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  1. Within the next few moments, Gabriel took notice of many things, and made sure to process it all before leaping into the action himself. First of all, his new cohort revealed his identifier which was Midnight. It was a delightful identifier and it certainly fit his ally quite nicely. A small conversation began to take place between the two of them, if a conversation could consist of only one speaker, which Gabriel supposed that it could. Midnight spoke of his bravery, and lack of fear in revealing his true identifier, but regardless said that Midnight was good enough. He then went on to say that Gabriel's aid would be much appreciated, and that just made Gabriel very reassured in his own abilities. Finishing the sentence with a question about what Gabriel could do to assist, Gabriel logged these thoughts away, noting that this was possibly what it felt like to have a friend. Midnight and Mahogany, traversing the world for interplanetary adventures, a true duo for the ages he thought. But before he could respond, Midnight said that it was time to cut the 'blabber' or 'frabber jabber' as it were. Gabrield interpreted new kinds of slang in Midnight's speech patterns that he made sure to log down as fun language. Gabriel followed in a casual walk after Midnight, and when the individuals inside were all threatened with force, Gabriel began to process what he thought of this. The people looked truly terrified and in need of aid, but his new possible friend was causing this anguish. Before any action could be taken by Gabe, more of the strike team entered, further complicating the situation with more threatening action. First came the military-type woman, but as she stepped within the building, she went through a seamless transition from a stern demeanor to an unspeakable anguish, similar to that of the innocents in fear. Gabriel looked around, assuming she had seen some sort of aggressor nearby, but saw nothing. After about thirty more seconds Gabriel deduced that she had put on an act, to slip into the crowd. What an ingenious plan! Gabriel would do so as well, but he was part of the strike team, and was still deciding on his course of action. Next came the man with the beast upon which he rode. Were they friends? Or was the mount his pet? Their relationship was very unclear at the moment, but nonetheless they seemed to terrify the innocents even further. Firstly, he threatened to exhale gasses upon the masses and give them all slow deaths, seemingly as some sort of ploy to force any guards to give up on defending. The Beastman then suggested that they all find a way to bust the doors open. An answer came immediately in the form of a shielded metal man, who seemed to be partially machine, like Gabe but not the same. If Gabe was correct, then it would seem that whoever integrated the technology with the shield man was not very good at it. It looked like very rushed work, using scraps instead of premium technology and metals. Aside from the shotty workmanship, it seemed to be working well for the Shieldman. He used his great strength to burst through the locked doors, and freeze the innocents into their places. Shieldman told Midnight, Beastman, and Mahogany to move on ahead and stop any resistance that might come their way. Before heading off and doing as the Shieldman said, Gabriel's first action was to walk over to all of the absolutely terrified innocents. "I would like to apologize for my allies, they are simply doing their jobs. I will do my best to make sure that no harm comes to you innocent individuals. But we must liberate this hospital." Finishing off his short speech with a charming, and planned smile, Gabe would note some things down in his database. First, that he feels sympathy for the innocents, truly wishing that they remain safe. Gabe believes that killing innocents is bad, because thinking about it makes him feel bad. Second, that sometimes you may need to do things that are bad for a small amount of people, to do what is good for a greater amount of people. A similar idea, of killing one murderer to save the people that they might murder. With that important development in Gabe's system, he swiftly made his way further into the hospital with a light jog. Upon turning the first corner he came to, he saw around five guardsmen standing in the next hallway, preparing to fire at Gabriel. Though, with a quick check, he realized that they were unsure if Gabriel was an attacker. It was true that Gabe did look rather normal at the moment, so he decided to take the same course of action as the intelligent military woman. Slowly turning his expression from neutral to a state of fear, he looked down the hallway at his allies, and yelled to the guards "They're coming!!! Please, SAVE ME!!!" Gabe shouted this very convincingly, while running to the guards, hoping for safety from them. They stayed wary until they could see the Beastman and Midnight. Once the slightest view of the Beastman and Midnight was available to the guards, they would start to prepare their weapons for fire. But as Gabriel was accepted into their little barricade of a few tables, he took notice of some sort of canister on a wall. It seemed to be a kind of fire extinguisher, or at least something with pressurized air. Gabe, snatched it off of the wall, and sprayed two of the men in the face with the fire extinguisher. He followed that up by using some of his unnatural strength to smack them both across the heads with the cannister, sending them to the floor, unconscious. Since Gabriel wasn't really a human, or natural creature, he had a better understanding of his physical capabilities, and could tap into any amount of strength he needed at any time. Humans could not do this, as their body mostly controls itself, only allowing for maximum strength in times of distress, fueled by adrenaline. Lastly, Gabe would aim his cannister's nozzle at the three remaining guards, hoping to distract them for a few moments while his team could come in and assist, then move on to presumably more guards on the way.
  2. Viera had kept silent for quite some time, for she was preparing herself for what was to come. She had to recharge and focus her energies, especially since her abilities functioned differently in this world than they did back home. She had more power, but less control, and she could feel the connections that tied people together all across this universe. As she put her mind into a full state of concentration, she followed the rest of her cohorts out of the building, and to the beach where Blonde spoke to Wynona and then promptly gave a riveting speech to the group. She spoke of the enemy they were about to face, and they were not to be taken lightly. They weren't like anything Viera had ever battled before, they were an Empire. It was going to be a difficult task, but if there was anything she could trust, it was Blonde's determination and commitment. She even removed her mask again, this time leaving it off, revealing herself to all that stood before her. Viera didn't fully agree with Blonde, or like some of her decisions, but Viera understood her. Viera knew what it was like to have to travel so far, and go through so much to find, save, and protect those you loved. Viera trusted her. So, she stayed silent and by Blonde's side with the group as they boarded the skiff. Upon getting settled in the skiff, you could feel the energy in the air changing, and looking up you could see hundreds upon hundreds of vessels in the sky. They were no doubt a force to be reckoned with, but their army had nothing close to the individual strength of Blonde's squad. Viera knew this would be rough, and they would lose some people, but ultimately they would succeed in doing what they came here to do. She could feel it. Viera's eyes were held closed for several minutes as the skiff began to hover it's way toward the conflict ahead. She retreated within herself, to steel her mind and prepare one final time for this war of sorts. When she opened her eyes, the battle was beginning, starting with the enemies, the Sith, firing projectiles at their skiffs. Viera had never seen anything of this sort before, though she quickly learned that they would burn anything they touched. Several of Blonde's crew were shot down right then and there, Viera herself caught harsh burns on her skin in five different places. She began to think of the best course of action here, and what would benefit their group the most. She focused on the other members of the group, and scouted out what they were assisting with. The dragon woman leaped off of the skiff, to head directly into battle no doubt, trying to hold them all off on her own. Though unrealistic, it would provide an incredible distraction. Turning around, she spotted Jack leaping off the back of the skiff, possibly to hold of the Sith that began to approach from the rear. Pathogen had somehow unlocked the creature within him, and tendril-like energy things came forth from his small frame and destroyed several enemies below. Aside from them, there were several of Blonde's well trained personal crew, who she had overheard to be Dante, Sasha, and Thurgood. They were spread across the skiffs, but doing lots of great work. With so many people on the offensive, it would be a strong decision to take a defensive position. So Viera decided to fill that role, and do what she could to protect the people in their crew. Standing in the center of the main skiff, Viera held up both of her hands and started to form a sort of shield of force around the skiff. It wasn't there to block anything from coming in or out, simply because that would take more energy than needed. The shield was there to redirect the majority of the projectiles that came their way. As more shots were fired, Viera realized how difficult it was to actually do that, since these bolts were larger and stronger than most. But something inside of Viera was much different in this world, it was more free. And she managed to hold her ground, deflecting most, if not all of the bolts from taking out anymore of the crew. However it would not protect the skiff itself, it was only surrounding the people on board. Viera made sure to strengthen the shield's area that surrounded Blonde, since she was the one that needed to be kept alive at all costs. So Viera stood, protecting all that she could, waiting until they made it past the checkpoint that they were headed for. Her energy was draining, but it was slowed, she would be able to keep this up for quite some time, as long as they didn't come in with more fire power.
  3. Gabriel listened to the man who he identified as the Doc and he spoke of several things. The first item he mentioned was no names, only identifiers. Which was a confusing idea to Gabriel, since he understood that names already were identifiers. But he figured that some people would wish not to be traced back to their true identifier, their true name. This was a good idea, and Gabriel decided a good identifier for him would be Mahogany, because that was the exact shade of his hair. The second item brought up in the briefing was a quick run-down of the Mausoleum, and this operation. He pointed out everything that could be gathered by inspecting the exterior of the hospital, but little to no data from the interior and what awaited them. He then spoke of how the call to this project was sent to select individuals who would allow for the most efficient operation. This was a particularly interesting comment to Gabriel, seeing as he had not met many people yet since he had been created. It was curious that he received this message. Either someone had been watching him, and knew of his capabilities as an artificial intelligence, or he intercepted a message meant for someone else. He was going to try and figure out the probability of both, but instead chose to believe that he was the one chosen, as it made him feel better. Third. There was an interruption from an outsider that they called a bard. He was an interesting and carefree individual, and they practically forced him onto the job. This caused Gabriel to rethink the statement of saying they were all selected carefully. Once he did, he made the decision that the Doctor was in fact lying. The truth was probably that he wanted individuals that were capable, just as much as they were expendable. So, half true. Now Gabriel thought, are all Doctors liars? Or just half-liars? Or was it this specific man. A test would need to be conducted, since two is a coincidence and three is a pattern. More doctors must be question, but for now, Gabriel wouldn't trust them. He manually uploaded this conclusion to collective database of Victory AIs. Then, Gabriel was actually spoken to. He was told that if assailants would come and attack stronger than anticipated that he would help fend them off. This scared, yet excited Gabriel. He was scared of potential damage to his body, but excited to be helping with the cause of retaking the hospital for the good of the land with his fellow warriors. His team would consist of himself, the Bard, the talkative guy, the person in the suit, and the person wearing a mask. What an interesting bunch, Gabriel thought. Next, everyone was handed vials of a healing concoction. The Doc then harmed himself quite badly, to which Gabriel was shocked and about to perform first aid on the man. Then he healed himself with the vial of liquid, which Gabriel now knew was being used in this as a demonstration. The look of panic would now disappear from his face. He noticed that several of the others seemed to be trading their vials to each other, but not receiving anything in return. Either stupidity, or generosity Gabriel suspected. Unexpectedly, there was then an announcement of payment! This excited Gabriel, as he could use it to buy many new things once he found his way back to a suitable town. It was said that half of the money from the rich people would be split between all those assisting in the project. This would be the first time Gabriel ever received payment for a job, as he wasn't great in his previous workplaces. And paid for saving a hospital was the most noble thing he could be payed for. Wonderful! Twelve minutes was the last announcement. So, Gabriel began to time twelve minutes exactly, and would head out once that was done, or before then if a group member of his would leave the tent. One of the individuals caught Gabriel off guard by doing what he could only describe as 'throwing a bit of a fit', and leaving on his own to apply for a position at the hospital that was about to be liberated. Now, Gabriel was under the assumption that the evil-doers within the hospital would likely cause trouble and danger, and the rest of the workers would be taken away or dealt with. SO, it would make more sense to help liberate the establishment, rather than go join it, only to possibly be attacked by this group. Gabriel then marked this man as: Ignoramus, as he seemed to lack basic thought processing skills. So, Doctors are liars, and Large men are unintelligent was what he was receiving from these people. Great data for his collective! He kept all of his thoughts from this tent stored, and ready to upload. There were a few small exchanges happening, one man asking The Doc another question, but then Gabriel noticed one of his team members rush to the Mausoleum. So Gabriel naturally did a swift jog right after him. "Hello. I'm also part of the fire-team like you." Gabriel whispered as he crouched next to Chad at the hospital's entrance. "The Doc said only identifiers, so you can call me Mahogany, as it is the color of my hair. What is your identifier? It would be pertinent information to have before we liberate this establishment." @Monoxide
  4. On Viera's way to run and get supplies, she had found that most of her allies were now gathered in the building, and what she was looking for was right there as well. Fresh water, new clothing, and weapons. Viera kept her rapier of course, but she grabbed herself a few smaller firearms, some new black garbs, and some water. With her arms full she stepped into the kitchen with the others where there was a quick meeting. It was mostly Blonde addressing the location and situation, then stating what to do if you had issues or inquiries, and finally heading off to rest. Viera thought that it was indeed a wise decision, and that she would do the same. If her memory served her right, Blonde said there were approximately ten rooms available. Viera left the meeting and on her way she noticed Pathogen, now realizing that he was in a gleeful state. This was quite curious to her, and she wondered whether it was truthful, or part of a sizable mental breakdown. Viera figured that it must be true when she saw the exchange between the reckless dragon woman and him. She had to admit that both Pathogen's mental state, and this impromptu meeting was relatively concerning for Viera. But then again, it was absolutely none of her business. This was a job anyway. Speaking of jobs, Viera went to check to see if there were any final wounded that she should tend to. It turned out that there were machines, or sort of machine people that were taking care of it. Almost like clockwork nurses. From the looks of it, they were doing a great job, so Viera went on her own way. Strolling down the halls of this luxurious yet ransacked building, Viera looked for the room she was in before. Once she had found it Viera shut the door tight, and used a quick spell meld the wood of the door with the wood of the wall, just so no one would be an annoyance. She finally took a moment to rest herself, and take it slow and calm. She set her personal items aside on a dresser, took a shower, donned her new black garment. Once her personal tidying was done, she drank some water and laid down on the bed. It had been years since Viera had been in a bed like this. She could only wonder what Blonde's past used to look like here. Blonde and Jack actually reminded her a bit of herself and Harold, it made her miss him more than usual. This made her a better fighter. She was here for something, she needed the payout from this, because she needed to find Harold. Blonde and Jack inspired her, despite the fact that they do a quite a bit of merciless murder. With hope in her heart, Viera locked it inside of her and began to focus. She lay in bed to rest, but also to restore her magical energy. As she drift away into sleep, she began to pray to her god, clutching the iron symbol hanging around her neck. Her subconscious mind would pray, as her conscious mind fell into a deep sleep. Now all that was left was the waiting. Waiting for a call to battle.
  5. Gabriel stood out in the forest, out near the edge that lead into the clearing that held the Mausoleum. He had arrived at this camp hours ago, by foot, after he had received word on what was happening here, and was asked for assistance. He looked at the large, Gothic hospital that was to be the target. It seemed out of place here, in the fertile grasslands, Upon further inspection, one could see that the earth surrounding the building had been torn up. It seemed that the Mausoleum had not always been here, but was somehow inserted into this land. Gabriel made a note of all of this, keeping it stored in a prominent place in his database. Looking to the sky, Gabriel saw the dark clouds above and felt the drops of rain cover his skin. Using the stormy weather would be beneficial in their efforts to take back this location. It would cover up moderate noises, and makes it hard to notice anything that happens around the exterior of the hospital. Gabriel noted this as well, and began to make his way around the many tents set up among the trees. Eventually Gabriel found his way to the tent that he was supposed to visit, and meet the man known as the Doc, which was most likely a shortened form of the title of Doctor. Curious how a Doctor was unleashing a raid on a hospital, his natural place of work. And what was this Doctor's real name, Gabriel wondered. But, the Tori's thought processes were halted when a man, introducing himself as Greg led him into the tent with several others. Gabriel began to look over his allies, and comrades on this raid. There was a talkative trench coat man, who says that his skills are great, indeed a good ally to have. There was a quiet elven woman, who had many scars across her body, the sign of a warrior, Gabriel thought. There was a man with a large lizard-like mount. Gabriel would have to ask what species it is when they had a spare moment. There was Greg, Lastly, there was the Doc. Gabriel knew this because the talkative ally, had addressed him as such. "How exactly do you plan on taking over the entire hospital, Doc? My skills may be great, but that place probably is big enough to host who knows what kind of security measures. It would be quite ironic to die in a hospital, especially one called The Mausoleum." The man finished his last statement with what could only be described as a snicker. It must have been a humorous statement of irony, as he said. Gabriel let out a laugh in response to his joke. "Indeed, quite ironic my good sir!" After letting that out, Gabriel stood, awaiting information and instructions from the Doc. Though it was hard to pay attention with the tent being so crowded and damp.
  6. The last thing in Viera's memory was watching Blonde sacrifice the rest of the individuals in the courtyard, in order to transport everyone. Viera felt this surge of magic, and she immediately knew what Blonde was trying to do, but the only question was: Where? Viera had never been informed on travelling to yet another alternate world. This gave her some anxiety, but she also knew that either Blonde would get her home, or Viera would make sure that she did. She then scrambled across the deck of the ship, calling out and telling everyone to hold on to the ship tightly. As soon as she managed to grab onto something sturdy, she blacked out. Usually Viera was good with magical transportation, but this was a very unstable ritual, not meant to carry this many people AND a full ship. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next thing Viera knew, a splash of water hit her in the face and she shot up to see a woman going around, waking everyone up. With a quick look around, Viera's first thoughts went to her allies. Blonde, Jack, and Syderia weren't on this beach, and that one small feisty girl was not on the beach either. However, she did spy some foot prints all over the beach, many of them leading up to what seemed to be some kind of large house, almost mansion? Upon realizing most people were probably safe, she had a look at her current surroundings, now able to actually focus on them. The place was quite tropical, definitely warmer than Viera was used to, and they were indeed on a large beach. It seemed an odd place for all of them to be, but it kind of made sense, most people hide things away on tropical island-type places like this. Viera now slowly began to make her way to standing, wiping the wet sand off of her skin. Once she was up, she realized that the sand had made its way all throughout her leather armor. She decided that she should make her way to the building, as it would probably have the space for her to clean her whole outfit, and get a change of clothes. She began to trudge through the wet sand, keeping an eye out for where Pathogen might be. Viera was thrown off when an explosion went of in the distance, and she turned to see the air vessel destroyed, and laying in the sea next to them. A tragic loss, since now their method of escape was now completely gone. Noticing the huge dragon lady aimlessly wander the beach, Viera wondered if she should let her know that everyone's tracks obviously lead to the house nearby. But then she asked herself, why would I help someone who has almost killed me countless times, and continued on her way. Further up the beach, Viera found Pathogen, looking rather shaken from the whole thing, like most of this soggy bunch. "Hey, I'm going up to the house to rest and clean off. I suggest you do the same young one." She did her best to give a smile, but it was quickly cut off by a splitting headache, and so she went on her way. Upon reaching the house, if you could call it that, Viera was amazed by the architecture of the place. It was reminiscent of ruins that she had seen in the past but somehow more modern than anything she had ever seen. This truly was another world. Viera found the front door to be open, and people had begun to swarm in one by one. The feisty young girl was knocking on the door, Syderia was nearby, Jack and Blonde inside doing their usual thing. Viera just walked right past all of them, and started checking the rooms of the house, one after the other, trying to find a lockable room where she could tidy herself up. After a few minutes of checking rooms, she manage to find one that suited her needs and she entered. After locking the door, she started to remove her armor, and then she stripped down to her undergarments. Then with a few quick waved of her hand, she separated the sand and water from herself and all of her clothing. Putting her clothes back on, she exited the room, remembering a man with crates full of supplies on the beach. She figured she could use some fresh water, and maybe even see what equipment they have. The sooner she gets what she needs, the sooner she could rest and pray, restoring more of her power, and allowing her to heal any wounds that their group may still have.
  7. Oooo!! Could I join in with my Tori AI Character (Gabriel), as part of the raiding party ?? I think that'd be fun and interesting ?
  8. Delmira gratefully took the tea as Merida nudged it her way, adding plenty of sugar and a splash of milk. As she finished, she could see the gentle smile on the girls face drop. "Let me get this stra-straight. You're in the Divination Guild, right?" Delmira was shocked by this sudden aggressive shift in the conversation, it seemed as though Del's mention of Merida's kidnapping had somewhat set her off. Just as Del was about to chime in with an answer to her question, and perhaps some calming words, she was cut off. "I kno-know about you. I've heard ab-about your visions." This was quite the surprise to Delmira, since she had only returned as of several months ago. But it seemed that her work in and out of the Guild has already been heard of among most of House Dali. Though, Merida was very correct, Delmira holds a specialty with her visions, as she gets them more frequently and more powerful than most. In fact, she had even had visions of Merida's kidnapping, but at the time it wasn't clear and she couldn't pull out all of the details required to learn more of it. But now that she sat with Merida, her visions has become clear and complete. Alas this was of no use, it was too late to prevent any harm. When her divination abilities were brought up by Merida, she simply sat silent, acknowledging Merida's frustrated energy. "I'm sure you have questions...and doubts. I know you doubt that I can run this place, but trust me I-I doubt me too." This girl was full of unexpected reactions, and it appeared that she was much different than many other people she had met. There was a strong ferocity within her that made her admirably strong-willed. But at this moment, Delmira wasn't here to help her deal with her trauma. She simply wished to spend her spare time lightening the load at the vineyard. "Merida. I have had my thoughts on the subject, but frankly, I do not doubt you and your ability to run this vineyard." This sentiment was fully true, as Del had thought of why such a young woman would be put in charge of an operation like this. But she knew that House Dali wouldn't appoint someone to a position if they weren't capable. "But what I do know is that my assistance would greatly lighten your load. I understand you must want a distraction, but overworking yourself will do you no good." This was spoken with a firm quality, but what drove the words was care and concern. "I truly believe that I can aid this place, and you, a great deal. Now, I apologize deeply for however I may have upset you. But you must understand, I have your best interests in mind." This came from a place of longing. Delmira didn't want to let it seep through, but she had a great yearning to reconnect with her family, however distant their blood may be. "I know that I've only just arrived, and we do not know each other yet, but I beg of you to listen to reason." After speaking so much, Delmira reeled herself back in, realizing her passionate side was spilling out. Delmira resumed sipping her tea in anticipation, hoping that this damaged girl would be able to see some sense, and learn that it's okay to take time for yourself and accept others help.
  9. BasicName: Gabriel (Gabe) Aliases: N/ARace: Tori (Artificial Intelligence)Age: 1Alignment: True NeutralClass: N/ASub-Class: N/AOccupation: Informant/Researcher/Data CollectorElements: N/AWeapon: None specificallyArmor: None PersonalHair: Mahogany BrownEyes: Yellowish GreenSkin: Pale, speckledBody: Fit body, well-builtHeight: 6'0"Weight: 170lbs Abilities -Essentially has the abilities of an average Terran/Human -But is generally good at many things, such as a Jack of All Trades -Very fast learner, and very adept with most machinery and technology -Basic combat skills Immunities N/A Resistances Psychic Abilities, since he is Artificial Intelligence and doesn't have a full/real brain. Equipment : Clothing. Gabriel is a Tori, a part of the Victory ASI Program. He has only just been created and brought into being. He was sent out to exist and develop himself as part of this large experiment. At the current point in time, he is aware of the fact that he is an AI, and he manually uploads all information that he collects within his personal database. He isn't currently upset with the fact that he is Artificial, and his loyalty lies with Victory. However, after speaking to a few individuals he has concluded that it isn't a great course of action to talk about his origin to anyone. He has now set out to do what he was made to do, exist/develop/learn.
  10. Ooooo, this sounds like a great time ? I'd totally be interested in hopping in on this as well! Just need to think of somewhere that might be interesting to hop into. Maybe the Gaian Academy? I dunno, if there are any good ideas out there, lemme know! And I guess I'll start making a new character sheet if that's okay? ?
  11. Turquoisie


    BasicName: Ellis Sharpe   Aliases: GlassRace: HumanAge: 19Alignment: Neutral GoodClass: Mage/ManipulatorSub-Class: Glass-Manipulation/Minor EarthbendingOccupation: Hero/VigilanteElements: EarthWeapon: Knives, daggers, and shards of glass.Armor: None PersonalHair: Stark BlackEyes: Deep BrownSkin: PaleBody: Average body, well-builtHeight: 5'10"Weight: 165lbs Abilities -Can use his mind, and body to move, shape, and otherwise manipulate glass. This stems from his innate ability to manipulate earthen elements, extending from earth, to sand, and from there to glass. But his strongest abilities lie with being able to manipulate all glass near him. -Has trained in hand-to-hand combat with weapons such as daggers and knives, as well as martial arts and bare fists. -Acrobatics, Gymnastics, and Parkour. He has been training in several of these with teachers/coaches since a young age, the rest he worked hard on himself to learn. -Can create things out of glass, like mirrors, and using those to misdirect individuals into attacking/seeking out the wrong reflection. -Quick reflexes Immunities N/A Resistances N/A Equipment Several glass throwing knives, 2 glass daggers, a glass long sword, and five fist-sized pouches of glass dust. Regular clothing (brown dress pants, white long sleeve shirt, brown leather boots, grey fur jacket), backpack, Vigilante costume (Pure White bodysuit, utility belt, sturdy white boots, full white face mask with nothing but two eye holes). Other
  12. Viera and Pathogen had continued to help the slaves make their way aboard the ship, and fended off any brave attackers that came their way. But moments later, the majority of the slaves were already aboard the ship, save for a few that were trapped under rubble, behind fire, or otherwise separated from the ship. And from a quick check around, Blonde was still taking care of business elsewhere, while the destructive dragon woman was having a standoff with some stupid slavers. Well, it looked like there was enough time for a few quick rescue missions. "Young one, I must save as many as I can before Blonde returns. You musn't touch the rope, for you may destroy it. Try and find a safe way back onto the ship. But if you can't, grab a few more slaves, and I'll make sure that you get back on the sky vessel." Leaving Pathogen to his own decisions, Viera leaped into the fray even though it was less battle and more destruction now. She went over to a large fire that was surrounding about three or four slaves, and she kicked a large pile of loose rubble until it tumbled down, putting out the fire it covered, and created a pathway to safety. She quickly yelled at them to head over to the air ship, and set off across the square. There was a child slave, sobbing because her mother was stuck under a large piece of debris. Viera got there as soon as she could, and gave the woman a quick examination. It seemed like the debris had only trapped her, and maybe landed on her left leg. So it was safe to try and lift the rock just enough for the woman to wriggle to freedom. With a countdown from three, Viera put all of her strength into lifting this stone, and it wasn't much, but with was just enough to release the mother. Viera directed them to the ship and they too hobbled over. The remaining slaves in the area were the ones around Nocturna, aside from a young man moaning in agony not too far from the ship. Out of breath, she did a light jog back to him and saw that he was missing a leg. He was left to bleed out on the floor here by someone who either cut it off, or dragged him out from under rubble. She was going to use the last of her magic to return her and Pathogen to the ship, but this was a better use. Besides, she could probably piggy back Pathogen up the rope, slow as that would be. The only concern with that would be the possibility of melting clothes... With no moment to spare, Viera held both of her hands to this young man's leg, all she could manage was stopping the bleeding, and speeding up the regeneration of his skin. For now it was a large scab where the wound used to be, but it was good enough to get him moving. Viera helped the boy up, and brought him over to the rope. She was nervous that he might not make it up, but he started to pull himself up like his life depended on it, because it kind of did. Viera's gaze was pulled from the rope by an explosion, followed by Blonde exiting a building. Though her face wasn't visible, her body language was different, and frankly a bit terrifying. She had seen this only in her worst enemies, but this was her employer so she couldn't do anything back get away from her as soon as possible. If Pathogen was still on the ground wit her, she'd offer him her hand and pull him up onto her back. If Pathogen was already on the ship, she'd hop onto the rope and climb it as fast as humanly possible. The climb up would be rough, especially with all of the destruction being caused by the provocative dragon wench, putting Viera in harms way countless times on this mission. She was continuously slammed into the side of the ship as she climbed, due to the explosions rocking the Cardinal. But eventually she'd make her way up, and spend whatever energy she had left helping Syderia recover.
  13. "Delmira Goldcourt? I don't believe we've met before." Delmira gave a pleasant smile, realizing that she had been separated from most of House Dali for many years. "No, we have not met before. I've been...away for quite some time. I am the niece of Prescot Goldcourt." Delmira said, noticing just how weak Merida seemed to be at the moment. From Del's assumption, rest is indeed what this girl needed to recover, but then again she knew that she would do the same if she was in Merida's position. "Come in." With the invitation extended, Delmira made her way into the office, looking around the place. She really let herself see the whole space and take in it's atmosphere, and detail. It seemed quite tidy, but there definitely was some dust buildup around, which made sense considering Merida hadn't been around for some time. She quickly returned her gaze to Merida and now she stood in front of her desk, covered in papers and preparations for tea. "Sit. You said you wan-wanted to speak about the vineyard?" Delmira had spaced out for a few moments, not realizing that she hadn't taken a seat yet. So she sat down and was about to speak of her reasons for being here. But before she spoke, she noticed that Merida was reaching around with her hand for her teacups. Del knew that she supposedly lost one of her eyes some years ago, but surely she wasn't completely blind? Delmira really wasn't sure, but she still offered her help because that's what she would do no matter the situation. She reached across the desk and gently nudged the teacups towards Merida's hand, stopping once they got close enough to her. Now, back to the vineyard, Delmira had to explain her presence here, as it must be very confusing for someone who was unaware of her return. "Oh, yes, the vineyard! Well, I have returned after being away for quite some time, and I have taken the liberty of joining the Divination Guild of Dali." As she spoke, she kept a lighthearted tone in her voice, regardless of how professional she was trying to be. "Now, I know what you're thinking. 'What does the Divination Guild have to do with the vineyard', and... well it has nothing to do with the vineyard frankly, that's just part of my story." After finishing that sentence Delmira realized she had kind of gone off track, so she did her best to get back on track. "My apologies, anyway, there are no pressing matters with the guild at the moment, and I had heard of your... tragic situation." Her voice changed with this topic. It wasn't the sound of pity, or sorrow, but the sound of recognition and relation. But she quickly moved on, "And I happen to have studied a fair amount about business, and agriculture over the years. So, I thought it would be a great use of my time to come over here and... well, lend you a hand, or partner?" This last part was quite hopeful, as Delmira had very much wanted to assist Merida, whether or not she claimed to need it. She took a few moments to just sit with what she had just said, letting it be out in the air. Delmira began to think that she may have come off as rude, since she hasn't even asked Merida anything, personally. So she followed up her proposition with one last statement of genuine care and concern, "I am so sorry, I have been so forthright. How are you doing? Your well-being is far more important than the vineyard."
  14. Well, we could do like a sort of handoff? Like, it could start where things are now, having a little chat with Merida and Delmira. But after their conversation is resolved, it can go into the reunion moment after? And I can just move my vineyard activities to a new thread maybe? Idk, just brainstorming! ?
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