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  1. Within the next few moments, Gabriel took notice of many things, and made sure to process it all before leaping into the action himself. First of all, his new cohort revealed his identifier which was Midnight. It was a delightful identifier and it certainly fit his ally quite nicely. A small conversation began to take place between the two of them, if a conversation could consist of only one speaker, which Gabriel supposed that it could. Midnight spoke of his bravery, and lack of fear in revealing his true identifier, but regardless said that Midnight was good enough. He then went on to say that Gabriel's aid would be much appreciated, and that just made Gabriel very reassured in his own abilities. Finishing the sentence with a question about what Gabriel could do to assist, Gabriel logged these thoughts away, noting that this was possibly what it felt like to have a friend. Midnight and Mahogany, traversing the world for interplanetary adventures, a true duo for the ages he thought. But before he could respond, Midnight said that it was time to cut the 'blabber' or 'frabber jabber' as it were. Gabrield interpreted new kinds of slang in Midnight's speech patterns that he made sure to log down as fun language. Gabriel followed in a casual walk after Midnight, and when the individuals inside were all threatened with force, Gabriel began to process what he thought of this. The people looked truly terrified and in need of aid, but his new possible friend was causing this anguish. Before any action could be taken by Gabe, more of the strike team entered, further complicating the situation with more threatening action. First came the military-type woman, but as she stepped within the building, she went through a seamless transition from a stern demeanor to an unspeakable anguish, similar to that of the innocents in fear. Gabriel looked around, assuming she had seen some sort of aggressor nearby, but saw nothing. After about thirty more seconds Gabriel deduced that she had put on an act, to slip into the crowd. What an ingenious plan! Gabriel would do so as well, but he was part of the strike team, and was still deciding on his course of action. Next came the man with the beast upon which he rode. Were they friends? Or was the mount his pet? Their relationship was very unclear at the moment, but nonetheless they seemed to terrify the innocents even further. Firstly, he threatened to exhale gasses upon the masses and give them all slow deaths, seemingly as some sort of ploy to force any guards to give up on defending. The Beastman then suggested that they all find a way to bust the doors open. An answer came immediately in the form of a shielded metal man, who seemed to be partially machine, like Gabe but not the same. If Gabe was correct, then it would seem that whoever integrated the technology with the shield man was not very good at it. It looked like very rushed work, using scraps instead of premium technology and metals. Aside from the shotty workmanship, it seemed to be working well for the Shieldman. He used his great strength to burst through the locked doors, and freeze the innocents into their places. Shieldman told Midnight, Beastman, and Mahogany to move on ahead and stop any resistance that might come their way. Before heading off and doing as the Shieldman said, Gabriel's first action was to walk over to all of the absolutely terrified innocents. "I would like to apologize for my allies, they are simply doing their jobs. I will do my best to make sure that no harm comes to you innocent individuals. But we must liberate this hospital." Finishing off his short speech with a charming, and planned smile, Gabe would note some things down in his database. First, that he feels sympathy for the innocents, truly wishing that they remain safe. Gabe believes that killing innocents is bad, because thinking about it makes him feel bad. Second, that sometimes you may need to do things that are bad for a small amount of people, to do what is good for a greater amount of people. A similar idea, of killing one murderer to save the people that they might murder. With that important development in Gabe's system, he swiftly made his way further into the hospital with a light jog. Upon turning the first corner he came to, he saw around five guardsmen standing in the next hallway, preparing to fire at Gabriel. Though, with a quick check, he realized that they were unsure if Gabriel was an attacker. It was true that Gabe did look rather normal at the moment, so he decided to take the same course of action as the intelligent military woman. Slowly turning his expression from neutral to a state of fear, he looked down the hallway at his allies, and yelled to the guards "They're coming!!! Please, SAVE ME!!!" Gabe shouted this very convincingly, while running to the guards, hoping for safety from them. They stayed wary until they could see the Beastman and Midnight. Once the slightest view of the Beastman and Midnight was available to the guards, they would start to prepare their weapons for fire. But as Gabriel was accepted into their little barricade of a few tables, he took notice of some sort of canister on a wall. It seemed to be a kind of fire extinguisher, or at least something with pressurized air. Gabe, snatched it off of the wall, and sprayed two of the men in the face with the fire extinguisher. He followed that up by using some of his unnatural strength to smack them both across the heads with the cannister, sending them to the floor, unconscious. Since Gabriel wasn't really a human, or natural creature, he had a better understanding of his physical capabilities, and could tap into any amount of strength he needed at any time. Humans could not do this, as their body mostly controls itself, only allowing for maximum strength in times of distress, fueled by adrenaline. Lastly, Gabe would aim his cannister's nozzle at the three remaining guards, hoping to distract them for a few moments while his team could come in and assist, then move on to presumably more guards on the way.
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