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  1. Zyon continued, "The way we used my ability with yours was awesome! High five!" Zyon raised a hand to Zane, but he looked a bit saddened at the boy's prosthetic arm. He must have lost it. He smiled a bit and gave him a high five. He looked to Bruce. "You don't seem surprised that I'm a mutant, must be pretty normal for you, huh?"
  2. Zane nodded silently, still a but shaken up being pulled into such an ordeal. Bruce didn't seem too surprised by his abilities coming to light, did he know about them? No, that's impossible. Zyon smiled. "Dude, that was so cool! How did you manipulate the rain like that?" Zane looked to his hands. "I've been able to for as long as I can remember..."
  3. Zyon wiped his brow. "Whew... that was close." The young man rushed over to Bruce. "Hey uh, you alright?" He asked, realizing how beat up he looked. Zane walked over to join them as well.
  4. I just moved with my family and haven't remembered enough to check my messages and such. If anyone who was writing with me sees this please message me if you were still interested in continuing the stories.
  5. "Hey, ugly! Why'd they send you alone, huh? You pack a punch but you haven't got a single hit even on me, and I'm a kid!" Zyon shrugged. "Guess you're all talk, huh?" Zyon attempted to retrieve his attention and lead him away from Bruce.
  6. Zane skidded back. "Well, it was worth a shot..." Zyon had rushed over to Bruce. "Are you okay?"
  7. Zane smirked. Water formed around his own body simultaneously, starting from the tips of his hands. Once it took the proper shape of armor, it hardened and he brought more water to surround Nictis's body. The water wrapped around him like a cocoon, almost the entirety of it covered within seconds. He looked toward Zyon for a moment. "Don't just stand there, I'm gonna need your help, kid!" Zyon nodded and rushed over. If he charged the water with electricity, it could possibly harm him.
  8. Thunder crashed as the rain continued to pour, and Zyon looked helpless. "Bruce!" A heavily drenched man soon came behind Nictis, it was Zane. He raised his hands toward the sky, and the rain circled Zane in a continuous loop from all sides. He pushed his right arm forward and the water burst forward in sync with the action, circling and grabbing onto Nictis's arm in an attempt to drag him backward. With his left, he copied this action and stepped back. He grit his teeth, because the attacker's strength was a lot for Zane to handle alone. @MichaelTheLightBringer
  9. Zyon's expression dropped as Bruce was brutally kicked to the ground. He tried to speak up again but couldn't manage a word and he tried to move but his fear held him still. Everyone was now being beaten easily and the being barely seemed harmed at all. He still sat on the dirt, watching from where he had fallen. Without his consent, his prosthetic charged up again. He looked toward it and stood up quietly.
  10. Zyon tumbled backward too, and he rubbed his head. "What... was that?" He pushed himself up to a sitting position.
  11. Zyon shrugged, and his arm dimmed back to normal. "You guys were late, and I was in the neighborhood..." He smirked. "Besides, I knew you'd show up sooner or later." He turned toward Magnus. "Hey try not to get so close to death next time, man, I would have preferred to stay hidden behind that rubble over there."
  12. Zyon put a hand to his chin and looked up. "Yeah... you may be right, but... I think I'm willing to take that risk." Zyon looked past him toward Magnus. "But from what I know, you'll be outnumbered in say... possibly..." he lowered his hand and finger counted, "one, two, maybe 2 and a half minutes give or take? Do you think I can stall you for that long?"
  13. Zyon looked at his arm. "Are you kidding me? I can't fight him!" He said out loud to himself. He peeked past the barrier he hid behind and watched as the being threatened Magnus. "Agh... whatever!" He rushed out of his hiding place. "Hey, lightshow, why don't you give it a rest?!" His prosthetic arm glowed blue and sparks of electricity formed around it as it charged up within a few seconds. "You realize this is our turf, right?"
  14. Zyon lifted his eyes toward them as he ventured closer. He froze in his tracks, stepping back a bit once he realized what was going on. The two were in the heat of battle and there he was standing in the midst of them. He ran toward a large piece of cement within the rubble and hid behind it. He panted, hoping neither of them saw him.
  15. A teen approached the crater as the dust settled, wondering what had crashed into the ground. He peered toward it, trying to make out what happened. He lifted his prosthetic arm and ran his hand through his hair, as he anxiously watched waiting for something to either jump out at him or something from space now exposed to Earth's atmosphere. He slid down into it, not knowing of the quarrel just moments prior.
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