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  1. After helping to heal minor injuries and scrapes during their travel to the Lady's Ward, Viera thought she could finally take a few moments of rest. But as soon as she had finished with her last injury, Blonde was on the move yet again. Understandably so, with such a time crunch. She took Wynonna and Jack with her, and told everyone to pair off. Viera noticed that most people had already paired off with each other, so she took her own course of action. First of all, she hid away her scythe and took off her hood. Then she wandered around the Lady's Ward acting as a sight-seer or a tourist of sorts, taking in the sights of this incredible place. After several minutes of wandering around, she spotted Fortune's Wheel and started toward it. Then a message came from her communications device. ”Everyone find yourself a dance partner, this might get messy. We’re looking for someone named...”We’re looking for, and I swear this is true. A woman named Anita Dick...” Oh wow, this was definitely unlike any quest she had gone on before, but the situation broken into it's base elements was similar to some work Viera used to do. Anita Dick was a peculiar name, but different cultures do different things, Viera was in no place to judge. She continued on her way to Fortune's Wheel right behind three large men dressed in black. She was going to flirt with them and use them to look inconspicuous, but as soon as they all entered the establishment the men one by one began to cough uncontrollably. Judging from the affliction not affecting anyone else, Viera knew it was someone within the building doing this, well either that or poison. Viera truly didn't care for these men, nor did she have any intention of healing/helping them. But this situation gave her a great opportunity to look quite normal. She got on the ground, kneeling by these men, checking their pulses, trying CPR on them, and looking vaguely worried. She even lit her hands with a soft glow and pretended to attempt to heal them. She jogged over to the bar to ask for water for them men, and then she was next to Blonde and Wynonna. Viera grabbed a glass of water that was sitting on the bar without an owner, and that's when she spotted Blonde's hands. Well, hand, one was occupied regularly, and the other seemed to be pinching nothing. If it wasn't for the randomly dying men, she would thing nothing of this, but now she believe Blonde could be doing something to affect the men. Viera locked eyes with Blonde's mask, to give a look of ' I'll keep everyone distracted ' . Viera continued with the glass of water back to the men, and began to try and take off their golden masks. She made it seem as though the masks were stuck on and she couldn't take them off. "Someone help get these masks off, they're suffocating, and I need to get a closer look at them to figure out how to help!" Viera continued to struggle with the Golden Masks, and now other patrons seemed to follow Viera's authority and tried their best to remove the other's masks. This seemed to gather a small crowd around the men, drawing any attention away from Blonde's crew and toward the dying men.
  2. Oh, of course! Will do!
  3. Once some vineyard characters are confirmed, could someone else make the thread? I feel like someone else could better start things up and drive to thread a bit better than I. 🙂
  4. Delmira Goldcourt is prepped and ready to go! Please someone let me know if anything needs to be changed due to me missing something about House Dali XD
  5. BasicName: Delmira Joan Goldcourt Dali Aliases: Del, Mira, Mirror, Lady DelmiraRace: Human (Rosinderite)Age: 23Alignment: Neutral GoodClass: Sorceress Sub-Class: Divination Mage/NobleOccupation: Divination Guild Member of House DaliElements: N/AWeapon: Magical abilitiesArmor: Robes, enhanced with magic. PersonalHair: GoldenEyes: Pale BlueSkin: FairBody: Average, on the thinner side, not a lot of muscle.Height: 5'6"Weight: 119lbs Abilities - Dangersense: An uncanny sense of timing for combat situations and honed perception that makes them hyper-aware of dangerous situations. -Enhanced Reflexes: Even in senescence, Rosinderites are capable of reacting with grace, aplomb, and accuracy to split-second decisions - Hardened Body: Rosinderites are strong, fast, and tough by birthright - the closer one is to pureblood Rosinderite, the more amplified these attributes -Kinetic Shield: A pivotal arcane attribute of the Rosinderite ethnicity is the kinetic shield aura they generate. This aura throttles projectile speed, rendering common technological conceits like machine guns not entirely ineffective, but capable of being responded to. The more of them there are in a group the stronger and more variable this shield -Basic Magics: Can perform many simple spells, from lighting candles to moving objects at a distance -Combat Magics: Knows several combat based spells, from evoking elements to protection spells -Divination Magics: Knows an abundance of Divination based magic, from Augury and Scrying, to viewing visions of events that may come to pass, and in rare occasions peering into ones mind to have a look around. - Affinity for Fashion: Like most of the Goldcourts, Delmira is skilled with a needle and thread, as well as having a good eye for fashion. Though this does not mean hat she is incredibly interested in the field of fashion as far as her own work goes.Immunities None Resistances Resistance to divination from enemies, due to her vast knowledge of it. She can protect herself and resist such magic, but she cannot do so for others. Resistance to damage from projectiles, and slight resistance to damage from regular physical weapons. Equipment White and gold robes, many books and spellbooks, a silver ring with an amethyst imbedded in it, a small portrait of her father (Antony Goldcourt) Other Delmira Joan Goldcourt Dali is the close cousin of Evienne Goldcourt, and the Niece of Goldcourt House Head, Prescot Goldcourt. Delmira's father had passed away many years ago, and she was soon after sent to a distant boarding school. At this school she eventually began to learn more about magic from a mentor of hers. By the time she was about 15 she had chosen to leave the school of her own accord, and was brought back to her family. Further training in Divination, Del lived with her father, nearby the core Goldcourt's, but living their own lives. Recently, Delmira's father passed away from a strong illness that slowly overtook his entire body. But Del had suspicions that her father getting sick wasn't an accident at all. Though, that mystery remains to be solved. Not having many places to go, Delmira headed straight for her closest and dearest family members, Uncle Prescot, and Cousin Evienne, as well as her married in cousin Taryn. Delmira caught up with them quickly, and delivered the news of her late father's passing. Within the next little while, she decided to put her skills to use rather than sit around and do nothing. So she joined up with the Divination Guild of House Dali, and got straight to work, using her abilities to assist in any way that she can.
  6. Heyo!! Excited to be here 😉
  7. I'm sure that changing shape would be easy enough for the ring! If you'd like to have your character snatch it up, let me know and I'll get the character sheet for it up and ready to go! @Venus Sprite
  8. Well, great then! I'd love to start up a Goldcourt Divination Guild member! And I'd like to join someone in helping the vineyard become more successful, if that sounds good! (And if not, I could try joining the folks that are working on task number 3? )
  9. Hey there!! I'm just posting this up, because I am looking for someone to kind of be a partner in crime with me! I want to create a character whose soul and essence has been trapped within a ring. I just need to find someone who will wear this ring! Whether we do a thread where the ring is found, or even just come up with a backstory together, and then we could join threads together, as a duo! Just thought it'd be a fun idea! Let me know if you're interested! (Also, the character wouldn't JUST be a ring. I think they'd have the ability to speak aloud, and appear as an apparition of smoke, maybe do some minor magic, and help out the wearer with whatever it can do!)
  10. I'd love to make a character to join House Dali!! I'd specifically be interested in number 4: Adding a character to the divination guild! I'd be happy to make a Spidervalley Divination character! (But, if I'm not limited by the Sub-family's specialties, I'd love to make a Goldcourt character!) Edit: And if that's not a full thing on it's own, I could have said character helping out with one of the other tasks, as well as being in the divination guild? Let me know!
  11. As the chained man marched forth from the darkness of the cargo plane, Viera listened intently. She was a cleric with magic, yes, but her abilities weren't anything like this man. Viera looked over him as he spoke, keeping every word in mind from this intelligent 'Uncle Soly', as Blonde had called him. When he finished his little instructional speech about this portal, Viera felt the wave of magic surge across her, a ward she had not known of before. She had been given yet another layer of protection against the possible doom to come. Viera stood and steeled her mind as the countdown began. ”Jump zone optimal. 10. 9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...” ”Jump!!” Viera leaped from the aircraft with all of the others as they began to fall for what felt like hours. As she glanced around, she could see that most of the individuals who had jumped from the metal beast had fallen unconscious. Many had started to get swept away by the storm, most were still tumbling towards the portal. One person stood out as being very conscious, and it was the scantily clad Dragon-wench type woman. She was headed down with determination, just as Viera was. As the portal grew nearer, Viera reminded herself of all the portals that she's been through in her life, and all of the magical travel she has done. But not even that could calm her nerves. Mere feet from the portal now, she could feel the tingling sensation that she would always get from portals, but the feeling started to escalate into pain very quickly. When this happened, Viera could see flashes or echoes of herself and the others, just falling. It seemed that the energy of this portal was affecting time and space around it. Before she could see further, Viera was knocked unconscious by a very large man, crashing into her skull, mid-air. When Viera next open her eyes, everything was bright and unfamiliar, and there was speaking, and normalcy. She took a quick look around, as she saw a bright sky, large buildings, and she was lying on solid stone. She wearily pushed herself off of the ground, and stumbled forward, soon realizing that she had, in fact, landed on a roof. Peering off of the side of the building Viera could see several of the others scattered around the street below. Spotting Miss Blonde down there as well, Viera climbed partway down the stone structure, being careful of her bruised body, and jumped the last several feet off. With a grunt she landed, and then she made her way next to the young girl, facing Blonde and her companion. "Well Blonde, we've got twenty-four hours, no time to waste. Once the rest of these people wake up, what's our next move?"
  12. Viera finished examining her snazzy device, and glanced up to see a man approaching Blonde. As soon as they faced each other, Miss Blonde's energy changed. Viera couldn't see anything, but the edges of her body peeking out from behind the man, and even the way she held herself was different. When the man kissed her hand, and then they shared a kiss together, it was crystal clear. But if a couple like those two were so obviously frightened and nervous by this task, then the mission must either be something they've never done before, or something that means something to them. Viera remembers moments like that with her love, Harold. They had been on so many adventures together, and they had been separated last time around. Hopefully she'll find him when they get back to Valucre. Shortly following her moment of daydreaming about romance, Viera took notice of a very young girl on board. Her first thought was that it was incredibly strange and irresponsible to allow a child on a quest like this. But her second thought was more of a feeling, that there was something more to this girl. She had no clue what, but Viera has had her fair share of changes through the years. From emotional shifts, to being mentally overtaken by the evil that was stored within an ancient tome, Viera had felt many things. And now she was confident that this girl must know what she's doing if they allowed her on this flying machine. Viera took a few steps toward the entrance/exit of this machine, the 'jump zone' as it seems to be called. Partially moving because it was almost time, and partly moving because of the gargantuan woman standing so near to her. This woman also didn't carry anything, save for a few blades, and not even much clothing it seemed. That showed Viera that either she was really confident and cocky, or that she didn't need any weapons because she is a weapon herself. A strong fighter it seemed, almost a monster in size. These individuals definitely stood out among the rest of the poor souls aboard this vessel. As Viera stood, nearer to Miss Blonde and the jump zone, she looked out into the storm, and at the insane hole that they were about to leap into. It shook her up a bit, but she stayed calm and ready. ”NOW I’M SURE YOU’VE ALL NOTICED THE MASSIVE SPINNING VORTEX OF DEATH!! THAT IS OUR JUMP POINT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! FOLLOW ME AND MOST OF YOU WILL SURVIVE!! ONE MINUTE TO DROP!! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND REMEMBER IT’S A GREAT DAY TO DIE!!” Viera heard Miss Blonde's little speech, glad to see her being her stern, obdurate self again. Commencing a few prayers and minor spells, Viera did her best to ward the tough-looking individuals from being struck with lightning. It may not protect them from it completely, but she was sure it would lower their chances of being hit. As soon as the signal was given, Viera was ready to jump. "Good luck to you all, may the gods be with you." She spoke for the first time, hoping that a capable team would make it through.
  13. BasicName: Janie Rachelle Dominique (Janie has arrived in the world of Valucre only recently. She was about to leave home on a trip to Germany in her world. On her way to the train station, she was jumped. SHe couldn't see who it was, but she was pulled through a portal of some sort. The next thing Janie remembered was being washed up on shore in a strange and unfamiliar land)   Aliases: Janee, Walnut, BookieRace: HumanAge: 35Alignment: Neutral GoodClass: Surgeon/Doctor/MedicSub-Class: Historian/Cartographer/Tinkerer/IntellectualOccupation: (Formerly) Student, (Formerly) SurgeonElements: N/AWeapon: Knives, fists, feet. The only things she knows how to use, after taking a combination of many self defense classes, and anatomically focused medical classes.Armor: None PersonalHair: Copper BlondeEyes: HazelSkin: BronzeBody: Slightly underweight, but pretty averageHeight: 5'4"Weight: 110lbs (With new legs)Abilities -Can learn at a fast rate, whether it be mechanics, languages, sciences, you name it -Can perform surgery, and help anyone that is ranging from a cold, to a fatal injury, provided she has the equipment -Can make maps -Has knowledge of the modern day world on Earth in another universe -Great knowledge of most bodies weak points through medical and biological studies -Great deductive reasoningImmunities N/A Resistances Resistance to mental magics/abilities due to her brain/mind working differently than others and having a great intellect. Equipment A medical kit, a suitcase (full of clothes, photographs, food, other personal items and papers), a nice black pantsuit, glasses, makeup, skin care products. Other Link used as reference for Janie (Generally): https://www.character-generator.org.uk/5lxztxd/janie-is-considerate-junior-doctor-who-enjoys-meditation.html
  14. Several feet away from the mysterious Miss Blonde stood a fair, statuesque woman with an aura of menace. Viera listened intently to the Crime Boss as she detailed what was to happen next. Miss Blonde herself was very intriguing to Viera, as she had never met anyone quite like her in all of her adventures. As Miss Blonde spoke of the jumping from this spectacular flying machine, Viera unclipped her cloak, letting it drop to the floor of the cargo hold. She tied up her hair before grabbing what Blonde had called a 'parachute', and swiftly threw it on. Her belt was the next thing to be adjusted as Viera made sure her rapier, and scythe were as secure as could be. "So make your peace with whatever god you subscribe to because this is it people.” Viera had a strong feeling that this portal business would turn out alright, but she took the woman's words into consideration. Viera held the pendant she carried around her neck, and her fingers caressed the image of a lions face centered in a spider's web. She silently sent a few prayers for good travels to the god of fate whom she worshiped. To any who would examine Viera, it would be clear that she has seen many a battle, evident through her many scars and her soldier-esque stature. However she seemed to radiate an energy that can only be described as unsettling. She may look conventionally beautiful, but she would seem the type to slay someone with her scythe, and clean the blade with her tongue. But other than all that, it was clear she was a cleric, by the holy symbol around her neck, and the prayers she had sent. Generally, people would lead to a consensus of not wanting to be on her bad side. Not because she would hurt you, or do something horrible to you. But because if you were moments from death, and she were there to heal you, she might instead walk by and spit on your wounds. ”Four minutes!!” Viera heard the voice call out and began to cast a few minor abjuration spells on herself, making sure to generally protect her from a hard fall, lightning, or any pain and damage that might come from the speed of the winds as they fall. The spells were cast and glowing through her skin, and so she took a few moments to examine the individuals here. Few looked like the warriors, and allies she's worked with in the past. But there were some interesting folks on board this machine, she had to admit. So interesting that she even took a few steps away from them and toward the exit of this metal capsule. While she awaited the signal to jump, Viera stood alone, examining the device she had been given for this task, pressing all sorts of buttons on it, seeing what would light up, and what else it could do.
  15. So, it seems to have been kinda implied through a lot of the posts here already, BUT does this mean that it would be possible for a character to exist in canon in Valucre who has come from another universe (Dimension, land, etc.)? And like, have all of their memories and knowledge, but now they're in this new and different place without anything from their other world?
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