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    Genres; Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comedy, Casual, Medieval, Suspense. Anime and realistic style themes in writing. Video editing.
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  1. Yeah I am into a variety of things. I'm just selective when it comes to the content within the story. Message me on my page or whatever if you want. :)
  2. Hello! I'm Chloe! There are also alternative RPs on here too! (Outside of Valucre) which is where I spend my writing time. Just thought to let you know!
  3. Currently, I use Sony Vegas Pro 14. :) And Thanks!
  4. Hey, I just wanted to say I hope you've been doing alright and I'll pray for you. If you need to talk or anything about what's going on I know quite a bit about depression and the like.
  5. hi. how are u?

    1. EtherealWings


      Hello! I'm fine. Just wanted to welcome you!


  6. Hello! :)

  7. dw I understand depression. I hope you feel better soon.
  8. I'm sort of on a roll with these. I spent way too long masking that little clip in this so I hope whoever watches it enjoys it.
  9. Welcome welcome welcome! @mistersalami I'm fairly new as well though I've been here for a couple of months now. My name's Chloe and I'm 20! Nice to meet you :) I enjoy anime as well, though I don't watch it as much as I did when I was 13-15. I love studio Ghibli films too! <3 Have you seen The Wind Rises? A new anime I've seen recently is Hero Mask, which was pretty good. I love the art style of anime, it's a style I like to draw with.
  10. This lovely thing took me 3 hours to finish.
  11. "I would like to know what happened here," the woman responded, glad someone cared to answer her. "I understand the victim is Mr. Freeze? Oh, forgive me," She adjusted the strap of her black purse over her shoulder and held out her hand to shake his, "I am Sarah Sinclair. Assistant attorney particularly working as a public defender. The man in the car... were there any witnesses to the murder here?" The woman had to speak up above the clamor of the other citizens amongst them. After she reiterated her questions to the detective, her eyes looked past him at the car. Freeze's corpse was growing cold... colder than it was before and his blood could be seen amongst the scene. She was unsettled by this, and she cleared her throat as she awaited a response. She rarely had to visit crime scenes like this personally and she purposefully did not get into homicide for her career as she knew these situations overwhelmed her. Frankly, she didn't understand how these detectives handled it... or maybe they didn't. Nearby, an officer tried to calm the other citizens. He called to the crowd, "Please, we're going to have to ask you all to go about your night! The detectives here have everything under control." Other officers directed the crowd away from the scene in response to this man's commands. Sarah glanced over as the others began to leave the scene.
  12. Entered a new character. Sarah Sinclair from Hero Mask
  13. Coming across the bloody scene of the man dead in his car, Sarah Sinclair slowed her walk. There was quite a fuss, police tape set up around the diameter of the murder which people were actively crowding around curiously and talking amongst themselves and to the officers. Quite a few detectives were out investigating the situation, some even held a cup of steaming hot coffee to help them stay awake. News vans were parked nearby, as reporters fought to have questions answered. Traffic in this area had to be directed by police officers, the entire ordeal had such an audience. The victim could be clearly seen, as police headlights illuminated the accident from roughly all sides. Naturally, the woman looked to the situation with an aching concern similar to some of the other citizens around her as she pushed past them in the crowd, trying to get a closer look. Inside her, a sense of urgency was stirred up, even though she did not know the victim. "They say that's one of those thugs, Dr. Icicle or something," a man in the crowd said, Sarah easily catching on. Under her breath she corrected him, repeating the victim's real alias. She's reviewed cases in regard to this man in her work as an assistant attorney. When she finally got to the front of the crowd to receive a better view, she attempted to ask an officer what happened and if there were any witnesses to the attack.
  14. I'm thinking I might enter in a second character as well...
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