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  1. Lime-Chicken!!!!! hey there buddy!!!


    I'll post up soon. "Ben" handling Suicide-Prevention with my Child's Mother. She's very depressed and I don't know what I'm supposed to DO. we are NOT together and she expects me just to roll over like a good puppy since she doesn't have any money. Our child lives with ME and my parents, and SHE wants to MOVE to another state AGAIN.


    It's....complicated, lol. Hope you are doing well with school/work/family, ect.



  2. Hello, Lost, I am Lime!
  3. I will save this for when you post in Battle of the Titans.
  4. Falling from endless skies, unable to fly, as hands of twisted nature reached to snatch this bird. Jaws of unnatural kind tearing the flesh apart. He couldn't scream. He couldn't breathe. He couldn't move. The wind, the falling sensation, stabbing him like thousand needless, painful anf relentless. Death. No hope. Nothing. Darkness took him away, as the skies faded away in Venta. Resulting in realm of nightmares. And yet... Bright... It was so bright... The sound of a system beeped annoyingly in the man's ear, as he opened his eyes, expecting to see a beast, ready to tear him apart, however, to his surprise... Ceiling? The back stung, as the stubs were tied with bandages. "My... Head..." he rose up, unknowingly detaching the life reading systems, resulting in a prolonged beep. So noisy. Seems like he has caused trouble. Where the heck he was, in the first place? He jumped out from the bed, as needles of life support were pulled out, resulting in blood streaming down his hand. Was this some sort of illusion? He got to get out! Weakly stumbling towards the door, he pushed it with his body weight, falling into the hall way. No one was here. Good! The naked feet passed the partially cozy interior. "Ehh…" He breathed heavily, as a trail of blood was left in it's path. Sweat dripping down his fore head. This place seemed run down. "Ehhh…" the voice echoed, mixed with the beeping of the system, indicating that the subject was dead, in the distance. The stubs of the wings moved slightly, as he looked at one of the windows. Where.. was... Soon the man fainted, possibly from the shock and stress. The body heavily hit the ground, as the elemental now was sleeping in the hall way, for any of the employees to find him. One thing might become clear. He was to be under surveillance, or the action will surely repeat. A trouble maker. This one was, indeed.
  5. LimeLeaf's dad is no other than the great citrus-tree version of Ygdrasil! Tremble before my might! Has no mother - thus immune to yo-mama jokes.
  6. Idyllic is the life that passed the establishment of where elementals resided. The same couldn't be said for a certain boy. Broken wings cracked against the wall, as he coughed out blood, clenching his chest, and gasping for life, as the claws of the unforgiving beast picked the child up shaking him slightly, tearing one of the wings off, as the blood gushed downwards his spine. A pain filled scream filled the air, as he kicked towards the beast, releasing a fair amount of force. The motion sent the lesser manticore flying, however, wingless now was this elemental. Unable to of flight. Unable to defend. "Ehh… Ehhh…" He panted, rushing towards the street that resembled ar river, and with a heavy fall fell into the water, to wash away the scent, and to stay hidden, as in this state he was unable to face the beast. It seemed satiated for now, feasting on the elemental's wings, as they cracked beneath the jaws. Blood spilled from the stubs on his back, as he floated below the surface in the canal. Going wherever the stream brought him. Sooner or later, he may reach some end, one way for another. The lungs began to suffocate, as the stream grew quicker. A small waterfall was nearby. Clenching to every small amount of strength, that he had left, he jumped against the soil of the water awkwardly, and reached the surface of the filthy water, before seeing that the fall was just there. Soon a broken body was falling downwards into the pool of water, splashing. Only to resurface and float towards the shore. For now, his scent was washed away. His wings were gone. His body, sullied, making him poorly visible. But the blood loss, and the lack of energy, would set the nail in coffin, unless a miracle happens. The dark eyes closed, as he fell in light slumber. Powerless, and incapable of motion. He resembled a human, more than anything at this point. Still... it felt, like no one will save him. Death. Death was calling for him, as a massive amount of feathers filled the skies that day...
  7. So far, if I haven't missed anything, the loadouts, not taking armor in account seem to be - Spear and side sword (unidentified), VS Halberd, targe and longsword as sidearm. Battle happens in realistic setting of battle arena.
  8. Hehe. Lets see, what wins. A stick or an axe?
  9. I think, that's his granny...
  10. My daily contribution to general chat:
  11. The head turned to his left, as he saw his opponent. A woman with a stick, huh? No matter! The Manslayer can slay a woman, if she so pleases to die with the blade in her hands, not with the sword of her master by her lips, as many slaves of such birth found their fates. Such was the trail of thoughts of this mountain of a man, as the sun made the armor glow, only complimented by the salt and water on the brown, tanned skin. Not praising the emperor. Looks like she had a death wish. It now was clear, why the crowd was silent. “Very well.” He prepared his halberd, and turned the ax’s head sideways, ready to use it to keep the distance. “I see you choose honor in death above life. I shall grand you this salvation.” The Manslayer waited for the emperor to give the signal. The blade was just before him, the blade pointing to the right, as the pike pointed at the which. It appeared that it was done so with targe in his mind. A tactic commonly used in midst of the battle, once formation were broken. A stick. Was she one of those fighters from the mountains of Tibet? He heard stories from other slaves. Speed and agility. However. A blade breaks the stick easily. And with the armor he had, no blunt damage will do damage in the most important places. Death was written all over her. The crowd roared, as the emperor waited to bring the anticipation to it’s highest glory. For a brief moment all but the lips of people had gotten silent. The blade hummed in anticipation to taste the blood of Manslayer’s opponent.
  12. Punks are probably the kindest and most reliable people you will ever meet. It's kinda funny and ironic actually. The main idea is to be the reject of society and resist the system that is so messed up, but the world is so f-d up, that now the rejects are good examples on how an actual human being should be. A food for thought. They will punch you, if you do them wrong, tho.
  13. My favorite coffee is rum.
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