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  1. Hey there Valucre. Been a while.

    I want to apologize to everyone that I left hanging because I just kind of dropped off the map. I had a lot of things happen in my personal life all at once and it became a little too much for me to handle. Someone in my family was in an accident and while they were okay I lost my grandpa immediately afterwards and my mom is having serious medical tests run on her. I don't want to air too much of my life, but it's caused some personal issues that I've been struggling with. I had to take time off from work and I just kind of stopped doing much, including this site.

    I'm not really in a better state of mind right now. I'm still down and probably impulsive. I do miss the site and feel like I need something to distract me when I have downtime. But I don't know what a posting schedule for me would be like at this time. Either way, I felt like I owed the people I disappeared on an explanation. It's something that's been on my mind for a few days now and I've been putting it off because I don't like letting people down and worry about their reactions. I'm sorry to everyone I was in an rp with. I really hope that I didn't cause anyone too much inconvenience and that I haven't damaged any future collaborations.

    I'm not sure how many will see this. I wasn't really sure where to post it and felt like this might be where it goes. Anyway, again, I'm sorry for disappearing and lack of explanation until now. If anyone I was rping with wants to get in touch with me please feel free to pm me and Ill try to respond when I can. I wont be as frequent on the site as I used to be, but I'll try to be going through my notifications within the next few days to respond to anyone who previously tried to get in touch with me and wasn't able to.

  2. Just want to put it out that I probably won't post anything for threads until at least sunday. The past few days at work have taken a lot out of me and I'm just too sapped of energy. Tomorrow is the end of my weekly rotation, but I work an extra day next week. Been under the weather and in a lot of pain from preexisting injuries so I'm reading over everything just don't have the energy to post

    I'm really sorry to anyone waiting on me and I hope everyone understands

    1. nonni


      Hope you feel better soon! ❤

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