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  1. I've already decided try out the cyberpunk city rp with Annabelle. I think that'll be a great way to start things off.
  2. Cool! That's so generous of you!
  3. To be completely honest, I would be open to anything. I think I'm pretty open-minded; you could say I'm pretty adventurous XD
  4. I think I would enjoy causal futuristic role play or something along those lines.
  5. Asustuff01


    Avian Appearance: Avian is a very attractive young man. His eyes color is blue. He has silky and glossy dark blue hair. His skin is smooth and fair with a flawless complexion. His height is 5'11. Usually, he wears causal cloths in public, usually noting too fancy. His favorite cloths are a blue hoodie and jeans. Personality: To be explored!
  6. Hi there!? My name is Asu. You see, I've been obsessed with the idea of roleplay for a while since I'm a HUGE fanboy of stories and characters. I've ALWAYS dreamed of being in these stories for as long as I can remember! Unfortunately, I've never really tried roleplay since I've been intimidated by the "play by post" mechanism for so long, even though I've always wanted to try it. I've been looking at the other RP forums, so far Valucre seems the most preferable to me. Yesterday, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and made an account. I'm so excited, but I have so many questions. It's gonna take me a while to get settled in. I've heard this site has a lot of supportive members, so I feel like I'm in good hands. Please! I emphasize "please"; Answer all the questions that I may come up with and help me get out of the "newbie" phase asap. I hope we can get along and hopefully even become friends! ?
  7. Welcome to Valucre! Lemme know if you have any questions, and don't forget to take a peak at our New Member Guide! ?

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    2. Asustuff01


      Wow, so what I've been hearing is true.

      The members are supportive.


    3. Asustuff01


      Anywho, I'll ask my questions tomorrow.

      I gtg.

    4. Ataraxy


      It sure is! Questions are my jam ?

      And no worries! Hmu whenever or drop by the Outreach AMA in the Help board so the entire team can pitch in ?

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