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  1. Hey there Valucre. Been a while.

    I want to apologize to everyone that I left hanging because I just kind of dropped off the map. I had a lot of things happen in my personal life all at once and it became a little too much for me to handle. Someone in my family was in an accident and while they were okay I lost my grandpa immediately afterwards and my mom is having serious medical tests run on her. I don't want to air too much of my life, but it's caused some personal issues that I've been struggling with. I had to take time off from work and I just kind of stopped doing much, including this site.

    I'm not really in a better state of mind right now. I'm still down and probably impulsive. I do miss the site and feel like I need something to distract me when I have downtime. But I don't know what a posting schedule for me would be like at this time. Either way, I felt like I owed the people I disappeared on an explanation. It's something that's been on my mind for a few days now and I've been putting it off because I don't like letting people down and worry about their reactions. I'm sorry to everyone I was in an rp with. I really hope that I didn't cause anyone too much inconvenience and that I haven't damaged any future collaborations.

    I'm not sure how many will see this. I wasn't really sure where to post it and felt like this might be where it goes. Anyway, again, I'm sorry for disappearing and lack of explanation until now. If anyone I was rping with wants to get in touch with me please feel free to pm me and Ill try to respond when I can. I wont be as frequent on the site as I used to be, but I'll try to be going through my notifications within the next few days to respond to anyone who previously tried to get in touch with me and wasn't able to.

  2. Thank you. Yeah, he's the only one who got hurt. He's been released from the hospital, he's just in a lot of pain. That being said I should be back within the next couple of days once I make sure he's settled in and he's ok to take care of himself
  3. Thank you. He's ok, just in a lot of pain. He's been released from the hospital so I should be back within the next couple of days after I make sure he's settled in and ok to take care of himself
  4. Sorry I haven't replied someone in my family was in an accident. I'm still dealing with things rn but I'll try to be posting soon
  5. I'm sorry, someone in my family was in an accident and I haven't been on the site. You guys do what you need to and I'll adjust once things settle
  6. Icarus pondered his cousin's words with a furrowed brow. "I think... I understand the majority of this. Unfortunately, I'm not well versed in things as you've just explained, so after I receive the whitepaper I may have to reach out to you for clarification." He took a moment to enjoy the shade, yet his eyes moved around slowly, keen not to be caught off guard on the off chance any surprises were to arise. "I see. What about enemies of this company we're to meet with? Is there any chance they may have any that know they're expecting arrivals?" Icarus followed closely beside Ampelos, ensuring he was never much further than out of arms reach. Though this was his first visit to Casper he was familiar with the area due to the studying of maps. "Just... a feeling I have. I don't know why. I just don't feel entirely... welcome." As they continued to walk their path, Icarus ran a finger over his scar. "I don't feel threatened, or even just watched. Just a feeling of being unwelcome." They had entered a more dense crowd of people he realized as he looked around. He found it difficult to really pick anyone out as distinct, though as he looked around he believed he saw a rather decent number of individuals wearing suits. It was somewhat hard to tell as the new number of people seemed to create a blur of colors and he dedicated himself to not staring at any one of them, lest he actually draw unwanted attention towards them. "This area, is it a hot spot for business goers?" He questioned Ampelos as the docks began to loom off in the distance.
  7. Mine is a little shorter this round but I'm more pressed for time today/tonight than I thought I'd be. Sorry guys
  8. Allric glanced back and forth between the tiger and the woman who had brought the three of them together, listening to their exchange. "The Gehenna Crash? Sounds like a big deal from what the two of you are saying. I haven't heard of it though. Then again, I have spent a lot of time alone in taverns for a while." Still leaning back in his chair he rested his water on the table before reaching up and rubbing his cheek. "I'm also inclined to agree with our majestic table fellow. I don't think that you're a murderer. You put up a good act. Even have some tendencies I've seen murderers do pinned down, like playing with a knife. But, as I said, I heard something behind your question. If she's right, then desperation might just be it." After taking a deep breath and releasing it, he continued, "Besides, murderers don't normally try to bring new people into their folds. Especially if those people are strangers. They also don't normally offer rooms and meals, unless they're picking their next target maybe. A tiger and a guy with a duffel bag of armor aren't really prime candidates to be murder victims though." With a small smile, Allric placed his arms on the table and leaned forward. "So now I'm a little curious. Normally I'd just kill the curiosity because I learned a long time ago it hardly ever leads to anything good. But, I'm already in this conversation so I may as well indulge myself this one time and I believe our friend here has the best question for the situation. What exactly do you need murderers for?"
  9. Today is the end of my work rotation, I'm on lunch right now. I'll have my post up tomorrow at the latest
  10. Roger. Tomorrow is the end of my weekly rotation so I'll be able to be full forward with posts after I'm off
  11. Order and pacing has been fine with me, but I'm open to changing it up if that's what y'all are looking for. And I've liked everything you've put out. You should just do what you feel is best for each of your posts ^_^
  12. Alric asked for his previously ordered water from the waitress but nothing else as he comfortably settled himself into his seat. "Priscilla... That's a nice name." He remarked, mulling the name over in his mind. It wasn't foreign to him, he had known someone of the name once upon a time. That had been long ago though when he was nothing more than a teenager. His attention drifted as he watched the tiger pick herself up from her resting place and make her way over to them. He returned the smile she sent him, if only just slightly enough for it to be seen. Before she could reach the table he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. His head moved, his body tensing ever so slightly as he realized the woman next to him, Priscilla, had drawn a knife. Slowly he relaxed when he realized she was just fidgeting, scratching something off of the table. He made note that the minotaur chose not to accept the offer given, though chose not to say anything. He understood when one needed to be alone. "That depends. How far out of the way for you is it? I'm not really from around here. I came from Ursa Madeum." He took hold of his water when the waitress returned and presented it to him, taking a sip and raising an eyebrow at the second question. "A pilot? No. What'd give you that idea?" He chuckled slightly at the question. She was obviously making small talk, but the idea of him ever being a pilot was an amusing idea to him. He lifted his glass. Alric found an involuntary cough escaping him as he attempted to take another drink of his water, causing him to place it back on the table quickly. "That's a pretty big leap from a pilot." He returned, a half smile still present on his face as he looked down, tapping his knuckles on the table in front of him. "It's the duffel bag of armor, isn't it?" The tiger reached them, having made her way across the tavern, before taking her place by them and weighing in on their new conversation. "Could be." Alric returned with a slight shrug. "If what you're asking is if I'm someone who murders for fun, then no. If you're asking if I've taken lives..." His eyes dropped slightly before he nodded. "Then yes. Many times. You're not going to find the smell of blood on me though. I'm not a mercenary. I'm a knight... was a knight." He reached down and patted his blue duffel bag, his hand grazing against the metal protruding from the top. "I prefer to battle in my armor. Haven't in a while. Even if I had I clean my armor. Negative effects if gear isn't properly maintained." His fingers drummed the table before he leaned forward and rested his chin in his palm. "Enough about me though. What about you two? Murderers? Detectives? I'm curious what brings a tiger here. And your question. It felt like there was something behind it. A reason." He leaned back in his chair, taking his beverage once again, flashing a smile at the others. "I'm an open book if you are."
  13. Volante Strifehowler sat atop a waist high wooden post, the Dali Vineyard layer out before him. The hat that rested on top of his head succeeded in its job of casting shadows over his eyes, protecting them from the overhanging sun. His eyes themselves stared down at his rough hands, which were currently preoccupied. They took great care in placing tobacco in wrapping paper, taking great care not to spill any as he rolled it closed. Lifting the finished product upward, he licked the paper before sealing it. Once he was satisfied he placed it on his left thigh with the other cigarettes he had wrapped. Lifting his gaze up, he tilted his hat back and looked out over the vineyard with admiration. It really was a breathtaking sight to take in, one he would admit he had missed during his way away from his birth home. He hasn't been returned to the Dali Estate long before placing posters around their settlement, looking for individuals with a like mind in regards to the vineyard. Among other... professions he had taken to during his travels, Volante was a businessman. As such, his desire was to bring the Dali to further fruition than they had already reached and the vineyard was a spectacular opportunity to begin with. Still, he had found in his time away that it never hurt to have a business partner in any endeavor. So he found himself waiting. He imagined that there was no shortage of Dali that were interested in benefiting the vineyard. All he had to do was hide his time wisely. He was, after all, a particularly patient man. He began wrapping his next cigarette as a small smile crossed his lips. Volante figured if someone didn't show soon he might need to step away from his post for a few moments. He would never light fire in such an important, luscious, area after all.
  14. "Honestly, I have no qualms with that request." Arashi spoke as he rapped his knuckles against the cave wall, still processing the new information he had learned from his fellow travelers. Maybe he should have spent more time studying up on the area as opposed to painting in trees. "It's a pretty noble deed if you think about. I mean, if the roles were reversed I'd likely ask the same. It's pretty selfless for something that could just say no." His brow furrowed and a frowned crossed his face as he continued tapping his knuckles against the wall. Rubble would fall every so often with his actions. It wasn't much, but it was unlike interacting with typical cavern walls of this he knew. "Hey. Maybe a throw away question here, but has it ever heard something... adjacent to its location? You know, not coming from where we came, but the other directions? Just... a curiosity question." Arashi turned around and smiled slightly in the direction if the mushroom. "Oh, and does it know if they would be able to communicate in anyway?"
  15. @Grubbistch sorry you have to drop it. Hopefully you'll be able to come back around to it with Jotnotes offer on the table. Be well @Jotnotes I'll try to have my post up by the end of today
  16. Icarus found himself grateful for the time it took to travel to the Dali Estate. The information he had learned from them, and in return they had learned from himself, was invaluable. It truly felt as though they were simply close cousins catching up with one another after years apart. As he and Victra waited for their cousin to change into his desired clothing, Icarus found himself making small conversation with the woman still. He asked her of trivial things, such as hobbies and things she liked, things he likely wouldn't ask someone not of House Dali before a mission. As it were, with the opportunity presented to him he wished to learn more of his extended family. Eventually their conversation ended with the reappearance of Ampelos. Icarus followed behind him as the man lead. He found himself tingling some in excitement. With the stories of Ampelos' past adventures he truly looked forward to standing next to him during this one. Upon reaching their destination, Icarus found himself thoroughly impressed and stupified. He had heard of such things, but had never been witness to one in his life. "Amazing. How does it work?" Then, Icarus found himself launched to their next destination just as the others were. In the time between point A and B he fought to keep his bearings but found it difficult with this new experience. Upon landing he was slightly nauseous, his skin a little paler than normal, though he quickly attempted to shake the feeling away. "That was... amazing." He spoke, his voice coming out in something of a whisper as his breathing returned to normal. His eyes moved around, attempting to take in the sights around him with appreciation. It was his first time physically traveling to Casper. Suddenly he felt a chill creep up his spine, breaking his peaceful thoughts. Icarus viewed the few individuals who walked past their location that afforded them with limited seclusion. None glanced in their direction. None seemed to care about them at all. Still, there was something, maybe just in the air, that made Icarus feel... not entirely welcome. "Say, Ampelos... in my excitement there may have been some things I neglected to ask. I know we're meeting a representative of the Casper Shipping Company. Besides those in the company, would there be anyone else who knows of our arrival. Anyone expecting us." There was no one in their immediate vicinity, this he knew. He was constantly checking their surroundings. Still, he couldn't shake the unnerved feeling so easily as he found his fingers twitching. Within moments of arrival he was completely on guard yet knew not why.
  17. I've been popping in and out of the site through my work week. Been under the weather and dealing with injuries. If, for some reason, I'm not able to post I'll do my best to keep everyone updated. That being said, would you like me to wait and see if Grubbistch posts or go ahead and post?
  18. The woman's voice caught Allric off guard somewhat, having been thoroughly invested, and irritated, at the slim offerings presented by the papers he had been perusing. His eyes lifted slowly from the paper in his grasp to observe the one who had spoken to him. He found her smile to somehow be both inviting and off putting at the same exact time. A... unique feat. Briefly he glanced to the others she had conversed with and found a minotaur and a lazing tiger. Not the typical sort you would find in a tavern. Allric quickly pushed his surprise to the very back of his mind. He had seen far stranger things and he typically found it best to hide shock. He turned his attention back to the female leaning on his table before allowing his teeth to show in a smile of his own. "Table-fellows, huh?" He questioned, rapping his knuckles on the table twice as he considered the offer. "Sure. Why not? Seems like an interesting lot you're trying to talk to. Or drink with." He spoke as he pushed himself up, grabbing his duffel bag and jerking it from the floor to relocate. "No need to feed me though. It hasn't been that long since I've eaten. Maybe you can help me." He stopped short of the Minotaur and Tiger, his smile dropping down to one side. "A mighty minotaur and majestic tiger. Can't say I ever imagined I would be sharing a table with the like. No offence intended." With a respectful bow of his head he settled into his new seat, dropping his bag to the ground with a harsh 'thunk'. "Alric Galanos. Pleased to make your acquaintance."
  19. No worries, I completely understand where you're coming from. I do have some ideas in mind for the near future of the thread, so I absolutely appreciate the want for forward momentum. I don't think I'll be as active as normal right now, mostly just popping in and out of the site until I start feeling better so if youre waiting on me and havent heard from me, feel free to like quote me or tag me since it sends me an email.
  20. Sorry that my post was short. I wanted to make it longer but I'm still not feeling well, running high temp, and I'm trying to post on all my threads so I'm not holding any of them up. I couldn't really stay focused though so I cut the posts I made short, took medicine and went back to sleep I know you said there's nothing wrong with them, but you're my writing partners and I wanted to let you know why. Hopefully when the rotation comes back around you won't have to wait and I'll be able to be at least a little more engaged. It's taken a little while to write this cause I keep spacing out and dozing off so I'm going to go ahead and cut it here. Again, I'm really sorry that I'm out of it right now guys
  21. Icarus ran his thumb along the scar that marred his cheek. He wasn't particularly well versed in the finer points that pertained to business tactics. He had only really understood certain factors which Ampelos had put forth. Nevertheless, if the man had been seeking on someone of likemindedness he likely would have chosen a Dali other than Icarus. For a moment he contemplated the information he understood and the potential time frame they could have. "Like Victra I am prepared to depart as soon as possible." He turned to stare at Victra. "I don't particularly have anything I absolutely have to gather. Just wished to ensure you both are prepared for the change of environment." With a friendly smile he leaned back slightly in his chair. "Either way, I'm ready whenever you two say you are."
  22. Arashi resisted the urge to chuckle at Bela's question. He couldn't see any creature willingly giving a piece of itself for study. Well, besides the snake he had encountered, though that had been to harm him more than anything else. "What an interesting cave." He spoke out loud, a small smile forming. "I wonder though... if there was lava, wouldn't there have had to be a source?" His eyes shifted, watching Bela move. "Me? Sure. It's not my first time seeing something like it. I mean, it's never something you really want to see, but I'm fine with it all the same."
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