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  1. Token

    A Matter of Illusions

    Icarus found his way to the doors of the town hall within moments, craning his neck to look all the way up to the top of the doorframe. It was a particularly large building, especially when compared to the others within its vicinity. He didn't see any of the 'zombie-like' town folks as the elderly man had described. As far as he could tell, there was no one at all patrolling this building. On the exterior that was. The interior remained to be seen. With a slow intake of air, Icarus grasped the handles of the double doors to town hall before turning them. As he pushed them both open the silence on the inside of the building was broken by a long, drawn out, creak. The rays of sunlight that were now allowed inside illuminated it somewhat, yet the further back the room was the darker it appeared. Icarus to a step inside and looked around. The interior was mismatched compared with what was presented on the outside. Everything had accumulated a large amount of dust. Even the floor was covered in a disgusting layer, though there were breaks in it in the shape of footprints. The prints seemed to vary in size. The decor, which Icarus assumed had once given a special viewing, now lay scattered across the floor and various surfaces. Framed pictures and documents mostly hung skewed on the wall, or now lay at the base of said structure. Doors had been removed- no, ripped- from their doorframes and now littered various random areas. There was a staircase that appeared largely unusable as it had, essentially, been violently dismantled in the middle portion. The slightest of scuffle broke the silence of the room causing Icarus' head to snap straight forward. He looked into the darkness, searching for movement, yet found none. It was only by squinting his eyes that he was finally capable of making out the figure of someone standing in the shadow's depths. His body tensed as he immediately prepared himself for confrontation.
  2. Token

    A Matter of Illusions

    "Not much else." The elderly person returned with a grim expression present on his face. "Like I said, no one knows why any of this is happening, and no one's staying to find out. Everyone's either running away or just vanishing." Icarus found himself giving a slow nod in response to this, though he continued to listen as the other spoke more. "What I can tell you is: that building over there?" He pointed at the structure in question so as to give a visual representation, "Town hall? Odd things have been happening there too. Some of the zombie minded ones guard it most of the time. Won't let anyone in. They get really violent when you get too close. The ones that do go in you don't see come out. And the ones that come out you don't see go in. I don't care much about what's going on in there, but you might." Icarus took a step backward and looked over the building in question. It seemed normal enough, even looked as if it was being maintained in comparison to the other architecture that surrounded it. The longer he stared at it the more he felt an ominous presence radiating from it though. Turning his attention back to the other person in his presence, his inky eyes bled away as he allowed his illusion world reseed. "Thank you for the information. I appreciate your cooperation." The bald wares seller looked around quickly as he felt his heart rate return to a normal pace. "Whatever you say." He returned, not daring to look up to meet the younger male's gaze as he began pulling his items from his stall and stuffing them inside a ragged brown sack. "I hope you find what you're looking for. I'm taking my planned leave earlier than I expected." The man's words might have been humorous had Icarus not felt sympathy for him in some way. Reaching around his side he produced a coin purse before placing it on the flat surface of the stand before the elder could depart. "Here. For your troubles. Safe travels." With those words, Icarus turned his back to the man, allowing him to leave the town behind if that was his wish, and set his sights on his new destination.
  3. Token

    A Matter of Illusions

    "There's something... not normal going on around here." The old man spoke in a hurried voice, leaning forward as his tone softened. It seemed as if he was scared of some passerby hearing him and halting him from disclosing whatever information he had become willing to give. "It's been going on for a little while now." He took a moment to look both left and right for anyone. As Icarus observed him he noted that the fear he felt had increased. He hadn't applied anything new to the illusion so he was left wondering why. "What exactly is it?" He questioned, drawing the bald man's attention back toward him. "No one knows what's causing it, you see? It just... started happening. And it's only gotten worse and worse. It started with the nightmares... Everyone started having them. Hardly anybody in town was getting any sort of sleep. Then people started... the best way I can put it is losing their minds. It was like they were getting dumber and dumber until they were just... zombie-like. Then the disappearances started." Icarus lifted both eyebrows at this statement as his arms tightened across his chest. "Disappearances?" "Yeah... People just started going missing. Some would pop back up, but they'd be like the other ones. Walking around like zombies. At this point, they're pretty much the inhabitants of this here town. Most everybody else has either disappeared or left, hard to tell the difference really. And the ones of us that are still here? Well, we're all planning on heading to new horizons. This stand right here was only going to be open for a few more days before I left myself." Icarus reached up and ran a thumb over the scar that marred his face, pondering the new information he had received. "What else can you tell me?" The old man hadn't heard of Meridia, and likely had never seen her. The disappearances of this man's town were likely nothing more than coincidence. Again though, no stones left unturned.
  4. Token

    A Matter of Illusions

    The man's terrified visage shifted to the extended fingers, his breath hitching slightly in his throat as Icarus spoke once again, startling him. "Second. I told you that I heard some interesting rumors recently. I tracked their origin right here to this town. Those rumors pertain to that name, Meridia Spidervalley. She's my family and she's disappeared. Those rumors say that she's been sighted here multiple times. Your answer to the first question has me confused. It leaves very few possibilities. Either A) She's been here but not under her name, which doesn't work because the rumors explicitly stated her name. B) She hasn't been here but someone's been using her name which isn't possible because you say you've never heard that name before. Or C) Somebody's just lying. Which is it?" "Somebody's probably lying- it isn't me I swear, I swear!" The man responded, his sentence merging into another as Icarus stood back to his full height. "Listen, please, I've never heard that name before! Nobody new has come through these parts in some time either so I doubt that I've ever seen her!" Icarus released a disappointed breath. As expected this had all lead to a dead end. Pointless. "I guess that's it then." He spoke in a flat tone as he prepared to release the man back into the world of reality. The townsman, fearing for his life and expecting the worse to come from these words, threw his hand up to stop any sudden actions. "Wait! I don't anything about this Meridia person, but I do have some type of information I can give you if you'll let me live!" Icarus paused, slightly put off by the man's words until the realization of why dawned upon him. One of his eyebrows slowly raised as he crossed his arms over his chest. Better to take advantage of a situation when it presented itself to you. "I'm listening."
  5. Token

    A Matter of Illusions

    A frown instantly set over Icarus' features. That had been a relatively quick shift from discussion to an almost definitive end to interaction. The likelihood that the others whom had set up stalls acting, in the same manner, was currently extremely high though, so there was little point in him giving up on his current endeavor. "Might I ask why?" Icarus questioned as he continued to stand in front of the elderly male's wares. The bald-headed individual made no indication whatsoever that he had heard the member of House Dali. "Really now? It's a simple question. I'm not asking for much." Again he was met with an awkward silence that caused him to take in a deep breath of air to help calm his irritated nerves. It would do him no favors to become angered in this situation. It was obvious at this point that he would get nowhere with this man with friendly actions. He was stubborn and tight-lipped on the subject Icarus wished to discuss without actually even breaching said matter. His jaw clenched quickly as his magical energy expelled from his body and moved to surround the other man. In moments it seemed as if, even though they were in the same environment, that they were in a different realm. "Look at me." Icarus spoke with authority with little fear of anyone hearing him and reacting aggressively. This was his illusion, his world. Only what he wanted to happen would as, despite the obviously stubborn nature of the older male, it was highly unlikely that he was strong of mind. As expected, the man's head turned in his direction as their eyes met to stare into one another. "Ignoring me isn't going to make me go away. I have a purpose and I'm going to see it through. Now, will you answer me willingly or do I need to persuade you." Icarus' voice became unnaturally deep with the last two words, inhuman, demonic even. His eyes filtered away from their typical color to entirely jet black as ghoulish shadows formed behind him, grasping viciously over his shoulders at the individual he had trapped in his illusion. The man's body became stiff with fear, Icarus could see the terror forming in his eyes as he struggled to grasp what was unfurling before him. "What... what is that!?" The Dali stared back in the face of the man's terror, unphased. He was completely encompassed with what was not reality. His brain registered danger when there was none. This was what he needed. "Will you answer my questions willingly or not?"
  6. Token

    A Matter of Illusions

    It seemed that all attention within the vicinity was drawn towards him as he kept a slow, steady, pace. A few times he caught figures peering at him through windows from his peripheral vision, yet when he turned his gaze in their direction he was met with the sight of curtains being drawn shut. Icarus refused to let this perturb him though and kept his form overall relaxed. He knew instantly that he was an outsider and, apparently, that was something not welcome here. He didn't want to make such a situation anymore unruly by appearing aggressive in stature towards the locals. The silver-gold haired man made his way to one of the few stalls that had been constructed, softening his features and forcing a smile as to appear more friendly towards the elder man placed behind it. "Good morning." Icarus spoke, trying to make his voice as pleasant as possible. The older man seated behind the stall gave him a particularly critical eye, looking over his form from head to toe and back again. He had yet to say a word and still Icarus could sense that the man was already skeptical of him. "What can I do you for..?" He questioned as he sunk lower on his chair, his arms coming to cross over his chest. Icarus took a moment to note that the sun shined off of the man's bald head and also cast shadows over his eyes as his wrinkled brow furrowed in thoughts of some sort. "If I'm being honest with you," Icarus returned evenly, uncaring of the unwelcoming vibe that was being transmitted through the other male's voice, "I heard some interesting rumors that came from here. I was hoping to learn the validity of them." "Then I'm afraid that's something I can't right help you with." The older man's eyes moved away from Icarus, and his posture gave the impression that he no longer recognized the Dali's existence.
  7. Token

    A Matter of Illusions

    Icarus had been irritable when he had dispatched from the Dali Estate, to say the least. He was operating on just a few precious hours of sleep and the stress of the events unfolding around Meridia's disappearance was proving to be taking a toll. In addition to this, it had proven to be something of a challenge to be allowed to partake in his self-appointed journey as suspects and evidence had been gathered post-tragedy. A harsh expression had settled over his facial features, his jaw clenching and unclenching in rapid succession. His eyes had been set forward on the track before him and the purpose at the end of it. Icarus had hardly felt the distance between his home and the destination at all. With his influx of turbulent thoughts, it was almost as if he simply appeared at the origin of the rumors, though this obviously wasn't the case. His eyes had scanned the town, if you could call it such, with disappointment and surprise. It was, for lack of better terms, was beginning to appear run down. It wasn't the sort of decay that had been accumulated over long periods of neglect though. No, this was an obviously recent change to the environment he now found himself in. The flora was still relatively kempt and domesticated animals continued to roam around the homes diligently. The paint that coated said homes were still vibrant, and the structures themselves were still mostly intact. He spotted a few broken windows, but even this was new as the glass sat on the very surface of the Earth with no collected dust. Icarus stood silently on the outskirts of this town, simply observing for some time. Every once in a while a person would exit their house, to collect something nearby or travel to one of the other buildings. The only ones that seemed to stay outside for a prolonged amount of time were those that set up stands to sell wares, though they seemed to draw no business whatsoever. There was no Meridia in sight, and no reason to believe that she was here at all. Still, Icarus could decipher the suspicious aura that radiated from the area. He had to completely rule out all possibilities pertaining to the tragedy plaguing his home. With a long exhale of air he stepped forward and made his way inside of the town.
  8. Token

    A Matter of Illusions

    There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact. Why? It's simple. You know the truth, or at the very least you believe that you know the truth. Walking into any situation with that sense of knowledge almost guarantees that you will not be searching for anything beneath the surface of what you believe you know. It is in that moment that you become susceptible to any unexpected surprise and your obvious fact is liable to begin falling apart. A lone figure traveled briskly in complete silence, each of their footfalls bringing them closer and closer to their destination. The estates of House Dali. Icarus Moonwalker Dali had been absent from the premises for some time, a few weeks to be exact. With the disappearance of Meridia Spidervalley had come turmoil. It seemed as though many had tried to get a handle on the situation in any way that they felt they could. Icarus himself was no exception to this. Those that fell under the banner of House Dali were his family, and he would gladly lay his life down to protect any one of them. By extension, he would do everything within the realms of possibility to ensure their safety. With any event such as disappearances, rumors are bound to begin circulating. Gossip worked much in the ways of plague, after all, spreading from one person to the next. As such, it came as no surprise when rumors persisted that Meridia Spidervalley had been sighted in various locations. They were all leads that would undoubtedly become dead ends, this was certain in situations such as a disappearance. Nevertheless, Icarus felt as if no stone should be left unturned when it comes to such a matter. Meridia was a Dali, and for so long as there was the slightest chance she might be found he would leave no stone unturned. As Icarus drew closer to his home his mind rewound through his journey, as it had the entire distance to the Dali Estate. When he had left to follow rumors he had been searching for a particular thing or lack thereof. It was due to this that he had found himself blindsided, trapped in a situation that had nothing to do with his family's disappearance and everything to do about territory. His thoughts drifted further, and as he continued his path he felt as if he was at the beginning of this entire debacle all over again...
  9. Allric watched as another male began to vacate the tavern. He had taken note of the man's eyes as his own continuously roamed the room. They were certainly unique and stood out more than perhaps any other pair of eyes Allric had ever encountered. It was almost as if behind those eyes there was another world altogether. They were intriguing to be sure, yet Allric had learned long ago to kill his curiosity as it was born. After all, the starry eyed man was not the only person of interest within the establishment. Within the typical rubble of drunkards two others almost demanded attention just from their sheer presence alone. They had an air of power that encased them. Even from where he sat he could smell that that air was contaminated with the stench of death and decay though. When he was young he would have been enamoured by them. There was little doubt he would have approached them, unable to quell his thirst for knowledge. He wasn't that young and full of optimism anymore. The last of his ale poured down his throat before his mug slammed onto the bar counter, his hand gripping the handle tightly turning his knuckles white. That thought made him realize how naked he felt. It wasn't because of his armor. No, he hadn't donned his battle garb since he had become disgraced. It was his arm, his spear and sword. They were hidden a mere thirty seconds away, yet it felt a much larger distance. They completed him in a way he understood, but didn't know if he could explain. His mind wondered to the last words he had heard the unique eyed man speak, I keep forgetting things. A novel idea. His index finger tapped the rim of his mug as he stared towards the door. "Stronger."
  10. Token

    bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle

    Im pretty open to how we go about it
  11. Token

    Cataloging the Wilds, Biazo Isle (Quest)

    @SteamWarden I know where you're coming from, I hope you start feeling better soon
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    Ursa Madeum Quest Board

    I'll be taking a land expansion quest ^_^
  13. Hazel eyes stared forward in disinterest, almost as if the viewer were living in another time or realm, as the door of the tavern opened swiftly. The eyes shifted downward, the viewer's shoulder angling backwards as member of security dragged an unconscious patreon past them. A new ruckus within the establishment drew their diverted attention, the multicolored eyes watching as a short scuffle ensued. It wasn't the scenario Allric had anticipated upon his arrival. In all reality he hadn't actually predicted any scenario before reaching his destination. Still, walking into a violent environment with no clue as to why it was as such was never ideal. Nevertheless, he wouldn't be deterred. Even without his normal ensemble he was well equipped enough to quell any simple bar fight that he may have been confronted with. He walked forward across the flooring of the tavern, carrying himself with an air of confidence. Allric's gaze moved over the other characters that inhabited the establishment, though briefly. A lingering stare could seemingly call someone's question into honor, as he knew all too well. Reaching the bar he paused for a moment, observing the seat he stood behind. Sticking his foot out he hooked his ankle around one of the legs, scooting across the floor to reposition it so that the back would face away from the doorway and towards the wall. Seemingly satisfied with the new placement, though not outwardly expressive of it, he took his seat. Leaning forward on the bar counter, careful to only lean on his forearms and keep his elbows off of the surface, his stare landed on the bartender. "I'll take an ale." Allric finally spoke, his eyes switching between the bartender and doorway briefly. "A strong ale."
  14. Token

    Allric Galanos

    The Disgraced "Every man has Knighthood buried inside of him..." Name: Allric Galanos Birth Place: Unknown Race: Human(oid) Gender: Male Age: 34 "... he just has to unearth it." [Personality Traits] Voice: Silvery (Clear, light, pleasant) Eyes: Hazel (Green with gold bursting around the pupil) Complexion: Slightly Tanned Height: 5’10” Weight: 175 Ibs Build: Athletic Hair/Beard: Brown Defining Features: Various scars litter Allric’s body, though he more often than not keeps them hidden beneath layers of clothing and/or armor. Personality: Allric, in the past, was a knight whose loyalty to those he serves was unwavering. Though he may no longer be in service to those he once swore fealty to, his loyalty to those he trusts remains impenetrable. Despite a very straight forward attitude and cut and dry humor, he is an overall inviting person for conversations and gatherings. This should not detract from the fact that he has proven he has no qualms in cutting enemies down on the battlefield. Weapons: Greatsword of the Honorbound Bloodslayer Spear Abilities: *Allric does not display any magical abilities. Despite this it would seem, through some unknown means, his combatant abilities have been heightened considerably above normal capabilities. Hyper Endurance Heightened Reflexes Enhanced Stamina Enhanced Speed Enhanced Strength Enhanced Senses Unarmed Combat Swordsmanship Polearm Combat Dual Wielding Combat History: Allric was born under a blood-soaked banner, burdened by sins he had not committed due to the internal and external conflicts of the house. It was for this banner that he and three others would be called to arms, to protect one individual they had sworn their fealty. A four-person squadron known exclusively as the Knight Riders, three would fall in a last stand effort. Allric would survive, yet be cast aside, disgraced, with the disappearance of the one he had sworn fealty. Under a new moon, his journey would begin anew, its destination shrouded in the unknown.
  15. Token

    Cataloging the Wilds [Quest]

    Arashi smiled serenely to himself as he stood on a branch, his right hand pushed against the tree he stood in to shift his weight. It was peaceful in the trees, that much was for certain. He didn't really see much in the way of movement on the ground. It was a slight disappointment, but he was just being impatient. It was just the beginning of the exploration after all. He had little doubt that he and his three companions would stumble upon something amazing before the end of their journey. Glancing upwards his smile slipped into a frown as he noted that there was a nest located right above his head. He wondered what type of birds inhabited the area. The question would be one filed away for later as a green scaled head slithered over the edge showing that the best was not currently home to a bird at all. "Y-you're a snake..." Slitted eyes stared back into his own yellow as he felt his body become completely stiff. "I... should just go... is that okay? You look hungry... I really don't like you."