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  1. _DOSSIER_ INFORMATION SECURITY OS ENTER CREDENTIALS USER: Laplace, Kaira PASSKEY: *********** ... CREDENTIALS ACCEPTED ACCESS Article 1 ENTRY y/n: y_ Loading... [ERROR x105: Request Timeout. Regenerating servers...]
  2. hi, the name's Rowan but I guess I'm now Flying Dutchman why did I have to choose this weird ass username dammit so full disclosure, I used to be on this site under a different username and all, but left because I was stressed out as all hell and had to deal with life first but hey, I'm back and now a totally different person (maybe) and also because Valucre gave me the feel of being in a real RP community that I've never really experienced anywhere else so let's get cracking! I look forward to starting over on a better foot than last time, and maybe not step on anyone's caltrops
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