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  1. going forward, I'm pretty forgetful so if nothing major is going on and I'm holding something up feel free to keep moving forward
  2. Gwyn upon entering the cave, gagged slightly at the smell before regaining her composure, she looked around the cave a bit and then back up towards the entrance/exit then back around the rest of the room scanning for any clues as to what might have moved the corpses. Not picking up on anything specific, she wanders around the room keeping a fair distance between her and the mushroom.
  3. "That sounds like probably the best advice I've ever heard, then again its been awhile since I've heard someone give advice" Moving towards Sinder to follow her.
  4. "Those are so cool, I've heard about all sorts of strange creatures and plants and things but I've never really seen much" Barely noticing Arashi and Sinder, not quite paying attention, rather enthralled staring at the rock termite looking things, looks up, "oh hey you both are back, it seems like you two have had quite the adventure already" takes an apple and bites into it, chewing for a bit before saying "that cave you mentioned sounds really cool, I'd really like to see it, everything around here has been so beautiful, would you mind me tagging along when you go back?"
  5. Gwyn moves closer, crouching down so she can see what Bela was pointing out to her "so what is this?" Leaning in a bit closer not quite sure what's so special, not seeing anything special "it looks like a rock? You seeing something I'm not?"
  6. Gwyn, taking note of how everyone else split off takes a moment and decides to stick with Bela and starts looking around checking bushes and checking other rocks nearby. "So what are you hoping to discover, Bela a new type of moss or perhaps some herb that likes to grow under rocks?"
  7. At the mention of magic Gwyn looks a bit downcast "I used to be able to cast magic, I haven't been able to use magic in a long time, when I attempt to cast it feels like energy is collected then suddenly Its gone and nothing else happens. since then I've learned other skills, and to not rely on what seems to not exist anymore" Gwyn lifts her hands and throws a few punches just in the air in front of her. "I miss using magic, but without knowing what is actually going on I haven't made much progress solving this mystery." (later in response to) "Perhaps we all can talk more after we have set up camp or when we eat?"
  8. Gwyn carrying a backpack and with a confused look at the directions she was given so she could meet up with the rest of the members of the expedition, She turned around realizing she had gone the opposite way she was supposed to go, made a mad dash in the correct direction of the meeting place, she was most definitely going to be late. A short while later and a bit winded she paused glancing at the directions while taking a deep breath of air, yep going the right way this time. Clenching the directions in her left hand she started running again, she may be late but she wasn't going to make anyone wait much longer. (thinking briefly, its so embarrassing, hopefully they haven't been waiting long) If she had any say in it, she would make it before the group going on the expedition left, it is very important that I get to know the area, I might be around here awhile longer before I move along. Seeing figures not too far off in the distance, Gwyn slowed her pace a bit allowing her to breathe a bit easier, as she got closer she noticed they seamed just about to leave. "Hey guys! sorry for the delay, I'm new to the area and got a bit turned around. oops I seem to have forgotten my manners my name is Gwyneth, and you must be Arashi, Bella and Sinder, feel free to call me Gwyn though, Gwyneth just sounds so overly formal.
  9. Yeah sorry about the delay, got it figured out now though
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    Gwyneth Weiss

    ~General Information~ ~Physical Description~ ~Voice Traits~ ~Health and Hygiene~ ~Personality~ ~Fashion~ ~Talents~ ~Relationships~ ~Family~ ~Mannerisms~ ~Views/Opinions~ ~Secrets, Regrets, and Fears~ ~Social Life~ ~Likes/Dislikes, Favorites, and Pet Peeves~ ~Emotional Characteristics~ ~Spiritual Characteristics~ ~Combat~ ~History~
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    Hi, I go by Solaeris or Sol, a friend of mine asked if I'd be interested doing some forum RP, since the last site we had been members of had been such a train-wreck and had left me not interested for quite a while. I'm extremely optimistic after hearing many good things from my friend. I am very excited by the massive piles of lore that exists hopefully so hopefully this becomes a long term creative outlet for me, and as my friend says I seem to light the candle at both ends. Where would be the best place to start reading lore?
  12. Welcome aboard!

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      Thanks, Looking forward to my time here I've heard great things about this place.

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