his mind after that one answer.
  9. The trek home was long but Rain has never been so relieved to his house fall into sight. His legs ache and he shivers, wanting more warmth than his body can manage to generate. Stepping inside, he sighs in relief, his face immediately crumpling into an expression of despair. What a horrid day. Truly. He always tried not to keep his expectations high, he didn't want to be unfair. But sometimes it feels like he tries not to expect anything at all, and he's still let down. He shakes his head, blinking back a tired wetness that begins to well up in his eyes. He's fine. He's just tired that's all. He'll feel better after a bit of rest. Rain slips off his shoes and coat, pulling the sleeves of his sweater further down to help preserve warmth. Tea sounds nice, something relaxing. Chamomile. But the bed is too tempting, he doesn't really need anything to calm himself down because the weariness in his bones call to him louder than his anxiety at the current moment. He just wants to forget about his horrible day for a little while. He moves into the bedroom, idly tugging his braid loose from his hair. His thing fingers undo the loops, allowing his long muted teal strands to tumbles past his shoulder and down to his mid back, curly from being tied up for most of the day. With a long exhale, he sits on his bed closing his eyes for just a moment. Before he can even groan in relief his phone startles him into a flinch. Plucking the device out of his pocket, his heart suddenly spikes in adrenaline at the name. Swallowing thickly, Rain shakily accept the call. He hadn't thought of an answer. Oh no he hadn't thought of an answer. Why did he answer the phone he doesn't actually know what to say to his brother. "You have been given ample time to make your decision. What is your choice little brother?" Rain blinks at the words, feeling a pang of bitterness seep through his veins. He had a choice? Did he actually? Constantine never made it seem that way, and with everything that happened to day Rain can't help but feel like he's somehow been a fool in ways he doesn't understand. And then his brother's cruel words ring back to him just before the man had told him he needed to come live with him. Constantine didn't want his death to show to the public. Not because his brother cared, but because his brother didn't want Rain's death associated with his name. As if somehow him dying would negatively impact Constantine's name or put him in a difficult position. But...not because Constantine himself would be upset at his brother's death, but because it would be a hassle in some way to talk or give statements or even be associated with Rain. "Do you love me?" the question suddenly falls from his lips shakily and unexpected. Rain feels the tears he blinked away well back up in full force. "D-Do you even like me, Constantine...?" he asks feebly, voice weak. He's been chasing after his brother for what seems like his entire life. It didn't used to be like this, but today...Today, Constantine had said things that chipped away at Rain's already brittle heart, and not just in a metaphorical way. This entire failure of a day finally got Rain to stop in his tracks and question what he has been trying to accomplish for so many years with zero results. What was he trying to do? What did he think would happen? Was it truly too much to ask for someone to love him? Even his own brother?
  10. Rain didn't really know what to say about any of this. Listening to the other talk, he's in a bit of disbelief at the assumptions the man has made. It's a small and slightly embarrassing relief to know that the doctor had come back and remembered him. He hadn't been forgotten entirely. But the truth of the matter is it's been over an entire year without a single word from the man, and looking at the research and work the good doctor had done for him somehow didn't really make him feel any better about that. He had thought him and Marigold were on their way to becoming friends, to gaining a trust, and then suddenly Rain was left in the dark for over a year with nothing to go off of. Even now, the letter was a lie. There wasn't a complete heart for him, just a work in progress with the desperate proof to show he hadn't been completely forgotten. Just another very slim light of hope that Rain is beginning to get sick of wishing on. Forgive the exaggeration, the doctor asked him. Of course. He always forgives. But after everything that has happened, and the man simply assumes they were to resume business as usual. It feels strange, and it makes him feel slightly uneasy. He feels like if he were anyone else, they would already be out the door after taking their money back. An entire year, what if he had died before then? Wishing on false stars for his one sliver of hope to return and give him a heart. Why hadn't Rain looked around for another of Marigold's skill, rare as that may be? Why had he simply given up looking for solutions to his condition? Maybe he's just sick of trying to fight it when sometimes it feels like the world itself doesn't want him to keep going. "Dr. Marigold I-" he starts weakly, blankly looking down at the metallic chest. It makes him queasy. He looks away. Discussion of surgery makes him smile solemnly. Yes, this isn't the first time he's been told he likely won't survive the strain of surgery and that the risks are simply too high. Any surgery already comes risks, but in Rain's condition it was almost a guarantee he wouldn't make it because of his weak constitution and the weak state his body is already in. Marigold wanting to do the surgery himself makes him unsettled. Would he truly trust the man's hands to go inside of his chest cavity when he apparently can't even trust the man in general anymore? The man isn't wrong, even if somehow there had been a full heart today the risks just from the procedure alone would still need to be considered heavily. He nods. "I need to think about the options." is all he can manage to say. He gets up from his seat slowly. "I'm sorry, I have to go." he announces softly, unable to meet the man's eyes. "I'm not quite myself today I don't think and there's...a lot to take in. I am sorry for cutting the visit short. Thank you for your time, I know you're a very busy man. There's a lot I need to consider." He doesn't want to stay.
  11. Rain sure hoped they weren't going to stand outside in the first place, merely giving an understanding nod to the man as they began their trek inside. The man seems paranoid, a habit Rain doesn't recall being there the last time they had talked and visited each other. He remembers bringing the man sweets and cake out of thanks, them talking for hours in conversation. He thought he was finally making a friend that wouldn't leave him like everyone else. Maybe he just has that sort of disposition that people never really want to stick around. Still, Marigold's attitude is a bit concerning which only solidifies Rain's guess that the man must have gone through some troubling things. He nods politely at the doctor's explanations of the building, seeing that warm pride spark in the man's face. At the very least, he's glad Marigold is comfortable here. "It's nice. I can tell you've put a lot of heart into it. I'm sure it was a lot of work." he smiles kindly, wanting to encourage the man's happiness at his work. The building is very large, and Rain feels like he'd be a bit too lonely in such a giant facility without company. He supposes he's needy that way though, his brother and sister certainly get along alright in their big houses and alone time. He just doesn't like being alone in his own house, so he couldn't imagine being in such a big work environment without other people. At least the guest room looked inviting enough for the most part. Rain takes a tentative seat across from the man, making no move to partake in any of the refreshments. He fiddles with his hands that rest in his lap, looking down for a moment before Marigold starts speaking which grabs which attention back to the man. Sympathy tugs at his heart, the man looks exhausted. Rain certainly understands that. He smiles softly, eyes still holding onto a bit of hurt that shines through. "It's alright, doctor. I'm glad you're okay, you don't need to explain." he offers to the man generously, not wanting to put him in a stressful situation where he was forced to explain his circumstances. "We're both here. That's what matters, right?" It's not everyone's business to always know the struggles of others. Rain doesn't need to feel entitled to an explanation. He wonders if this sort of behavior is why everyone is always so exasperated with him.
  12. Rain gave the parting duo one last polite wave before making his way back to the task at hand. He was lucky the warp had brought him closer to Marigold's complex, but it was still a bit of a jaunt and by the time he managed to get there he was more than a little winded. All of the stress and anxiety with his family certainly hadn't helped and Constantine's offer now lingers in the back of his mind like a thoroughly distracting buzz. He didn't know what to expect seeing Dr. Marigold again. He didn't even know if he wanted to visit in all honesty. His life was on the line and the doctor simply up and disappeared on him with no word or any sort of sign when or if he'd be back. Rain didn't know if he had been scammed or if something truly had happened to the man. Reading the letter, the doctor claimed the heart was ready, could it really have been so simple? Rain somehow can't help believing such a thing. His feet hesitate lightly once he finally reaches his destination, lightly disturbed by the grids and the crazy energy being emanated from the gigantic building He certainly doesn't remember this place. Rain remains silent as the form of the doctor grows larger as the man steps through the security measures to greet him. Words don't come easily to him in this situation. He doesn't know what to say. The day has already been a disaster and the man seems to be playing off his disappearance like nothing happened. Should Rain be grateful that the doctor didn't abandon him after all? Or is he allowed to be upset for being left in the first place? Was his heart really completed? Could it really be so simple? "Hello Dr. Marigold." he greets softly, not going further than a polite greeting as the man hugs him. He hugs back tentatively, following the man silently as they move across the fields. Rain flicks his gaze down at their interlaced fingers as Marigold guides him along. He gently disentangles their fingers from the man's grip, pulling his hand back to his chest and lightly rubbing at his wrist in a self conscious gesture. The doctor didn't look well and Rain can only surmise that the man did indeed have some sort of health or other issue he had gotten wrapped up in. Rain understands how fast life can hit, and doesn't necessarily hold the sudden disappearance him. But he had just wished he could have gotten some sort of message to know he hadn't been left or forgotten just like so many other people have done to him. His dark eyes take in the surrounding area with polite interest, trying not to show outwardly that yes, he is unnerved by all of the sudden changes, not only in the man himself, but in his very creations and buildings. Not because he finds the prosthetic of the man's hand scary or negative, but simply because he can't seem to recognize this Marigold as the same softer man he had initially met. "You are still as handsome as ever I see" Marigold's words ring into his ears. He is stricken with something akin to disbelief and unease at such a sentence. Rain turns to look, to truly look into Marigold's eyes for the first time with an uncomfortable frown. Rain is well aware he is not handsome in his current state. He didn't even know if he was handsome before this all sapped him of his spark, but he certainly knows better now. Sickly pale skin and slightly red rings around his eyes with dark circles. A bony frame and a disheveled appearance most of the time. He clearly knows better than to assume he has any sort of acceptable appearance. For the doctor to say such a thing after all this time, he feels strangely exposed. "Dr. Marigold." he mutters softly, withdrawing his letter. "I...I received your letter." is all he manages to say. Of course he did, that's the reason why he was here. He internally chides himself on his stupid statement, but he doesn't know what else to say. He wants to demand an explanation or ask what happened to him and why he looks so...strange. Something about the man's visage unnerves him in a way now, it didn't used to be like that. Marigold's figure seems colder, different but he doesn't know why. Rain doesn't feel safe in the man's presence like he used to. Or maybe that's just the lack of trust talking.
  13. He levels her with a tired smile, not bothering to hide his disappointment. It doesn't matter how he feels. Nothing can be done about it, and they both know as much. A soft exhale leaves his mouth as he tries to curl into the slight warmth his sister brings with her embrace. He's always so cold, and Gold's slight frame doesn't exactly envelop him in warmth, but it's just so nice to be touched. Rain murmurs a soft farewell to his sister and his well wishes on her travels before he leaves her to her call. Pushing out of the door, his eyes grow dull in weary resignation. It's tiring to be him sometimes. He wants to be angry at Constantine, but he can only really be angry at himself. It's not fair to feel anything other than grateful to his brother, who essentially gave him the stepping stones to get here in the first place after all. He eyes the hologram on his phone blankly, looking at the address before pocketing it and making his way through the busy streets. In all reality, he's just as nervous with anticipation to see Dr. Marigold as well. The man had ghosted him after only several weeks into the process of accepting his plea for creating a new heart from scratch. If Rain never received a donor with a real heart, than his only other option had been born out of desperation and thinking out of the box. Magic should have been an option, but he had been told the degradation of his entire system could not simply be healed through magic alone as the magical feedback could interfere too much with his already fragile state. Magical kickback was never something to bat an eye at, and the doctors were worried he wouldn't be able to survive the initial regrowth of heart muscle due to the pure strain. Rain blinks in surprise as he eyes a slightly familiar figure transport into the Outer Ring of Cradle. Valenstein...Stalonius, an adviser of the Magistrate's Circle. Rain had seem him every so often when he was visiting Mr. Locke for discussions of Cradle's rejuvenation project and safety measures for the poor and down-trod. His feet pause on reflex as the apparent pupil of the man turns her bright gaze on him and levels a boisterous greeting. He smiles softly at her, dark eyes crinkling with kindness to let her know she did a wonderful job. He gazes at Valenstein's bow, politely placing his hands on his chest and lightly bowing himself to return the greeting. "No apologies needed at all, I thought it was a very nice and genuine greeting." Rain tells them kindly. "It's very admirable you're learning magic, I do hope your studies go well." he says politely, stepping to the side to let them pass him. Rain missed magic. Before he started his ascension into the political world with the desire to help others, the witch that had sheltered him had told him he had quite an affinity for magic. He had learned under her as a hobby, a side study for discipline and respect. If he could allow himself a small moment of pride, he certainly hadn't been a slouch either. What he lacked in finesse he had made up for in raw potential, especially when it had come to the arcane and soothing arts. Of course, after he had started his more hefty career, he still practiced but then his health started only getting worse and worse. With time, he simply stopped with his magic practice and training due to the fear he would drain himself too dry and end up suffering from magical exhaustion. It had come too close several time due to his waning health, and he had been advised several times to step away from his practice to keep himself safe. He's glad seeing someone like Fye being able to learn under someone incredibly gifted and skilled like Mr. Stalonius, she would go very far under his care he could tell.
  14. The hand on his cheek startled him, not expecting nor used to contact with either of his siblings. A strangled squeak tumbles out of his lips in shock along at such an intimate gesture. His dark eyes widen lightly in surprise when it's Constantine of all people that had taken the initiative. At first there's hope, happiness even. His sibling has somehow read in between the lines, or at least has come to a conclusion that isn't so terribly far from the truth. Travelling is hard. Waking up is hard. Breathing is hard. Everything is hard, but Rain never tries to let that get him down. but it is. It's hard. The relief he feels is so palpable that he's smiling without realizing it. Constantine wants him to stay at his own house! He wants him to stay closer to him! That means he cares. He cares, he cares, he cares, he really does. It's all the confirmation Rain has ever needed, finally being said at last. Maybe he really did get something out of this after all, even if he couldn't tell the entire truth. Then Constantine finishes his sentence, and just like that everything is flipped upside down. Heartbreak digs its vicious claws where his relief had just been a moment ago and it tugs and buries its way deep into the core of his heart. A nuisance. Even in death? Would Rain dying really set Constantine back so badly? Would it not be enough for the man to be worried or upset that his brother died? Why did his thoughts immediately jump to his reputation and the media about how it would be portrayed? Rain knows Constantine has worked so hard for everything, but it isn't as if this condition is a choice. It isn't as if he gets to choose when he dies! Would it be easier for them if he could...? Rain stares blankly at his brother's retreating back, Gold Dusts' voice exasperated ringing in his ears. It's muffled, like he's underwater, a dull ringing overtaking that noises around him. He pushes himself up, the chair behind him screeching loudly as he stands. Gold's alarmed voice falls on deaf ears as his vision tunnels to the exit. His feet are already taking him briskly through the shop, his eyes never leaving his brother's slowly fading back as the man moves outside. As his hand reaches the door to the cafe, his muscles lock up. His hand is outstretched in mid motion to open the door and go outside, but it's almost as if his subconscious won't allow him to. He doesn't know what to think or feel or do. For the first time in his life he wants to follow his brother and force him to turn around and scream at his face. He wants to shout and ask why he is never good enough. Why he is seen as such a nuisance just because he wants his siblings to know he loves them. Why doesn't Constantine love him? Why doesn't Constantine...even like him? His hand locks up as Rain clenches his jaw. His mind chants at it to open the door, it's easy. Just open it. Stop standing there and open the door! He can't do it, he can't-he can't. Rain blinks and suddenly the world is back into focus, the sounds so much louder around him than before. A shaky inhale makes its way through his chest and he turns back to see Gold Dust staring at him in alarm. He supposes he made a bit of a dramatic attempt at an exit. He hadn't even realized. Such actions weren't like him at all, were they Rain slinks back the way he came, his hand falling back to his side limply as he approaches his sister. "I have to go. I'm...I'm sorry. I hate to disappoint you as well..." he smiles dully, the action not reaching his eyes. "But, I have a doctor to meet." he murmurs, averting his eyes and digging out some money to tip the server. He would have paid for Gold's drink as well, but, she hadn't even gotten the chance to order one before it all fell apart like usual. Funny that.
  15. Rain weakly stares at the glass of ice water in front of him, mind turning desperately to figure something out that won't have his siblings immediately shout at him for wasting their time. Maybe that would still be better than telling them about his condition though, at least they would be exasperated and forgive him eventually. But if they were to...feel obligated to care about his well being only because he's dying, he doesn't know if he could possibly face that harsh reality. Maybe that's on him. Being so desperate for their attention has left him content to let things be as they are. Telling them about his condition, it could changed things and upset the very precarious and unstable balance they all had with each other. He couldn't possibly topple that over. Constantine's question has his mind whirring a mile a minute to try and appease the question his brother has. "I-Isn't it...important to-to see each other every once and awhile?" Rain asks feebly, giving a small smile as he risks a hesitant glance up at his siblings. Two unimpressed gazes staring back at him leaves his nerves rattled. Apparently that was not a good enough reason to drag them over to Cradle in their busy lives. He really did mess this all up didn't he? "Well-Well-I just-I-" he stammers, unconsciously running finger across the cold condensation of his glass. "I just thought-think-it's just..." he flusters, knowing his face his flushed with his attempt to find the words and blundering it all up terrible. This is nightmare level of failure right now. Sure he might be a bit of a pushover but he's never blatantly found himself at a loss of what to say. Honesty, was it worth it? To be honest? It didn't feel worth it. Oh but how he hated lying to them, and he had spent so long trying to figure out the best way to get them all together with the least resistance. He resists the urge to just bury his face into his hands and groan in annoyance at himself, instead clasping his hands back together into his lap tightly, letting the knuckles turn white in a tight grip. "I-I...just wanted to say that-I won't be around much the next couple of...or rather-for an extended period of time in the...near-future?" he eventually stammers. It's a half truth. "My health has been a little-finicky lately and-it's nothing to pay attention to!" he hastily reassures even if they weren't concerned. "Um you know how I am haha-but I-well. I just wanted to say this might be the last time we see each other all together for a bit." he smiles feebly. "I'm sorry, I just wanted us to...have one more get together before I limit my travelling...?" That still wasn't a very good explanation, and all in all, it was still a colossal waste of time for the two of them to come. Parts of that were completely true, it's just the health part certainly goes passed the stage of "finicky" and goes into "fatal" territory. Rain hopes they will just take his good intentions to heart even if the execution was terrible and maybe not immediately burst into another argument. He doesn't know if his heart can take them fighting this much anymore, literally. He's just tired of seeing the closest people to him tear each other apart. Didn't family mean anything? Didn't they mean anything to each other? Didn't he...mean anything to them?Didn't they know he'd do anything for them? Why does it feel like sometimes he's the only one who would take the stars from the sky if they asked him to? He internally shakes his head. That's selfish to think after everything...he should just be happy they are here. Even if they get angry with him, he can at least be thankful they put up with each other and him to feel that way. That's what family does...right? He ducks his head back down to stare at his lap, not wanting to see their disappointed expressions.
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