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  1. Thank you, should I just put similar posts in here from now on?
  2. It do be like that sometimes tho...

  3. Hello and greetings I’ve recently been accepted here and am in need of practicing for possible para rp. This will be my first time doing such a style.What I need is just a small amount of character info and a picture if you are able.Name:Age:Hight:Weight:Eyes:Race:Alliance:Force talents:The primary focus in the beginning will be to see to it that as certain someone gets off Kamino for each of our characters to survive. “Mayday.. mayday... A cloacked man rascally coughs up a little more blood and gasps. “mayday.. calling the Kamino system for.. for emergency medical..” he coughed a bit more. “support.. turning on auto pilot..." A bright red light flickers as he flips a few switches. Upon landing on the platform in the dark and stormy night blood from the wounded male rushes with the water and off the platform. Before passing out from wounds mixed with the damaged armor and the salty rain water he looks at Y/C and asks "and who.. are you?". The worrier collapses and is taken to emergency care by 2 clone troopers.I apologize if if this is really shallow I did come from a Facebook page.
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